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Found 131 results

  1. I sent my AOS Packet through USPS on March 6, 2018. It was suppose to be a 2 day shipping, And was suppose to be at the Chicago Lockbox by March 9 at 8pm. But USPS tracking app says that my “package is delayed and will not be delivered by the expected delivery date. An updated delivery date will be provided when availble. Your item arrived at The Post Office at 1:51 am on March 9, 2018 in Chicago, IL 60680.” the address I put was the one on USCIS website USCIS PO Box 805887 Chicago, IL 60680-4120. I went to my local post office on March 13th and asked them about what happened to my package. The lady said that it cant be lost because of something about that my package was a registered mail or priority mail and it has a tracking number and all that ####### and that is probably delayed because of Chicago weather..... I was told to wait a couple more days... and so I did. And it is now March 20 and I still didnt get any updates about my package. Also, I included g-1145 e-Notification with all of the forms that I sent so if USCIS got it, I wouldve got email and text notifications, correct? I also called USCIS several times and told me to send an inquiry to lockboxsupport@uscis.dhs.gov Which I also did and still havent got any response. I have been so frustrated and stressed with this situation... We used money orders, I was told theres no way to track that either... Is it lost?! Do I have to send another one again? What about the money order? If anybody has been in this situation please help a girl out. Thank you!!!
  2. Hi, Our i130 just got approved and now we are working on our i485. Specifically the medical exam, is this still required? I though it wasn’t anymore. Anyway I’ve seen the list of vaccines required, my husband’s only been vaccinated for like four. Does anyone know how many vaccines you can get in one visit? Also for anyone who’s already done the medical exam how much did it cost you?
  3. Hi, I have a pending I485/I130/I765 application but my employer wants to file an H1B on my behalf. How does this affect what I currently have in the system, if at all? Our I485 and I130 were both filed in 2016, we have gone for 1st interview and currently waiting for the 2nd interview. Our attorney said the H1B is a completely different process but I wanted to seek opinion from people who may have gone through these processes or have experience with how one process may affect the other. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys! I am a Dec 2017 aos filer. Filed Dec 1st and Jan 3rd I had my biometrics. Jan 26th my status changed to case is ready to be scheduled for interview, and luckily dec 31st I got my schedule date. I got interviewed March 8th. The interview went well all questions are all basic and in i485. Then the guy said they will review everything and will notify us via mail if they need from us. Is that normal? Because usually I’ve read in some cases they got their approval on the spot after the interview. Do I need to get worried? Thank you.😊
  5. Hey guys, so I've already done Biometrics appointment since 02/21 and I guess I have to wait for a long time before I get a work permit, etc. I'm very bored and would like to volunteer. I've already signed up with habitat for humanity and did a project a few Saturdays ago but I'd like to do more during the week. I also know it would be good for my Resume when I do start working. However, I'm having difficulties finding places that don't require SSN to volunteer. Does anyone know of any organization that accepts volunteers without SSN or don't require background checks? Please share. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone. So , my husband and I got his I 485 application sent in August 31st, 2017. September 25th, 2017 we received a response from USCIS with a request for initial evidence (RFE) and he went to send in his fingerprints. On November 11th, we sent in the initial evidence needed including essential documents that were needed. As of today, March 5th 2018 we have yet to receive any type of response from them. When he checks online , all it says is "RFE was mailed on the 25th of September". We're curious as to why it is taking so long and why we have not received any kind of response from them. We're also wondering how we can get in contact with a level 2 officer. Any kind of information or related experiences would be helpful. Thank you!
  7. Timeline here first: 1/26 - i-485, i-131, i-130 & i765 application has been submitted altogether. 2/8 - Got an Email from USCIS with I-130 & I-131 that case has been received and currently in progress. I-797 for both has been received. I-485 said Fingerprints fee was received, still I-797 is not received Also the same day, I checked $535 for I-130 has been deposited but for I-485 was returned due to the insufficient fee. We deposit enough money right away and... 2/12- Checked the i-485 ($1,225) has been redeposited Here's where it's getting complicated. 2/14 - received mail with Green letter, rejection I-797 notice on I-765 that 1. my payment amount is not correct and 2. application was filed on an outdated version of the form. Turned out I didn't notice the left bottom also has the expiration date.. People on the forum said I should send the copy of I-797 of I-485 as the evidence of payment and send it again, at this moment, i-485 I-797 has not been received so I thought it will arrived soon. Turned out I was wrong.. 2/23 - After another week of waiting, still no I-797 for I-485, so we decided to send with bank statement shows the check has been deposited, I-485 Case receipt number email screenshot page and screenshot of status (fingerprints fee has been received) page and I797 of I-131 & I-130. 2/26 - Re-submitted I765 has been delivered to USCIS mailbox 2/28 - We moved and updated the address, request forwarding service to USPS and everything. 3/1 - My husband quit his job for personal reason and currently looking for another job. 3/2 - I checked the receipt number of I-485 again and status has been changed to "Request for Initial Evidence Was Mailed" Called right away to USCIS about this and they said I just have to wait until I see what document I missed. This has been a great stressful for me (I assume it applies to everyone..) since the day I got the rejection notice for I-765, as EAD card was the document I wanted to get the fastest. My question is 1. Re-sent I-765, would USCIS acknowledge the payment I made for initial I-485 and accept it? I think I put enough evidences and I-797 of I-130 and I-131 is enough. plus I put all supporting documents again, including passport pics and everything. Would "Request for Initial Evidence Was Mailed" for my I-485 status affect my resubmitted I-765 payment? 2. I cannot possibly think what document have I been missing.. I can only guess but here's my possible mistake I'm assuming.. [1. Husband employment letter - the letter was sent when the company decided they will hire him. He said this should be fine because the paystub proved that he's still working there. 2. My birth certificates... I translated myself and brought the translator's statement letter and bank notarized it.. I don't think this caused the problem but seems like a lot of people got this notice due to this issue.. so I'm only guessing. 3. My husband's financial form.. SO, if it turned out it was one of my husband's financial statement,, as I stated above, my husband quit his job as of yesterday. So There's no documents his company can provide. I'm so worried about this and what we've submitted goes to nothing.. ] 3. I went through a lot of other forums and read other people's case like mine, but it seems like they at least reach to the stage where they scheduled the fingerprint.. or have done with their fingerprint. I don't know why they didn't try to contact us to schedule fingerprint before.. It would have been relieved for me at least.. Do anybody have other document you've missed submitting other than those 3 I listed? I'm really frustrated and almost about to go faint every time something comes up like this.. it already has been great stressful for me that I couldn't work for a long time.. so I just hope I can get my EAD card fast.. Can somebody help me with situations like me? or share your stories like our case? Thank you so much..
  8. Hi there, I'm from the UK and moved to the states to marry my now wife over in Seattle. We went through the hoops, paid all the fees and had no issues...until now. Yesterday(Sat 24th Feb 2018) we received a letter denying the permanent residence of myself. This was news to us as we had not received a letter for the interview for myself and my wife. We searched the house top to bottom, no letter, we watch the mail like hawks awaiting anything coming through. We had moved in August BUT the first thing we did was to change the address and get a recipet for that change. This feels like a non starter as we did receive this letter. We are both devastated after being here just over a year now and having met all the conditions and applications up until now. We intend to appeal via the i-290b form. My concerns are as follows: - We are able to appeal, but based off of a letter not being received do we motion for to re open or motion to reconsider? Or would it even be some of the other options on the I-290B form. - When I appeal, am I able to continue to work or will I need to wait? I literally just found a job which was tough in the first place in my field and this worries me greatly. - Do I need to leave the US whilst I appeal via the i-290b form? As the letter states: ''you were lawfully present in the United States as a K-1 fiance immigrant. This has expired. You are not authorized to remain in the United States and should make arrangements to depart as soon as possible. and so on. Even though in the section previously and following I am told I can reopen or reconsider. The terminology and grammar used is extremely confusing. If anyone has been in this situation before I would appreciate any advice. Steps we are going through: Talking to a lawyer, calling USCIS Monday asap, Info pass perhaps? Thanks and I apologize if this is in the incorrect forum. Daniel
  9. I had an GC interview through marriage 2/21 at Mt Laurel. Interview was great but not smooth, IO was really hard on us. She pressured us through her questions. (2 officer was interviewing us. I think the other one is under training) because my wife’s ID are still in NY while our house is in Jersey. She explained it correctly that she needs to be with her son weekdays and weekends with me. As the school year has’nt finish yet. They asked us pressure questions after finding out that she’s living with her son in NY. But every question was answer correctly and explained perfectly and she was amazed on how well we handle the interview. We had bunch of evidences that she took from my packet such as, joint taxes, life insurance, house lease and bills, and joint acocunts, also our upcoming wedding in My home country is on Sept, handed over the invitation and contracts from the supplier to her. She never took photos from our album She then asked me about my i485. At the end of the interview she said she might be needing the new w2 or 1040 of our sponsor. And just wait within 2 weeks and said “dont worry we dont deny people here, you only get denied if you dont comply to the documents we needed from you just in case” When going out I asked about my advance parole she told me I could use it but she said on May but it wont take that long” It lasted about 30 minutes Our marriag is Legit and our marriage is 101% real. We just over do the documents. we don’t have a lawyer and filed the paperworks by ourselves. Had an RFE before for my i865. Took me 8 months in total 1. What are your opinion about our case? 2. do anyone of you are in the same situtation? 3. Shall I be worried about being a red flag because of the ID 4. Does this mean an RFE for the tax of my employer.
  10. Hi, is there anyone out there who did the i693 medical form in Georgia? I've been calling around some places and the prices are expensive. I am unable to get my immunization records because it was damaged in a flood back home years ago. The hospital can't retrieve the records because back in those days they didn't use computer. Most doctors are charging a high price if I don't have my records. Has anyone been in a similar situation?
  11. Hello everyone. Here's my timeline: Date Mailed: 01/18/2018 Date Received/Priority Date: 01/22/2018 Received Text/Email: 01/29/2018 Date Received NOA Letters: 02/02/2018 Received Biometrics Letter: 02/08/2018 I did Biometrics today. Yesterday I received a courtesy letter from USCIS on a yellow paper informing me that they have reviewed my documents and noticed that I haven't submitted the form i693 and to bring an updated from(medical exam) at an interview. They also said not to send it right now, to wait for a RFE before the interview. However, I haven't received an interview notice. I know it's too soon for that but I was wondering what it meant. Does it mean that I wouldn't get an RFIE and my case is ready to move forward?
  12. Hi all I was interviewed by IO in January 2015 and was given letter after interview that immigration do not required any more documents and i will receive decision in 180 days. Since that i been to INFOPASS every 60 days to inquire about my case. I have done my biometrics and physical again in septemeber 2016. Last week i went to INFOPASS again since i am regular over there now so finally met floor supervisor and he moved my file to new IO according to him. Today i received email that Application Type: I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS Your Case Status: Initial Review Your interview for your Form I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS, Receipt Number MSCxxxxxxxxx, was completed, and your case must be reviewed. We will mail you a notice if we make a decision or take further action. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. What i should expect as an answer on this. do i get approval or denial. EAD is also expired in 2017.]
  13. Hello everyone. Here's my timeline: Date Mailed: 01/18/2018 Date Received/Priority Date: 01/22/2018 Received Text/Email: 01/29/2018 Date Received NOA Letters: 02/02/2018 Received Biometrics Letter: 02/08/2018 I'm supposed to do Biometrics later today. Yesterday I received a courtesy letter from USCIS on a yellow paper informing me that they have reviewed my documents and noticed that I haven't submitted the form i693 and to bring an updated from(medical exam) at an interview. They also said not to send it right now, to wait for a RFE before the interview. However, I haven't received an interview notice. I know it's too soon for that but I was wondering what it meant. Does it mean that I wouldn't get an RFIE and my case is ready to move forward?
  14. Hello All, This may come across as a dumb question, but I am confused. So, here we go Filling out my i485. I need to attach more Part 14 sheets. The instructions say "sign and date each date" Does that mean once I have added more information to the additional sheets, I need to sign them with a date below the sign? If yes, then where do I add my signature and date as I do not see space for the same. Thanks.
  15. Hi, How do I withdraw an I485 form? My ex, who is a non US citizen applied with the help of a lawyer so i don't know which field office is processing his papers and we are not on speaking terms. I don't know where to send my letter asking for the petition to be withdrawn. Can anyone help please!
  16. Guys, guys!! I FINALLY have my interview date! 7 months of sitting around the house unable to do anything and pulling my hair out! It all feels so worth it now. However... I do have questions for people who have already gone through the interview, as suspected. Preferably Kansas City office but if not that's perfectly fine! I feel just the same as I did for my K1 interview haha! • How was it, were they nice and friendly? • What types of questions were you asked? • How long did the process take? • How long until you actually received your greencard? and for the most obvious... • What did you take with you and what were you asked for?? I am so grateful to everyone who has reassured me and who has helped me out on here so far! You have no idea just how much of a help you truly have been! THANK YOU!!!
  17. I didn't apply for advance parole during my i485 application submission. I want to take a vacation and have heard many people go on vacation with AP. However the application clearly states it cannot be used for vacation purposes. How do you apply for vacation use? Thanks
  18. Hello I am filing my I485 ON ADDRESS HISTORY, I had been travel and coming here for seasons, but my residency is in Colombia do I have to write all addresses?
  19. Hi I am LPR , and my wife she"s in united states on F1 ( student visa ) . We applied her form I130 in year 2016 September and it got approved in august 2017 . Now I am confused which chart we have to follow to apply her adjustment of status ?
  20. I was told by tier 2 when I called asking for my EAD status based on family based and was told that my case was going to be denied or may receive another RFE. Can this information be trusted? It's been 85 days since RFE was received by USCIS asking for some financial documents regarding income requirements. Can someone share some thoughts and their experiences?
  21. We filed our AOS package, adjusting from a K1 visa on Nov 28th 2016. In early December 2017 I received an RFE for a new medical from the Omaha field office. We are located in Houston so I'm confused as to why I received this letter from Omaha. I called USCIS and a 2nd tier agent couldn't give me any other information besides that our I-485 was still pending. Does anyone have any idea why this could be, or has anyone had a similar experience?
  22. Could somebody please help me. My spouse, a US Citizen submitted an I-130 Petition while I am in the US on a B-2 Visa using my maiden name. We got married here. Now, I know would of been easier to filed the I-485 concurrently but couldn't due to lack of documents. Now I'm filling the I-485 form and want to use my married name so the green card will have (as i said) my married name. Would this be a problem, please help.
  23. Ok folks, I hope someone can help me here. So, I have 4 kids under 21 who are naturally defined as K2's by USCIS. My eldest is now raring to get his DL as he is now 18. It has been 5 months today since our AOS Biometrics were received by VSC. I know that the processing-time is anywhere between 6 to 12 months. Less than a month after our AOS Biometrics, I received the i797 indicating that my expired GC has been extended a year. I am having a hard time with the DMV here in NC that does not understand (I might as well say "refuses" to understand) the fact that it is only the parent who receives the i797. DMV does not understand that whatever conditions/benefits extended to the petitioner will naturally apply to all K2's. When I got routed to the Verification Department on the local DMV hotline, the lady insists that "DMV does not cross-ref aliens". She insisted that my 18 year-old is going to have to produce a current USCIS document in his name to reflect the extension date of his GC. When I rang VSC after that, they said that it was odd DMV should have such a ridiculous request as only petitioners receive the aforementioned extension-letter. Long story short.......I actually made a special request with USCIS online AND on the phone to send us some form of letter to satiate DMV's annoying demand. It being USCIS, I know that it is going to take at LEAST a month to receive that letter. Has anyone gotten around this situation better and speedier? Do you think the local ASC can help produce a document on-the-spot if I were to go in-person? If not, how can I do things differently in the meantime?
  24. Due to a dumb mistake (we used an outdated version of the i485), my wife's green card application was rejected last month, and my i130 alongside it. We are re-submitting with the updated form, but a bit bewildered by the way the USCIS processed our previous package; and we are also Adding the i765 and i131 (the silver lining on this problem was realizing we should do this). However, Lots of evidence (e.g. bank records, travel records, travel history i20 documents, etc) has been sorta mixed up together and then stapled into piles. Many of the piles make sense, but a few just plain Don't. And they have evidence that belongs with two different forms. The main reasons I hesitate to re-organize everything is that : there are clear computerized scanner signs on the bottom of every piece of paper, showing they've really been processed by some system there. after three phone calls to the USCIS hotline asking about this, I can't get a better answer than "follow the instructions sent to you" (which to be clear, simply state that i485 needs to be the latest edition). Any insights on how to re-submit all this?? Any insights on the rhyme or reason behind the USCIS's method of piling and stapling things in a bit of a mish mash at times?? Thank you in advance for your answers.