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  1. My wife income for 2020 is 27k which meets the 125% income requirements but currently she is unemployed. when filling the Affidavit of Support and choosing unemployed will it cause any problem?
  2. We submitted all our supporting docs to NVC on April 3rd and were just sent a notice this Monday (May 10th) that my portion of the application was incomplete and that I (the petitioner) needed to provide all my W2s/1099s from last year to support my I-864. I logged into the portal today and see that my portion is now labeled "Accepted". Does this mean I still need to provide 1099s or am I ok now? It seemed strange they would even ask for them since I live and work abroad with my spouse (New Zealand), which should be very clear based on all the other supporting documentation and cover letter I provided. They have my tax returns that show I made a minuscule amount of dividend income from my savings accounts in the US, which isn't nearly enough to sponsor my husband's application – I have a family member as joint sponsor. Why would they even bother asking for my 1099s if they're meaningless in this application anyway? Here's the message they sent Monday: And here's what it looked like today: (Yes, we're aware of the Invalid Doc in my husband's file, it's sorted.) Another thing: 2 of our joint sponsor's docs haven't been accepted... does this just mean they have yet to be reviewed? They clearly just started our review on Monday so maybe they aren't finished? Or should I be concerned that 2/6 of the docs have no response?: Any insight or clarity would be appreciated! Thank you!
  3. I'm a USC born and raised in New Zealand. My wife's I-130 application has just switched to "actively reviewing" so I'm expecting NOA2 any day now and as such, trying to get everything organized to make NVC as smooth as possible. I'm still living in New Zealand until I finish my college degree in November. My wife is also in college and we'll both finish at the same time. I'll move immediately after finishing my degree and hopefully (with a joint sponsor) my wife will be able to move shortly after me. As soon as the case moves to NVC I will pay the fees for AOS and IV and complete DS-260. I wouldn't complete I-864 until I arrange a Joint Sponsor, but when I do, will this be enough to prove intent to establish domicile? I registered to vote as soon as I was eligible and have voted in every federal and state election that I've been able to. I have a permanent mailing address I use in the U.S. which is where I will initially reside when I live there. It is owned by a close family friend. Would it be worth getting him to write an affidavit stating that he was happy for me to live there, in place of a lease agreement? I have an SSN. I've filed U.S. taxes for 2020 but not for previous years as my income was too low. Would the above qualify as proof that I intend in good faith to establish domicile in the US before my wife would get there? Keeping in mind we are applying from a low-fraud country. Otherwise, is there anything else I could do to solidify this case, short of actually moving to the US? In the case we are unable to get a joint sponsor, if I move alone first and are employed in the US from December onwards, I'll file 2021 taxes which will have minimal U.S. income on it. Then, how long would I have to wait before having sufficient evidence to submit for the I-864 to sponsor alone? And is it okay to complete DS-260 in April 2021 and not complete I-864 until April 2022 or later? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello just wanted to ask.. me along with my 2 brothers has been petitioned under f1 category. My mother who is also my petitioner didn't get the chance to work while in the US but manage to to get a seasonal work in Alaska last 2019 for less than 2 mos. She's got W-2 and 1040 SR tax return but her income is still below the poverty guidelines. My question is, should I also include these documents (w-2, 1040 Tax return) in ds260? Should I also include this in the i864 form even if I have a letter of no income? Should I ticked yes in the 23a in the form? or just let it be no income?
  5. My wife (USC) has spent most of her life outside the US. She has no tax returns, social security (filed for it recently), drivers licence or property in the US etc. Not voted either. Is intent enough to prove domicile? We were here as her parents were here and they too have moved to the US. We do plan to move together if things go well winding up everything here for good.
  6. USC living with my wife in New Zealand. Planning to both move over to the US at the end of this year, but I would go ahead of her if necessary. We were looking to get a joint sponsor, but I don't want to ask someone unless I 100% know that I'm going to need them to fill out the forms etc. Unfortunately I am a college student who works part time and therefore could not meet I-864 requirements alone (not to mention the fact that none of my income is US based...) My grandmother owns a few rental properties and was looking to sell one. She is aging and understands the requirements of the I-864 that we are trying to meet. She made the very kind offer to give me my inheritance early, which would help get me to just over 3x the minimum household income needed for I-864. I would also liquidate the (few) assets I own in NZ and move all of the money to a US bank account. If I wrote a letter alongside the I-864 explaining my situation (where I got the money from, the fact that I was a college student only working part time), is there any chance they would accept that for I-864? I've read that the money should ideally be in the bank account for 12 months prior, so would it be an issue if it had only been there for 5-7 months? I don't even have a US bank account currently. I will have two degrees when I finish college and plan on getting a job immediately once I'm living in the US, so another option is to go there and work until I have the income and evidence required for a more convincing I-864, but understandably I'd rather not be separated from my wife for longer than necessary. Basically, would the NVC/consular officer understand if I only have just over 3x the required funds in a bank account and that I will be a newly graduated college student about to begin full time employment? Or shall I forget that route and just pursue a joint sponsor? Thanks everybody.
  7. Hi! We have F4 visa, and main petitioner is my sister can she file i864 without including her husband? (they file taxes jointly and bank accounts). Husband doesn't want to fill out i864a. Or does she have to start over i864 and she doesn't have to list her husband in 864? What can she do? She can easily support us (kids and spouse) as her work is med practitioner. Thank you. 😊
  8. I just recently quit my job a few days before starting to fill out the I-864. I currently live abroad with my husband who I'm petitioning for. Should I write unemployed and my income $0?? I'm just double checking so I don't have to fill out another one later. (I do have a joint sponsor who makes enough to cover the income requirements!!)
  9. So, I just filed for my 2020 tax return and it was accepted.... should I still write that my most recent return was 2019 and write the reason I didn't file for 2019 on the I864... or should I write 2020 down and send in my tax return documents from 2020?? If not.. should I bring my 2020 tax return to the interview to further prove my domicile?? Just trying to make sure everything is perfect!! Thank you
  10. Ok so my joint sponsor is also the person we will temporarily be staying with when we move back to the US as I don't have a home back in the US yet.... So when filling out the household size does she need to enter me too? Or just my husband, herself, and her children?
  11. So basically I moved to South Korea early Feb 2019.. When tax season came along in 2020 I didn't file for my taxes because I was unemployed living with my husband for that year...so I didn't know I had to do my taxes as I didn't make any money in or outside of the US that year. When attaching documents to my I-864 should I just include this as a reason I can't submit my recent tax return?... I do have a joint sponsor (my sister in law) who we will be staying with temporarily when we move back to the US....But I'm worried my reason isn't valid???
  12. Hi everyone, I have a quick question. My spouse, the US citizen, lives abroad with me and our son. I understand we would need a joint sponsor in this case however, if there are multiple people living in the house we will be going back to in the US, can all those incomes be combined to help us meet the minimum income requirements? Can we just ask those people to submit their most recent tax returns? What would be the process to include their income in the i864ez? Thank you!
  13. Hi Everyone, You guys all helped us when I posted about proving US Docimile to the officer at the US Consulate in Montreal. My spouse the petitioner, the US Citizen, is currently here with me and our child in Canada with intention to return to the US once my permanent resident visa is approved. We have decided to have a joint financial sponsor. I understand what the joint sponsor needs to provide (864i, most recent tax return or transcript, proof of US citizenship or LPR status). I understand what documents i need to bring to my interview. I will submit everything that was approved by the NVC, but my question is: since the 864i submitted and approved by the NVC was when my spouse was still in the US, and they are currently here, should i simply bring a letter from my spouse explaining intention to return once my visa is approved? Docs already approved by NVC - 864i - bank statements - Voting registration - state ID card with US address Or perhaps I don't need to bring a letter and instead the original 864i along with the joint sponsor's documents explaining that we will return as soon as I am approved? My spouse has not been out of the US for two years. Thank you!
  14. I want to turn in the I-864 Affidavit of Support this week, and my income from 2020, 2019 and "current annual income" is above the poverty guidelines. However, my income from 2017 does not meet the 2020 poverty guidelines. Since it asks for the most recent, 2nd most recent, and 3rd most recent tax returns, and the tax filing date in the U.S. starts on February, so should I wait two weeks to file my 2020 tax return? On the other hand, if I only put my most recent tax return as 2019 and estimate my current income for 2021, will I get checklisted?
  15. Good day! I just want to ask a question about I-864. I have an interview on January 21, then upon checking the documents I needed to bring with me, I noticed that my husband's affidavit of support is already expired. So he downloded the new form thru USCIS site, but we are having a little debate what name he should put there; whether my maiden or my married name. He filed I-130 under my maiden name but during NVC stage, I used my married name since that's what I used now in my passport. NVC approved it and changed my name from maiden to married. In the first AOS he submitted, he put my maiden name. My question is, what should he put on the new AOS, my maiden again or my married name? Thank you!! IR-1 Manila
  16. Hello everyone. After submitting all the requirements and supporting documents to NVC, they all have been accepted except they left me this message: ”IRENE does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants for this case. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview. For more information, please visit https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 for a joint sponsor may be submitted. FINANCIAL SPONSORSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES: Financial sponsors, joint sponsors, and applicants should be aware of responsibilities when signing an I-864 and the consequences for a sponsored immigrant's acceptance of federal means-tested public benefits. For more information visit https://nvc.state.gov/aos.” I’m currently a soldier in US ARMY and my wife is the immigrant. After my researches I found out that as a service member my minimum annual income required is $17240 for a household size of 2. Except not my last 3 years income meet that requirement. Here are my last 3 years of income: In 2017: $19378 (Okay) In 2018: $4939 (I have at during this year full time and didn’t meet the requirements) In 2019: $13401(I was already in the military and was deployed to Kuwait for 6 months and was getting paid with free tax. So in 2019 I only filed tax with the other remaining 6 months I was in states paying tax.) NVC told me it’s only the recent year income which is required. My question is should We get a join sponsor or just go to the interview with my deployment order as support document event knowing we already provided it in the accepted documents. Thanks!
  17. I'm trying very hard NOT to have to use my husbands uncle as a SECOND sponsor and have him fill an I-864. Just because I know how long it will take him. My 2019 taxes look bad and I just barely made it over the poverty line. However, 2020 was far better and my bank statements which I am including will reflect that. How many of you JUST BARELY made it over the poverty and still got your spouse approved/no RFE?
  18. Hi, Can you file form i864 simultaneously with form i130 and i130a? Thanking you in advance, Khanyisa
  19. Someone who had offered to be a joint sponsor is now looking into the route of simply gifting me enough assets to cover my spouse. This is a brand new idea to me, but from my general poking around, as well as the i-864 request for 12 months of bank records, I imagine this is probably exactly the kind of thing they're on the lookout for as potential fraud. Does anyone have experience with providing proof that that money was gifted to me as an early chunk of inheritance, with no expectation of it being returned? Yes, we know it's right before this process, but no it is not fraudulent? Or is it just a matter of dollars and cents? FWIW we are consulting a lawyer; I just value the collective experience on here, too.
  20. Hello guys! So I am finish up my i-864 form but I have some questions on how to fill out some parts. Can you please advise? 1. Part 2 Item 5 and 6: I filled the spouse application online. Do I have a USICS account number or A#?? I do not see any of this on the USICS Portal. Where can I find these? 2. Part 4 item 12 and 13: Does my husband have a USICS account # or A #? 3. Part 5 Item 1, 3, and 8: If the sponsored is my husband, do I enter 1 for item 1 and then also 1 for "if you are currently married" item 3??? then the number for the total entered on household size would be 3. Is this correct? we don't have children or anything. (household really is just 2) 4. Part 6, Item 7: My current individual income is for 2020 or the one shown on 2019 tax return? 5. Also, I have a co-sponsor who is married. He has to fill out the i-864, but does his wife need to fill out a i-864 as well or an i-864A o neither? Thank you so much for your help!
  21. Hi, I have filled out these forms for my daughter (I-485 and I-944) and me (I-130a, I-485, I-864a and I-944). I still need to fill out I-765 and I-131 for both of us. My wife is a US citizen and we're all living together. I was informed by an attorney today that I need to fill out an I-864a for my daughter too, does this sound right? According to the instructions, I see this on page #2 of the instructions: "If the Intending Immigrant Is a Household Member, Must He or She Complete This Contract? If you are the intending immigrant and the sponsor is including your income on Form I-864 to meet the eligibility requirements, you need to complete this contract only if you have accompanying dependents. If you are the intending immigrant and the sponsor is including only your assets on Form I-864, you do not need to complete this contract, even if you have accompanying dependents." Since my daughter is a minor, doesn't have a job and doesn't even have a Social Security Number, how would I fill out the employment section? This doesn't make sense to me since my daughter doesn't have accompanying dependents. Any help you can provide is really appreciated.
  22. Hi, I have sponsored both my parents for their green card and we are at “Submit Supporting Documents” Stage in the NVC Process. I am filling out I-864 and find it quite confusing. I am doing this on my own and I want to do this right the first time so I have a few questions Back Ground: Two individual I-130s were submitted for my mother and father. They have two separate Case Numbers and Invoice Numbers from NVC Question: Do I need to submit two separate I-864 for my mother and my father? If yes to above, then lets use mother for example below Question 1: Part 3 - Information on the Immigrants You Are Sponsoring (#1) Do I check #1 and leave number 2 alone? If this then Part 3 # 7 will be 1 (Number of immigrants you are sponsoring on this form) correct? OR (#2) Do I leave #1 lone and Check # 2 and list both my mother and father? They will be traveling at the same time i.e. within 6 months of each other If this then Part 3 # 7 will be 2 (Number of immigrants you are sponsoring on this form) correct? Question 2: Part 5: Sould I include my both parents here or just one. I am sponsoring both my parents so should I put (2) or(1)? Self (1) Hubby (1) Our son Daughter (2) Total 5 or 6? I'm the sole sponsor. I'm currently Unemployed and collecting unemployment benefits and my current year income is in line with 125% of FPG. Is this (being unemployed) gonna be a problem to sponsor my parents. Thank you so much in advance for your help.
  23. Hello all, My wife documents all got accepted and now DQ awaiting for interview. I was wondering if I could upload an updated form of my I864 for the CO officer to review during the interview? I recently got a raise so my current household annual income has changed, this goes for the joint sponsor and household member. I know my wife can take it to the interview but I seen cases were the CO approves the visa pending upload of certain documents. I wouldn't want any delays, so again, does anyone know if this is possible?
  24. Hello guys!! I have a quick question regarding my case. After the interview on Sep 10th I was told to submit additional documents(relationship evidence & petitioner's i864 with a joint sponsor) so after almost a month later on 6th October, i was informed by the embassy that the Consular Officer was done reviewing all the documents submitted but he was requesting a new joint sponsor instead of the previous one. So I submitted all the financial documents of a new joint sponsor on last 15th Oct and received a reply from the embassy that they received the documents and that they have submitted my file to the CO with the updated documents. My question is how long does the Consular Officers usually take to review a new i864 of a joint sponsor who has combined their household income with the spouse to meet the income requirement along with a i864A? There's no "last case updated" yet since Oct 6th. Any response would be appreciated!!
  25. Hello guys!! Quick question, if the joint sponsor’s income alone doesn’t full fill the income requirement, can he/she combine their spouse’s income through i864A and be quality to sponsor an immigrant? Will that cause a problem during the process?
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