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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone, so im getting ready to soon sponsor my parents for the i130 and i485 as a USC shortly Question is this. However, my parents raised one issue. The i-485 document requests employment history. My parents entered the country as students on F1 legally but overstated their visa by many years. They have i94 arrival records, original visa's etc so thats not an issue. After their student visas expired they just kept working the jobs that would let them work with-ought their status. They've filed an paid taxes every year since year 1 so there are no back taxes and they have a clean IRS record. But with them not having work authorization, what do they fill out on the employment history section? one of my mothers friends advised her to leave it blank as she did when she filed for her parents. however i dont agree i feel as though this is misrepresentation and could lead to a denial that probably wouldn't have been a denial in the first place due to them being immediate relatives. Has anyone gone through something similar? what did you do on your application for them? another question is as they are still currently employed, do they need to quit their jobs as well before filing?
  2. Hi, In assembling our response package to an RFE we received recently (evidence of shared marital life), is it advisable to write up a one page letter (in a binder, placed immediately following our cover letter and before our supporting documents) just introducing ourselves and what goes on in a typical day or week in our life? For example, "We typically start our days with...", or "some of our favorite things to do together...", basically helping the reviewing officer to better visualize where we are, who we are and what our marriage is like. What do you guys think? We want to paint the officer a vivid but easty to read summary of our shared marital life . Another example, grocery shopping using Instacart, playing tennis, our working out routine, the places we frequent, what are jobs are, etc. Thank you very much.
  3. This space is to share timelines for Denver, CO applicants. Thanks!
  4. Hi All, I wanted to know if anyone is going through the same situation my wife and I are. We had our GC Interview in San Francisco on February 2nd. Were told everything was good to go, except for the medical exam, which had to be resubmitted. Since COVID delays, my wife's medical exam had been done more than a year before the interview, and we received a RFE to complete an I-693. I found a certified Civil Surgeon, she went ahead and went through the entire process, the surgeon signed off on it and after a few days, we sent the signed/sealed packet to the address listed. The RFE deadline is May 4th and USCIS has still not "received" or updated her case. I have sent a few e-requests, which were answered with a generic response, and have actually spoken to live reps 3 times, all of whom did not give any specific info. but said they can send an internal request. The last rep. stated that there is an extension for the request, but I am not sure how concrete this info. is since it's not listed anywhere. Has anyone gone through this situation or is currently going through it? If so, mind sharing your experience, results, and maybe what to expect? Many thanks in advance!
  5. Hi everyone! My wife just received a notice for the Green Card interview! I have 2 questions, as the interview is in one month. 1- She did the medical exam/vaccination back home last year before getting the K1 visa and says complete on the bottom. I guess no need to complete the form I-693, right?? 2- My wife is not vaccinated for Covid, does she have to be fully vaccinated by the time of the interview?? Since she did the medical last year and they didn't need it at that time. PLEASE ADVISE. Thanks
  6. Hello, today with my husband we had our adjustment of status interview. The whole experience was a little bit odd and I would like to know if anyone has passed through the same experience. We had an appointment at 11:00 am and we arrived 15 minutes before. We went to the second floor and it was a little bit full but nothing too terrible. After 1 hour and 20 minutes everyone else has been called and left except us and a few new people that arrived later. We got called and after getting in and swearing in the interview started. She asked how we met and after we said it was in a game she asked us to show our faces, then she proceeded to tell me a story about a chilean that works for her ( I'm chilean too) and how he has dark skin while I don't and if we have a lot of mixture in Chile. This topic took half time of the interview. She asked about my dad date of birth, when was my medical done and if I give the envelope at the POE and if I had a copy (I said yes to both), the date of my entry to the states, plus a few questions same as the form (like if you have kill someone, bring drugs, etc.) and then said we are done and that we need to leave because she was under schedule since the last person needed a sign language interpreter and was very long. We asked if we need to show her the documents we bring, plus more evidence as pictures. She said no, if we need something you can mail it. And that was it, she did not say if it was good or not. Honestly, it was really odd, specially all the skin tone conversation. We are a real couple who dated 6 years before getting married and we went there really confident our case was strong. So far everything has been quick and we have a solid case. I just needed to vent and honestly ask if anyone have had an experience like this, if so what happened afterward. How long should we wait before we take action to call or get a lawyer? Also, has anybody had an interview where the officer didn't request any documents (beside showing the passport to prove name)? Thank you so much for reading.
  7. The I485 was file via mail and the first NOA was received in one week later. The receipt number starts with IOE, which means the electronic immigration system and at the very bottom of the form it shows National Benefits Center with an address in Lee's Summit, Missouri. In some digging I have done online it mentioned that when you receive this first NOA, the address at the bottom is your processing center however, there is no processing center in Missouri, so anyone knows how can I determine where is my processing center? Subsequent NOA for the I-765 and I-131 all have receipt numbers with IOE and the Missouri address on the bottom of the page. Thanks
  8. Hello all, I’m not sure if this topic was already opened I couldn’t find it so I started a new one... Just wanted to share something happened today, this information might help for others too.. Previously I was calling my local DMV to ask about a temporary drivers license if I’m able to get it with the pending I130 and I 485 without having any EAD OR GC OR SSN ?? The answer was yes I can and the lady told me what to bring with me I didn’t needed appointment I was able to walk in so this morning I went there she looked over all the paperwork I had with me and she let me do the written test on the computer which was easy and I passed it,also took a photograph of me. When I passed the written test they told me I can go back to do the road test by appointment only tomorrow so I’m very excited I’m going to get a 1 year Florida drivers license if everything goes well tomorrow it’s going to be in my hand🍀👏🙏😊🥰 The lady also told me once I have my green card in my hand I can go back and they give me the eight years old drivers license and I don’t have to do the tests anymore.. The reason I’m sharing this because I heard So many different stories people telling about different locations and states that they were not able to do that until they had the EAD in hand. I’m sure every state and city are different so I’m just sharing my experience. The documents I had to bring with me are the following: - NOA1 I130 - NOA1 I485 - passport - previous passport where i had a stamp that im admitted to the country - marriage license - my husband’s passport ( proof of citizenship) - 2 utility bill on my name to the current address Good luck everyone!!
  9. Hello, I entered the U.S. with a K-1 visa and married my (now) husband before the 90 days passed. We wanted to fill the AOS before the 90 days but due a delay in our moving we lost track of some documents and now my i94 expired yesterday. We have the package almost ready but I would like to know since my status is unlawful right now, do we need to fill i130 too? or is it just i485? (beside work permit and travel permit in the same package) We want to do this as soon as possible but we do not want to make a mistake. Really appreciate your time to read and respond. Thanks!
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