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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys! I came to the US almost 3 months ago with ESTA and a week ago my husband and I got married. We decided to stay in the country and file for the AOS (please note that none of this was planned ahead; we were planning of moving to EU together, but things changed because of the pandemic) We are filing the forms now and apperently we need to file the i130 (and 130a for me) and the i485. We found out that the first one can be filled out online, but the second one has to be mailed. Our doubt is weather it is OK to do so... Maybe it's better to print both the forms and mail them? Our preference was to split the procedure as I have only a week left of the 90 days that I can spend here with ESTA and the online procedure makes it faster to start the AOS process, as I can submit my personal documents digitally and we don't need to wait some extra days for the post office to deliver the envelope. what do you think guys? Any advice? Thank you
  2. Hello everyone i'm new to the forum and i will like some opinion here, over the weekend i received this update. On April 23, 2020, we began reviewing your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, Receipt Number MSC189019*****. We mailed you a notice informing you of the action we intend to take on your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice and submit any requested materials. If you do not receive your notice by May 7, 2020, contact the USCIS Contact Center at www.uscis.gov/contactcenter. My interview was a long time ago back in feburary 2019 and they came to our home October 2020, what are the circumstances? ps; i'm very anxious as i haven't received the actual mail yet.
  3. i have health insurance through my employer, Health insurance is something that is typically renewed annually. For example, that's when "open enrollment" occurs renewal date is not mentioned anywhere, on the card or in documents. i am not sure what to put in the question "when does your health insurance terminate or date that it must be renewed?" any suggestions? thanks in advance
  4. Hello all, I am an EB3 ROW Pending AOS Nurse. PD 28TH FEB 2020. I requested for uscis to expedite my I765. My expedite request was approved. USCIS never asked me to submit any further evidence. I have been waiting for 2 weeks to get an update. Just yesterday, i received a case status update that my I765 was denied and i would be sent a Notice of ACTION/DECISION LATER IN THE MAIL. Pls someone help me. It will take some time before i get the denial decision letter. But has anyone ever been in a similar situation. I am honestly stressed. Maybe it was too early to try to expedite my case. USCIS is so confusing. they could've denied my request instead of denying the actual I765. The system is broken and i am honestly tired of them.
  5. Hello everyone, First post here 🙂 Getting ready to file our AOS thru marriage paperwork (hopefully by 4/1). My husband's status is "Pending Asylum Interview." He already has EAD, we are not applying for AP. Anyone have a similar background? If so, did you file having to submit I-944?
  6. Hi, I am married to a US Citizen, we have a baby together who was born here, I was on a student visa (F1) until I got pregnant. I stopped going to school when my son was born, and applied for green card year later because we didnt have the money to apply immediately. I just got my i485 denied. Will I have to leave my family and go? I havent recieved a notice in te mail yet. Will they let me apply again?
  7. Hi All, I am in serious confusion after reading a ton on new 90 Day rule for filing Adjustment of status after reentering into USA . Please Help me OUT . Background- I came into USA in Dec 2015 on F1 Student Visa and I am currently a full time employee on STEM OPT. During my say here i fell in love with a girl and she happen to be a US Citizen . We got engaged in FEB 2019 (We Traveled to India for the Celebration with Friends and Family ) . And we again went back to India this DEC 2019 For Wedding Celebration . After returning back to USA on Jan 2 , 2020 we got legally married on Jan 06 , 2020 . And now we are planning to apply for AOS based on our Marriage this week. (During my entire stay in USA , I travel out of USA 3 times ) . My serious concern here is will the new 90 Rule hunt me here as i reentered the states on Jan 02 ,2020 AND soon got married after reentry and now applying for AOS GC . Will it be considered a fraud if i apply right now ? Or should i just go ahead and file AOS as my Visa is getting expire in 8 months from NOW . Suggestions are very much appreciated , Thank you
  8. Hello all, I’m not sure if this topic was already opened I couldn’t find it so I started a new one... Just wanted to share something happened today, this information might help for others too.. Previously I was calling my local DMV to ask about a temporary drivers license if I’m able to get it with the pending I130 and I 485 without having any EAD OR GC OR SSN ?? The answer was yes I can and the lady told me what to bring with me I didn’t needed appointment I was able to walk in so this morning I went there she looked over all the paperwork I had with me and she let me do the written test on the computer which was easy and I passed it,also took a photograph of me. When I passed the written test they told me I can go back to do the road test by appointment only tomorrow so I’m very excited I’m going to get a 1 year Florida drivers license if everything goes well tomorrow it’s going to be in my hand🍀👏🙏😊🥰 The lady also told me once I have my green card in my hand I can go back and they give me the eight years old drivers license and I don’t have to do the tests anymore.. The reason I’m sharing this because I heard So many different stories people telling about different locations and states that they were not able to do that until they had the EAD in hand. I’m sure every state and city are different so I’m just sharing my experience. The documents I had to bring with me are the following: - NOA1 I130 - NOA1 I485 - passport - previous passport where i had a stamp that im admitted to the country - marriage license - my husband’s passport ( proof of citizenship) - 2 utility bill on my name to the current address Good luck everyone!!
  9. Hi, AOSfiling date is August 7th. Receipt date : : August 21st Biometrics Notice Date: September 10th Biometric Date : September 18th Case status Changed to interview scheduled on October 14th I checked the similar timelines and nobody's case status changed to interview scheduled so quickly. Is this normal ? Thanks for the reply. Regards, Mark
  10. Hi, A general question about the form I-485. If person chooses YES for the question: "working unauthorized before", does the next question about "committing any crime" has to be answered as YES because of working without work permit? Thanks for feedback as it is confusing.
  11. I got this email from USCIS last night: Application Type: I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production On August 9, 2019, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number XXXXXXX, and will mail it to the address you gave us... Does this imply that our application has been approved?
  12. Has anyone had their marriage based interview canceled and got their greencard sent to them?? I’ve heard or situations like this when the couple has been married for a while.
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