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  1. Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of waiting for my PD to become current. My spouse is a conditional GC holder, and just filed for removal of condition (I-829). Here is my timeline: Type: F2A 01/2017: USCIS WAC Received I-130 07/2018: USCIS Chicago Lockbox Received I-485, I-131, I-765, routed to NBC 08/2018: Biometrics done for I-485 and I-765 08/2018: Received RFE for I-130, and RFIE for I-485 09/2018: Mailed Response for both I-130 and I-485 10/2018: WAC approved I-130 Local USCIS Office: Santa Ana I'm still waiting for EAD/AP to be approved, and not sure how long does I-485 take because my spouse just filed for her I-829 to remove her conditional status in 08/2018, and the processing time is about 3 years. Anyone have experience with this situation before? Thank you.
  2. Hi EVERYONE! IM FILLING THE FORM I765 AND IM HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE STEP 16. I DONT UNDERSTAND IF I NEED TO USE OPTION A6 OR C9? I GOT HERE WITH A K1 VISA, THEREFORE I HAD TO SUBMIT THE FORM F129. IM GOING TO SEND THE FORM I765 WITH THE I485 CHANGE OF STATUS TOGETHER. i would really appreciate if someone can help me and explain me why it would be either or of the options. thank you!
  3. Question to those who have recently submitted successful I-485 / AOS after entering the US on a K1 visa and who are ALSO submitted their I-131 and I-765 with their I-485 submission. I just want to clarify whether or not we have to pay filling fees for the I-131 (travel document/advanced parole) and I-765 (employment authorization) if we are submitting them with our I-485 submission. The way I read the instructions attached to the I-131 and I-765 forms is that we do not have to pay the I-131 and I-765 based on the below. Can someone please confirm?? Thank you!! I-131: "If you filed Form I-485 on or after July 30, 2007, and you paid the Form I-485 application fee required, then no fee is required to file a request for an Advanced Parole Document or Refugee Travel Document on Form I-131 if your Form I-485 is still pending, if: 1. You now hold U.S. refugee or asylee status....) 2. You are applying for an Advanced Parole Document to allow you to return to the United States after temporary foreign travel. I-765: "If you filed Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, as of July 30, 2007, and you paid for the Form I-485 filing fee, no fee is required to also file a request for employment authorization on Form I-765"
  4. Hi there, I had a question about using my AOS based EAD while I am an F-1 student. My i-485 application is pending, and my EAD card is about to arrive soon, but I've read that using AOS based EAD would violate my f-1 status. I've always maintained it, and still want to until I actually receive my green card and I'm still pursuing my bachelor's degree anyway. I've asked my DSO but he seems to think that I can't use my EAD, but judging from our conversations I think most DSOs are pretty unaware of the whole immigration process. So I don't want to just take his word for it. If using AOS based EAD is not an issue usually, would it be at the discretion of the University still? To let me maintain my legal f-1 status? Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi All, I'm so frustrated these days that I have to share my story here. If any part of my story can help anyone better in the future, I'd feel happy and better. In short, I married my husband on January 27th, 2018 (Ceremony date) in Long Beach, California. Before receiving my marriage certificate about 8 weeks later, I started to work with my attorney on preparing my application package. I was previously on F1/OPT status for my Master's degree, with my EAD card expiring May 21st, 2018. I never overstayed, or was illegally employed. I kept a record of all my employment history and I knew I've never broken any immigration laws. I had always filed my tax and never received social benefits. My graduating GPA was 3.73 and I never failed any classes in school. I currently work as an HR assistant in a real estate firm. My husband was born and raised in the States, currently working on his own store (self-employed). Since my company doesn't sponsor H1B and the only foreign employees they have are executives on L1 visas, I decided not to even try to ask for an H1B visa sponsorship. Neither my husband nor I has any criminal records. I don't have any DUIs, unpaid debts, previous marriages, kids, or anything that may negatively affect my application. I don't even have any relatives in the States and I don't have any siblings. Now to be fair, I think my attorney is very fair and nice, and I actually recommended him to a friend of mine who will get married and go through the same process soon. But whatever minor mistakes he had made or just the bad luck he and I had, created quite some issues for my case. To begin with, my attorney I didn't file my application until March 30 (Permanent Address in Los Angeles County/Redondo Beach), thinking that two months would be plenty for receiving my new EAD receipt (which was a big big big mistake; I definitely should have filed my case earlier than that). Surprisingly fast as it was, USCIS received my package (I485, I130, I131, I765) on April 2nd, accepted my case on April 10th, and I received four receipts on April 17th. My attorney was glad about how fast they have processed my case until we read through all four receipts. Since my check was cashed the day before I received the receipts, I was thinking, "oh everything seems to go well". However, among the four receipts I got, only three were notifying me that my application was received and being processed (I485, I130 & I131). My I765 application, the most urgent of them all considering my EAD card is expiring and I don't want to lose my job, was rejected due to two reasons: 1. Insufficient fees; 2. Outdated form. Even though the receipt states that they'd return my fees and application package due to the two reasons listed above, I didn't receive anything but the receipt itself. For anyone who has submitted a marriage-based application package or has read updated USCIS policy, you will know that when you submit a package of all four forms (I485, I130, I131, I765), you pay for all your fees on one check, and the total amount is different than if you submit forms separately. Considering USCIS has cashed my check, accepted my other forms, and has no other expired I765 online except for the one available on their page (which states that it expires on 2/28/2018), I couldn't figure out what happened. My attorney was just as confused. After communicating with me and assuring that mail will be a better way to communicate with USCIS, he mailed a letter to USCIS (2nd mistake here: should have called USCIS customer service right away), stating that not only did I pay the right amount but also that's the only form available on USCIS website. The letter was mailed out via Express delivery service on April 19th. Funny as it may sound, I received another receipt of rejection for my I765 form on April 29th, saying that the form is outdated. I guess at least USCIS now doesn't say I have insufficient funds. Again, I didn't receive any returned packages or the check I sent out. At this point, I was getting frustrated not only with USCIS but also my attorney. I called him first thing in the morning and asked him to explain. He later called USCIS with some other attorneys working in the same firm, listening to the phone call. USCIS admitted that 1. they are supposed to update the I765 form but they haven't. That's why the form says expires 2/28 but as a matter of fact, it's the up-to-date form (even if you check their website now, which was last updated on 4/11, it's still the same form); 2. a checker (who preview all application packages) must have made a mistake. They're very sorry that this has happened and suggested my attorney to send another I765 form with additional explanation just to speed up the process. The new form was mailed out via Express on April 30th. I appreciated my attorney's immediate response but if that was the end of my application preparation story, I'd be more than happy to call it an Okay one. Ironically, I received my bio-metrics appointment notice on April 27th, which scheduled my appointment on May 7th. I guess that's somewhat a good part of my journey since they never questioned any actual materials I submitted. For that, my attorney did a great job of collecting as much information as he could before filing my case. Anyhow, the next twist of the story of me receiving a request for initial evidence on May 1st, requesting my I130A form. Now this could be a mistake that my attorney probably shouldn't have made out of all the mistakes that happened in my application. For whatever the reason was, starting from 2017, an I130A is required to be submitted together with I130. I wasn't sure whether my attorney submitted the form together with I130 or not. But I remembered clearly filing in something similar. I should have made a copy of all forms that I've submitted, which is the 3rd mistake I made during my application. Frustrated as I was, I managed to not yell at the attorney or anyone thought I definitely looked furious and upset when I came into the attorney's office the second time in the same week to sign off a new I130A form. What's worse, since the attorney doesn't seem to have a digital version of completed forms, he has to fill in a new one that morning in a hurry, which resulted in a few mistakes on the form. As understanding as I tried my best to, I corrected the form and signed it, delivered it at the office, stated my frustration to the front desk boy, who probably has done nothing wrong trying to defend the attorney. So the I130A form was mailed out via Express on May 2nd. Completing my bio-metric appointment was easier than I thought, considering I only spent like 20 mins there. I have my last name changed after marriage and a supervisor reviewed my document and sent me off to the staff collecting fingerprints. Upon leaving the USCIS support center (Gardena), I looked their Google reviews and was not surprised that they received 4+ stars. Their staff are mostly bilingual (English and Spanish). They're pretty nice and they don't seem to care about the regulations of "no cellphones" there. They don't do security check either. They'd ask for you ID and appointment notice, together with other supporting materials (In my case, a certified copy of my marriage certificate). Upon completing the fingerprint collection/bio-metrics appointment, I received a stamp on my appointment notice and later an update on my I485 (May 8th). USCIS has received my bio-metrics. No updates about the newly submitted I130A form yet but I'm just happy enough to move forward a little bit. Since my current EAD card expires on May 21st, I'm getting nervous about not being able to continue working. I checked online. Apparently, with my name changed and a current Social Security number, I can't change my name on my social security number until I receive my new EAD card. Without a renewed Social security card and EAD card, I can't renew my driver's license. And without a valid I797C receipt, I probably shouldn't be working after May 21st. Without a renewed Driver's license, a social security card, or other valid IDs with my new name, I can't update my bank information. So all I can do now is praying and waiting for USCIS to give me my freaking I765 receipt and to deliver my EAD card. I will keep my story updated probably until I complete my naturalization. My husband has been very supportive throughout the whole process tho there isn't much he could do to help. He hated to see me upset and frustrated. The fact that I've broken into tears a couple of times for my application had made him sort of being angry and disappointed at the attorney and USCIS. I love him very much and I appreciate all his support. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. I'm more than glad to share and to help. I think different states will have different policies on certain procedures, so if you are not from California, I can't really answer any questions that are too specific. (Last updated May 8th, 2018) Timeline (Brief version) 1/27/18 Married 3/30/18 Filed application package (485,130,131,765) 4/17/18 Received 3 receipts and 1 rejection receipt 4/27/18 Received Bio-metrics appointment notice 4/30/18 Resubmitted I765 5/1/18 Received Request for Initial Evidence 5/2/18 Submitted I130A 5/7/18 Completed Bio-metrics appointment To be continued....
  6. Hi all, Q: Am I allowed to work while my I-765 case is currently "closed"? Apparently in USCIS system, on the surface it looks like my green card was approved (even though it is not), so when I filed for my renewal of work authorization I-765, USCIS closed the case without sending me a letter to notify me. Reason of case being closed: "benefit will be received elsewhere". Was only aware of the case being closed when I checked the status online. USCIS said they will reopen my case but it seems like it is going to take awhile - as my case file is now in "archives". Thank you.
  7. Hello, I am applying for the I130 and I485 and I have received a rejection notice from USCIS for the second time and I am unclear as to why. According to the I797C notice, it states that the payment amount is incorrect, or has not been provided. The first time I sent the payment, it included the biometric fee along with the i485 fee ($1225) but they rejected that. This time, I removed the biometric fee, paying a total of $1140, and they still said the amount is incorrect. Has anyone ran into that problem? In case it makes a difference, I765 and I131 are also attached to the packet but from everything I have read, it states that the fees are waived if filed concurrently. is there something I am missing? Thank you and good luck to all.
  8. Disgusting. Considering all of the vetting and waiting involved in the K-1 and other visas, these processing times for Employment Authorization Document are pure insanity.
  9. Hello, It's been a little over 10 months (see my timeline) since we've mailed the AOS packet and other than the receipts and the biometrics haven't gotten anything else, no I-485 approval, nor I-765, nor I-131, nor an RFE. Went to an InfoPass appointment today and was told the National Benefits Center is very busy and backlogged. He said it now takes up to 1.5 years for them to process AOS. He was surprised however that I-765 and I-131 approvals or notifications hadn't come in and submitted a ticket to expedite it. I want to say that the person at the InfoPass appointment at Lawrence, MA was very polite, understanding and helpful. Has anyone else been waiting that long?
  10. Hi everyone, Here is the problem I am facing now, It would be awesome if someone could provide your kind help. On July 17 2018, I received a letter from USCIS, from the letter, they request me to provide evidence that proving I am not leaving the country of the United States, to help them to make a decision on my I131 Advance Parole Document application. Why they asked me to provide that information, because I departed the country on April 26. Does my I131 APD will be automatically abandoned when I departed the country before receiving I131 APD approval from USCIS? Details of My application: On Dec 26 2017, I had applied for I485 adjustment of status by marriage in Dec, at the same time I submitted I131 and I765 as well. On Feb 2 2018, I provided my biometric and photo taken. In April, my family encountered a very serious problem, it required me to go back to my country (China) immediately. On April 16 I called USCIS for the suggestion that how could I go back to my Country, as I did not receive any approval of my I131 application. The person who answer my call, He told to me that I can go back to my country when I provided my biometric and photo taken. I believed the representative told me, then I booked my ticket and flew back to my country on April 26. As above, I could not provide the evidence to USCIS as required. I am on the crossing sidewalk, is anyone has a valuable idea for me? Thanks for advance.
  11. I'm adjusting from K1. I completed the I-131 Form a few weeks after the I-765 and I-485, so it has a different signature date. Do the signature dates on each form confirm the "concurrent filing"? Just a silly last minute doubt.
  12. I received my SSN and EAD last week. Is it too soon or should I contact SSA about this? Anyone else had this issue? I have an interview Monday and I'm afraid they deny me because of this.
  13. Hi all, I sent in my application package (with I-130,130A, 485, 864, 765, 131) before and I just received all of the application receipts from USCIS this morning. But the money order for my I-765 is returned to me, the letter said: Recently, you submitted an application for immigration benefits. That form was submitted with an extra remittance that is not required to process this application. If you submitted a G-1450 it has been destroyed and will not be returned to you. Otherwise, your payment is being returned to you with this notice. No additional action by you is required at this time. Is that mean I don't have to pay for the I-765 since I submitted it with I-485?
  14. Request for Initial Evidence Was Mailed On April 30, 2018, we mailed a request for initial evidence for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, Receipt Number MSC-. The request for evidence explains what we need from you. We will not take action on your case until we receive the evidence or the deadline to submit it expires. Please follow the instructions in the request for evidence. If you do not receive your request for evidence by May 30, 2018, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. 10/4/17 was RD but why would I get a RFIE? It should be RFE right? I am afraid that I won't be able to provide the document(s) that I think they need. This is very depressing. I am losing hope here. My lawyer says to wait for the mail first. I see some people getting it for latest year W-2 document because they had not filed the return yet but the case took enough that when they had to provide tax return for 2017 but they could later. I pray that it is just that for me so I can submit it. Background: Current home country Passport has been expired for few years. Also, no advance parole/travel forms were submitted. The U.S Citizen mother (Physical presence in Texas, USA) filed an I-130 for her Overstayed Visa Son 21 and over unmarried (Physical presence In Texas, USA) through an Attorney. Priority date June 9th, 2011. It was approved on May 19th, 2014. Priority date is Current as of the October 2017 Visa Bulletin. The beneficiary also had an Application for Alien Employment Certification paper work done employer (California) signature dated March 6th, 2001. Beneficiary Signature and date on March 11th, 2001 (Different Attorney). Form is ETA 750 A and B. The problem is that the Attorney that filed the I-130 is asking for receipt date April 30th, 2001 or earlier. The Attorney that filed it back in 2001 has the ETA 750 says: (Make no entry in section - for Government use only Date Forms received April 12th, 2001 Occ Code is filled. Occ Title is filled. It also says RSH/EDD on the left side. A 4 digit code written. Replaces MA 7-50A, B and C (April 1970 Edition which is obsolete). Part B Page has a blank section in Endorsements. DATE REC DOL / O.T & C is Blank. The attorney that filed Application for Alien Employment Certification in 2001 says: CA was not issuing acknowledgement notices like TX. Forms with date stamp by the state agency are acceptable and says they have handled several successful cases like this with this sort of evidence. 10/4/17 Receipt Date for I-485 & I-765. I-765 still says 'Case was received'. 11/6/17 Biometrics completed. 4/30/18 - RFIE on I-485.
  15. Hi everyone, I applied for the EAD and my case was received on November 29th 2017. After 90-something days I filed a case inquiry over the phone and after a month I got an email saying: “Our review indicates that this case is within our current processing time. To check our current case processing times, please visit our website at https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times. If you do not receive a decision or notice of other action within our current processing time, please check our online services or call the USCIS Contact Center at the number provided below.” Today, they are actually late on my case based on the processing-times. It’s been more than 150 days and my case wasn’t even touched. This week I will have a final job interview and I might ending up getting a job offer. What should I do? Should I call USCIS and file another case inquiry based on the online timeline? Should I call the 1-800 or contact the Ombudsman? Or should I wait and if I get the job I apply for an expedited EAD based on financial loss and ask help from a US representative (http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/517032-sharing-on-how-to-expedite-ead-based-on-job-offer/)? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hey guys, So apparently we might of messed up on timing but hopefully we have time. My wife's EAD expires in 64 days from today.... She is presently working so on Monday we will be sending in the renewal for a EAD with understanding we probably will need to expedite it to catch it before it expires. Have seen a few post mentioning people got an extra x days after expiration from their employer as long as they had evidence they requested a renewal. Hoping to follow up with USCIS on this on Monday. We haven't had our interview yet so not sure what 'current status' to put in for her as the form has changed a bit. Do we put pending Adjustment, no lawful status, or the same as our original paper work(B2 Visitor)? Also for mailing, originally we mailed to Chicago since all paperwork went there. Looks like this goes to a different lock box right? Planned to send the I-765 form, copy of our acknowledgement of our original paperwork for all forms, copy of old EAD , I-94 and, Passport style photos, a cover letter. Is there anything else we need to send? Copy of passport again? Copy of birth certificate or marriage certificate? Don't want to risk a RFE.
  17. Hi all, I tried to search it first but I could not find a good answer for my question. I checked the box on Form I-765 that says "Forward your information to get a SSN." On 02/08/2018 I received an email notifying me of EAD Approval. Now, do Social Security send my card by themselves or do I have to go an apply? I understand that I-765 was not always like this, so please only those who had to fill out this version of the form should respond I want personal experiences. Thank you all! This forum has been of much help and support!!
  18. Hi everyone, My ead application was approved on March 13 but haven't heard anything yet regarding card production. System only says Approved. Does anyone have an idea? I saw people waiting 60+ days to get the card when similar situation happens. While most people are lucky to get it in hand in 5-10 days. Should I worry? What are your thoughts? Thank you very much.
  19. Hey guys, so I've already done Biometrics appointment since 02/21 and I guess I have to wait for a long time before I get a work permit, etc. I'm very bored and would like to volunteer. I've already signed up with habitat for humanity and did a project a few Saturdays ago but I'd like to do more during the week. I also know it would be good for my Resume when I do start working. However, I'm having difficulties finding places that don't require SSN to volunteer. Does anyone know of any organization that accepts volunteers without SSN or don't require background checks? Please share. Thanks!
  20. Timeline here first: 1/26 - i-485, i-131, i-130 & i765 application has been submitted altogether. 2/8 - Got an Email from USCIS with I-130 & I-131 that case has been received and currently in progress. I-797 for both has been received. I-485 said Fingerprints fee was received, still I-797 is not received Also the same day, I checked $535 for I-130 has been deposited but for I-485 was returned due to the insufficient fee. We deposit enough money right away and... 2/12- Checked the i-485 ($1,225) has been redeposited Here's where it's getting complicated. 2/14 - received mail with Green letter, rejection I-797 notice on I-765 that 1. my payment amount is not correct and 2. application was filed on an outdated version of the form. Turned out I didn't notice the left bottom also has the expiration date.. People on the forum said I should send the copy of I-797 of I-485 as the evidence of payment and send it again, at this moment, i-485 I-797 has not been received so I thought it will arrived soon. Turned out I was wrong.. 2/23 - After another week of waiting, still no I-797 for I-485, so we decided to send with bank statement shows the check has been deposited, I-485 Case receipt number email screenshot page and screenshot of status (fingerprints fee has been received) page and I797 of I-131 & I-130. 2/26 - Re-submitted I765 has been delivered to USCIS mailbox 2/28 - We moved and updated the address, request forwarding service to USPS and everything. 3/1 - My husband quit his job for personal reason and currently looking for another job. 3/2 - I checked the receipt number of I-485 again and status has been changed to "Request for Initial Evidence Was Mailed" Called right away to USCIS about this and they said I just have to wait until I see what document I missed. This has been a great stressful for me (I assume it applies to everyone..) since the day I got the rejection notice for I-765, as EAD card was the document I wanted to get the fastest. My question is 1. Re-sent I-765, would USCIS acknowledge the payment I made for initial I-485 and accept it? I think I put enough evidences and I-797 of I-130 and I-131 is enough. plus I put all supporting documents again, including passport pics and everything. Would "Request for Initial Evidence Was Mailed" for my I-485 status affect my resubmitted I-765 payment? 2. I cannot possibly think what document have I been missing.. I can only guess but here's my possible mistake I'm assuming.. [1. Husband employment letter - the letter was sent when the company decided they will hire him. He said this should be fine because the paystub proved that he's still working there. 2. My birth certificates... I translated myself and brought the translator's statement letter and bank notarized it.. I don't think this caused the problem but seems like a lot of people got this notice due to this issue.. so I'm only guessing. 3. My husband's financial form.. SO, if it turned out it was one of my husband's financial statement,, as I stated above, my husband quit his job as of yesterday. So There's no documents his company can provide. I'm so worried about this and what we've submitted goes to nothing.. ] 3. I went through a lot of other forums and read other people's case like mine, but it seems like they at least reach to the stage where they scheduled the fingerprint.. or have done with their fingerprint. I don't know why they didn't try to contact us to schedule fingerprint before.. It would have been relieved for me at least.. Do anybody have other document you've missed submitting other than those 3 I listed? I'm really frustrated and almost about to go faint every time something comes up like this.. it already has been great stressful for me that I couldn't work for a long time.. so I just hope I can get my EAD card fast.. Can somebody help me with situations like me? or share your stories like our case? Thank you so much..
  21. Due to a dumb mistake (we used an outdated version of the i485), my wife's green card application was rejected last month, and my i130 alongside it. We are re-submitting with the updated form, but a bit bewildered by the way the USCIS processed our previous package; and we are also Adding the i765 and i131 (the silver lining on this problem was realizing we should do this). However, Lots of evidence (e.g. bank records, travel records, travel history i20 documents, etc) has been sorta mixed up together and then stapled into piles. Many of the piles make sense, but a few just plain Don't. And they have evidence that belongs with two different forms. The main reasons I hesitate to re-organize everything is that : there are clear computerized scanner signs on the bottom of every piece of paper, showing they've really been processed by some system there. after three phone calls to the USCIS hotline asking about this, I can't get a better answer than "follow the instructions sent to you" (which to be clear, simply state that i485 needs to be the latest edition). Any insights on how to re-submit all this?? Any insights on the rhyme or reason behind the USCIS's method of piling and stapling things in a bit of a mish mash at times?? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  22. Hi all, I am trying to fill out my wife's I-765 and have not been able to answer questions from 19 and 20 (assuming that 21 to 23 are irrelevant) https://www.uscis.gov/system/files_force/files/form/i-765.pdf?download=1 My Wife entered the US as a tourist already married to me and then we sent the necessary paper work. (I-485 and so on...) we did file for a work permit at that time. However, her visa status was still valid. Now, since USCIS is taking for ever to respond we have to renew her work permit. however, I dont know her current status. I know that a year ago it was B2-Turist not sure what to enter on Q20 either.
  23. So we have our aos paperwork in, as well as i765. We checked on the box in 765 to get our ssn from the ssa. Box 10. So what do we need to do to receive her ssn? We called uscis and they told us we needed to contact ssa. But i dont want them assigning her two socials
  24. Dear people, Today I received a letter saying that my application for employment got rejected but the I485 adjustment of status that we sent in together got accepted the check is cashed and it shows on the website that the fingerprint fee was received. The website stated that we could file after we got married in the states on my k1 fiance visa the i-485 together with the i-765 application for employment but just today we received that the i765 was rejected because we didnt pay the fee, which was not neccesary if you file it with the i-485. Can someone help me out? thanks in advance!
  25. So I live in Texas...I sent my I-130 and I-130A to USCIS Attn: I-130 1820 E. Skyharbor Circle S Suite 100 Phoenix, AZ 85034. I received my NOA and my case starts with LIN and from what I have read this is Nebraska if not mistaken. I then submitted I-485, I-693, I-765, and I-864 to USCIS Attn: FBAS 131 South Dearborn - 3rd Floor Chicago, IL 60603-5517 and I received two NOA and both start with MSC and again from what I have read this is Nebraska. Is there any way we know how they determine what center processes your paperwork? The person I spoke to at USCIS said that my I-130 is being processed in Nebraska, I-485 was going to be processed in San Antonio, Texas which is where I live, and the I-765 was going to be processed in Chicago...odd and random that all these places are doing the processing. Can anyone shine some light on me? Thanks