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  1. Thank you! I guess I will have to wait for the biometrics longer but that's ok. We'll wait for the corona issue to die down then we can do the appointment.
  2. Great! How long is the process? I received the receipt but Im still waiting for his biometric schedule cause I think that would be next. I applied for his passport with my original certificate of naturalization.
  3. Good evening Everyone, So I just applied for N600 for my minor child after I received my Certificate of Naturalization. He will be turning 14 in June. I was planning to apply for his passport once I get his Certificate of Citizenship. By the way, I am aware that I can apply for his US passport with my Certificate of Naturalization but I plan to do that after I get his N600. And for that I have a few questions. 1) Does he need to appear for the Oath of Allegiance ceremony? He will be 14 in June. 2) How long is the processing time? I checked USCIS and it says 5-13.5 months, wondering if it would be faster for a minor child. 3) Can they still deny the application? I have provided all relevant documents. This one is expensive so I don't want to do it again. Appreciate all your answers. Thank you.
  4. Hey Guys, So I received my green card on Friday but I haven't received my son's green card yet. USCIS usually sends notices one each - one for me and one for my son - separately and receives them at the same time. When I checked my case number, it gives me an update which includes the tracking number of my card. While for my son, it only says card is being produced and it is stuck on that status for 18 days now. I will probably call them after 12 more days to follow up. Anyone who has a similar experience?
  5. Thank you. I will try to help my sister convince her daughter to go with them.
  6. Finally, our (me and my son) cards are now being produced. Case was transferred from Vermont to Texas on March 6, 2019.
  7. Hi Everyone, Been searching online but cant find the answer. So here’s my question. My sister has an NVC case number for her and her three kids. One kid who is 18 does not want to go with them yet, she said she will process her NVC Case before she is 21. Is that possible? or should she go with the mom since the petition was done with the mom? Thank you!
  8. Thank you! Still waiting for an update after case was transferred to Texas on March 5, 2019. Filed through VSC on March 2018.
  9. Hi, May I know the URL for the old site and new site? Thank you.
  10. I see, thank you. Bunch of us VSC filers are still waiting...
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