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  1. Hi can anyone share their experience at Islamabad embassy for CR-1 visa. Also some help regarding the shuttle and just some tips..Interview is next month so just planning ahead! JazakAllah!
  2. Hi so finally my case is documentairly qualified...the email I received today stated they will contact me and my husband once they’ve scheduled an interview in Islamabad. I would love to hear from others their experiences and advice etc 😊🤞🏽So excited to finally going forward in our journey!!!!
  3. I’m US citizen Filed i130 for spouse in May, finally got Noa2 10/26/2018 now just waiting to see what happens next. Called NVC and they received petition but will not hear until 4-8 weeks just hoping others can share their timeline with dates and how long their process went and what to expect Thanks 😊😊😊
  4. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help with one of the issues on I-134. I am technically employed by a company but I usually only work a total of around 16 hours per month with them. My primary income comes from my self-employment/contracting full time job. On part 3 of the I-134 it asks for my employer name etc. I am wondering if I need to include my "employer" or if I should just leave that blank and give them my self employment information. Anyone ever have this situation, what do you think?
  5. Hi 😀 I'm a US citizen, filed for my spouse may 2018 I got a letter stating it was accepted, and now oct 2018 I received another letter I-797 notice of approval and that after 30 days I can email then to ask status, I’m just curious if someone can kind of give me a timeline or breakdown of how their process went and what happens next and what or when I should be expecting things to move
  6. Hi, I am a US citizen. I married in Feb 2018, I filed I-130 for my spouse who is in pakistan. I sent all my paperwork in April 2018 and received a letter stating everything has been accepted and will be getting sent to Potomac location. then Oct 26 I got a I-797 again but this time it was much more detailed, it stated that my paperwork is now being transferred to National Visa Center for processing for Visa and now they will contact beneficiary, it also says to allow 30 days before contacting them and it also gave their email. I am just curious to know if anyone has been through something similar and how long approximately did everything take? I am hearing so many mixed things from friends and also a relative of mine who went through something similar and she is now here with her spouse within a year so please any info would be nice lol. also, I was told by someone since i am a US citizen the "Visa Bulletin" doesn't matter for me since i am not a permanent residence(green card holder) but a us citizen
  7. I'm getting a lot of mixed information, I was told to submit the affidavit of support so my fiancé could take it to his interview and now im being told no it isn't necessary can someone please help so I don't do the stupid thing and prolong the process even more.. thank you!!!
  8. Hello everyone. What does NVC look for on the I-134 regarding assets? does it matter whether whole life insurance has cash surrender value or not? would they ask for that on the form? I am trying to find ways to supplement my income so I may not need a a co-sponsor, such as a second job, etc....please advise.
  9. Hey, Question if the Petitioner lost they’re job, but has a co-sponsor who makes over 50k will that be an issue once that interview comes along?
  10. Hello everyone, I don't know if this is the proper place to post this so I apologize ahead of time if it isn't. I receive SSDI but am also working and reporting wages / paying taxes. I'm wondering if the SSDI will be counted also as income for a K1 visa for a Russian fiance. I have the option to take taxes out of my SSDI as well as far as I know. When I call the hotline, that is an option unless I'm misunderstanding it. I have not filed but am trying to work my combined income (SSDI and working) up to the required level. Thank you so much!
  11. Hi forum, My uncle has recently asked me to sign the form i864 as he is trying to adjust his state and get greencard in US via his USC wife(my aunt). Since they couldnt qualify the i864 required income, they have asked me for help on this. I'm willing to help and want to help but I can also be a nervous and anxious guy. I have read up on the I864 form and understood my obligation but also had some questions. I'm not worried about my uncle suing me in the court for money (125% poverty line) since we are family, but i'm more worried about public means tested help and having enforceable reimbursement from govt agencies. I will greatly appreciate your help on understanding. 1) My uncle is 60 and he might or might not need some government help in the future. I trust that he will not do this before he gets naturalized (since he promised me that he wouldnt) However, If he unknowingly applies for some help OR plain simply had to apply for some help (not intentionally to screw me over) will government agency still grant him help? even though he is an immigrant with me as sponsor? How come there arent any government steps to check if applicants have sponsors? (such as applications for medicaid, foodstamps and etc..) 2) How common is it for government agencies to go after me (sponsor)? Can one of my defense be " Why did your agency grant him help without counting my income? " 3) In case the reimburse requested amount is super high (like + 100K dollars) , can I opt to pay my uncle 150% poverty line money instead of paying back government (which will financially ruin me) 4) When counting 40 quarters of work, does this count months prior to his adjustment of status to greencard holder? 5) If government agency does decide to go after the immigrant's sponsor, Am i the only one on the hook? since my aunt(USC spouse) couldnt sponsor to begin with? or will there be some liability to my aunt(USC spouse)? (If so, i will feel a little bit more relaxed that both uncle and aunt will be even extra more careful) 5) How common is this situation when a USC like me is asked to sign a relative's i864? Do I sound over-worried? What were you first thoughts when you were in a similar situation?
  12. I have been living in the U.S. for the past year on a temporary work permit, working for a foreign employer, but paid in the U.S. My wife, a USC, has not earned income in many years. We were living in another country, where I sponsored her to become a citizen. We were offered the chance by my employer to relocate to the U.S. last year. Now we are looking into how my wife can sponsor me to adjust my status from temporary work permit to green card. My question is about the income requirements under the affidavit of support. I understand that I can include my income as household income if I provide proof that my income will continue after AOS. My employment letter states that I have been offered a job in a specific U.S. office for an "initial period of 3 years." (I am 1 year in to this current US assignment; 4 years with this employer.) There's a lot of language about how the location of my job, but not the job itself, is temporary and how the company reserves the right to relocate me back to its head office (outside of the US) at any time. This is boilerplate language they put in all their contacts. In reality it's a permanent position that I expect to continue indefinitely and certainly longer than 3 years. My work permit does not have an expiry date on it. It is listed as "duration of status" which I understand to mean as long as my current position with the same employer continues. Also, since my USC spouse has not earned income in many years she has also not filed taxes in the U.S. in a number of years. I've filed my U.S. taxes for 2017, but did so "married, filing separately" as my wife did not want my income affecting her student loan repayment requirements. I claimed my wife as a dependant. My questions are: Can I include my income in our household income, especially given the wording of my employment letter? Should my wife find a joint sponsor? (She has family members living in other U.S. states who are citizens.) Should my wife retroactively file any tax returns for past years even though her income was $0? I earn a high income but unfortunately we do not have assets to meet the 5x poverty requirement. Thank you.
  13. Hello,on affidavit of support,it says in order to sponsor your wife,you have to provide copy of tax return OR provide financial proof of savings. Has anyone did this option before? i have enough savings and i'm currently employed in US,can show them bank account statements and copies of paystubs (2k a week) instead of tax returns (don't have them)?
  14. My K1 visa interview is next week. I have just reviewed all my documents in preparation. I noticed the letter my US fiance (petitioner) has sent as supporting documentation for i134 from his employer.. it does not include whether his position is temporary or permanent. (FYI - its permanent) Is this essential for it to include whether temp or permanent? All it states is his full name, the start date of his employment, his job title, office location and his current salary - and then the HR manager's contact details for further queries (HR manager provided the letter). Also, this letter is a print out copy as he emailed it to me - but it is on his employer's headed paper with company logo etc. Will this letter will be acceptable? He has also sent me his W2 for 2016 and 2017 and bank statement for the past month showing payments from his employer going in every 2 weeks. He does not have a copy of his 2015 W2 as was in the military at the time and has since lost the paperwork. FYI - he earns above the income poverty level and has consistently since 2015 so I know this wont be an issue. Im stressing and panicking that the employment letter isnt right. I just want everything to be correct. Thanks in advance everyone
  15. Thank you in advance for your guidance and support. I've mentioned some of the following information before, but never for this particular question. I will do my best to keep it precise. My fiance / wife arrived to the U.S. in November 2016. I lost my job with the federal government two days before her arrival (11/2016) We were married within a week. I was unemployed for one year through November 2017 I am working full time now with an annual salary in the high 80's (well above requirements) Because I was unemployed, we neglected to file for my wife's AOS until now Now that I am working, we are in the process of building the AOS packet. Because I won't have to file taxes for 2017 until April, am I safe in providing tax records for 2016, 2015 and 2014 respectively? My 2017 taxes will show just two months of salary. I would like to avoid the most current tax year if I can. Considering W2s are just now going out, can I send only the previous three years as long as we send the AOS package before April?
  16. Hi all, I am currently facing a difficult situation wherein I live in New Jersey and my ex lives in Washington (Seattle), and our two sons are living with my parents in the Philippines. We separated December 2016 and got divorced November 2017. Since we separated, he does not provide adequate money for my two sons. Most of the time, he won't give me anything at all. I literally have to pay for their monthly needs, plus their miscellaneous expenses such as hospital bills, check-ups and whatnot. I've had enough of this nonsense when I found out that he has a new girlfriend, expecting to give birth anytime soon, and he has been financially supporting her new girlfriend's family (she and her three older children) on a regular basis. I asked for help since my sons were sick and needed to be confined to avoid dehydration (both of them, at the same time) so imagine just how financially and emotionally draining it is for a single mom like me. I want to know if I can demand for child support even if my children are not physically residing with me here in the USA. Again, me and my ex are both in the USA. Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.
  17. Hi all! My fiance's father has kindly agreed to be our joint sponsor and has filled out the i134 for me to take to my interview. It was my understanding that it needed to have a "wet" signature on it, so my fiance mailed the forms to me from the US... but he somehow ended up sending me a photocopy so it is not the wet signature I thought we needed. Do you know if this will be a problem at the London embassy? The signature is very clear and a good copy, but still a copy. Thanks for any advice!
  18. Hello guys! How are you doing today? I'd like to ask for some help here. I'm from Chile and my wife is the American citizen who is petitioning me. She had been living here almost her entire life and now we want to immigrate as a marriage to the States. I recently got approved my I-130, so soon I'll have to send more documents to the NVC. In the meanwhile, we are thinking about how to solve the "Affidavit of support" problem, since as I told before she'd been living here almost her entire life so she doesn't has a job or any assets in the states. My mother-in-law wants to help us in this new adventure so as my wife is going to leave the house with me, she (my mother-in-law) is going to sell her house to buy one a little bit smaller just for her. With the rest of the money she is going to "sponsor" us, giving us some of the money that she’ll get from the sell. This money is more than 120K USD in chilean pesos plus the money that we are being saving together that is going to be something like 15.000 - 20.000 USD. So the question is, how can we use this money for the affidavit of support considering that my wife is not working in the states but she will receive this money for the future support of us both and as far as I know you need at least 5 times above the poverty line in assets to qualify? Can that money be used even if the money is going to be in a Chilean bank account? How we can declare that money in the affidavit? As I told you before I'm anticipating to the next step in our visa process to do this more expedite and to be clear how to do it. Thank you! PD: If this threat belongs to another place move it to where its belongs please =)
  19. Very long story made short. My fiance / wife arrived in the U.S. by way of a K1 Visa in November 2016. Two days prior to her arrival I lost my contract with the Federal Government. I went thirteen months without income. Because financial priorities shifted during my unemployment status,. we married right away, but put off her AOS until we were more financially stable. One year later I am back to work and doing well. I had no income for 2017, but my new current annual salary is in the low 90k's. When providing tax transcripts for the previous three years (as requested on form I-864), I will show $0 and no taxes filed for 2017. I do have a letter from my current employer stating my salary with projected long-term employment. QUESTION: Will no income for all of 2017 negatively affect our situation when filing for AOS? Did I screw up by not filing sooner and / or not working the year prior to filing?
  20. Very long story made short. My fiance / wife arrived in the U.S. by way of a K1 Visa in November 2016. Two days prior to her arrival I lost my contract with the Federal Government. I went thirteen months without income. Because financial priorities shifted during my unemployment status, we married right away, but put off her AOS until we were more financially stable. One year later I am back to work and doing well. I had no income for 2017, but my new current annual salary is in the low 90k's (well above required income). When providing tax transcripts for the previous three years (as requested on form I-864), I will show $0 and no taxes filed for 2017. I do have a letter from my current employer stating my current salary with projected long-term employment. QUESTION: Will no income for all of 2017 negatively affect our situation when filing for AOS? Did I screw up by not working the year prior to filing?
  21. I have some questions about the affidavit of support and was wondering if anyone knew a number to call to ask questions? My questions if anyone here can answer them: 1. As long as someone meets the requirements, are they really concerned with someone’s debts? 2. If I am PARTIALLY depended on my mom but have my own income, do they combined the incomes to meet the requirements? 3. If co-sponsors are accepted, can my fiancé only have me (petitioner) and ONE other co-sponsor, or can there be multiple co-sponsors?
  22. Hi, VJ! The USCIS approved our case, they sent it to the NVC, and in early January I got an email from the NVC that they'd sent our file to the consulate. (Actually they told us that our request for expediting our case had been approved- I never asked for an expedited case, but USCIS was very slow initially and I wrote to our congresswoman, she may have intervened on our behalf). My fiancé and I completed the DS-160 together online and received confirmation of our submission, as requested in our email from the NVC. Now I guess all we do is wait for the embassy to send the package and contact him for an interview? What about the I-134 financial support form? I'm not seeing any mention of my filling that out, either from the NVC emails or in any K1 timelines. Do I fill it out and send it with to the interview? What about all my tax transcripts for proof of financial means? Do I do the same with that? I don't want us to show up to the interview without the required paperwork filed!
  23. Thank you in advance for any advice you guys have! Here's the situation: My husband and I got married in Helsinki on June 27th 2017 (I am an American citizen, he is EU). I had all the paperwork ready (I did not have a lawyer but instead used VJ as a guide). But then I was told by a trusted friend that at some point in the Consular Process (CR-1), I will need to submit my last 3 years of tax returns to prove that I earn above the poverty line/financial requirements. Since I have spent the last five years traveling and living off of my savings (not depleted), I have not earned more than $10,000 per year during the past three years. I do not have anyone who can sponsor us in the U.S. so that options is out the window. So my question is--- Is it best for us to WAIT to file the I-130 for one year so that I can work in the U.S. and make enough money to show on my 2018 tax return that I earned above the requirement? Or is it better to file it NOW and then start working full time and hope that the timing works out that I make enough $ before I need to submit the affidavit of support? Thank you so much for your help and guidance! Feeling a tad lost and not sure what direction to turn
  24. Hello Guys, I have a question regarding validity/expiration on the Police Certificates. I am a Canadian citizen living in Canada and my wife who is a US Citizen and living in US has sponsored me in IR1 category. Now we are putting together the Affidavit of Support and Immigrant Visa package. I obtained the Police Certificate from RCMP in April 2017 and due to some complications I wasn't able to send the package until now. My question is that is it ok that I send this Police Certificate from April 2017 (around 7 months old) or do you guys recommend that I obtain a new one ? I just don't want to risk RFE of any other unnecessary delays. Apprecaited
  25. I am concerned and making myself sick with worry about my k1 visa interview. This interview is in a weeks time and I have resigned myself to what is ultimately going to be a failed visa attempt. My fiance is currently doing his best to help alleviate some of my concerns but I think there may be some help here. My fiancé and I are 20 years old and he has recently graduated from college in America and is currently unemployed (obviously he is taking all interviews and job opportunities that are coming his way). However, due to this we are not able to fill out an affidavit of support and this is what is causing me so much distress. I am aware that on the website it says that the affidavit is not a requirement for a k1 visa approval but that evidence that I will not become a strain on the economy and on America is, obviously, a requirement. Due to this I have been e-mailing preschools in which I am eager to work in and have received four e-mails back confirming that I would be able to set up an interview once I was in America and once all of my paperwork was done. My fiancé's aunt has also offered me a job in the preschool that she is starting up. My question, to all you lovely people, is would that be enough? I feel like my future really is hanging in the balance here and anyone who could provide some help would be so greatly appreciated!