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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everybody, I have been documentarily qualified since January this year, my Priority date is Jan 5th 2016. Right now the visa bulletin board shows that the PD is still at July 2015. Is there any hope for me to get an interview appointment this year. I am not sure I can wait till next year for personal reasons.
  2. Hi everyone, do you have updates for DS260 for upload button and can’t submit the Sign and submit button? Thank you in advance
  3. Hello everyone, So glad that P.P. 10014 has been lifted! I’m an immigrant visa applicant for F2B or visa class F24 and will be assigned to have an interview at the U.S. Consulate General in Montreal, Canada. My priority date is Jun. 16, 2015 and D.Q. on Aug. 28, 2020. Could anyone advise what’s the estimated wait time for an interview letter from the Montreal Consulate? Also is there anyone will be having interviews in Montreal, Canada? Any input is appreciated.
  4. hi everyone I filled my grandson form ds 260 and I all fill the form but when I click submit button I cant clik I mean form is not submit can anyone tell what is problem ?
  5. I just got informed that I am DQ'd (Feb 19, 2021) for an F2B Visa and they informed me that I am now in queue for the interview. My priority date is July 2, 2015. How long will it be until I get an interview appointment at the Montreal Consulate?
  6. Hi Guys.. I just want to share my case update sent by NVC.. see below in bold letters. This notice is to inform you that your case for an immigrant visa is documentarily complete at the National Visa Center (NVC) and has been for at least 60 days. The next communication you receive from NVC will be either a notice that your appointment is scheduled, or if an appointment is not scheduled within the next 120 days, we will send a notice confirming that your case is still in line for an interview. Now my Question are; does anyone here who got the same letter and got interviewed within 120 days? And after 120 days? (Please note I got DQ’d Oct 2020 and NVC sent the letter last March 08) Especially now that the US Embassy in the Philippines visa interviews for all other immigrant visa categories remain suspended as of march 2021 Visa Update 😢 Thanks so much..
  7. dec 23 2016–informed uscis of mom’s passing dec 8 2017–received courtesy letter asking for substitute sponsor which is my brother feb 12 2018–sent required documents to us is including affidavit of support from my brother feb 14 0218–docs received by uscis..we received a notice sept 2018-case still revoked...uscis saying they didn’t received the documents oct 2018–filed for motion to reopen...with another set of documents we submitted april 01 2019–case reopened.. april 04 2019–case approved....case sent to nvc july 15 2019–case is being processed in nvc sept 16 2019–notice for interview schedule at us embassy PHilippines oct 3 2019–interview notice.. oct 22 2019–medical exams—it’s up to you..at least 1 week before interview nov 5 2019–interview.. 1 week after received passport dec 15 2019–Hello JFK airport feel free to message me if you have questions..we want to help other people with the same cases....goodluck
  8. Hello folks, Looking for some advice and resources to make a future decision. Looked over the forum, but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. First, some background . . . My wife and her younger daughter came to USA on K-1/K-2 visas two years ago. Everything went smoothly, and now we are finishing up the I-751 removal of conditions filing. So, my wife can (presumably) file for N-400 Citizenship in 2022 if she wants to. I was previously under the mistaken idea that her only option to bring her 28 y.o. unmarried daughter (still in Thailand) to the USA was to obtain citizenship and file an for an F1 visa. But I recently became aware of the F2b visa option for current Permanent Residents. So the basic question is if there is any advantages in filing for an F2B now, or waiting (presumably) about 1.5 years from now for citizenship and filing for an F1 visa? Any difference in wait times until they are in the USA with either method? Any other significant differences in the benefits of F1 vs. F2b? Any links to resources for wait times, etc. would be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone!! I created this thread for those under F2B , waiting in line for PD to be current. Let's share our thoughts and help each other go through the long wait. My PD is March 2015 and I have waited for 4+ years now.
  10. Hi All, This thread is to track the updates of all F2B Queue. Lets share about our progress like - Priority Date - Documentation and other matters - Interview Letter status - Interview Experience - Day you received your visa etc - and anything like questions, queries, updates related to F2B category. Thanks
  11. Hello friends, hope that you are in the best of health upon reading this thread. I have a couple of questions that would love to have answered. I have been in the queue for a F2B visa (adult child of a PR) since 2014, and things have been going according to plan (although extremely slow) up until now. Due to the presidential proclamation imposed by the late president, some visas were postponed until after the 31st of March 2021. Not too long ago on Feb 24, President Biden has revoked the proclamation and I've read that visa processings will return back to normal. I was documentarily qualified on NVC as of Feb 4th and I am currently 1 month in the wait for the email that will state the next process which I will have to undertake to secure an interview for my visa, but as you've noticed, I am currently a blind man walking down that path. Neither the consulate nor NVC will clarify any waiting times as when to expect the email to arrive nor will anyone publish any dates of which cases they are working on. If you have any news or input regarding the matter, or require any further information to help you help me, please shine as much light on the matter as possible, and I hope that many others would benefit from this post as well. Regards
  12. Hello everybody. I am currently waiting for an interview appointment. My priority date is 5 Jan 2016. I noticed the visa bulletin is stuck in June 2015. I hope I will be able to get my interview soon. When is your priority date?
  13. Hello. I'm in F2B category and have been contacted to submit documents. I can't find my birth certificate so I went to the National Population Commision to get another one. Rather than give me a birth certificate loke I requested, I was issued some kind of letter of attestation of birth with my passport photo attached and stamped, all with correct details. I'd like to know if anyone else has been in similar shoes and if the attestation of birth letter was accepted by the NVC.
  14. So, I am currently in the F2b category - my father is my sponsor and he is a green card holder. I have been DQ'd and am in queue to interview at the Montreal consulate. Since they're so backed up right now, I won't be getting one anytime soon I think. My father will be a U.S. citizen soon - he got his biometrics done yesterday on Feb 24, 2021. He now awaits his interview and oath ceremony. As soon as this is done, should I apply to transfer to the F1 category? Will it be quicker?
  15. Hello! Our documents aRe REJECTED ONCE AGAIN. all of it are submitted by our agent, we have given them all the needed documents but it seems like they’re not uploading it properly. Last June we received a message from nvc requiring additional sponsors so we submitted sponsors, the documents they uploaded last june was rejected at september because the i-864 expired so we submitted a new one to the agent and he uploaded last September 12. today, december 12 we received these message. Our documents are rejected, once again, what must we do? We keep waiting and waiting but always get rejected. Our agent is the one in charge of uploading and scanning documents.
  16. Hello, everyone. I became a U.S. citizen yesterday and l also received the WL from NVC for my son. His currently category is F2B but according to my knowledge his category will change automatically after my naturalization to F1. Anyway, l want my son to keep his F2B so far. However, l am not sure if this category could suffer a backtrack in the future due to all these "stranger things" situations: EO, COVID-19, furloughs, etc. and l would like to wait the opt out of F1 just in case. My question is: how long does NVC to approve it? l want to be as prepared as possible and make the best decision so he can immigrate as soon as possible. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  17. Hi all, After doing so much research but getting nowhere I have come across to visajourney for some help! I have a few questions hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. Here is our background. I'm a permanent citizen in the US and I filed for form I130 for my wife back in Early May this year, so far no updates. And my N400 application is due to complete in January 2020. I was wondering if my N400 goes through in January, and then I'll upgrade the petition, can my wife come and stay her 90 days then file for AOS ? She'll be arriving on ESTA. Many Thanks.
  18. Hello! I would like to know if there are healthcare professionals here planning to take NCLEX in the US but under family-based petition? Or those who are already licensed. I want to clarify the part in DS 260. Attached is the screenshot below. If there's anyone in this forum who can help, your thoughts are highly appreciated. Thank you!
  19. Hello! We’re on f2b visa, from the Philippines. We already completed all documents and fees. It is stated on the CEAC that all fees are paid and all documents are accepted but we received this message ( See attached file ). I would also like to know when are we gonna get the interview appointment and if this message affect the appointment of interview. We will submit a joint sponsor, but I would like to know if we would wait more longer if we submitted another sponsor? I really want to know how and when are we gonna receive a letter regarding the interview appointment. Thank you! p.s the case is still at NVC :)
  20. Currently been contacted by USCIS. After logging on, it was noticed my son who is 21 is not on the case but my other two children are. I added him and fulfilled the necessary requirements and submitted it in. How long does it take for NVC to review an added beneficiary family member to case? That is , accept or deny the request?
  21. Hi! Just wanted to ask (for a colleague) what seminar is appropriate for a F2A Visa Beneficiary? (Spouse of Legal Permanent Resident) Is it PDOS or GCP? and i saw that one of the requirements was a ROM. The marriage was not reported to the PH Embassy 3 years ago when the spouses married in the United States (LPR married to J1 Visa Holder), do they need to apply for "Delayed Registration" of the ROM or is it okay to just bring the foreign Marriage Certificate and License to the CFO whenever Attending the seminar?
  22. f2b catergory. Priority date 27th february 2017. Mother applied for him. But unfortunately she died few days ago case is not approved yet. Can his father take over this case so that everything remains same and not to start again from the beginning and his priority date stays same. pls advice
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