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Found 35 results

  1. I did not find I-130 May 2022 May Filers for parents so i created one. I submitted Application for my mom on 1st of May 2022. Got NOA1 on the same day. Sent to Potomac SC. Now i just wait.
  2. So My parents got their interviews done in Mumbai Consulate on May 20 for their IR5 application. They go DQ'd on April 21. and waited for almost a year. Fast forward to today. My Dad got his passport within a week, while my Mom is still waiting on her passport since 3 weeks. Now she cannot even travel back and I have changed flights 2 times. I will have to fly back to India and pickup my son who starts school in July if there is no progress... When I called the phone number to request a status, they just keep saying to "WAIT" I asked if it will be a few weeks or months, the same answer "WAIT" I asked if it is under "Admin Processing" - NO Why the delay? - Answer was "It is under normal processing" Not sure if they move to monthly stamping? Anyone got their interviews around the same time and facing the same issue?
  3. Good morning everyone. I’ve searched this forum for awhile but couldn’t find the answer to my question. I’ve submitted an I 130 petition for my mother in November 2021 after becoming a citizen. At the time, she was planning on immigrating to the States. But her situation has changed. 1. My grandmother broke her hip and is unable to move so my mom has to provide constant care 2. My sister had a baby and she is a single mother The status of my petition is Case is being reviewed by the USCIS as of March 2022. my question is, how do I withdraw the application? I’ve seen on the internet that you need to send a letter to USCIS explaining your withdrawal. also will we get penalized and will the withdrawal affect any future applications? Thank you!
  4. Sharing my parents' approved visitor visas scenario. My dad and mom (above 75 years old) applied for a tourist visa at US Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal and were approved. I didn't send any letter of invitation nor did they bring any financial documents since such documents weren't allowed (see attached image on required documents).They had a translator as my parents don't speak English. The conversations: 1. Who are you visiting in the US? - Our son (and daughter in law) 2. When did your son go to the US? - 12 years ago and has been coming to visit us every few years. 3. Seems your son is already a US Citizen (Statement more than a question) 4. Are you planning to live in the US? - No, we just want to visit US for around 4-5 months. 5. Ok, your visas are approved, take this receipt which shows the location to collect your passports in a few days.
  5. Hi all, After doing some research we still had some questions on filing the Affidavits of Support. If anyone has answers to any of the questions below, it would be greatly appreciated 😊 Here's the situation: I (US spouse) live in the US with my parents as a dependent. I am the Petitioner for my German spouse. Dad is Joint Sponsor. Mom is Household Member. As I understand it, dad and I each file a Form I-864. Mom files I-864A since she filed taxes jointly with Dad. 1) Should I list future living stipends from college as income, even if it's not sufficient to sponsor my spouse (hence having the joint sponsor)? I am getting a living cost stipend and will take out student loans when I begin grad school in August 2022. I am unemployed and have no income at the moment, which is why I assume the joint sponsor and I both file I-864 as opposed to I-864A. If future living stipend + student loans do count as income, does that mean we file Form I-864A instead? (since we would be combining household incomes?) 2) On Form I-864A, Part 2, Item 1c (relationship to sponsor), does Mom answer "spouse" or "parent"? AKA is form asking about her relationship to Petitioner (me) or to Joint Sponsor (Dad)?
  6. Hi All, I have two questions with regards to filling out both my fiancé and my parents information on the I-129F form. Q1. With regards filling out my mother's last name (family name) my understanding is that I fill out her last name as it appears on my birth cert which is her marriage name and not her maiden name. Is this correct? Q2. Both my parents are deceased, in the city and country of residence sections I plan to just put "Deceased". Would this be sufficient or should I also add more information? Thanking you in advance.
  7. Hi everyone! I have just filed for my mom on 04/04/2022. Let the journey begin.
  8. Opinions and experiences please! I'm a US citizen and applied for i-130 consulate processing for my Canadian parents with receipt date Oct 2020. We are now about 2 months delayed beyond stated normal processing times. My father's case got approved by USCIS Vermont in Dec 2021 and got transferred to NVC. My mom's case is still stuck at receipt notice received Oct 2020, and upon inquiry, it is held in security check, and further inquiry cannot be done by uscis until that is cleared. It has now been 3 months since my dad's approval. My dad does not want me to proceed to his ds-260 (it is all ready, just not submitted) without my mom's case moving forward. We were under the impression that both parents would be processed together and interviewed together. My questions are: 1. What else can we do about my mom's case being held in security?? Is this common? It is so beyond frustrating. We have a lawyer and also saying we just have to wait. What if there is some error in the process? 2. Is it wise to wait on submitting my dad's ds260? What would happen if we proceeded with ny dad's case and my mom's held in security forever? 2a) is there a time limit to when I need to submit the ds260? So frustrating... Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you
  9. Hello All, I am starting a new thread for July 2019 filers of i-130 for parents. I just mailed an application for my mother today. Please join the conversation and share your journey/process.
  10. Hello, I am starting a thread to track I-130 for parents filed in May 2020. Please join the conversation and share your journey/process. I filed I-130 (with Consular processing) for both my parents online today, May 4th, 2020. Got IOE receipt numbers immediately.
  11. Hello VJers, I hope all of you are well. I am requesting some additional help with my in-laws I-130. My wife is a USC and has petitioned for both of her parents at the same time. We recently received a notification that her mother's case was approved. Shortly after, we received a RFE notice for her father. There was an issue with the marriage certificate. Essentially, the issue is that the marriage certificate registration/notary date is decades after the actual marriage date took place. After reading through several threads, it looks like this isn't an uncommon problem when filing for elderly parents. The marriage took place almost 50 years ago in Bangladesh. During that time, it was very uncommon for marriages to get registered and the country was literally fighting a war. No such document exist from that time period that I am currently aware of. Not only that, the person who solemnized the marriage is long gone. 1. Would Affidavits from relatives be the next best evidence? 2. How does one go about obtaining evidence of the non-existence of the marriage certificate? 3. Is there a template for such a affidavit and what are the most important pieces of info? 4. Should we get affidavits from her father's side and her mother's side (attesting to the marriage)? 5. Has anyone from Bangladesh or surrounding countries faced this specific issue and, if so, how did you successfully handle it? 6. Considering the circumstances, what other secondary evidence can we provide to either prove the marriage and/or prove that a marriage document from that era does not exist? We are currently trying to see if any possible pictures exist or, at the least, a trail of pictures with them and their kids. Would this be helpful? I am a bit worried because of a lack of documents behind the marriage. Obtaining affidavits should be doable but they are counted as tertiary evidence - not even secondary. Who would have thought a couple who has been married for half a century would ever need to prove their relationship? Thank you for everyone who reads this and provides any helpful info. I am sorry for the wordy post. I hope someone, like myself, can search and benefit from this.
  12. Hi, i am planning to put in I130 application for my parents. I also have a sibling under 21. Can they immigrate with my parents under parent's petition? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi I just submitted I-130 online for my parent residing abroad. Do I need to file I-864 now? or Should I file I-864 now? Or is it after I-130 approved? It is not too clear on USCIS website. Thank you!
  14. Hello all! Blessed 2022. I recently became a US citizen and I’m planning to request my parents and eldest brother. The problem is my brother has brain paralysis and he needs complete guardianship. I am unsure of how to submit this request and what documents should I submit to ensure he is approved along with my parents even though he is over 18. Do I need to fill a i130 for each or one for my dad or my mom and include the three of them in it? Thanks in advance 💖
  15. Hi My parents are DQed on Nov 10 2020 under IR5 category.any idea when I can realistically expect Interview letters from US Embassy in Islamabad?
  16. At the risk of repeating other posts, I just wanted to share my experience of being able to find affordable health insurance for my parents. Here are some details: Parents - over 65, here on Green Card (permanent residents) Living in the US for less than 5 years (about 2 years) Eligible for tax subsidy through Obamacare (this does NOT constitute a public charge) Residents of State of Michigan, have social security numbers Eligible for Silver level insurance plans Filed their $0 federal/state taxes jointly, separate from mine (I do NOT claim them as dependents on my tax return - this is important) I had searched the healthcare.gov website last year for insurance for them and came up empty handed. We purchased "travelers insurance" online (***removed***) but got shafted. My parent had a major health incident and they didn't cover anything (all claims were denied as pre-existing condition) Stay away from these types of insurance. I tried healthcare.gov again this year and couldn't find anything again. Many seem to assume, wrongly, that everyone over 65 is eligible for Medicare by default. This isn't true for immigrants, they need to have lived in the US for at least 5 years before they can participate in Medicare. Anyway, the short story is healthcare.gov has still not caught on to this. If you want to purchase health insurance, you will need to work with a healthcare navigator. There are several public service organizations that have these navigators who will help you for free. They will help you do the application over the phone, and then it works just fine. I am in Michigan and went through Jewish Family Service. Have your parents green cards and SSN handy, that is all they need. There appears to be a widely held misconception that immigrant seniors over 65 are not covered by Obamacare. This is absolutely NOT true. You don't have to wait for 5 years for Medicare to kick in. Recent immigrants older than 65 can purchase health insurance via healthcare.gov, just like any other US citizen or legal permanent resident. Some state exchanges might not know it, the person you talk to on the phone might not know it, the healthcare.gov website certainly doesn't appear to understand this special situation, but trust me parents on green cards who have been in the US less than 5 years ARE eligible for subsidized health coverage. I was able to get health insurance for my parents who have no income, for around $100 a month per parent (after a $1000 tax subsidy, because their income is less than limit of ~$21K) Now that is REALLY affordable, and it is proper mainstream insurance (Blue Cross Michigan) None of that travelers' insurance BS. Just trying to get the word out, because the open enrollment deadline is January 31st. If your parents arrive after Jan 31st, you can still sign up at that time, because their arrival date qualifies as a special "life event". But if they are already in the US, please sign up by Jan 31st. Otherwise they will have to wait until November for the next enrollment period to begin.
  17. I am starting this thread for those that might join the journey of applying for their parents in the month of May 2019. I applied for my fathers I-130 and they received it on 1st May 2019 at Phoenix lockbox. Awaiting NOA1.. ~Fathers I-130 Journey~ 1st May 2019 - Phoenix lockbox received I-130 package
  18. To all you folks out there, my i130 petition to bring mom and dad to US has been approved. Next step is NVC. For affidavit of support, I864, we are a household of 2 living in NYC. 125% of HHS Poverty Guidelines is $21775, and this applies to my case. How much should I make in income to sponsor both parents successfully when it comes to i864? Thanks!
  19. Hi Everyone! I am a US Citizen. I want to petition my senior parents from the Philippines to live here in the US. -What’s the step by step process -Documents needed -How fast can they get here -Vaccination requirements etc Any other information will be very helpful to me to get started. Thank you so much in advance to those who respond. God Bless
  20. I'm an Italian citizen and my wife is an American citizen. I'm in the process of applying for the CR1 visa through the consulate in Naples, Italy. Our I-130 was approved earlier this month and now I'm in the process of filling out the DS-260 and obtaining the required documents. I have a question regarding the birth certificate requirements. On the "Instructions for Immigrant Visa Applicants" it says that I need to obtain the birth certificate of "each person named in the application." Does anyone happen to know if this includes the birth certificates of my parents (since I am asked to provide their information in the "family" section of the DS-260)? Thank you!
  21. (I am hoping to be posting this entrance in the right forum, if not please tell me where to post it. thank you) Hello. I am a 22 yr old US citizen who lived abroad most of my life. I relocated to the US last Oct 2020 because I´ve got a job as a server in a restaurants. This past March 2021, my parents came to visit me and had to stay longer than planned because their country of residence had strong restrictions of entrance for everybody, including nationals, due to Covid. After three months, last June 2021, they decided to apply for a Green Card under my sponsorship. We quickly prepared the package and sent it to USCIS under the advice of a lawyer. My tax return for 2020 did not show enough income ($5.4k) but I submitted a bank statement with money in a savings account that I share with my parents ($60 K balance) I also attached a note stating that at the time of the interview I would be making enough money to be over the 125% poverty line with a letter of my employer. We received an RFE 10 days ago requesting for a joint sponsor since they could not determine that I qualify. Now the situation is this: a) I cannot get a joint sponsor, b) the RFE was issued on September 16, 2021 but based on a "news alert" from USCIS dated June 24, 2021 I understand that I can extend the RFE deadline (December 12, 2021) for 60 more days, c) this would allow me to get to the end of the year, get a W2 for 2021 with $40k income, and file for taxes at the earliest in 2022 to show that I am over the 125% poverty line. This would be my best reply to USCIS before the February 12, 2021 extended deadline (based on what I read in the news alert). My questions are: 1) WOULD THIS BE ENOUGH OR AM I HEADING TO A DENIAL ANYWAYS?, 2) ARE MY PARENTS AT ANY TIME RISK OF BECOMING ILLEGAL ALIENS? (they don´t want to take this risk at any time), 3) WHAT WOULD IT BE THE BESTADVICE YOU MAY HAVE REGARDING THIS SITUATION PLEASE? Also, please keep in mind that I filed for them in two separate filings. ------- Thank you so much for your help and response!. I am desperate about this situtation.
  22. Hello, I did apply for my parent's visa IR-5 in July, 2019. Case was transferred to NVC after all the required documents were correct. I did submit all necessary documents to NVC and paid their fees. Cases were delayed because of the pandemic. Both of my parent's cases were document qualified on November, 2020. Now everything is open in Mumbai and still didn't hear anything about the interview. Tried to email and call many times but never got an answer. I found out that I am expecting and my due is February, 2022. I last saw them in 2017. They are old and having very hard time emotionally without me in this pandemic and situation that they cannot come here. I am the only child of theirs. I cannot even go to see them as I am pregnant and having difficulties managing house and job and appointments. Can I request NVC to expedite these cases because of these reasons? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  23. Creating this thread for those with the same situation. Green Card for Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizen where parents are already here on a Tourist Visa. I am starting my mom’s application on line. I already have my USCIS account. Do I apply under my account or do I need to create an account for Mom? Thank You
  24. Hi, guys! I'm petitioning for both of my parents. My dad's petition is ahead and we already uploaded all the necessary docs to NVC. Trying to see what would be our next steps after submitting the civil documents to NVC. Has anyone had an experience with immigrant visas in Ukraine recently? How long is the wait to schedule the interview? What kind of questions should my father expect during the interview? Would they want him to have some job lined up or the proof of insurance or anything along those lines? In his affidavit I had to use his assets entirely, as my returns from last year barely show any income. I also recently got divorced. Is there any concerns with that?
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