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  1. Hello All, I am starting a new thread for July 2019 filers of i-130 for parents. I just mailed an application for my mother today. Please join the conversation and share your journey/process.
  2. Hello, I've very new to everything, and I've been working on the K-1 visa form and gathering documents that I know to be needed. I have some questions though, and my research for these answers haven't quite hit that marks. So if you will please help me with this, I would very much appreciate it. I want to be as thorough as possible with everything because this is so important to us. Please forgive me for my bluntness. Major questions: 1. Part 2 - 24.a.-33.b. -- Her Father - her situation is one of those where her parent's split at a very young age, then her mother maliciously kept her father away. We know next to nothing about him other than his name (which I have my own doubts as to the validity of what her mother said it was). He died almost 20 years ago. Both my fiance and I have researched anything we can about him e.g. birth/death/marriage certificates, grave yard and tombstone records, and/or anything with his name in it (ancestry.com has been no help). Everything that comes back doesn't fit his demographics. There is so much unknown information; what do I put in the fields for her father? 2. Part 3 - 4.a,4.b.,&5.d. -- I have 2 arrests (I'll list the details below); one in 2011 and the other in 2017 - both of which I got a lawyer for and never had to go to court. In 2020, I had a background check done for employment, and it only came back with the 2011 arrest. So, on 4.a. I feel I should mark "Yes"; however, on 4.b. (also Part 8. Additional Information), I don't know if I should list both arrests. I'm not sure if what the background check came back with is what I should go by or not, so I'll put the details below. Btw, besides the background document, I have paperwork of the arrests such as lawyer correspondence, bail bonding, pink carbon copies from the court, letters, and receipts. How should I answer these? 2011 Arrest: Charges - (all misdemeanors) malicious mischief under $500, trespassing, and public drunk. So this was a church I broke into then out of while suffering a concussion after a totaling motor vehicle accident. The more important thing is that we (parents and I) got together with the church and agreed we would pay for the damages, and the church dropped the charges. I attended the next service to fully apologize to the reverend still fresh injuries and all. 2017 Arrest: Charge - Simple assault. This one is simply a mess for many reasons. The victim of the alleged assault was my super possessive and emotionally unstable girlfriend at the time. I could go into many details on this, but the short and sweet of it is that she immediately paid money to have the charge withdrew and dropped. I may not have even needed a lawyer for this, but a piece of mind when someone tries to frame you has no price. Minor question: Part 2 38.a.-38.h -- She just got her passport, but has never traveled out of Canada - we are working on to see about her flying here soon to visit if possible. Do I need to fill these out? Again thank you. It means a lot to us. Please let me know what I should do. PenguinS
  3. Hi, i am U.s Green card holder. i want to bring my parents to u.s. how long the process will take time? or what is the fastest way to bring my parents either visit visa or immigration? please guide. thanking you
  4. I'm am a US citizen, my wife is a US citizen and we plan on sponsoring my mother and father who live in eastern Europe to apply for green cards. Is it better to start the application process while they are oversees, or is it better for them to come here (they have 10 year visitor visas) and apply here within the first 6 months of arrival. They've visited before for a few weeks. Never had any issues. I'm wondering if the apply here... could they get denied the green card for some reason? The whole plan is a little too complicated to get into but it all comes down to them selling most property back home and come live here. If they get denied the green card it would not be good for them with most property sold. Generally what are the statistics when it comes to green card applications rejections? Thank you so much.
  5. I am starting this thread for those that might join the journey of applying for their parents in the month of May 2019. I applied for my fathers I-130 and they received it on 1st May 2019 at Phoenix lockbox. Awaiting NOA1.. ~Fathers I-130 Journey~ 1st May 2019 - Phoenix lockbox received I-130 package
  6. Hi kababayans.... I petitioned my parents and we got the Dq'ed this march 2021. Still waiting for the interview date... PLs feel free to share your experience/s.. thanks you,....
  7. At the risk of repeating other posts, I just wanted to share my experience of being able to find affordable health insurance for my parents. Here are some details: Parents - over 65, here on Green Card (permanent residents) Living in the US for less than 5 years (about 2 years) Eligible for tax subsidy through Obamacare (this does NOT constitute a public charge) Residents of State of Michigan, have social security numbers Eligible for Silver level insurance plans Filed their $0 federal/state taxes jointly, separate from mine (I do NOT claim them as dependents on my tax return - this is important) I had searched the healthcare.gov website last year for insurance for them and came up empty handed. We purchased "travelers insurance" online (***removed***) but got shafted. My parent had a major health incident and they didn't cover anything (all claims were denied as pre-existing condition) Stay away from these types of insurance. I tried healthcare.gov again this year and couldn't find anything again. Many seem to assume, wrongly, that everyone over 65 is eligible for Medicare by default. This isn't true for immigrants, they need to have lived in the US for at least 5 years before they can participate in Medicare. Anyway, the short story is healthcare.gov has still not caught on to this. If you want to purchase health insurance, you will need to work with a healthcare navigator. There are several public service organizations that have these navigators who will help you for free. They will help you do the application over the phone, and then it works just fine. I am in Michigan and went through Jewish Family Service. Have your parents green cards and SSN handy, that is all they need. There appears to be a widely held misconception that immigrant seniors over 65 are not covered by Obamacare. This is absolutely NOT true. You don't have to wait for 5 years for Medicare to kick in. Recent immigrants older than 65 can purchase health insurance via healthcare.gov, just like any other US citizen or legal permanent resident. Some state exchanges might not know it, the person you talk to on the phone might not know it, the healthcare.gov website certainly doesn't appear to understand this special situation, but trust me parents on green cards who have been in the US less than 5 years ARE eligible for subsidized health coverage. I was able to get health insurance for my parents who have no income, for around $100 a month per parent (after a $1000 tax subsidy, because their income is less than limit of ~$21K) Now that is REALLY affordable, and it is proper mainstream insurance (Blue Cross Michigan) None of that travelers' insurance BS. Just trying to get the word out, because the open enrollment deadline is January 31st. If your parents arrive after Jan 31st, you can still sign up at that time, because their arrival date qualifies as a special "life event". But if they are already in the US, please sign up by Jan 31st. Otherwise they will have to wait until November for the next enrollment period to begin.
  8. Hello all in the forum. I was Thinking about this, as parents are immediate relatives will there be a possibility of creating a petition to overturn the ban on parents IR5 and fiancé K1 on the EO. As the president claimed, the order can be amended within 30 days of it being issued on june 23rd and 60 days thereafter. the petition can go along the lines of no risk to US jobs from parents and because of the affidavit that we signed to support they are going to be taken care of by ourselves anyway. Suggestions.
  9. How to Ensure the Interview Date for Mother & Father is Same at Mumbai Consulate US Citizens’ parents are generally above 65 years of age . Their I-130 (IR-5) petitions are applied / approved seperately . It is desirable that the Parents who are Senior Citizens have the Interviews at the Consulate on the same day . How to ensure that the Interview is held for Mother and Father on the same day ? All concerned would like to know if the request for this must be made at the NVC stage itself in advance while filling DS.260 ? Is there any such option available ? Or later after two different Interview Dates are given by the Consulate ? Will the Consulate combine the dates , on our request ? How many days more ? All concerned VJ Members may like to share their views giving dates of NOA-1 , NOA-2 for one parent and when they got NOA-2 Approval for other parent . Your views please . Thanks . ----------------------------------------------------------------
  10. Hello everyone! Could you please advise how it is better to bring to the US my mom and her 20-year old son (my half brother). Do I need to file for my mom and then my brother will be automatically included into the process? He will turn 21 in October 2021. Do we have enough time? How to speed up the process? Or do I file for f4 sibling visa for him (but then it is like 15 years). Or is it better to file for my mom and then once she gets her green card, she would file for him (but it is again like 15 years). Thanks a lot!
  11. Hello, I came to the USA 10 years ago on a fiancée visa. My parents who are poor farmers in the Philippines have expressed interest in coming to live in the USA. However, I am not sure where to start. I have not worked while being in the USA. So I have several question I am hoping someone can answer. 1. I assume I file an I-30 for the to come here with a greencard. Does the financial sponsorship have to come from me or can it come to my husband or should I get a job first before I apply for them. 2. How long and expensive is the process from the Philippines? 3. ** Kind of Most important. They are now in their mid 50s and know very little to no English. How does USA social security work for permanent residents? Do they need to become U.S. Citizens before they would qualify for Social Security? My understanding is that you need to work 10 years, 40 quarters to be eligible for social security. So if they came here and both worked for wal-marts of some type of place only paying minimum wage. How much would their social security be with such a short work history and low wage? <--- This is probably the most important thing in deciding if it is a good idea for them to actually come here because I worry about their future if they were to come here.
  12. Hello, I am starting a thread to track I-130 for parents filed in May 2020. Please join the conversation and share your journey/process. I filed I-130 (with Consular processing) for both my parents online today, May 4th, 2020. Got IOE receipt numbers immediately.
  13. Hi all, am a USC and my parents are here since October. I'd like to file their i130 & 485 concurrently. Question - can i130 be filed online and the 485 be sent via mail? has anyone done that - any tips/advice?
  14. Is it true that you can not file for any immigrant for 10 years if you divorce a US citizen, who you were married to during naturalization (applied with 3 years rule)?
  15. Hi Community, I am pretty sure this was already asked here, but I need some assistance with this. So, in 2018 I moved to the US on K1 Visa and me and my wife were planning a wedding, so we invited our families. My parents (citizens of Ukraine) both got denied and after that we never tried again, but we would like to try get them visas so they can visit again. They applied for b1/b2 visas and denial was stating the following (I requested US Embassy in Kiev to provide explanation in writing by email and they did): *the email is very long, but the below is the most important "They have been found ineligible for a nonimmigrant visa under Section 214(b) of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act. A denial under Section 214(b) means that they were not able to demonstrate that their intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the nonimmigrant visa for which they applied. An alien shall be presumed to be an immigrant until he or she establishes to the satisfaction of the consular officer, at the time of application for a visa, that he/she is entitled to a nonimmigrant status under section 101(a) (15). They have not demonstrated that they have sufficient ties to compel them to return to their home country after their travel to the United States. When they reapply, they will have to show further evidence of their ties or how their circumstances have changed since the time of the original application. It may help to answer the following questions before reapplying: (1) Did I explain my situation accurately? (2) Is there any additional information I can present to establish my residence and strong ties abroad?" Interview was very short: Officer: Are you married? Parents: Yes Officer: What is reason of your travel to the US? Parents: To attend our son's wedding. (they offered a written invitation to our wedding and officer took to look at it as well as our marriage certificate). Officer: Do you have any other kids? Parents: No Officer: Who will be paying for your trip? Parents: Our son insisted to pay for us, but we can pay ourselves. (they had bank statements to prove but officer didnt ask). Officer: How did your son move to the US? Parents: (my parents told the story that I moved on K1 visa) Officer: Where do you work? Parents: They both said where they work (my mom is a professor in the University and dad is retired police office, currently runs small business; mom offered a latter from work but office refused to look at it) Officer: What countries did you visit in last year? Parents: They named around 10-15 countries mainly in Europe as well as Egypt Officer: You were not able to demonstrate that your intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the nonimmigrant visa for which you applied. That is it. So, what confuses me is the part about "they were not able to demonstrate that their intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the nonimmigrant visa for which they applied" ? So is visiting son's wedding is not b1/b2 visa ? But anyway, I think visa type was correct and the actual reason is "ties to home country". What advise you guys can give? I would like to have an ability to have my parents over to visit me, because otherwise when I get citizenship I will have to move them as family based immigration, but neither I or them want to do that because they don't speak English at all, so the life will be not fun if you can't communicate with outside world and also in my culture it is kind of not okay to live with own kids after they are 18 (or same for me, I don't want to live with them, I would like to have my own private life). But looks like this might be a case if US b1/b2 visa will never be granted to them...in the end of the day I don't want to abandon my parents when they are older. But looks like under INA 214 (b) we got at least 3 problems: I am their only child who lives in the US (so no other kids to return to), they are traveling together (so no souse to return to as they travel together) and my dad has no full time job, he runs his business (considered as not important to return to ?). However officer at the interview didnt ask any other potential ties to home country: for example my dad is handicap and he needs to have annual medical treatment in a specific place in Ukraine as well as they both are looking after my grandma. The question is should they mention this even if office is not asking if they apply again ? What overall advise and strategy will you guys propose ? Strategy of being truthful and honest lead to failure 1st time, so I really need assistance to figure out how to proceed to avoid moving them here in the future. Should they maybe apply separately, not together ? Also about me - I am currently pending I485, I360. I work legally and pay taxes. Never overstayed in any country or broke laws of any country as well as my parents.
  16. I'm sure this has been answered before, but wanted to ask about an expedited visa for personal family reasons. Our K1 paperwork has been sitting at the NVC since April 28, 2020 and we are under the impression that our visa in a holding pattern just like all other K1's. The embassy in Belgrade, Serbia has been open since early June and are currently interviewing and approving CR1 visas at this time because they're "mission critical." My father, is currently in a care facility with severe Alzheimer's disease and I'd really love for my fiancee to meet him (even through a window since they're not allowing people inside) before he passes. Also, my grandmother (my mom's mom who helped raise me when my mother passed away when I was 11) is not doing well. She had cancer and a stroke about 5 years ago and had been going downhill ever since. Yesterday, it seems as though she's had another stroke and it doesn't look like she will hold on much longer. I didn't know if parents or grandparents would be a consideration for an expedited case or not. Thank you in advance for any helpful information.
  17. Please can we get this petition signed to lift the ban on immigration into the USA until the end of the year. It’s only June and 6 months is not a joke in waiting to join with loved ones. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/cancellation-proclamation-suspending-legal-immigration-united-states-june-22-2020
  18. Hello, In about two years my husband and I will move from Italy to the United States. I am a United States citizen and he is an Italian citizen. I plan on petitioning for his permanent residency. My concern is that my parents who are in the United States, are undocumented and form I-130 specifically asks for my parents birth country and country of residence as well as the city they live in. Will USCIS use this information to target my parents or will they simply use it to process my application and verify my identity? What should I do? Should we just live in Italy forever?
  19. Recent Petition Approvals of IR-5 Cases Jan.2020 onwards This topic is started to share status of IR-5 Cases and their pregress . The US Citizens who have filed IR-5 petition for parents may share their dates of NOA.1 , NOA.2 , Priority dates . This way all concerned may know the progress of similar cases .
  20. How to Ensure the Interview Date for Mother & Father is Same US Citizens’ parents are generally above 65 years of age . Their I-130 (IR-5) petitions are applied / approved seperately . It is desirable that the Parents who are Senior Citizens have the Interviews at the Consulate on the same day . How to ensure that the Interview is held for Mother and Father on the same day ? All concerned would like to know if the request for this must be made at the NVC stage itself in advance while filling DS.260 ? Is there any such option avalable ? Or later after two different Interview Dates are given by the Consulate ? Will the Consulate combine the dates , on our request ? How many days more ? All concerned VJ Members may like to share their views giving dates of NOA-1 , NOA-2 for one parent and when they got NOA-2 Approval for other parent . Your views please . Thanks . ------------------------------------------------
  21. August – Filing with MSC Case Number - Parents I filled combo application for my mother for green card. We received MSC case number. I have no idea how much time it will take for application approval. Any input on this ? · I130 – MSC XXX XXX XXXX Application received – 8/30/2019, LUD 9/7/2019 · I485 - MSC XXX XXX XXXX Application received – 8/30/2019, LUD 9/7/2019 · Finger Printing 1st – 10/04/2019 · Finger Printing 2nd – 10/29/2019 · Combo card received for I765 and I131 - 12/17/2019 Any comments? aMPT
  22. Hi All, Hope you are all staying safe during this crazy times. I have a question regarding approved IR5 visas (Parent of US Citizen) that are pending on medical exam results. Would this visa still be approved after the EO? My mom had her visa approved on 3/6/2020, her passport was kept at the consulate due to the approval BUT they are still waiting on her medical exam results to finalize the process. The lab results are due on 6/2/2020. The question is .... IS SHE STILL APPROVED? OR will she be banned for good after the 60 days? If any of you can please through some light into this I would appreciate. Thanks and good luck to us all
  23. I can't find a thread with this topic so I started one. Last September 2017 , we filed a petition for my mom to become PR, case was sent to TEXAS Service Center, it only took us 6 months to wait for USCIS to approve my petition, My mom is here in the US already. Last August 2019, we also filed a petition for my husband's mom to come to US and expecting to get the NOA2 next month,but case was sent to NEBRASKA Service Center. I did a reserach, and it says there the processing time for I130 in Nebraska is about 12 to 19.5 months, why it's longer? Does anyone of you whose case was sent also to Nebraska? Does it really take a year or more to wait for NOA2?
  24. Hi All, Currently i am studying in Ireland and want to apply usa visit visa from here to visit my parents there in usa.. currently they are holding green cards.. can anybody please help me how i can make my application strong.. or if anyone wants to give any advice.. i will be very thankful to you.. Or if anybody applied in same scenario and got approved please share your timeline.. Cheers.. 😃😃
  25. I filed for both parents in ghana and below is my timeline: NOA1 - 07/05/2018 NOA2 - 02/27/2019 CASE SENT TO NVC: 03/05/2019 NVC CASE # ASSIGNED: still waiting I wanted to know how the below questions as i'm little nervous about this whole process what are some of the interview questions they can /ask your parents at the US embassy in Accra? what other documents do i need to provide apart from the ones listed at the NVC website? the reason i'm asking this is because the CO in Ghana can be hard on you sometimes
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