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  1. At the risk of repeating other posts, I just wanted to share my experience of being able to find affordable health insurance for my parents. Here are some details: Parents - over 65, here on Green Card (permanent residents) Living in the US for less than 5 years (about 2 years) Eligible for tax subsidy through Obamacare (this does NOT constitute a public charge) Residents of State of Michigan, have social security numbers Eligible for Silver level insurance plans Filed their $0 federal/state taxes jointly, separate from mine (I do NOT claim them as dependents on my tax return - this is important) I had searched the healthcare.gov website last year for insurance for them and came up empty handed. We purchased "travelers insurance" online (***removed***) but got shafted. My parent had a major health incident and they didn't cover anything (all claims were denied as pre-existing condition) Stay away from these types of insurance. I tried healthcare.gov again this year and couldn't find anything again. Many seem to assume, wrongly, that everyone over 65 is eligible for Medicare by default. This isn't true for immigrants, they need to have lived in the US for at least 5 years before they can participate in Medicare. Anyway, the short story is healthcare.gov has still not caught on to this. If you want to purchase health insurance, you will need to work with a healthcare navigator. There are several public service organizations that have these navigators who will help you for free. They will help you do the application over the phone, and then it works just fine. I am in Michigan and went through Jewish Family Service. Have your parents green cards and SSN handy, that is all they need. There appears to be a widely held misconception that immigrant seniors over 65 are not covered by Obamacare. This is absolutely NOT true. You don't have to wait for 5 years for Medicare to kick in. Recent immigrants older than 65 can purchase health insurance via healthcare.gov, just like any other US citizen or legal permanent resident. Some state exchanges might not know it, the person you talk to on the phone might not know it, the healthcare.gov website certainly doesn't appear to understand this special situation, but trust me parents on green cards who have been in the US less than 5 years ARE eligible for subsidized health coverage. I was able to get health insurance for my parents who have no income, for around $100 a month per parent (after a $1000 tax subsidy, because their income is less than limit of ~$21K) Now that is REALLY affordable, and it is proper mainstream insurance (Blue Cross Michigan) None of that travelers' insurance BS. Just trying to get the word out, because the open enrollment deadline is January 31st. If your parents arrive after Jan 31st, you can still sign up at that time, because their arrival date qualifies as a special "life event". But if they are already in the US, please sign up by Jan 31st. Otherwise they will have to wait until November for the next enrollment period to begin.
  2. Hello! I noticed there was not a forum for July 2018 filers so I created one. Here is my current timeline: June 29: mailed documents and check to Chicago lockbox July 2nd: tracking said delivered July 5th: Received text and email notification from USCIS - case routed to TSC for processing. Received first notice in the mail a few days later. My priority date is July 2, 2018 Good luck everyone!
  3. Hello, I am starting a thread for parents of US citizens filed January 2018 Filed: 1/22 Received: 1/23 PD 1/23 NOA 1 received: 1/30/2018 From what I have seen they are currently processing those applications filed July 2018 at least for those in the Texas Service Centers. I am worried about the new immigration bill if it gets approved in current state. i-130 for parents might be one of the categories eliminated but positive thoughts and hopefully we who have filed would be grand fathered in. I am trying not to get ahead of myself here but still worried. Filed for my mom, dad died years ago.
  4. Hello Please Help! I’m an American citizen and my fiance is Australian. She's met my parents and I plan to meet hers. But we are wondering if I can file the initial finance visa petition now before I meet her parents in person (while I save for my plane ticket to Australia to meet her family) Or do we need to show proof of meeting each other's parents at the same time I submit the initial I-129F? At what stage of the K1 visa process do we need to show proof of meeting each other's parents? Thank you so much in advance
  5. Hi folks - I didn't see a tracker for September 2017 filers of I-130. So I thought I will start one if folks are interested in tracking status, issues, and approvals. Here is my info. I1-30 - Mom Service Center: Texas Priority Date: 18-Sep-2017 NOA1 received on: 25-Sep-2017 Waiting for NOA2 I1-30 - Dad Service Center: Texas Priority Date: 18-Sep-2017 NOA1 received on: 25-Sep-2017 Waiting for NOA2
  6. Hello fellow VJers, My stepson has to go to Peru every year to see his biological father. We usually travel with him, but this time we are planning for him to travel with a friend from the US to Peru (we'll meet up our son later and come back with him to the US together). I've tried to look up information online, but it seems unclear what exactly we need to do. I understand he will need to travel with a consent form, but does he need both parents' consent? As in, his mother's, with whom he lives in the US, and his father's, who lives in Peru? If so, does it need to be translated and legalized in the US, Peru, or both? Has anyone experienced this? FYI - the information I have found says that even when my stepson travels only with his mother, he is required to have consent from his father. However, he has traveled to Peru three or four times with his mother only and has never been asked for a consent from his father (who lives in Peru). Thanks, Allan
  7. Amisharjil

    B1/B2 for my parents

    Hi There, I am a green card holder and my wife is a citizen. We are moving to USA from Dubai in March and my parents live with us in Dubai. They will move back to their home country once I move to USA. I will be applying for their B1/B2 so they can visit my once a year. Could anyone please advise me if I need any documents or any information will be of help.
  8. Hi everyone, I have several questions about bringing my parents from Canada to US. And doing it the right way. I understand there is a choice of doing it while they are in Canada or doing it from US, hopefully someone can help me with clarifying somethings. 1. If I would like to petition for them after they enter the US, can they go through the boarder normally (Canadians don't needs a visa) or would that be illigal? If so what's the best way to do it? Would it affect their adnace parole later to leave if needed? 2. I also have a minor sibling brother. If they do the process from Canada can he enter the US with them once they get their visa? What the best way to go? If you know any info or have been through this, specifically Canadian because sometimes it's easier. please comments below!! Thank youu
  9. Im a US citizen. Im trying to bring my parents to USA. I filed 2 forms i-130. It got approved and Im waiting for NVC to respond and in the meantime Im filling out the affidavit of Support I-864. Here are my questions. 1. Like I-130, do i need to file 2 forms for I-864, each for my father & my mother. 2. On PART 3 Item 2 I mentioned my mother as family member #1. Does this mean I don't need another I864 ?
  10. Hello everyone, I'm planning on filing my parent's I-130's soon. My parents have overstayed their visas 1+ years before. They're last entry was in June 2009 and exit on July 2009. Before that, they entered in 2002 and stayed in the US until October 2007. Since I'm filing soon, I'm hoping their I130's will not be approved before July 2019 (10 years from their last entry). My parents have not attempted to return to the US since then and have not renewed their visas. Has anyone had a similar case? What are my chances of being able to bring them to the States?
  11. Hello, I am a citizen and do not have a job, can I request my mother to come to USA?
  12. Hello Friends! Does anyone know how a health insurance works for the parents brought to the USA by a US Citizen? My brother, a US Citizen, has started the process of bringing our parents to the USA for a family reunion. Our only worry is the medical service. Is buying a health insurance the only way for them to get a medical care in America? If so, what health insurance is the best in this case? If some of you have an experience of bringing your parents to the USA for a family reunion, and you were able to find the best way to manage how to provide them with a medical care in America, please, share your information. Thank you all in advance!
  13. I’m not a citizen yet but plan on it as soon as possible. However, I am concerned about whether my parents can file a petition or AOS for their green card through me without knowing. I have no contact with them but I mean obviously my parents have enough information about me to fill out a petition in my name. Is this something I should be potentially worried about at all?
  14. Hello Friends, I am US Citizen. I want to file Green Card for my Parents. So, what is the process and how long will it take ? Also, my parents are in India currently. So, filling for them while they are in India or once they come to USA on Visitor visa , which one is better and faster? Lastly, I would like to know form numbers needs to fill out for the process and how much is the filling fees. Thank you in advance!!
  15. Hello, I recently applied for my parents. My Case Status: Currently at NVC. Already choose an Agent and Paid for the ASO. Can one of you please provide me clarification on below items. Do I need to send 2 sets of ASO and other documents to NVC? (Father and mother) Can I send them in one USPS envelope? Do I have to submit form 260 for both my father and mother or only one form 260? Do I need send two sets of ASO forms to NVC? NVC assigned two case number to my parents (one to father another to mother) my parents will have the interview together or separately? What are the other supporting documents should I submit to NVC? Please guide me through the overall process and feel free to add your suggestions. Also, I have a younger brother who is 17 years old. Can he come with my parents if yes what is the procedure? Thanks in advance for your time and help Especially thanks to visa journey for making everything so smooth and easy.
  16. Hello Everyone, My step-father is American and my mother is Filipino. My step-father married my mother in 2005, soon after he tried applying for a tourist visa for her. She got denied because they found out that her previous marriage was never annulled. My parents hired a lawyer in the Philippines to settle annulment once and for all. It took them 10 years to finalize the annulment and now my mother is finally free from her previous marriage! Now, my father would like to bring her in the states. What would be the best approach/route to take for them? Asking for advice because these situations are rare! Thank you.
  17. Ok, so my mom went to the embassy yesterday to get her tourist visa to be able to come and visit me and she got a standard denial, 214b. I am a GCH married to a USC. She is 45 years old woman, a doctor, employed ful time, has been working as a doctor for 20 years now. Her and my dad own 2 houses, a land and 2 cars. My mom has my grandma to take care of at home (my grandma's health is not the best). She also was leaving my sister who is 16 and my dad in her home country. She wanted to come and visit for 4 weeks and that's what we put on dS160. So at the interview, she was asked: why is she going to states? how long has her daughter been there (2 years) Does she have any other kids? Who is paying for the trip? (We stated on ds160 that I was paying for her) After that she received a denial. She had all the documents ready to show and she was offering but she was not allowed to. Plus at the end when she asked for an advice what she can improve she was told: "nothing, maybe once your daughter is a citizen you can apply" My question is is it worth it to try to apply second time now and maybe another officer would be kind enough to look at the proofs? Can my husband, a US citizen, herson-in-law attend interview with her? He is a police officer as well. I know this time we would say that she pays for herself, that's probably the only think she could change, maybe asking to come for 2 weeks instead of 4? I don't know.. I need your advice..
  18. Hi! Is anyone petitioning or has petitioned for their undocumented parents? what kind of interview questions do they ask parents? Here's our story: Both my parents have been undocumented in the U.S. for 20+ years -- my mom entered with a visa and my dad entered without inspection/illegally. He literally walked in from Brownsville, TX with his ID back in the early 90s. It wasn't a huge deal back then people came and went. Anyways, the laws have changed over the years making them exempt from current laws pertaining to AOS for undocumented individuals. For people that overstayed their visa's they allow AOS based on family petition (my mom qualifies) which is the reason she is allowed to adjust status while physically in the U.S. -- My dad is a bit different, since he came many years ago he tried to adjust status in the early 2000s with the i-245 Provision of the LIFE act. He almost received an employer based green card, but everything fell through towards the last steps in the process when the company sponsoring him was sold, the new owners did not want to continue the sponsorship. Anyway, based on his previous try at adjusting his status, we paid a penalty of $1000 for unlawful presence but he is allowed to stay in the U.S. while adjusting status. If that made sense, since petitioning them over a year ago, they have been approved in every step of the process, they are both legally in the U.S. right now, they now have an employment authorization permit I-767 and a social security #. However, they were granted temporary status while we wait for the Green Card interview (i-485) What I want to know is, if there's anyone here that has gone through a similar process, what questions are my parents going to be asked during the final interview? We want to prepare to ensure we have as many documentation and answers to possible questions. Thank You in Advance!
  19. Sharing my parents' approved visitor visas scenario. My dad and mom (above 75 years old) applied for a tourist visa at US Embassy, Kathmandu, Nepal and were approved. I didn't send any letter of invitation nor did they bring any financial documents since such documents weren't allowed (see attached image on required documents).They had a translator as my parents don't speak English. The conversations: 1. Who are you visiting in the US? - Our son (and daughter in law) 2. When did your son go to the US? - 12 years ago and has been coming to visit us every few years. 3. Seems your son is already a US Citizen (Statement more than a question) 4. Are you planning to live in the US? - No, we just want to visit US for around 4-5 months. 5. Ok, your visas are approved, take this receipt which shows the location to collect your passports in a few days.
  20. Hello, I just received a letter indicating I am missing a few items for the household member's (which is me) I-864a. In the first line, what is this "[x] Hidden line."? Do they need the household member's passport or birth certificate even though I am a US citizen that is born here? In the original packet, I had submitted my wife's birth certificate, marriage certificate, and US passport. I was not aware they needed my US passport as well. Please make the below corrections to your Form I-864A or gather the requested financial evidence: [x] Hidden line. <-- [x] Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member [x] We found one or more sections that were either incomplete or contained incorrect information. Please correct the items listed below and complete a new Form I-864A. [x] In Part 5. Sponsor's Promise, please correct the following... [x] The sponsor (not the household member) must type or print his or her name in the space provided. [x] You must submit the following financial evidence: [x] Proof of U.S. citizenship, nationality, or Lawful Permanent Resident status (examples: a copy of your birth certificate, certificate of naturalization, certificate of citizenship, consular report of birth abroad to citizen parents, or the biographic data page of your U.S. passport.) <--
  21. Hey everyone, I have 2 questions. We are late January K1 filers and I put on the I-129f form that my fiancee and I would be living at my parent's address as we plan to house hunt together when she gets here. We were wondering if this isn't a solid enough address and she would be denied in the interview because a newly married couple living with parents isn't ideal. If that could possibly be a barrier to entry then how does it look if I move out to a new address that doesn't match what is on the I-129f before she has her interview? Basically we don't want to be denied for a stupid thing such as this. If it helps, she is coming to USA from UK. Thanks in advance for all advice.
  22. Hello, My wife is sponsoring her mother and father to come to the US. One of the IR5/ I-864 requirements was valid unexpired passport of the parents. Do they need all the pages or just the main page with the name, birthday, etc.?
  23. Hello, For the supporting documents, does the petitioning person (in this case my wife) needs to supply her passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc? Or do I (the husband), will need to supply the same documents because I am the sole financial provider?
  24. Hello, My wife's petition for her parents has made it to the visa center. She does not have a job so I, the husband, am the primary sponsor. For the I-864, do I fill out the entire form with my income info? P.S.: Attach is Part I of the I-864. Do I put my name there? And, which check box should I select?
  25. I filed I 130 for both my parents at the same time. I sent both their files in the same mail package. I packed my mother's file in 1 separated Manila envelop with my mother's name outside, same thing with my father's file. I take both envelops placed them inside a bigger Manila envelop, sealed and sent it to the appropriate address. An USCIS consultant at a field office in Kansas City advised me to do this to ensure my parents'case being processed at the same time. However I recently only receive a Notice of Action only states my mother's name. It'd been 3 weeks now, and I haven't receive anything for my father at all. Have anyone been into this situation. Please help I'm so worry.