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  1. Hello all, I finally received an update today from NVC that both of my parents' applications have finally become, as they call "documentarily qualified" by the NVC and have moved onto the next step which is interview scheduling. I was wondering if anyone has had any recent experience with the Montreal, Canada US embassy? How long did it take from becoming "documentarily qualified" until an interview was schedule and how long from that time was the actual interview? Would appreciate any insight! It's so hard to find any recent information since COVID times about how long the process is these days. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Hi everyone! I am a US Citizen and my mother is currently here in Los Angeles. She was supposed to leave last August 31st, but my husband and I decided to have her stay and we just file for her petition and adjustment of status. I have consulted through Just Answer with an immigration lawyer on the forms that I need to file and some guidelines. I know the forms I need to submit are: I-130 I-485 I-864 I-765 G-1145 I am getting anxious given that the total filing fee is a huge amount, I want to make sure and get your inputs if this is really something that I can do on my own with seeking assistance from an Immigration lawyer. Thank you so much for those that will respond and please do share your own experiences.
  3. Hello, Wanted to start a topic for June filers to follow and track Petition approval as they start coming in. Submitted I-130 petition for both parents online and they show submitted as of June 28, 2022. Currently application are showing processing times of 5 and 8 months.
  4. Hi everyone! I have just filed for my mom on 04/04/2022. Let the journey begin.
  5. Hey all! I have petitioned for my Russian parents to obtain IR-5 visas as I am a US citizen. Now we are required to submit police reports for them from everywhere they lived starting at 16 y.o. and my parents used to live in Kazakhstan when it was part of USSR and some time after USSR fell apart. It seems that the online platform for obtaining the police report (http://Egov.kz) requires an ID that only is assigned to Kazakh citizens, which my parents are not. How can they obtain the police reports without those IDs? Many thanks!!🙏
  6. I did not find I-130 May 2022 May Filers for parents so i created one. I submitted Application for my mom on 1st of May 2022. Got NOA1 on the same day. Sent to Potomac SC. Now i just wait.
  7. Our daughter sponsored us (parents) and our interview is scheduled at the end of March 2023. Appreciate if someone let us know the questions they asked at the interview. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, My wife is applying for her mother, who is currently here in USA in a B2 visa. So, she is applying i-130 and i-485 together. Here are some questions she has, if anyone can help that would be great. 1. During concurrent filling does she need to submit i-864 and i-693? 2. if i-864 is required then which address I have to send it out? NVC or USCIS? 3. is there any additional fees required for i-864. 4. Can I sponsor here where she is living in the same house hold with us and how?
  9. There is this question in the DS-260 asking if my father-in-law will be travelling with his spouse. They both have been petitioned but each had an individual I-130 form, so I'm not sure if I should put reply like this Is your spouse immigrating to the U.S. with you? no Is your spouse immigrating to the U.S. at a later date to join you? yes
  10. Hello! My sister-in-law is petitioning for her parents to come to the USA and both I-130 applications have been approved (parents live abroad). We have decided to continue with her mother's process as her dad's case hasn't been created at NVC yet. She made around $30k this year which is enough for her to file an affidavit by herself. However we're not sure if she would need a co-sponsor when we she files an affidavit for her father. We're willing to help as we live in the same household. We made $38k this year plus have a house, bank accounts etc. Should we let her file only her as a sponsor for her mom and then add ourselves as co-sponsors for her father?
  11. Hello, I recently acquired my citizenship and I wanted to bring my parents here, so I can take care of them. However, I'm having trouble looking at the costs for health coverage for seniors aged 65 and above. I'm currently living in Pennsylvania, and I read some discussions that say that they would not be qualified for Pennie or Medicare. I am trying to look for other health coverage, but I'm only seeing those for 65 and below. Does anyone know any health plan that I can enroll them in? Thanks
  12. I am a U.S. citizen and looking into helping my parents migrate to the US. Long story short, my parents do not live in the States; however, they have a 10-year ban on entry into the US. They left in 2013, making it exactly ten years this year (They left the US voluntarily). For me to petition them and give them a Green Card, can I apply for an I-130, or do I need to do something else before?
  13. As a USC, I wish to sponsor both my parents. They currently live outside the United States. What route would you recommend: (1) bring them here on a tourist visa, file I-130 and then I-485, or (2) have them go the consular processing route? I hear that wait times for I-130 approval are quite long (roughly 12.5 months). So does it make any sense for them to come here and go the route of I-485 when it's just going to take a really long time even getting to I-485 due to I-130 wait time? Or are they able to obtain Advanced Parole and EAD while waiting for I-130 approval? Hope someone can provide which is the best route to take. Thanks!
  14. Hello everyone, My dad had his IR5 interview in Montreal, Canada Apr 4, 2023. Was verbally approved by the officer and was told to expect passport back with visa in about 2 weeks. They kept his passport and just police certificate. There was a holiday in between, but have not received anything yet. Visa status still says Ready, as of Apr 11. How long does it typically take to get the visa stamped?
  15. Hello! Please advice. I’m trying to fill out a form I-130 (Petition for a relative) online and there’s a question about whether I’m submitting another petition for another relative at the same time (part 5 question 7 of the paper form), which I am because I’m submitting petitions for both my parents. The form (say, the petition for my father) prompts me to indicate my mother’s name and my relationship to her. Here’s the quote: What is your relationship to this relative? I assume that MY relationship to my mother is Child so I chose “child”. The form accepts it and on the next screen shows my mother’s name with the word “child” below it. Seems a bit off. Should it be “parent”? But the question asks about MY relationship to my mother, NOT my mother’s relationship to me. So what should I enter there: “child” or “parent”? Thanks for your help
  16. Hi In the questions about the Petitioner's (me) and the Spouse Beneficiary's parents, if they are deceased, should we type in DECEASED in the "What is their city/town/village of residence?" - and for the Country of residence- as this has no option to type in that word, should we leave blank? Thanks
  17. Hi Is it possible for a U.S citizen to apply for a K1 visa petition while also petitioning for their parents? My sister in law would like to petition for her boyfriend/fiance but is currently petitioning for both her parents. Is it possible?
  18. Hi All, Has anyone filed a petition for both parents and got 2 different processing times? We filed for both parents online at the same time and our case status came back with Mom's processing time as 5 months but Dad's processing time is 12 months. When we received our letters for both, they came from Texas Service Center. But when we called USCIS to get more info, the rep said that Dad's case is at Nebraska Service Center. J&P Cali ☀️
  19. Hello, My wife just became a US Citizen. She would like to file I-130 for her parents. She also has a 20 year old unmarried sister that lives with her parents in India. We can file separate I130 for each parent. Does her sister qualify to be a minor under her parents file or do we need to file her through brother/sister category which take long time? What is the fastest way for my wife's 20 year old sister to come to USA?
  20. Hi My parents are DQed on Nov 10 2020 under IR5 category.any idea when I can realistically expect Interview letters from US Embassy in Islamabad?
  21. Hi VJ members, I'm trying to read this month's table of the Visa Bulletin, but, I can't find which category does parents of US Citizens belong to, according to the NVC's website my mom's case is eligible for an IR5 Visa, Would appreciate any help with this: FAMILY-SPONSORED PREFERENCES First: (F1) Unmarried Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens: 23,400 plus any numbers not required for fourth preference. Second: Spouses and Children, and Unmarried Sons and Daughters of Permanent Residents: 114,200, plus the number (if any) by which the worldwide family preference level exceeds 226,000, plus any unused first preference numbers: A. (F2A) Spouses and Children of Permanent Residents: 77% of the overall second preference limitation, of which 75% are exempt from the per-country limit; B. (F2B) Unmarried Sons and Daughters (21 years of age or older) of Permanent Residents: 23% of the overall second preference limitation. Third: (F3) Married Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens: 23,400, plus any numbers not required by first and second preferences. Fourth: (F4) Brothers and Sisters of Adult U.S. Citizens: 65,000, plus any numbers not required by first three preferences.
  22. Hi kababayans.... I petitioned my parents and we got the Dq'ed this march 2021. Still waiting for the interview date... PLs feel free to share your experience/s.. thanks you,....
  23. My wife filed for her parents immigration and now we are at NVC stage and required to submit I-864s. #1: My wife's doesn't work and we file taxes jointly. In that situation can we still use I-864EZ or we need to file I-864 fro her and I-864A to include my income. #2: I filed for an extension for this years taxes and haven't complete my filing yet. Can my last year and previous years W-2s and IRS transcripts be used in such case or should I file my taxes first and then file the I-864. Thanks
  24. Does anyone have their parents file their foreign pensions as part of their income on their taxes? This would help the zero income and get the state subsidys.
  25. So my wife is eligible to take her USC test next year so naturally we started thinking about starting the process of moving her family (Mexico) over to the US as well. I have a very close relationship with her family and would love for them to come to the US. Her family is as such: Dad (42) Mom (42) Sister (20 married w/ 2 children) Brother (11 but was born in the U.S.) Sister (10) Being that her brother was born in the US I know she won’t have to petition for him. Is it true the wait time for her sisters to be able to come over as a LPR would be 22 years right now? Is there any options for them to be in the US faster permanently? How long would it take for her parents to be LPRs? Also, in case you are wondering about her USC brother, her and her family was in the US unlawfully from 1999-2011 in which her father was deported and the rest of the family voluntarily left back to Mexico with only her father incurring a 10 year ban.
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