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  1. Although every case is different, it's still nice to have other cases to reference on since there is a lack in timeline tracking for waivers... I wanted to start a forum for members to enter there time lines in hopes that others can maybe have some insight on processing times as well. This is for I-212 ONLY. CITIZENSHIP VISA TYPE + timeline K1 denial : FEB 13th 2019, CANADA PHEONIX LOCK BOX I-212 waiver submitted: FEB 26th,2019 RECEIVED DATE (NOA): MAR 15th, 2019
  2. I filed i751 bona fide marriage with divorce/annulment pending procedings. I had an interview with uscis officer and once i handed him my annulment decree he said he can't adjudicate my case and interview me because legally my marriage never existed. If the law says that marriage never existed why does the form allows me to choose an option of bona fide marriage waiver ended in annulment? I waisted my money, time, only to go to USCIS and being refused an interview? The officer never looked at my bona fide evidence nor asked me questions. Is that some kind of loophole or misleading immigration law? I'm devastated. Anybody knows what I can Do? File a complain, write to Ombudsman?
  3. Visiting Florida in around 7 months, a family holiday with quite a big group of us. Have 2 previous DUI convictions so visa was turned down, one was around 5 years ago and the other around 8 years. Was recommended to apply for waiver of ineligibility. So now I have the medical booked with embassy physician. I've read some horror stories about these medicals! What should be expected? Although the embassy officer stated visa was turned down for the DUIs only, there was also a caution for possession in 2012. Not an alcoholic or drug addict, just like to point that out! Have a good job in public sector, have done for many years. Have return tickets booked along with hotel details and enough spending money. I'd just like to know what to expect at the medical, really don't want to miss out on this amazing family holiday due to silly past mistakes. I'm a british citizen.
  4. Hello everyone. I understand this is under K1visa but i could not find any other forum specifically talking about AWA waivers except this one. We filed our package with the waiver including all the documents that we have gathered over a year and a half in July 2019. Having researched about adam walsh act and its policy in USCIS really scared me and my spouse. (We got married last year) we received biometrics for beneficiary (nothing for petitioner since we have submitted everything up front i think), finished the biometrics. Just have been waiting for EAD card but hasn't arrived. We aren't sure whether they have finished reading our package including the waiver and supplements. No NOID's or RFE's so far. However we recently got notice to appear initial interview of AOS for November. We want to know whether this is a good sign. Or is it going to be a false-hope. We have been praying ever since the incident took place and having to deal with such extremely difficult process. I wonder if they will be just leave us hanging and wonder if they will ever approve our case. Typically the interview would be the last step for green card, but having Awa is huge burden on our backs... anyone who got approved, has any good ideas? And maybe care to share their steps of their own process? What else can we do? thank you for reading this post and we humbly receive any criticisms/opinions/ideas/recommendations. Grateful to be part of visajourney with you guys. - prayerwarrior89 in Michigan
  5. Hello, I want to share my timeline for my J1 waiver process under No objection statement Timeline: May 11 ---- All documents sent May 20 ---- Package was delivered May 24 ---- J1 Waiver cashed the cashier check for the process fee May 27 ---- No Objection letter sent from Mexico's consulate June 20 --- E-maill from J1- Waiver "THERE IS NO RECORD OF HAVING RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION" July 12 ---- No status on webpage July 13 ---- J1 Waiver respond "PLEASE REDO OR RESEND APPLICATION PACKAGE. REMEMBER TO CANCEL CHECK FROM THE FIRST PACKAGE AND SEND A NEW PAYMENT FOR THE PROCESSING FEE" July 14 ---- Resent package July 15 ---- Package was delivered July 19 ---J1 Waiver visa specialist sent an e-mail: "WE HAVE NOT LOCATED YOUR WAIVER PACKAGE AS OF YET. YOUR PACKAGE MUST FIRST GO THROUGH PROCESSING AT THE WAVIER DEPARTMENT IN ST. LOUIS, BEFORE BEING SENT TO WASHINGTON, DC. FOR THE COMPLETION OF THE PROCESS. ONCE IN WASHINGTON, DC, THE INFORMATION WILL BE ENTER ONTO THE SYSTEM SO YOU CAN CHECK THE STATUS. . PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY CHECK YOUR CASE STATUS ONLINE BY VISITING WRD’S WEBSITE AT " July 25 --- Web page update Fee Received July 25, 2016 Form DS-3035 Received July 25, 2016 Form DS-2019 Received July 25, 2016 Statement Of Reason Received July 25, 2016 No Objection Statement Received July 25, 2016 Passport Data Page Received July 25, 2016 September 9 --- Web status: Favorable Recommendation September 19 --- Form I-797C Received. Form I-612 is filed and waiting for approval Current status --- Waiting for I-612
  6. I would appreciate as much input into our case as possible, but my main question is about inadmissiblity and a subsequent k1 visa application. A few years ago I started talking with a man from the netherlands. We decided to meet and pursue a relationship. About 10 months after we started talking he came to the US for 2 weeks and stayed in a hotel. We spent a lot of time together and decided we definitely want to pursue a relationship. Then several months later I went to the Netherlands and stayed with him for a while. We made plans to come to the US together and marry and apply for a greencard for him. Obviously in retrospect a HUGE mistake. But until then I only knew about the experience my friend's husband (a greencard holder from another European country) had. He came as a tourist, met her, returned to his country, came back as a tourist again and then married her. They all lived happily ever after. So I thought this was okay. So when we arrived at the passport checkpoint in the US we were honest about our intentions. He was pulled into an interview room. They asked us both questions. We answered honestly. In the end he was sent back the same day. He had 212 (a) (7) (a) (i) (I) stated as the reason. The paperwork said "you will no longer be able to use the visa waiver program or ESTA for all future travel to the United States you will need to be in possession of a valid immigrant or non-immigrant visa." There is no official term for whether he was allowed to withdraw from the US or if he was removed upon arrival. He has never overstayed, worked here, or committed a crime anywhere. We were both upfront and cooperative with the officials. They recommended we apply for a k1 visa, so I believe we are not ineligible for that. But I'm unsure of whether we will need a waiver. And if we do, will we submit it with the I-129, or will they request it later? Does this slow down the already almost unbearably long process? I'm just so worried about this whole process because I love him and want a life with him and I cannot move permanently to the Netherlands because I have a child with my ex-husband and cannot leave her. Thank you so much for reading, and for any pertinent information you could share.
  7. Has anyone in Canada already had an interview, denied and had to file a 601 waiver? My fiance's waiver was approved July 1st. We've contacted Montreal and my senator did also but keep getting told it's in administrative processing and they will let us know what needs updated and when a 2nd interview can be scheduled and to wait for instructions (first interview was 2 years ago so must have another one). It's been almost 4 months since his waiver was approved and I feel like he's never going to get a 2nd interview or get to come home I'm in a Facebook group for waivers and it seems like other countries receive instructions and get a 2nd interview set up right away. Others approved after us from other countries are already home! Just so frustrated!!
  8. Do I need a waiver for violation of Section 212 (a ) (7) (A) (i) (I) after the 5 years I was barred from returning to US? The 5 years are over and Ihave double citizenship and I applied for the Visa Waiver Program on my Chilean passaport and my permission to travel was authorized. Can I travel to US with the permission ESTA or I need to get the Visa And the waiver? Please if you know how to fix my situation let me know! Thanks a lot!
  9. Hello everyone, can I file spouse visa after being found inadmissible in a k1 visa and denial of a hardship waiver too after the k1
  10. Hello All, I have a question. I'am being sponsored by my mother who is a USC, my petition is approved, and my visa bulletin date is current. I'am in the NVC process right now. I got my FBI backround check along with all court dispositions. I have an arrest with 3 charges. 1. Marijuana 2. Forgery 2nd Degree Official Document 3. Obstruct Governmental Administration Here is what it says on the court dispositions : Statute - Criminal Possesion Of Marijuana In Public Place - 5th degree Severity [ Misdemeanor ] Inchoate Charge[ Completed ] Forgery 2nd Degree Official Document - Final Disposition Date [ 2007 - 01- 16 ] Severity [ Felony ] Inchoate Charge [ Completed ] Disposition [ 2007 - 01 - 16 ; Not Arraigned ] Obstruct Governmental Administration - Final Disposition Date [ 2007 - 01 - 16 ] Severity [ Misdemeanor ] Inchoate Charge [ Completed ] Disposition [ 2007 - 01 - 16 ; Convicted Upon Plea Of Guilty ] - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  11. Hello, I wonder if someone can add any thoughts to the following situation: My sister, a citizen of Russia, came to the USA in 1994 with B2 visa. She was 19. She overstayed her visa (6 years), applied for permanent residence in Canada (based on points/work) and in February 2000 she moved to Canada. She applied for a tourist visa to the USA in 2000 and 2001 in Toronto - she wanted to come to see her family. She was denied. In 2002, when she still had a Russian passport, she went again to the Consulate in Toronto and after talking to the consular officer, she was told to apply for a waiver. She did it. In July 2002 she got visa (she was ineligible to get a visa under section 212(a)(9)(B)(i)(II) - that was written in her passport) - she got a one entry B2 visa. That is printed on her visa: 212(d)(3)(A) waiver of 212 (a)(9)(B)(i)(II) granted by INS. My sister went to NYC, stayed for 6 days (I had a baby) and came back to Canada. Then, in November she applied again for a B2 visa to come and be a godmother of my daughter. She again was told to submit a letter from the employer, bank statement, proof of address and she got a new tourist visa, multiple entries, valid for 2 years, with the exact annotation about waiver granted by INS. Sister came to visit me for a few days, then she visited me several times (never longer than 5-7 days). In September 2004 she got a citizenship in Canada, and she came to the USA using a Canadian passport (with no waiver/visa imprinted). She did it maybe 5 times, no issues on the border. In April 2005 she came to the USA and stayed. I submitted an immigrant visa petition for her years ago (I am a US citizen), it was approved, currently the documents are in NVC and now, after we met a lawyer, he told us, that my sister - as Canadian citizen - because she did not receive form I-94 at the border, she is admitted for duration of status, so she has no ban and she can receive an immigrant visa in Canada (she was not found deportable by any judge or immigration official). But as it seems to be easy, we started digging dipper: but what about her previous overstay? I mean she got a waiver but it was for non-immigrant visa, am I right? Or this waiver was good also for the immigrant visa that she can get through my sponsorship? I am not familiar so I will appreciate any input. We met 4 lawyers: conclusion: 1 of them say she is good to go, 2 others say 'no', 1 said: "It's a good question". Thanks a lot for any information, thoughts, anything.
  12. Hello. I am new here and it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can help me out with my current problem. I am Married to a US citizen for more than 2 years now. We have a 2 year old son who was born here in the Philippines but is a US citizen through CRBA. But my son lives with me here in the Philippines while my husband now resides in California. We have been separated for almost 2 years now. 😔 This is due to my visa being denied last December 2016 because of my inadmissibility to acquire a US visa. Just a quick history about me. I was born here in the Philippines but my family decided to go to the US with a tourist visa when I was only 10 years old. Wanting to give us a better future, my parents decided to overstay and I stayed there for 9 years. I was already 19 years old when I got back last 2009 which gave me the 10 year ban. When I had my interview last December 2016, they didnt approve me with my US visa and was told to get a i601 waiver due to my overstaying. We were able to apply the waiver and was received by the USCIS last April 2017. The waiver was done by our lawyer. So I'm not really sure how he applied for it. But as I was doing my research, some says that it takes about 4-6 months to be processed. Some say it takes longer than 10 months, some say a year. It's been almost 9 months and the case status still says received everytime I check it online. I also inquire about it on their website and I was given an email back saying that my case is still pending adjudication however have had to perform additional reviews which has caused a longer processing time. What does that supposed to mean? Is that a good sign or a bad sign? Is it normal for it to take this long to be processed? Also, since it's been more than a year now since my last interview, does that mean we have to restart all over with the whole visa processing? Or how does that affect my visa case? If anyone could help me out or any information would be greatly appreciated! My son has been longing for my husband and my husband has been longing for us. Being apart from him has now made our life very complicated and I'm hoping I can get some answer real soon. Thank you so much for your time!
  13. Quick question, can you e-file the N-400 electronically and still request the Fee Waiver for the application?
  14. Hi has anyone been denied because of US spouse and children also US citizens receive or have had in the past received Government assistance like food stamps and medicaid ive been hearing this is happening I601A gets approved and at the interview it gets denied
  15. My divorce is going to be finalized 2 months before my 90 days window for lifting conditions open from my conditional green card (I-751). I have read on this forum that it can be filed as soon as you get divorced. But I didnt't come across this on any official website. It always say to never file before 90 days otherwise it will be returned or rejected. So should I file as soon as I have my final divorce decree in my hand or wait for 90 day window to open? Thank you
  16. Hello, We are in the process of having my fiance immigrate from the Philippines. Assuming we get approval to move ahead in the process, the next step would be the medical review/vaccinations. We would have had vaccinations as a kid, but she has no paperwork for any of it. I am not going to get into a debate on pro or anti-vaccinations - I am just wondering if anyone has successfuly requested to not have vaccinations for religious reasons. I heard of one person getting a waiver, but that was well over a decade ago. Is this still a possibility? Did you do this successfully? If yes, how? What is the process? Any advice or feedback is appreciated.
  17. Hello everyone, thanks in advance for your help. I am currently a conditional resident. I got divorced last year and filed to remove condition with a waiver based on both divorce and abuse (extreme mental cruelty) back in November 2018. My last update from USCIS was when they sent the 18 months extension letter in January 2019. However, last week I received the following email: *** DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS E-MAIL *** There has been a recent processing action taken on your case. Receipt Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Application Type: I751, PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production On June 14, 2019, the Post Office returned your document for your Form I751, PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE, Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXXXXX, to us because they could not deliver it. We will hold your document for 180 days or until December 11, 2019. Please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request that we re-send the document to you, or contact the USCIS Contact Center at www.uscis.gov/contactcenter. If you do not submit an online request or call us by December 11, 2019, we will destroy your document and you will need to file a new Form I751, PETITION TO REMOVE CONDITIONS ON RESIDENCE, with fee. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. This step applies to applications that result in an applicant receiving a card (such as a "green card") or other document (such as a naturalization certificate, employment authorization document, travel document, or advance parole). Applications will be in this step from the time the order to produce the card/document is given until the card/document is produced and mailed to the applicant. You can expect to receive your card/document within 30 days of the approval of your application. If you do not receive your document, please contact our National Customer Service Center at 1-800-375-5283. I am very confused. does this mean my case is approved? I haven't received any approval update. I contacted USCIS but they say my case is still being processed. I am waiting to be contacted by a Tier 2 (hopefully he/she can tell me more) and I also submitted an e-request. I did my biometrics last month. However processing times for these cases are around 15-24 months, so I was wondering if this is just a system error on their side, especially since my address on file is correct. It'd be helpful to hear other people's experience with these kind of updates. Thanks! Littlefrench
  18. Is there anyone who was in Administrative processing at the consulate in Montreal? How long were you in AP for?
  19. Just looking for a bit of an idea from other who may have similar situations.. I had an approved K1 with Montreal and was denied at the embassy and filed a I-212 waiver. Recently, the waiver has been approved and forwarded to the Embassy to readjust the K1. The embassy had only requested my passport since all my documents from k1 were still valid and up to date. I am in Administrative processing, which I did expect but I do not know for how long. I know no one does and can predict but has any one had experience with the Montreal consulate. My case as the k1 did update with different status' and change from immigrant to non-immigrant as well.
  20. Disclaimer: Vaccines are a hot topic not looking to debate here, just need help with the waiver if possible lol... Here's the breakdown.. Pregnant Wife who also has Religious/Moral Objections to Vaccination: I've researched the specifics from USCIS and CDC and apparently it can be at the doctor's discretion.. and ultimately the CDC says many vaccines can still be given to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers (our son may come before the interview) on the Immigrant Visa Application I answered "yes" to "do you have all the required vaccinations?" because she has a vaccine report from her youth. However, upon later inspection, this vaccine report does not contain all of the required vaccines. I've noticed a I-690 Waiver for Grounds of Inadmissibility.. where one can include a sworn affidavit, testimonies, and explanations of religious/moral objections to vaccination. If it IS possible to use this form... QUESTION 1: When/Where/and How would I submit it? at the interview? to the USCIS in the States? etc... QUESTION 2: what's the best way to explain the error made on the Immigrant Visa Application (if asked)?
  21. Hi, Here is my time line for J1 2 years rule waiver ! My case was based on No Objection Statement. 12/28/2017 : sent my document to DOS and Consulate. 01/02/2018 : Consulate received my document (USPS Tracking check) 01/03/2018 : DOS received my document (USPS Tracking check) 01/16/2018 : 'All document was received' Updated on DOS website 01/23/2018 : Consulate sent my No Objection Statement to Embassy 01/30/2018 : Embassy sent my No Objection Statement to DOS 02/06/2018 : 'No Objection Statement was received' Updated on DOS website 02/15/2018 : DOS sent Recommendation to USCIS 02/20/2018 : My lawyer received Recommendation letter from DOS 02/20/2018 : USCIS received my document 03/05/2018 : My lawyer received I-797C (Notice date : 02/23/2018) 03/08/2018 : J-1 WAIVER WAS APPROVED 03/12/2018 : My lawyer received I-797 (Notice date : 03/08/2018) USCIS website is still showing that my case status is 'Case was received At Another USCIS Office'
  22. I am a US citizen and my wife entered the US on a tourist Visa. She has had that Visa since she was 15 years old. We met 4 years ago while she was on vacation in the US. We fell in love. She was living in Mexico and visited me in Puerto Rico (US territory) and decided to get married. We initiated the AOS but had to leave to Mexico after Hurricane Maria hit the island. She did not have a travel permit, but having no power, no water and no way to communicate, we decided to stay sometime in Mexico while the situation back home got better. When we tried to come back she was not granted entry. They indicated she is no longer a tourist as she has an immigrant Visa pending. Since then we've lived separately. I had an appointment on January 30 , 2019 for the i-130 and it was approved. I asked if we had to file a waiver and the officer said no because she had never been in the US illegally. She was simply denied entry. I am writing this because I want to make sure a waiver is really not needed. I've read that if people over stay their visas (although her Visa expired on 2020) they could face a 10 year ban. I want no surprises at the Embassy appointment. Anyone had a similar experience that could enlighten me?
  23. Starting this forum to try and collect more information on Administrative Processing at the US Embassy in Ankara. I have been in AP for 2 months now. I am Syrian, and my wife is a US citizen. We are applying for my spouse visa. We started in March 2017. My wife is now in the US. We don't know if she should move back to Turkey to be with me. We want to know if anyone has been issued a visa waiver from Ankara under the travel ban. I noticed today that the Ankara Embassy website status check page is updated automatically (https://tr.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/iv-status-check/)... meaning that my case updates are pretty meaningless. But ceac.state.gov seems to be more accurate. Does anyone know if case updates mean anything at all? Thanks all. Kat and Bashar
  24. I have a quick question and was wondering if anybody else had the same situations I’m in. I recently sent in my husband I601A waiver . I’m aware of the fact that even if his waiver is approved his visa is not guaranteed once he goes to his home country. I want to make a packet just in case his visa gets denied in Honduras to apply for the i601 waiver. My question is can I use the same packet I sent for my first waiver?
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