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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys! I'm new here. I just wanted to share my experience and hoping to hear from others who's going through a similar process with me. We hired an attorney for I-130 ( I'm a spouse of a US citizen) and i601-A Provisional Unlawful Presence and here's my timeline so far: 1) Submitted the I-130 on May 26,2021 2) Received receipt on June 10,2021 3) Approval received on July 11,2021, only 31 days after the receipt notice! Service center was Nebraska office and during the application the time frame for approval was 3-7 months so we just got super lucky that it got approved so fast, and we did not request expedited service. SECOND PART IS THE WAIVER: 1) Submitted the I-601A Waiver on October 6,2021 2) Receipt date October 11,2021, Field office is at Potomac Service Center (estimated approval time is about 29 to 36 months) ------(UPDATES TO FOLLOW)------- PLEASE if you're a 2018,2019,2020 I-601a filer, I would like to ask if you could share your experiences too like when did you submit the i-601a waiver, biometric appt, and how long it took to get your i-601a approval. It's very stressful and very uncertain and I wish it won't take years for me but I know we all need to wait in line and trust the process but if you guys could share some insight I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much!!
  2. Hello- I posted my events and details before here. I could not find it; So I am starting the new topic. 2015/10: Got Married to USC 2016/09: Got Conditional GC 2017/09: Got Divorced 2018 April: Applied for ROC with waiver (Bonafide marriage) 2018 June: Received extension letter Since then nothing till February 2021. In February 2021, Online system says: Your case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. Since February 2021, it has been like that for 8 months almost and no update. Also it has been almost 3.5 years since I filed for ROC. Are these normal situation? I did not get any RFE yet though. Also, September 2021 is my 5 years anniversary of GC (still conditional technically). I heard a permanent resident can apply for Citizenship after 5 years. Can I apply for Citizenship? My ROC is also pending. What I do?
  3. My husband has his Biometric apointment today. Since we are saving money to go to Mexico, I was wondering how long did it take for others to receive a notice or approval for the next step. Waiver sent: September 26 Received by: October 12 or near that Biom letter October 31 Biom app: October 10-today
  4. Hi, I really need help. My partner and I have consulted with 2 lawyers already, but they are saying different things. Just a background story, I have worked in the US on my tourist visa in the past and a month ago I got detained at LAX airport for 4 days. I was honest with them that I have worked in the past and that I have a boyfriend in the US for 3 years. They gave me a choice of withdrawing my visa (not banned) for me to be able to apply a visa again.. Although, my worry is not being able to apply again even though they said I can. I want to know the chances of us getting approved for Fiance or Spouse visa in case we apply, the timeline, and what kind of waiver do we exactly need and how long does that take as well. We have been doing our research, but there are a lot of waivers and I'm not sure which one is the best to use if ever we might need one. We've been apart for more than a year and the clock is ticking for Fiance Visa 2-year window. I really want to be together with my partner already and I want to believe that we can be together again. It will also be helpful if there are lawyers out there who are experienced with this case. Thank you for your help!
  5. Hello, guys! I am an american citizen, and got married to Romanian citizen. Romania is in the "Skill List", and he has "two years rule applies" twice. It's weird, because he got 2 J1 visas, and both had this rule. How did he get the second J1 visa, I really do not understand. Anyways... We got all documents from Romanian embassy and have sent to state gov. He does not owe any money to any states, no scholarships, no grants. BUT his J1 visa is already expired for 7 years, not sure if it's important. Just want to understand how long we have to wait for the answer in "COVID era." I saw in this forum that some applicants waited for 1 month, some for 8 months. Does anybody have removing "two years rule" experience in 2021? I have attached screen, we have started the process in 2019, but just this year got all documents what we needed.
  6. Hello, I want to share my timeline for my J1 waiver process under No objection statement Timeline: May 11 ---- All documents sent May 20 ---- Package was delivered May 24 ---- J1 Waiver cashed the cashier check for the process fee May 27 ---- No Objection letter sent from Mexico's consulate June 20 --- E-maill from J1- Waiver "THERE IS NO RECORD OF HAVING RECEIVED YOUR APPLICATION" July 12 ---- No status on webpage July 13 ---- J1 Waiver respond "PLEASE REDO OR RESEND APPLICATION PACKAGE. REMEMBER TO CANCEL CHECK FROM THE FIRST PACKAGE AND SEND A NEW PAYMENT FOR THE PROCESSING FEE" July 14 ---- Resent package July 15 ---- Package was delivered July 19 ---J1 Waiver visa specialist sent an e-mail: "WE HAVE NOT LOCATED YOUR WAIVER PACKAGE AS OF YET. YOUR PACKAGE MUST FIRST GO THROUGH PROCESSING AT THE WAVIER DEPARTMENT IN ST. LOUIS, BEFORE BEING SENT TO WASHINGTON, DC. FOR THE COMPLETION OF THE PROCESS. ONCE IN WASHINGTON, DC, THE INFORMATION WILL BE ENTER ONTO THE SYSTEM SO YOU CAN CHECK THE STATUS. . PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MAY CHECK YOUR CASE STATUS ONLINE BY VISITING WRD’S WEBSITE AT " July 25 --- Web page update Fee Received July 25, 2016 Form DS-3035 Received July 25, 2016 Form DS-2019 Received July 25, 2016 Statement Of Reason Received July 25, 2016 No Objection Statement Received July 25, 2016 Passport Data Page Received July 25, 2016 September 9 --- Web status: Favorable Recommendation September 19 --- Form I-797C Received. Form I-612 is filed and waiting for approval Current status --- Waiting for I-612
  7. Hiii everyone. Pending decisions after an interview is so stressful so I thought why not post here and share this with you guys. So I have recently interviewed (12 days ago) for i751 divorce waiver based on good faith marriage. My lawyer was present via telephone and we added Abuse (mental cruelty) + hardship waiver while I was there. My interview experience was alright but my lawyer told me ‘I gave A LOT of info’ as I went into the detail of why it ended. My emotions do overtake me when I explain that as it was an extremely hard time for me. The office heard me out and just asked basic questions for verification purposes and said how they will mail me or my lawyer if they need anything from me and will get back to us in 1-2 weeks as they need to review the case. I read an expert mention here to a post how adding a ‘hardship’ waiver can be problematic. My attorney is good so I would like to think they know what they’re doing. Anybody here have any idea how long they take to respond after an interview? Also does anyone know what’s going on with their online and automated phone response as it’s stuck on ‘my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview’ even though I have completed the interview.
  8. Hey everyone, I want to thank you all for the great advice all throughout the years. Much appreciated! My timeline is: - Dec 2016 I751 submitted (pending security checks) - Divorced Sept 2019 - Jan 2020 N-400 submitted 5 Year rule - Nov 19 Citizenship interview became combo (they never got my divorce waiver papers, my lawyer had proof) - Nov 20th 751 approved, oath scheduled. At my lawyers advice I applied for the N-400 and that pushed them to adjudicate my 751 that was pending for 4 years. I believe I would still be waiting today. Hang in there, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. 🙌♥️
  9. We help people navigate their immigration journey by providing them with flexible immigration options so that they can submit their immigration application with confidence and without stress. Immigration Coach Background We started our Immigration Coach service in response to requests from our Schaefer Law Firm clients who were comfortable preparing their own immigration applications, but who wanted: The added confidence of having an immigration lawyer review the application before submitting it to USCIS A flexible, lower-cost option for getting the assistance of an immigration lawyer The peace of mind of having an immigration professional on their team just in case something unexpected happened The confidence of knowing that all of the information they shared would remain confidential and be protected by attorney-client privilege The comfort of knowing that their information wouldn’t be sold for marketing purposes Navigating Around Common Immigration Mistakes At the same time, we realized that people often ended up falling into at least one common mistake or pitfall when they were trying to prepare their application on their own: Checklist Comfort Options Overlook Timeline Trance Form Focus Interview Infatuation Our online courses and application review services are designed to help you avoid these common mistakes. Relationship Between Immigration Coach and the Schaefer Law Firm Immigration Coach is a service offered by the Schaefer Law Firm.
  10. Hello everybody, I wanted to ask for some advice from anyone who's been through the same thing as me as I prepare to send off my I-751 in the coming months. I was married to my ex-wife between July 2018 and October 2019. When we separated, I had literally just had the interview for the green card about two weeks before in February 2019. She filed for divorce in April and it was final in October 2019. I spoke to a lawyer who told me that cases like mine are "troublesome" and basically was saying that because the period between the green card interview and the separation was so short, I will have difficulties trying to make my case because there's no evidence of our marriage for the period after I got the card. Before anyone asks, yes it was a marriage in good faith. Unfortunately, 9 months in, my wife (USC) told me that she didn't love me and wanted a divorce. Just as a little background. We first got together while in university in 2016. We briefly lived together in England later that year and kept up a long-distance relationship (we would fly back and forth often) until we decided to get married while I was visiting her in the US in 2018. A month after we married, she got a job offer which she accepted which meant she had to leave the country for 6 weeks at a time and then return for 3 weeks (6 weeks on/3 weeks off). This put an enormous strain on our marriage and communication between us got pretty bad after that, mostly because (and I know this might sound trivial) the internet connection was so poor (she worked in a third-world country) that skyping became virtually impossible. Once she got the job, which was something of a dream job for her, she seemed to just reassess what she wanted in life over the next number of months and came to the conclusion that being married to me was something she didn't want. To be clear, I never wanted to get divorced, it was her decision. She was so rapid in breaking up with me and getting me to sign divorce papers the next month that I was taken by surprise, to put it mildly. I believe I have a good body of evidence: Tax return for 2018 filed jointly Bank statements for a joint checking account for the months we were together (July 2018 – March 2019). Gas bills with our names on addressed to us. A sworn affidavit from our landlord (her father) that we resided in the same house during our marriage Sworn affidavits from her, myself, all of her immediate family, all of my immediately family, and a mutual friend who was there when we first got together. Pictures from our wedding and a photo album detailing a timeline of our relationship from 2016 right up until January 2019 (vacations, general times together etc). Phone bills from her mother with both our numbers listed on the bills while we were married (I know this one's weak but I figure anything that could help). Many letters (mostly romantic) exchanged between us during the course of our relationship. Of course, because of the timing of the separation, I'm aware that it'll raise red flags and of course I would love the opportunity to plead my case in an interview, because I know full-well, along with her family, my family, and her, that the marriage was entered into in good faith. I must say though that my anxiety has skyrocketed because from immigration's point of view it's going to look extremely suspicious, which is as much what the lawyer said. Does anybody have any experiences or advice that they can share with me to give me some perspective or guidance. Since our divorce, I've built something of a life for myself in this country and have a good job, and frankly I'd be devastated if I had to leave. Thank you!
  11. I was wondering if anyone had any luck getting an approval to leave Australia with an approved K1? My fiancé just had an emergency interview and we are trying to somehow get her to the US so we can get married prior to me having to ship out. Thanks!
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