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  1. My fiance arrived here 12/18/2018 we were married on December31st, 2018. I am filling out the paperwork for her AOS Green Card. In Part 2 it asks for information on the Prinicipal Immigrant. Since we are married and she has a SS# and Military Dependent ID in her married name, do I put my last name for Family Name (Part 2 1.a) or do I use her maiden name before we were married? Also she uses her previous last name for her middle name now. Both are reflected on her ID card and her SS card. Thank you for any assistance.
  2. Hello everyone! I (US citizen) just married my sweetheart last week in Amman, Jordan Prior to that, I lived in Jordan for the past 19 years, then in the past 6 months before most recently coming back to Jordan, I was back in the USA doing job interviews to set up a domicile, and will hopefully be starting work as a physician there in July. Reading everyone's experiences here and online research makes it clear that DCF is the best option to bring my wife back home with me quickly. I have an appointment to file I-130 next week at the USCIS office in Amman, and was curious: 1. For physical address in the past 5 years, I had lived at the same address in Jordan but as I mentioned I was traveling around the USA on job interviews for the past months. The address in Jordan was still available to me at this time, so I'm wondering what to put in that field. In other words, should I put all of the addresses of hotels, Airbnbs, etc. over the past 6 months, or just the address in Amman? 2. Regarding the residency requirement in the country in which I'm filing DCF, would I meet the requirement, considering the many years I was in Jordan, and that I have Jordanian citizenship as well? I'm asking in particular about this most recent stint in the US to establish my career and our domicile, does that have any effect on the requirement? Warm regards to all of you, and thanks in advance!
  3. Hi Everyone, My name is Claire. I'm from Cork Ireland and I'm getting married to my fiance in 10 weeks in Ireland. He is a US Citizen. We hope and plan to move back to the US together. Can anyone advise on where we should start? How do I get a Case number from the US Embassy in Dublin? How do I get an appointment after we have our marriage certificate? Are we chosing the correct visa type? I-130? Will I be able to return to the US with my future husband after we get married? I hope someone can guide us in the right direction. Thanks Claire
  4. Hello! I hot here in the US in a tourist visa and now im married to a USC. I was just wondering what should i put in this document regarding the INA. My tourist visa will expire next year. But my 6 month stay here in the US is over and we’re currently applying for the AOS since I got married to a USC. Thank youN
  5. Hello! During my 90 days visit with ESTA visa me and my floridian boyfriend (he's American citizen) discovered that I'm pregnant so he asked me to marry him and we got married in Vegas in December. I have to go back to Europe at the beginning of February due to my work, but which visa he now has to apply so I could come back and stay with him? Is it K3? CR1/R1? Does he have to fill the I-130 form at first? Where can he do that? Can it be done online? How long will the whole process take? Does he have to be in United States all that processing time or can he visit me in Europe at about the time I will deliver our baby? And what about my 14yo son who I would like to take with me? Does he need a separate visa or can he be on my visa? And the new baby? We planned to return in August, is it conciderable at all? I'm really not familiar to the laws at all and I would appreciate a step-by-step guide (with links), if someone would be so kind ... Thank you so much!
  6. Hello! Recently, i just submitted my i-485. I am a tourist and got married to a USC. I was just wondering if I should report my marriage to the Philippine Consulate in SF and have a name change. Or wait for my green card before changing/renewing my passport? My passport will expire on 2021. Thank you!
  7. Hi, I am about to submit my online N400 and I have an urgent question. I am a married, applying for naturalization based on 5-year of residency after getting my green card. My wife and daughter (under 18) got their green card the same time as mine and we have been living together all the time (I married many years ago and this is our only marriage and neither my wife nor myself have no prior marriage). Our address is the same (same address entered in N400 forms). To my surprise, when I was almost finishing to update the evidences (e.g. birth certificate of my child, etc), I was asked about attaching evidence of child support. I know and am sure that this does NOT apply to me as I have not divorced or not adopted a child, so I clicked next without providing a proof. However, the page loads again with a note that YOU SHOULD PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF CHILD SUPPORT OR YOUR APPLICATION MAY BE DELAYED. I am very concerned as I am not sure why even USCIS is asking this question from me, at first place. The only thing that comes to my mind is that this a normal question from all married applicants with a child that file N400 online. I wonder if anyone encounter with this question? If so, what did you answer or better to say what should I do? I appreciate any advice. Thank you.
  8. Applied for my wife CR1 Visa in Jordan in June of 2017 to come to the States. approved by USCIS, got sent to the NVC, Approved by the NVC. Wifes interview was on November 13 of 2018, she was only there for the interview as I'm in the states. She told me that they asked her simple questions but handed her a white slip seeking a missing document which is a joint sponsor. But they explicitly told her apart from that everything is good. So I sent the document and the joint sponsor had excellent income so that wasn't an issue and it arrived at the embassy on December 20th, 2018. I checked online status and it was in Administrative Processing so I wasn't truly upset maybe it was a placeholder word until they reviewed the document. I called the embassy on the 24th and I got hold of someone at the immigration Unit and he informed me everything is going great, just a few more days until an officer reviews the document and issues the visa. on the 27th, it changed from Administrative Processing to "ready" which confused me since she already had the interview. Lord and behold, I get a call from the embassy yesterday night asking for a current phone number from my wife. They gave her a call and asked her a few peculiar and unrelated questions about one of her relatives. I won't dive into detail about that but it wasn't ANY question regarding her. So should I be freaking out that all of the sudden they start asking her questions not even about her after all these great news they keep giving me? Had anyone experienced such an odd scenario? If her case gets denied for an uncommon reason what would be the proper steps to go forward. Thank you all kindly for any input.
  9. Hoping this is not too unique of a scenario.... My husband moved to live with me in Canada a few years ago. Now we want to move, as a family, back to the US. Going to go the CR-1 route. Question is: can he petition for me, and can we complete the application while living in Canada? Thank you so so so much to everyone who takes the time to answer all these questions on here - trust me when I say, we ALL appreciate it! Cheers.
  10. I came to US with K-1 fiancée visa. I have been waiting for a green card interview since July 2017 and my 1-year Advance Parole and Employment Authorization document is expiring this August ( 2018 ). I need to renew my combination card just in case. My question is - what is my Class of Admission now? Is it still K-1 with what I entered with?
  11. Hey everyone, K1 approved and Married 11/20/18 and his K1 visa is expired 12-12-18... Do we have to have all of the paperwork for AOS filled and sent in by then? Or is it more lenient because we are married now? Also do I the petitioner have to submit another affidavit of support for the AOS or can I just submit supporting financial documents? Did you make a nice binder/folder to make it presentable? Also the medical exam was sent from husbands country to the US embassy, is this something that is accessible on their end? THANKS everyone.
  12. Hello my fiance came over on his K-1 last Saturday, we got married Wednesday. It is our understanding that he cant work until he files for a work permit or the AOS. What do we do now? Is there a detailed synopsis of what we need to do next? The AOS costs $1,225 , we printed and filled out the I-485 paperwork. We want to pay with card so we included a form G-1450. What other information do we need to include? We mail this off to the Chicago address correct? What happens after that / how do we know when the interview, biometrics, or next step is? Thank you
  13. Good morning. My mom who is 74 years old just received Notice of Immigrant Visa Case Creation from The Department of State's National Visa Center (NVC). We are in the process of completing these steps: Pay the Immigrant Visa Application fee and Affidavit of Support fee through CEAC Submit your visa application form through CEAC Please review https://nvc.state.gov/documents for a complete list of required documents for your case. Collect the required financial documents, police certificate(s), and civil documents Scan and upload all of these documents to your CEAC account I believe only unmarried children of my mom under 21 years of age can be brought with her to the US. I have a concern which is , I am already 38 years old, and just got married last year. What is my chance that I go to the US , be a resident too, along with my husband and my baby? Any suggestions and options would be of great help. Thanks..
  14. Hello, I can't seem to find direct response t my question so I'll just drop it here (hopefully the right place). Can someone help, please? My and my husband are during I-130 process. We got approved in USCIS lately and now gathering documents for NVC stage. His tax person said that since I do not have ITIN nor SSN he can't file married, filing separately and did it as Head of the household. I found this information (not on the official US Government site though!😞 "The petitioning spouse is required to provide the tax return with the visa application or the application for adjustment of status. The adjudicator deciding the case will review the tax return for the filing status. When the immigration officer sees the filing status of Head of Household is selected by a petitioning spouse, it informs the immigration officer that the spouses did not actually live together during the last 6 months of the tax year. This may be understandable when the immigrating spouse is still waiting in the home country for a consulate interview. However, it is not allowed for married couples who were living together in the U.S. during that time." So does that mean we are OK? Because obviously, I am not living with my husband since I am in my home country Thanks in advance for all your help!
  15. I'm just thinking out loud here.... My fiancee (US) and I (UK) are currently awaiting my K1 visa (filed back in April 2018) and are hoping to have a US wedding sometime around Easter (that's late April) 2019. If the worst comes to the worst and we don't have the visa by Easter, could I theoretically travel out there on an ESTA visitor visa (as per usual) and have a wedding ceremony (but not get legally married) and then return to the UK to continue waiting for the visa to be processed? I know it's unlikely that it won't be received by Easter, but we're quite keen to have it at that specific holiday time (so that teacher friends can come/friends attending from the UK can bring their children etc) and we're also conscious that we need to start planning/booking things early so as to give international guests enough time to save/plan their visit themselves. But if we plan all this stuff and then the visa isn't ready by then, we don't want to have to postpone....so could we theoretically go through with the wedding whenever we want but just not get officially married by US law until the visa is ready??
  16. I'm working with my son trying to figure out what forms he should complete to get his wife and son to the United States. He's going to do the CRBA so his son can be a US citizen and receive his passport. Our question revolves around his wife. What path do you all suggest we use? What works best? What time frame are we looking at? They got married in Nov 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  17. Hi, Anyone from Ghana who has traveled to the States using a B-1/B-2 visa? Can you give any pointers or explain the process. My husband and I have decided to apply for this visa since it seems as if we will not see one another again for another year because of CR-1 delays. I plan to travel to Ghana in August for my yearly trip but would like him to be able to travel back with me when I leave and stay with me for the length of the tourist visa. He has no problem going back and has somewhat strong ties. But I'm not sure if it is enough! Any and all help is greatly appreciated from people who have been through the process from Ghana. I understand it being a hard country to get approved for visas so I dont need that information just information about the process and tips on how to guarantee an approval. Thank you in advance.
  18. Hi I'm a US citizen born and raised. My wife and i have been married 3 years. We moved to US last year after she got into a university here. We applied for AOS I485, I130, I765, I131, i693 etc after first semester. We sent documents in January 2018 and now August 1st received a txt saying a RFIE was sent out August 1st. We have had no other updates since the biometrics appointment but now this... Our package was huge with a tonne of evidence and the medical and joint sponsor forms ( as I havent filed taxes in the US because we lived in th UK where I am also citizen. ) We have been together for nearly 10 years and proof in pictures etc and other evidence. So we are really worried what this RFIE could be about and or what problems we could encounter given we submitted everything and more then what we had to...with help from a immigration lawyer. Service center is MSC and local office Charleston S.C Any info or experiences you could share would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you
  19. I just received my welcome letter last week (the date on it was June but I guess it took a whole month to get to the Philippines). Our petition was approved back in April 2006 so receiving that letter was really a surprise as I thought it wasnt going to happen anymore. Since it has been 12 years, a lot has happened and I dont know how this will affect the petition. My mom became a US citizen a year or two after the petition was approved. And I got married in 2010. Can we still have her update her status as citizen and continue the application? What should we do?
  20. A friend of mine has been living here in US as a tourist, her tourist visa expired a fe months ago, now she is married to an American citizen. What kind of paperwork does she have to fill out to apply for legal status?
  21. Hi everyone, I am seeking for opinions, suggestions... or if the same happened to you, please tell me your story. I need to apply for my I751, but a lot happen since I've been married, my husband is being very irresponsible with money, stopped paying rent, (we split our rent and all the other bills) never told me, I only found out because the landlord called me saying that he hasn't been paying his half in months, he is not paying for his car, and phone bills, that is one of the reasons of our daily arguments, on top of that, after we got married his behavior changed a lot and he is being disrespectful,rude, unreasonable and unreliable. About a month ago he decided that he wants to separate, that he needs some time for himself and he move out of the house, he did agree to sign the papers tho. My questions is: Should I send the papers as married and hopefully things between us will get better once he get his sh** together or should I apply as separated ? Did anyone here apply as separated recently? what happened? Thank you
  22. My wife was living here on a tourist then changed to student visa for four years before we met and married. Since our marriage, her visa has expired and we don't even know where to start. Please help.
  23. Hi! New to this forum but looking for some advice on how and more specifically, when, to change my name. -I have resided in the US for 17 years and have had a green card for the past 12 -I have a UK passport that expired this month, I went to the consulate for an "emergency passport" for travel for my honeymoon this past week (expires in 6 months, but isn't technically valid for any travel now) -my green card is valid for another 8 years -I got married a week ago to a US citizen and plan to change my name to his -I was planning on applying for naturalization last year, but held off due to job changes etc SO- where do I start? Do I change my name first with social security? Apply for naturalization ASAP? Can I apply for a new British passport in my new name, which will not match my green card, and will that cause issues when I apply for naturalization? I'm going around in circles here.
  24. Hi All, OK! So little old me was dating a us citizen, i visited in Sept '17 and we hit it off, we instantly clicked but we knew we would have to take things slow because we would only see each other every three to four months. I returned to the UK in Oct '17 with the intention of returning in Dec'17. We carried on dating and we couldn't wait to reunite. In december my grandfather died, crushing me and leaving me wanting to reunite with my boyfriend faster. I returned to the USA and spent xmas and new year with my boyfriend and his family, whilst here i was notified of the funeral date, i decided to stay here with my boyfriend for the remainder of my esta as i was struggling to come to terms with everything. I resigned from my job in the uk as my dad told me he would hire me upon reinstating his company within the next month or so and the job i had would of had to let me go as i no longer was allowed time off work. Three days before i was due to leave (Esta Expiry Date was in three days) my boyfriend took me for a hike in the forest as one of our last few times we could spend together.. he proposed saying since ive been here he couldn't live without me, it would kill him to see me go home again. I said yes. We married two days later, in a little but cute chapel. We had every intention to try even though impossible to file everything within the next week, haha! We were so shocked how much you have to do, but my esta ran out within two days of our wedding and now im here overstaying. i've overstayed nearly two months as ive been waiting for my medical records from the UK. Am i right in thinking because i came here under intentions of returning home & because the marriage was bona fide & spur of the moment i am able to file for AOS? What is the chance of it being denied & being deported? Any and all help is welcomed. Thanks, Roll Tide!
  25. Hello, I am a student (with F-1). I am graduating on May 2018 and I am planning to get married with a USC on Nov 2018. In the mind time, my plan is working that's why I was considering getting my OPT. Is this may best option? Or there's a visa that can allow me stay and work while we get married?