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  1. My fiancé and I are going through Frankfurt (beneficiary is German citizen) and I know the process is a bit different there than at a lot of other consulates, but we responded to P3 on 6/14, got the email that we could schedule the interview on 6/29, and our interview is scheduled for 7/12 (Tuesday).
  2. Thought I'd answer my own question in case others find themselves in the same position: At Frankfurt, you do indeed need to wait for them to received the documents you send that they request with P3, once they receive those you will eventually be notified that you are able to schedule an interview, but you can't schedule it before then. We were however able to get P3 earlier via email when we contacted the consulate, so you don't necessarily need to wait for them to physically mail you P3.
  3. For Frankfurt you send the consulate everything requested in the P3 via mail: Obtain all documents listed below that are applicable to your case (even if they were previously submitted to USCIS or NVC). Please complete the last page of this checklist and place it on top of your collected documents, which need to be submitted by regular mail to U.S. Consulate General Frankfurt...
  4. My fiancé and I are putting together the packet to send to the Frankfurt consulate for the K-1 visa interview. As part of it, we are trying to register the document delivery address on US Travel Docs, but following the instructions in P3 and on the US Travel Docs website we are lead to a page where we have to select the visa type and there is no K1 option (New Application/Schedule appointment > Immigrant Visa > Immigrant Visa Delivery Registration). Wondering if others have encountered this and how they resolved it? This is more or less a duplication of this post below but it looks like they never got an answer, wasn't sure if resurrecting that post was the right thing to do or not. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. Ah we were unaware that filling out DS-160 was a prerequisite for receiving the instructions, I assumed that the consulate sent us P3 when they received our case from the NVC. She hasn’t filled out the DS-160 yet.
  6. Hey all, My fiancé and I are a bit confused about when exactly we are allowed to schedule the interview for her K-1 visa at the consulate in Frankfurt. We were originally operating under the assumption that she needed to receive P3, send the consulate the requested documents, and then she would be issued/would be able to schedule an interview date after they reviewed the documents. However, I've seen other posts/sources saying that you can go to ustraveldocs and schedule an interview once your CEAC status is "ready" (ours has been since May 27th, it has been updated multiple times since then as well based on the date listed but always shows "ready"). Is this something that is only allowed at other consulates? Is this something only Ukrainians are allowed to do (my fiancé is a German citizen and most of the newer info I see about Frankfurt only pertains to Ukrainian cases)? I've reached out the the consulate for clarification but thought it would be worth posting on here as well. Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Hi All, Couldn't find any other posts about this or info in the I-134 instructions, but for K-1 visa applicants what should be put down for the "From" box in question/section 16 (Beneficiary's anticipated period of stay)? Since we obviously don't know when she will actually be coming over to the US, should we put "N/A"? Use some estimated date? Something else? Thanks in advance for the help!
  8. Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster! Thanks to this group for keeping me and my fiancé sane during this whole ordeal. My fiancé and I were convinced we’d get an RFE because we used DocuSign on the statements of intent instead of signatures, but I woke up this morning to and saw we just got approved!!! 🥳 we filed April 9th. I’ve updated our timeline. May everyone else waiting get approved ASAP!
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