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  1. Hello everyone, Visajourney has been a great help to us with the immigration stuff so in return id like to share our i751 interview to everyone wondering what and how it goes. Since most are probably gonna go through the interview due to the recent changes i hope it helps. Interview schedule was at 8:55am but we arrived and went in at 8am. Screening (like the ones on the airport, emptying your pockets, belt and watches on trays and then shoes off) [We did not bring our phones inside since usually its like that with immigration interviews, but the moment we were waiting in the reception area we saw several using their phones even if there's a sign saying no using mobile phones while waiting🤣] Reception (where you will give your appointment letter just the 1st page, then wait for your name to be called) 8:30am we got called in. Swear to an oath etc etc . He asked for our ids (we gave our driver's license), my expired green card and asked us documents wed like to submit. Then the interview. Here are some of the questions arranged accdg to how the interview went 1. You have a child together? 2. Can i have the birth certificate? (They want the copy and original, they will double check stuff from the copy you gave that day to the copy you first submitted to the original) 3. So tell me, how did you guys meet? (Literally what he asked us) 4. When did you start seeing each other? 5. When did you meet each others relatives? 6. How long have you been living with each other? Who is living with you? 7. Have you been on a vacation recently? (He asked us twice in between these questions) 8. Tell me, who were with you on these vacation? 9. Did you stay at a hotel?where did you go? 10. Who paid for this trip? 11. So where is your spouse working? (This is where it seems like the officer was really testing me how well i knew my spouse) 12. Whats his position? (He then asked my spouse the nature of work) 13. Does your spouse work overtime? 14. What's your spouse's annual income? 15. How much rent do you pay? (Because i gave the lease contract late) 16. Who pays the rent? How long are you living in this address? 17. Do you host parties at your house? (He was joking since our address has a "fiesta" in it) 16. How old is your child? 17. When is her birthday? 18. So i want you to face each other and in 30 secs tell each other what made you decide to marry? (I was so nervous i just started saying whatever comes to mind that i liked and loved about my spouse) 19. So lets just go over your file.. ( this time i knew we were almost done) he just asked about whats in your i751 application so make sure you memorized everything from your name to your bday, to your socials, address, spouse bday, children's names and bdays etc.. He then turned his back and gave us a letter saying our application is approved and green card will be delivered in mail after 1month to 90days. 9:10am we were out the room and back to the reception where the lady was congratulating us probably because of the big smile on our faces. My only advise is try to relax and be calm. Smile at your interviewer. Adjust to his/her pace and mood, if he's in a lighter mood smile from time to time. They can feel it if your lying or being truthful. Regarding documents we submitted, we gave him latest copies of our bills, most recent photos, lease contract (which was specifically asked on our interview appointment letter), tax documents, health,life and car insurance copies. Hope you guys got an idea of the interview from our experience😊
  2. If anyone can advise it would be really helpful. Yesterday my lawyer informed that my case i751 was denied to lack of evidence for a short story I had been married in 2014 for less than 2 years then got divorced for marital issues at 2016 so I had to file a divorce waiver However I got married after in 2017 again to a different person. Now, id on;t have too many options I see a lot of people talking about IJ but my previous lawyer advised to have my wife file for me new i130. I started to get concerned about the whole case. Can I get some advice Please?
  3. I have been following VJ off and on in last 2 years. I filled my I 751 divorced waiver in Aug 2016, received NOA after 5 days and received fingerprinting appointment after approx. 2 months. I was unable to check my status online it didn't recognize my receipt number. I received a letter from local USCIS office on March 23rd for an interview. I had an interview on April 25th, 2018. My interview officer checked my documents asked some questions and at the end, he said I am going to approve your application. On May 1st, 2018 my status on USCIS website updated with "New card is Being Produced". On May 3rd it changed it to New office has Jurisdiction. I freaked out and called my lawyer and he called USCIS office and told me that your case is approved don't worry about online status as they transfer my case to national benefits center. I got a letter in the mail it says that congratulations! we approved your application and you will get your green card within 60 days. after that I also receive a letter that my case was to transferred to NBC. After 21 days of my interview, i received my green card in the mail. Tips to prepare I 751 divorce application write a very good letter and get a lawyer to help you in this process. I took screenshots of my text msgs between me and my ex-wife I also received RFE and I already submitted all evidence so I attached one more letter of support and sent all evidence again. Attached 11 letter of support as I didn't have a joint lease and joint insurance. Interview experience: IO was really good he asked me about all the pictures and wrote it down about the event and when we took this picture. He asked my about my bank statement and asked the reason why we decided to get divorced. My lawyer went with me for an interview. Most important point is true information if your case based on reality and facts then you should not be fear of anything. A good lawyer is very helpful. I just wanted to share my journey with you guys especially those who are waiting and good luck!
  4. Hello i have a doubt about the extension letter, my I751 is pending, I work as a flight attendant so I leave the country at least once a month, I got the extension letter that is valid for 18 months, but i also got a atop on my passport, the stamp was valid for 12 months, the stamp is valid until this month, August 2019 and the letter April 2020, should I get a new stamps for my passport or can I just use the letter until April ? So i can come in and out of the country ? thank you
  5. Hello, fall 2017 filer here. I got approved recently after responding to an RFE for my I751 petition. The forum has been incredibly helpful, arguably better than some immigration lawyer I spoke to. I want to share my experience and timeline in case it might be helpful or can alleviate some anxiety out there. Timeline: Fall 2017 jointly filed, Biometrics followed up very quickly in 2-3 months time. Then long wait until Feb 2019 for RFE for general documents to prove bona fide marriage. I responded in two weeks after receiving RFE. The response was acknowledged on Friday the same week the documents were delivered. Card in production around 10 days after the acknowledgement of RFE response. Long wait but quick turnaround after RFE response. There is one complication with my RFE: after getting married, my husband and I lived two years together and we lived apart for two years because of work reasons (relocation, different city) and then we were physically separated for another 8 months because long distance take a toll on our relationship. So when filing jointly 2017, we did not live together but NOT by choice, when receiving the RFE, we were not living together BY CHOICE. As you can imagine, this creates a complicated situation because we are in the limbo mode: not divorced but not living together either. I consulted an immigration lawyer about the best strategy going forward and he suggested me to get a divorce first, wait for the divorce decree and then respond to the RFE by switching from jointly filed to a waiver. He thinks this process will probably take more than a year and he thinks rather than wait for approval on 751, I should wait until 2020 to file N400 to force an interview happen quickly. All makes sense right? I thank god every second for not listening to him! What I did instead was to write a long letter explaining the ups and downs of our marriage as well as having my husband write a letter. In the letter, I told the officer that a divorce down the road is considered but we have not yet decided finally. I also told the officer that we want to REMAIN JOINT FILING STATUS. Note: my husband and I are still on good terms despite separation. I decided to be 100% honest with USCIS and listed my past address since we get married. Of course, I also sent a giant packet with photos, affidavits from a couple, banks statement for past three years, IRS transcript (I sent returns initially, not transcript), Amazon orders, birthday gift receipts, copies of driver's license with same address showing, copies of my H1B visa to prove I did not need green card to stay in the country, the proof to show that first two years of living apart was not by choice, and flights and hotel reservation for past trips. I bought a big multi-layer folder and fill it in full. Overnighted it via Fedex to USCIS. ~ Two weeks later, I got approved! The moral of the story is BE HONEST - worst strategy is to lie in an immigration application Lawyers are incentivized to complicate the situation so that they can charge you more. Also some of them are too busy that they will rarely help you respond to an RFE in two weeks, only you can do that. USCIS apparently values timely responds as indicated in their notification when RFE response is received. For really complicated situations you might need a lawyer, but be aware of their incentives and don't get bluffed by them. Word of mouth is probably important here when looking for a good responsible lawyer. USCIS officers understand marriage fall apart and takes a very humane customized approach when looking at our cases. Don't be afraid that they might not understand. As long as your marriage is real, you have nothing to worry about. Be creative and exhaustive with your supporting evidence. I underestimate the document requirement when I first filed, I thought they might retain the file when I get my conditional green card and merely send a few updates. If you have not filed yet, be sure to send as many documents as possible to avoid RFE. Be creative means not only tax document, children birth certificate or mortgage, you can send anything that shows you get married because you fall in love. I actually sent in the Facebook page of our relationship status change many years ago when we first started dating. Be as detailed as possible in your cover letter and in the affidavit letter. Let the witness talk about events you did together, how you get to know each other as a couple. Amazon orders histories are good proof of joint living as well as relationship. This is a long way to say, don't be afraid of RFE and don't be afraid that a damaged marriage might cause a denial of your petition. And most importantly, if someone say, you will definitely get an interview because you and your husband don't live together any more, WALK AWAY from that person as they know nothing about I751 petition. Thanks and hope this can be of help!
  6. Hi all, I just received an RFE in the mail couple of days ago. It was dated Feb 18th 2014. Interesting thing is that I truly believe it was somehow triggered by change of address I put in on Feb 6th 2014 (others in the past have also noted the same). Also it is very generic, usually people receive some sort of "personalized" RFE in the sense that it mentions what was submitted and what they need, but in my case, it is as generic as anything. However, whatever they request, I already submitted with my original packet including. Here is what I had sent: Joint lease from last three years Joint tax transcript (ordered from IRS website) from last two years Our health insurance cards showing both names Account snapshot of our Aetna website showing both of us using this insurance during our doc visits Joint bank account transaction pages covering last two years Letter from our bank stating when was my wife added to my account and that we have debit cards associated with that account Copy of a joint loan application we signed back in late 2011 Joint auto insurance and renter insurance Copy of our DLs showing same address Some utility bills showing individual names but same address Affidavits from friends/family Pics and holiday cards addressed to both of us Copies of the doc visit forms showing spouse as emergency contact ****** Now, other than the docs mentioned above, I have the following that I didn't send Life insurance showing spouse as beneficiary (but we just got it a month ago; before RFE date though... should I even send it? or will it raise red flag?) Call/text log showing awful lot of texts/calls between me and my wife e-mail/chat logs (not sure how much weight it carries) some more pics when my parents visited us back in October some hospital bills to us individually but same address? same goes with pet clinic bills showing her name but same address? ****** We haven't filed the taxes yet for this year, I dont have 401K, we dont have a child, we dont have a mortgage, the cars are under my name only as her credit score was pretty bad Any help is appreciated. Please advise fellow filers!
  7. please share ur timeline! LOCATION FLUSHING, QUEENS i filed i751 on feb 2018 filed n 400 on jan 2019 now still waiting for the interview date
  8. Hello! First time poster here, wondering if anyone could give some advice on my situation. I got married to my US citizen spouse in Jan 2017 after several years together, and we quickly moved to the US. I came on a tourist visa and applied for AOS, receiving my conditional green card in Feb 2018. It expires in Feb 2020. Sadly, over the course of the past year, my spouse and I have dealt with some irreconcilable differences causing us much turmoil in the relationship, and eventually decided to divorce. The process has not begun yet, but I am hoping to set it in motion this month. We previously had a great bona fide relationship, which I have plenty of evidence of, along with evidence of an extramarital affair on his part in the recent months. Despite these issues, we remain on good terms and communicate well. Since we do not share property or children and keep our finances relatively separate, I think the divorce proceedings will be short and hopefully finalized prior to the expiration of my green card. I plan to apply for Removal of Conditions exactly 90 days prior to the expiration. Unfortunately, I was also recently charged with a first time DUI. This was my first time ever committing a criminal offense - I blew 0.08 (the minimal limit in my state), was arrested, and left jail the same day. I will be going to court in two weeks and hoping to go through with diversion, meaning that after some educational classes and a trial period the charges can be removed from my record within 1 year. Of course, they will be on my record when I apply for Removal of Conditions. Considering all this, I am honestly rather worried about my chances of obtaining the 10-year GC on my own. I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has been through a similar situation before, and if so - do you happen to have any tips for me? What should I be doing right now in preparation for the coming mess? Will it be a mess? Should I be worried? Should I hire an attorney to see this through, or will I be okay gathering the documentation on my own? Thank you all in advance!
  9. Hello Everyone, Does anyone knows,how long is the processing times for I751 interviews? I'm a 2016 December filer,my papers has been sitting in Miami Field office since November 2018, When should I expect to receive my interview letter ?I might leave the country to visit my family. Good luck everyone
  10. Hello, I need immediate help!!! I petitioned my husband coming from K1 Visa, filed AOS, and now have submited I751 Removal of Conditions. The 2 years of marriage have passed. After I submitted the Removal of Conditions package, my husband left me. He would degrade me, cause me emotional stress, and I suffered constant abuse. One time I had to slap him to get away from him. He left and abandoned me and is threatening me that he will use the incident when I slapped him so immigration can protect him and say I was the one abusing him as USC. I always knew he didnt love me, he never wanted to have kids or buy a house together. He would always insult me and would push his forefinger onto my head and yell at me that I was crazy. I always had a feeling he was cheating and using me for the greencard. I filed for divorce and he is worried that it will affect his greencard, so he said he is getting an attorney and will say I a used him and he suffered abused just for greencard purposes. He just got served today with the summons and im worried. Can immigration see this as fraud or will they question if the permanent resident needs protection and is eligible for a greencard even though I have filed for divorce before his 10 year greencard have been approved. He has blackmailed me saying he will cause me to.loose my job because I the assault of slapping him. This happened more than 1 year or 2 ago, but he said he will use it against me to hurt me. Help!!!
  11. Hello, I just realized that my lawyer filed my forms at the wrong office. My package was mailed and received directly at my local office on June 14th. On the uscis website it looks like it should have been sent to Dallas TX. It's been 3 weeks and I haven't received a receipt notice nor was the check cashed. I'm freaking out. What should I do?
  12. Hi. I want to add affidavits by people who knew us as a couple for I-751. But unfortunately my family does not live in USA. So can I have any of my family member write affidavit for me from their country or does the person has to be in USA?
  13. Hello! I sent my i751 yesterday through fedex and it’ll arrive at the Skyharbor,AZ location on Friday by 4pm. Once received, when should I be expecting some sort of letter tgat my stay has been extended? I’d also like to add that my conditional status expires on August 1
  14. Hello everyone! I decided to start this thread because I couldn’t find any information regarding my situation here. So long story short, I became a conditional resident in Feb 2016, got my Permanent resident card in June 2019 (Yayyy!). I’m planning to apply for Naturalization and my problem is that I don’t know if I am eligible: I have taken 3 trips outside the US since becoming a resident (Since Feb 2016). 1. Lasted 325 days - My first trip after becoming a conditional resident. I visited my family. My mom had died at that time and i spent time with my dad because he was ill and i had to renew my passport which took about 4 months. 2. Lasted 64 days - second trip to 3rd country where I travelled with my dad and sister to get them a medical treatment. 3. Lasted about a month - Had job interview in a country i travelled the second time and wanted to become their US representative. My question is : AM I ELIGIBLE TO APPLY FOR NATURALIZATION? I have been trying to find an answer to my question in forums but no luck. Please if anyone is familiar or has any information regarding my situation, let me know! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  15. Really need help, My current situation: 1) Filed I 751 Jointly in July 2018. 2) I filed domestic voilence and divorce against my wife in August. 3) I got divorce in September 2018 under "Cruel Treatment" category, i proved in the court that my wife tortured me. 4) During this time, my wife called USCIS and told i left her, but didn't withdraw the I-751. My question 1) I asked my lawyer about next steps, he told me to wait till the decision on my current jointly filed I-751. He mentioned i don't have to inform USCIS about divorce. Is it correct ? 2) Since my wife called USCIS and told them i left her, i am assuming i will be definitely called for interview, so in the interview if i directly show them final divorce decree i got under cruel treatment and the proofs we entered marriage legally, will they approve my case ?
  16. Hi All, I filed my I 751 jointly last year. After few months after filing I 751 jointly i applied for Divorce since my wife is abusing me and hurting me physically, I got divorce under "Cruel Treatment" category from the court. After the divorce, my wife contacted USCIS to cancel my I751 application. My application is not cancelled and still pending. Question 1 : Do i need to inform USCIS about my divorce now or should i wait for the interview and show my divorce (under cruel treatment) when i goto interview. Question 2 : What are the chances of getting my permanent green card ? The fault for the divorce is on my wife side and in the divorce decree its mentioned cruel treatment. Thanks for the response. Jay.
  17. I just received my package in the mail today for early filing outside 90 days. They divided my package in two and everything got stapled with heavy duty staple. My pictures were placed in a small yellow Manila folder. It seems like every page have been scanned, at the bottom of every page. The cashier check was placed with the 1st set of paperwork with a NOA rejection letter and a green notice. Do I mail everything back as is, or do I rearrange everything like it was originally sent.? It seemed like everything was scanned already, I'm not sure if I need to send the pictures again. The green notice says PLACE THIS LETTER ON TOP OF YOUR APPLICATION PACKAGE. My package was separated and pulled apart into two stacks. Package 1 includes my petition, the check and part of the supporting documentation. For those who have gone through this, please advise! How should I do this? It seems like everything was scanned already and I was issued a receipt number with EAC#.
  18. Hello everyone. I have been a silent reader here and this forum helped me a lot when I was applying for a greencard through marriage. I have been married to my US citizen husband for 3 years and I am going to apply for the 10 year green card in December. But we have been having a lot of problems lately that finally my husband told me that he wants to divorce... after 10 emotional days I started worried about my greencard. I have been in this country for the last 8 years and I’m worried I will have to leave. I asked him if he could at least wait till I submit my papers.. but then I did a little research and I’m confused if it would be better for me to divorce before I submit my papers or after I submit them? I’m worried because my opt was expired when I got married to him. Also before that my company tried to sponsor me for the H1 visa. I’m worried those will backfire me.. Our marriage is real. I still love him to death. I have an amazing relationship with my stepchild. I have a lot of documents to prove the marriage is real. I am really confused. I got my greencard without a lawyer but I guess I will need an immigration lawyer this time.. did anyone go through the same experience and were able to get their greencard ? And how long does this process really take ?
  19. Will this affect ROC? Has anybody experienced this? I have read under the USCIS website and under the new proposal that Obamacare is not considered Public Charge. I do see rumors though yet again people like to spread false information and blow things up in proportion. Don’t trust your sources unless it’s from USCIS or the DHS. Me and my wife was under Obamacare back in 2017 when she first moved here. I had a full time job but I didn’t enroll our health insurance thru my employer (looking back I should’ve). We now have insurance thru my employer btw. Any thoughts?? https://www.uscis.gov/legal-resources/proposed-change-public-charge-ground-inadmissibility
  20. Case History May/2019 My card was mailed to me May/2019 We ordered your new card. April/2019 We received your response to our Request for Evidence for your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. Our Vermont Service Center office is working on your case again. March/2019 We mailed a request for additional evidence for your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. January/2018 We received your fingerprint fee for your Form I-751, Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence. Your case is now properly filed. I wanted to show you all my case history since is such a long wait so you can compare or know what to expect. I was so nervous because i didnt have all supporting evidence they were asking for a joined I751: Green card copy, check, marriage certificate, my husbands divorce certificate from his prior marriage, Our son birth certificate copy, a trip itinerary, his driver license copy. Request of evidence: I sent pictures like 70 or more all written in the back with dates, places and names of people in the pictures as requested and 2 payments i have made to pay rent where we 've lived all this time and a copy of my driver's license that i recently got on march with our address. As you can see we didnt have any joint accounts and i was so worry about that and still approved to remove conditions. Processing time for my case was 16 months. Good luck!
  21. Guys, I have a question, did anyone get paper notice did it says like mine? we transferred your case to the following uscis office listed below so an interview for your case can be scheduled? and the office address was in MO but I live in VA not sure about this guys...
  22. Hello Everyone! My husband and I filed our form I751 at the end of February 2019 to remove the conditions on my Greencard and I haven't yet received my biometrics notice. Has anyone else been waiting equally long? The California Service center is processing our application 😃 I also have a question regarding travel and would appreciate any insight that anyone has to offer 😃 We were planning a 2-3 month trip to Switzerland this summer, but are nervous about traveling since the biometrics notice could come at any time. For anyone who has already received their notice, what is the typical time span between receiving the notice and the actual appointment? We are thinking of going on the trip and taking the risk of having to fly back early in case we do receive the biometrics notice. Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Does anyone have any insights to share? Thank you so much!!
  23. I had combo interview last Wednesday for both i751 and N400 in Detroit. MI. I want to share my experience with you guys. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. So, a little bit of background, I applied for i751 (ROC) in January 2018 and had received two extension letters so far without other updates (one for 12-month and one for 18-month). The case status of my i751 says "case was received". I was a little bit inpatient about it and decided to apply for N400 (Naturalization) the second I became qualified to. (I have included my detailed timeline below in my signature in case you wonder) Civics and English test I showed up for my N400 interview by myself and my appointment was scheduled at 8:30am. I got there around 8:20am, went through security, checked-in. The lady who checked me in at the front desk gave me a number and asked me to go inside and wait at Section 1. I was called (by the number) the second I walked in and there was this young guy who took and scanned my appointment letter, he's nice and chatty, he took my picture and did my finger prints. He then asked me to wait at Section 2 and said someone will call me by number again. I was called again the second I sat down (super fast!) and the lady at the window said she will go through the civics test and English test with me. First though, she said me to stand and take oath. I don't remember all the questions but I feel like it was less than 10 questions (the capital of US/the capital city of Michigan/what is an amendment), I believe I had only 6 questions but again that's all you need to pass. She was typing away as I told her the answers and I was done and passed within 3 mins. She instructed me to sit at Section 3 and told me someone will come get me and call me by my name. I checked the time and it was only 8:28am. Interview It took about 10 mins before someone called my name. Before inviting me into the office area, the IO looked at me and asked me why I am not with my spouse. I told him I am here for the N400 interview and the letter didn't ask for spouse presence for the interview. He looked down at his clipboard and said "well, we might have a problem here then". He hesitated for a second and invited me into the office and told me he would explain everything. I was really nervous and thought he would send me home on the spot. Once we were in the office, he asked me to take a seat and told me that the record shows that my i751 (ROC) is still pending and technically he couldn't do the N400 interview with me until my ROC application is approved. He said he is going to check with his supervisor and asked me to wait in the room. It was the longest 10-15 mins in my life and the entire time I was thinking if I should try to call my husband in the office and ask him to come over. The IO came back and told me he has to conduct a combo interview today and if he were to approve the ROC application/interview, he then would conduct the N-400 interview. The interview process itself was really easy, the IO had all the documents and application forms we sent over over the years, he went through them and verified some of the information with me. He updated our address (we moved last year) and took a copy of our son's birth certificate (we had a baby last year as well!). Asked me to verify the changes he made. He then went through all the yes/no questions with me and asked me if I married my husband for love or green card. He gave me a piece of paper and asked me to read out loud, it was the oath and he told me this is the oath I would take at the Oath Ceremony. He asked me if I have any questions or objection to the oath, I told him no and he congratulated me. He told me he couldn't approve the N-400 on the spot yet, simply because he would have to go back and approve ROC application first.The IO said there are some paperwork he needs to deal with first but I should get the Oath Ceremony notice in mail in less than 30 days and gave me a sheet with the court location where the Oath would take place and the passport agency address. I got out of the building in less than 2 hours, it was not too bad of experience. I just wish the ROC wasn't such a pain! I received a notification yesterday (4/30) that my N-400 was approved and they will mail me the Oath Ceremony notice.
  24. Hello! My conditional permanent residency will expire on 8/1/2019 and I’m supposed to file it within the 90 day period. Would it be okay if I sent it Friday? It might not make it there on the day of, maybe a couple days later... is that okay? I’m sorry if this is a dumb question. Thank you in advance.
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