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  1. True. I think next month they are going to lengthen the time to 13-15 months because at the rate they are going they can't possibly finish April in this month. I can't understand how they are so slow right now and few months ago they were approving cases within 7 months. It's so frustrating 😓
  2. Thank you so much, I was kind of nervous about it because I thought I had to inform someone and that would delay our case. I feel better now that I know I can correct it later on. Also, thank you for letting me know about concealing personal information. Will do. Thank you so much again!
  3. Hello, We received our NOA1 last month and I just realized that my name (beneficiary) is wrong. My second last name is Pérez but on the mail They wrote P REZ. Should I contact someone or tell someone about this? Thank you so much!
  4. definitely! 😄 Thank you for answering!
  5. Okay! I have read so many different opinions that I didn't know what to do 😫 Thank you so much!
  6. Hello everyone! We have almost everything ready to send the K1 visa papers, but there is one question I am not sure about. On the I-129F form, part 1, in the question of other names used. My fiancé has a Korean name which is his birth name and it is the one that appears on all legal documents: birth certificate, passport, credit cards, etc. However, when he moved to the US he started using Justin as it was easier to pronounce. This name does not appear on any legal document, but everyone knows him by that name. It appears in his emails, social networks and on his business cards. I just call him Justin, never by his original name. Should we put Justin in the section of other names used, even though it does not appear in any legal document? Thank you very much!
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