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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone! The best thanks is to spread the word!!
  2. Have you ever wondered how frequently petitions are denied by USCIS? We've collected a list of statistics on common petition forms. Interesting results! I-129F (Fiancee Visa Petition): 19.6% of petitions denied I-130 (Spouse Visa Petition): 17.8% of petitions denied I-485 (Permanent Residence Petition): 14.4% of petitions denied I-751 (Remove Conditions on Residence): 3.7% of petitions denied N-400 (Citizenship): 10.5% of petitions denied I-131 (Advance Parole): 31.4% of petitions denied I-765 (Employment Authorization Documents): 17.5% of petitions denied I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers): 7.6% of petitions denied Note, that all numbers above are from the last 3 months at USCIS (3Q19). Ref: USCIS.
  3. Here are a list of common interview questions, compiled by VJ'ers over the years! https://www.visajourney.com/content/exampleq/
  4. Took a look. The mobile menu was hard coded (yikes) by accident when you clicked on 'profile' to member 1. Now it should forward to your account :-). I'm going to assume that was the issue!
  5. What page are you on when this happens? That may help me debug.
  6. Yes, if we can validate your ownership of that account. Did you lose access to that email account? You can reset the PW if not. Let me know!
  7. Yes we merged with like. They were the same thing and confusing to most people.
  8. See attached. It's a bit sloppy (sorry!) but it has every post from all time. If you can grab the items you need please copy the relevant information into a new topic. Let me know if you need me to clean it up more... dallas-n400-recovered-topic.html.zip
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