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  1. Despite Covid and a swath of US consulate closings, 34 VJ'ers had their IR-1 Visas approved in July so far! Good news and congrats! https://www.visajourney.com/content/visa-approvals-this-month/
  2. What is the time between your filing date and NOA1?
  3. The latest August 2020 US Visa Bulletin has been released by the Department of State. VisaJourney has also updated estimates for September. Visa Bulletin Predictions (Family) Visa Bulletin Predictions (Work)
  4. Added/fixed. I'm not seeing the NBC as a valid processing location per: https://www.uscis.gov/forms/service-center-forms-processing
  5. Open channel. No modding lol. I'll see if I can get some VJ originals to join as well.
  6. We used to have occasional local meetups... would anyone be interested in a VJ virtual meetup? We can provide the video services if so and set it up!! Ideas welcome! -Capt
  7. This is an amazing story. She was completely honest and up front. Probably what won them over. Well done and congrats!!
  8. They used to limit it but that's changed. To confirm, the following should be options correct? California Service Center Nebraska Service Center Potomac Service Center Texas Service Center Vermont Service Center
  9. Of course! In fact the page itself can be edited by members (top Edit link in green). Thank you in advance!
  10. Do you have any time to help with the updates? The guide can be edited. Or if you can point to specific areas I can try to help.
  11. There was an unacceptable post by a member earlier. Their offensive post and replies (copying it) have been removed. They have also been suspended from the site.
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