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  1. Looks like it was an issue on our side -- fixed now! Thank you for letting me know. If you see anything else not working, let me know. Thanks!
  2. Lots of little speed ups around the site made today.... portal pages now 4x faster. Reviews and other pages now 1.5x faster. Generally other pages 10% faster. Hope it helps!
  3. Yep, fully https now! Also Http/2 if you are curious. We are adding HSTS as well in the next 24 hours to fully round things out.
  4. We are now fully https! There are a few background tasks running that may slow the site down for the next 24 hours, but beyond that we are upgraded! If you spot anything not working let me know. Thanks!!
  5. There should be no change visible to anyone... but if something isn't working let me know!! 🙂 . Thanks!
  6. Captain Ewok

    Post Bugs here!

    Yeah post a link here please.
  7. Captain Ewok

    Contact Us

    Likely on our end! :P
  8. Captain Ewok

    Contact Us

    Fixed your multiple timeline issue... hopefully that was it.
  9. Captain Ewok

    Contact Us

    What change do you need made? I can short cut it :).
  10. Captain Ewok

    New Posts link

    Have you checked under the Activity tab? Several options cover this.
  11. Captain Ewok

    Loving The New Front Page!

    Thanks! If you have any ideas/feedback let me know! We are tailoring it some today! 🙂
  12. The actual forums, homepage, other parts?
  13. On the forums or other parts of the site?
  14. We will be migrating in the near future. Maybe this week :-).
  15. Captain Ewok

    Doing it right

    Yes we ignore future dates when making estimates. Folks enter them all the time for a confirmed interview or known date. Quite normal.