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  1. Should be fixed shortly. Sorry for the issues. Since it didn’t affect everyone it took a few to notice.
  2. The VJ timelines are actually accurate in this case. CSC processing times for I-129Fs have been going up quickly. You can see this reflected on the timelines directly. The plots show (roughly) the average processing time for cases approved for each month listed. So that means that cases that were filed roughly 400 days ago are being approved now.
  3. Excellent feedback. Looks like some housekeeping is needed on our end. Stand by :).
  4. Hi, is this fixed? If not can you tell me which application the email was for... I can try ti get it fixed.
  5. Ok, I just make a fix (hopefully) and you should have gotten a new email. Can you confirm it looks ok now (or not)?
  6. We had a minor updated behind the scenes yesterday (in prep for a larger update soon). Did you or anyone get the weekly email?
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