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  1. We had an issue the last few days to a week with email deliveries. The issue should now be fixed! Let me know if you have any further issues. Sorry for the delay -- it took some sleuth work to track things down!
  2. Captain Ewok

    USCIS fee calculator

    Added here, which is linked to from all Guides. Do you think there is another good location? https://www.visajourney.com/content/paying-immigration-fees
  3. Captain Ewok

    USCIS fee calculator

    Yes I can add to the guides section :-).
  4. Actually there is hope! Like I said, there is software you can install to provide me trace logs of this happening. Charles Proxy being a good one (http://www.adopsinsider.com/ad-ops-tools/catch-mobile-app-store-redirect-ads/). I'd even cover the cost for your to buy and collect logs of the bad behaviors. I will see if I can't replicate myself and lets go from there. Trust me -- I want to fix this too :-).
  5. My technical take... didn't proof too carefully but it should read long but accurate: It's hard to stop things downstream. Here is how ad networks work... Let's say we have 7 ad networks that fill ads (Google, AOL, Yahoo, Amazon, etc... all big names). Each ad network may directly match "buyers" (folks with ads) to Publishers (VisaJourney) on their ad platform. Let's say they have a "reach" of websites that offer 100M impressions a day and their own in-house "advertiser direct sale to publisher" banners can only fill 70% of the 100M ad opportunities. To fill the rest they partner with multiple downstream providers that can run their "banners" through their system (3rd party, so to speak... and they skim a little profit off the top). Next, imagine downstream providers doing the same thing... Imagine how many different sources that is. Rolling back to the top, imagine on a website that each ad slot is bid across all 7 networks (and all their downstream partners)... when a bad ad pops up... who did it? As the website owner I can't tell unless that ad is served to me. In fact the malicious ads tend to target "lucky folks" with old browsers, located in random places, etc... to prevent detection. Taking an image of the landing page or url doesn't help because of redirects. We need the actual "raw" logs that show the low level detail on what ad network "chain" the ad came from. With that we can make a complaint to the right people and they can either ban the offending advertiser, or issue a complaint downstream and let them ban the offender there... etc. It gets complicated quick. The good news is that browsers (chrome especially) are starting to release "stronger" versions that block these redirects. It's cat and mouse but they are getting better. Regarding the auto ads, Google Adsense (their ad network) allows "auto" placement of ads based on machine learning... fancy way of saying they automatically place ads. We use static locations (the ones that never change) for most ads but also use limited dynamic locations. In the past we worked with Google to help them improve where they place things. My best suggestion is to take a screen shot of a bad ad location and tell me. I can forward it to the ad network to see if they can optimize it. Whew!
  6. Quick note on #1. These ads come and go and are from downstream networks. They are a plague to the internet and hard to stop at times. We need data from the actual user to debug. This does not indicate anything wrong on our servers (just a bad actor showing a bad ad from downstream). Reference here for more information: https://www.wired.com/story/pop-up-mobile-ads-surge-as-sites-scramble-to-stop-them/
  7. Captain Ewok

    Post Bugs here!

    Keeping an eye. No updates yet, sorry. This is downstream on a network advertiser which is hard to debug quickly. If you have Charles Proxy (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/charles-proxy/id1134218562?mt=8) there are ways to track things down there too.
  8. Not at this time. Your signature takes almost 2x screens on my 15" macbook pro. We would like to keep signatures to a reasonable limit, sorry! If there is another way let me know!
  9. You can now search by visa type, country, local office, etc... huge improvement. More to come!! Member list now also includes tons of extra information as well :-).
  10. Captain Ewok

    Post Bugs here!

    Never seen that. Please keep an eye. If others see it let us know.
  11. Your welcome. Sorry for the issues today!
  12. Captain Ewok

    VJ fail ?

    We aborted the move and will try again once we work out the issues we ran into. Lol
  13. Captain Ewok

    VJ fail ?

    I can fill ya in. Yes we have been struggling with a server migration. We had database glitch that was resolved. I'm greatly sorry for the downtime. We are looking to get to a new server to clear these issues up. Should you see ANY lingering issues today please let me know.
  14. Captain Ewok

    error in vj

    Thanks guys/gals. It's one of those days that you want to erase but we keep solid backups for exactly this reason.
  15. Captain Ewok

    error in vj

    Yeah. It's fixed now. Total fail on an upgrade we we're working. We had to do a full restore from 3pm ET today. Do you see any issues now?