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Where did you go for honeymoon?

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14 hours ago, Allaboutwaiting said:

For everyone willing to share, I'd love to know where did you go for your honeymoon. And for those who are still waiting to get married, what are your plans.



Problem is you can't really go anywhere cool  and you are limited to the USA if on K1


We got married Christmas time in Las Vegas, Weather was super cold especially at night


I am from Texas we have many cool beaches we can fly from in Mexico and Caribbean,  but couldn't because of the K1


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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Russia
3 hours ago, Falcon Cara said:

Problem is you can't really go anywhere cool  and you are limited to the USA if on K1

Eh. Want a tropical island? Hawaii.

Big cosmopolitan city? NYC.

Wineries? Napa.

Mountains? Colorado.

Theme parks? LA or Orlando.


/we just stayed here in San Diego after the civil ceremony while I took another week off, and stayed in Florida for a few days after the dress-up version; no formal honeymoon.

K-1                             AOS
NOA1 Notice Date: 2018-05-31    NOA1 Notice Date: 2019-04-11
NOA2 Date: 2018-11-16           Biometrics Date: 2019-05-10
Arrived at NVC:  2018-12-03     EAD/AP In Hand: 2019-09-16
Arrived in Moscow: 2018-12-28   GC Interview Date: 2019-09-25
Interview date: 2019-02-14      GC In Hand: 2019-10-02
Visa issued: 2019-02-28
POE: 2019-03-11
Wedding: 2019-03-14


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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: England

We didn't get to go on honeymoon. We view our time spent together before getting married, when we were in a long distance relationship, as a honeymoon (as back to front as that sounds). It's the only time we got to spend time alone (we have kids). We spent 3 nights in London one time and got to do touristy things. Another time we went on a road trip round Lake Michigan. 

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We didn’t have one. I don’t see the need for them anymore for most couples. In the past, it was a special time because it was the first time the couple had been alone together, spent the night together, had sex, etc. So they went away to be alone for that. Nowadays most couples are living together or have at least spent the night together before getting married so what’s the big deal with a honeymoon? What makes it any different from any other vacation? 


I work in air air travel and have to laugh at people “going on honeymoon” with kids in tow. People just say it thinking it will get them upgraded or something. It won’t. 




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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Canada

We went to a restaurant afterwards.  That was it---no honeymoon.

Applied for Naturalization based on 5-year Residency - 96 Days To Complete Citizenship!

July 14, 2017 (Day 00) -  Submitted N400 Application, filed online

July 21, 2017 (Day 07) -  NOA Receipt received in the mail

July 22, 2017 (Day 08) - Biometrics appointment scheduled online, letter mailed out

July 25, 2017 (Day 11) - Biometrics PDF posted online

July 28, 2017 (Day 14) - Biometrics letter received in the mail, appointment for 08/08/17

Aug 08, 2017 (Day 24) - Biometrics (fingerprinting) completed

Aug 14, 2017 (Day 30) - Online EGOV status shows "Interview Scheduled, will mail appointment letter"

Aug 16, 2017 (Day 32) - Online MYUSCIS status shows "Interview Scheduled, read the letter we mailed you..."

Aug 17, 2017 (Day 33) - Interview Appointment Letter PDF posted online---GOT AN INTERVIEW DATE!!!

Aug 21, 2017 (Day 37) - Interview Appointment Letter received in the mail, appointment for 09/27/17

Sep. 27, 2017 (Day 74) - Naturalization Interview--- read my experience here

Sep. 27, 2017 (Day 74) - Online MYUSCIS status shows "Oath Ceremony Notice mailed"

Sep. 28, 2017 (Day 75) - Oath Ceremony Letter PDF posted online--Ceremony for 10/19/17

Oct. 02, 2017 (Day 79) -  Oath Ceremony Letter received in the mail

Oct. 19, 2017 (Day 96) -  Oath Ceremony-- read my experience here




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Filed: Citizen (pnd) Country: Nicaragua

went to Jack's steakhouse after our courthouse wedding! poor guy got so overwhelmed by all the choices that US restaurants have that he just ended up ordering "I'll have what she's having".


Honeymoon was in our apartment in good 'ole Mandan ND lol. I took off 3 days or so to just spend time with my new husband. Didn't have a formal honeymoon of any kind because any money we could have used for that went towards the AOS AND I didn't have enough PTO for a honeymoon trip AND our Nicaragua trip we took at the end of the year.


It stinks when your travel plans are dictated by the PTO days one has. of course the alternative is no PTO so no complaints here.

A Tale of Two Dakotaraguans

K1 Journey - 78 Days


Sent I-129F - 11/16/15 [Day 1]
NOA1 - 11/18 (Hard copy: 11/24) [Day 2, Day 8]
NOA2 - 12/18 (Hard copy: 12/26) [Day 32, Day 40]
NVC received file: 1/05/2016 [Day 50] Obtained NVC invoice number, paid visa fee, filled out DS-160: 1/06 [Day 51]
Fiancé's medical: 1/12 9:00am [Day 57]
Interview: 1/22 9:30am, Approved! [67 days] (F)
Visa status = "AP": 1/25, "Issued":01/27, "In Transit: 2/02", Visa packet in hand: 2/03 [Day 78]
POE: (Houston) 2/04, North Dakota arrival: 2/05

Married (civil): 2/05/16 (L)

AOS - 55 Days


I-485, AP, EAD sent : 3/03/2016 [Day 1]

Delivered: 3/04 [Day 2]

Electronic NOA1: 3/08 [Day 5]  NOA1 Hardcopy: 3/12 [Day 9]; Biometric Notification snail-mail: 3/26 [Day 23]; Biometrics Appt: 4/06 in Fargo, ND [Day 33]

Notification(s): "Your new card is being produced" 4/23 [Day 48] ; "Your case was approved" 4/26 [Day 51]; "Your card was mailed on 4/27" 4/28 [Day 53]

Green Card in Hand: 4/30 [Day 55]

D-day ("Dress day"/I do...again Day/wedding reception): 9/10/16

ROC - 389 days 


Window opens: 1/24/2018

Package sent: 1/26, Delivered on 1/29 at 11:17am to CSC - [Day 1]

Check cashed: 1/31 [Day 3]

NOA1: 1/29 [Day 1]; NOA snail-mail: 2/02 [Day 4]

Biometrics snail-mail: Sent 5/5, received 5/12 [Day 107]

Biometrics appt: Not required

18 Month extension letter received, dated 8/18: 8/24/18

"New Card Being Produced" - 2/11/19, email "we mailed your card on 2/14" - 2/15

Card arrived: 2/19/19



Window opens: 01/24/2019

E-file: 01/28/2019 [Day 1]

Biometrics = scheduled: 02/01 [Day 4], view uploaded document: 02/05 [Day 8], appointment day: 02/19 [Day 22]



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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: Uruguay

Had not decided and didn't decide for one. We're pretty great together and super happy, we just spend a lot of great close time together and all the fun locally. We're pretty much set.


It's a big plus for not spending extra money.

K-1 Visa process (I'm the USC [F])



Sent packet: August 10, 2018

USCIS Received package: August 14
Notification in text/email: August 17
Mail received from USCIS: January 22, 2019
USCIS Approved I-129F Petition: January 17

NVC Received Case: February 14

NVC Case # Assigned: February 14

US Embassy Received: Not sure but got email reply - March 11
Instructions Received via e-mail: March 19

Interview: May 7 - Approved!
Arriving to US/POE: June 12
Married July 15, 2019


AOS Process
Sent packet: July 27, 2019
USCIS Received Package: July 29
[Hiccup] Package was sent back due to incorrect fee and sent on August 5.
Notification in text/email: August 12 @ 12:30AM
Check cashed: August 12
NOA 1 Mail: August 16
Biometric: September 5 @ Atlanta, GA

AOS RFIE: Sept. 28 - got in mail by Oct 3. [They lost my Husband's Birth Certificate]
Sent back AOS RFIE: Oct 16 2019, at office by Oct 17.
AOS Case update notice on April 9th, 2020, waiting for mail.
Interview date: Scheduled as of July 15, date is August 19.

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Ukraine


Aos Packet Sent-09/03/19

Received 09/12/2019

Biometrics 10/04/2019

Ready to be Scheduled for Interview 10/30/2019

Interview was Scheduled Update 11/18/2019

Interview Letter received 11/22/2019

Interview Date 01/06/2020

EAD/AP Approval 12/17/2019

EAD Card has been mailed 12/20/2019

EAD/AP Approval letters received 12/23/2019

EAD/AP Combo Card in hand 12/26/2019

AoS Approved during interview 01/06/2020

Green Card is being produced update 01/06/2020

Green Card Mailed 01/08/2020

Green Card arrived in the mail 01/11/2020

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Got Married in Hong Kong in the morning.  Lunch with my Parents.  Dinner at Foodtrip Bedina!  Stayed 2 more nights and filed the Report of Marriage.

March 2, 2018  Married In Hong Kong

April 30, 2018  Mary moves from the Philippines to Mexico, Husband has MX Permanent Residency

June 13, 2018 Mary receives Mexican Residency Card

June 15, 2018  I-130 DCF Appointment in Juarez  -  June 18, 2018  Approval E-Mail

August 2, 2018 Case Complete At Consulate

September 25, 2018 Interview in CDJ and Approved!

October 7, 2018 In the USA

October 27, 2018 Green Card received 

October 29, 2018 Applied for Social Security Card - November 5, 2018 Social Security Card received

November 6th, 2018 State ID Card Received, Applied for Global Entry - Feb 8,2019 Approved.

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Vietnam

Paper Wedding - Koh Chang

Official Wedding - Maldives

ROC Timeline

Service Center: Vermont

90 Day Window Opened....08/08/17

I-751 Packet Sent..............08/14/17

NO1 Dated.........................

NO1 Received....................

Check Cashed....................

Biometrics Received..........

Biometrics Appointment.....



IR-1/CR-1 Visa

I-130 NOA1: 22 Dec 2014
I-130 NOA2: 25 Jan 2015
NVC Received: 06 Feb 2015
Pay AOS Bill: 07 Mar 2015
Pay IV Bill : 20 Mar 2015
Send IV/AOS Package: 23 Mar 2015
Submit DS-261: 26 Mar 2015
Case Completed at NVC: 24 Apr 2015
Interview Date: 22 Sep 2015
Visa Approved: 22 Sep 2015
Visa Received: 03 Oct 2015 

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The first trip we took after getting married was to NYC. I don't think either of us really considers it a honeymoon. Our dentist says it counts though 😁


I did take two days off work after our wedding. We just hung around town, did a few house keeping things (his SSN and drivers licence), went and saw the Goosebumps movie, and played mini-golf.

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Filed: Citizen (pnd) Country: Russia

Honeymoon: cruise from Saint Petersburg, Russia > Helsinki, Finland > Stockholm, Sweden > Tallinn, Estonia.


 🇷🇺  CR-1 via DCF in Moscow* (Dec 2016-Jun 2017) 🇺🇸 Info about my DCF experience here and here


26-Jul-2016: Married abroad in Russia (USC + Russian husband) 👩‍❤️‍👨
21-Dec-2016: I-130 filed at Moscow USCIS field office*
29-Dec-2016: I-130 approved! Yay! 🎊 

17-Jan-2017: Case number received

21-Mar-2017: Medical Exam completed

24-Mar-2017: Interview at Embassy - approved! 🎉

29-Mar-2017: CR-1 Visa received (via mail)

02-Apr-2017: USCIS Immigrant (GC) Fee paid

28-Jun-2017: Port of Entry @ PDX 🛩️

21-Jul-2017: No SSN after three weeks; applied in person at the SSA

22-Jul-2017: GC arrived in the mail 📬

31-Jul-2017: SSN arrived via mail, hurrah!


*NOTE: The USCIS Field Office in Moscow is now CLOSED.


I-90 GC Replacment (for Erroneous GC)

22-Jul-2017: GC arrives in the mail – error in middle name 😕

01-Aug-2017: Sent in I-90 online via website

05-Aug-2017: Biometrics scheduled

23-Aug-2017: Biometrics done @ USCIS office; told to keep GC!

16-Jul-2018: RFE for original card!! 🤬

31-Jul-2018: USCIS Appointment at local field office..

22-Aug-2018: Mailed GC back to USCIS in response to RFE

29-Aug-2018: GC received by USCIS

17-Sep-2018: Received CORRECTED GC in the mail! Finally!! 😂


📑 I-751 Removal of Conditions (Apr 2019-Oct 2019) 📝 Filed via mail, processed by MSC & passed interview


28-Jun-2019: Conditional GC expires

30-Mar-2019: Eligible to apply for ROC

01-Apr-2019: ROC in the mail to Phoenix AZ lockbox! 📫

03-Apr-2019: ROC packet delivered to lockbox

09-Apr-2019: USCIS cashed check

09-Apr-2019: Case number received via text - MSC 📲

12-Apr-2019: Extension letter arrives via mail

19-Apr-2019: Biometrics letter arrives via mail

30-Apr-2019: Biometrics appointment at local office

26-Jun-2019: Case ready to be scheduled for interview 

04-Sep-2019: Interview was scheduled - letter to arrive in mail

09-Sep-2019: Interview letter arrived in the mail! ✉️

17-Oct-2019: Interview scheduled @ local USCIS  

18-Oct-2019: Interview cancelled & notice ordered*

18-Oct-2019: Case was approved! 🎉

22-Oct-2019: Card was mailed to me 📨

23-Oct-2019: Card was picked by USPS 

25-Oct-2019: 10 year GC Card received in mail 📬


*I don't understand this status because we DID have an interview!


🇺🇸 N-400 Application for Naturalization (Mar 2020-????) 🛂 Online filers note: Use INTERNET EXPLORER! Other browsers may not work!


30-Mar-2020: N-400 early filing window opens!

01-Apr-2020: Filed N-400 online 💻 

02-Apr-2020: NOA 1 - Receipt No. received online 📃

07-Apr-2020: NOA 1 - Receipt No. received via mail

05-May-2020: Application transferred to another USCIS field office for review*

16-Jul-2020: Filed Non-Delivery of Notice online**

??-???-????: TBA... 


*NOTE: Moved to another state in May.

**NOTE: Did not receive Change of Address confirmation by mail



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