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  1. Hey all we have a question. It did mention to bring Medical record unless supplied. Do we need to get another one of those or the one from the AOS packet was ok?
  2. AOS Case update notice on April 9th, 2020, waiting for mail. Interview date: Scheduled as of July 15, date is August 19. I think I got it like last week.
  3. The Senators were telling USCIS that they have enough surplus and does not need to lay off any worker, can still continue to produce green cards/EADs and return to normal activity. Someone in the upper office is making up things and screwing things around. This is the area that need to be looked at. Anyone got any info?
  4. https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/Intro.do Outside Normal Processing Time
  5. Just as this thread is follows: For AOS and the rest of my info is in my signature and you can also check my timeline.
  6. https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/Intro.do Outside Normal Processing Time
  7. We got my Husband's AOS Interview Date. I was kind of close to guess it may be in Oct earlier... but it's in August 19. Wooo! Well what I did recently was that I submitted a case check up thing. You should look into that too @LuFloLady
  8. Bumper, got notice from USCIS Online case tracked saying got scheduled for interview. Now I have to arrive with my Husband (prior mentioned in the letter) to Nashville, TN! Next month though. Has anyone been to Nashville AOS Interview recently?
  9. Today is a big day! Gastly event, tons of Gastly spawn and it also came with a nice mission that was .99 cents USD. My Hubby and I went to a nice park that was filled with Pokestop/gyms and lots of spawners, and so far I caught 10 shinies and a few good IV's pokemon and my Hubby got some shiny as well. Now when there is a raid event going on, a lot of people will show up there. Along with that, everyone is doing well with the social distance and masks. Lots of good folks.
  10. Fin-Fin-Finnnnnallllyyyy!!! Interview was scheduled on our Anniversary (July 15)! Now we wait for the mail!
  11. I think this is still valid unless otherwise told, which I'm curious if it's the same or not. Meanwhile, thank you JSWH!
  12. No one had recently submitted a EAD and/or AP renewal and got a new card yet?
  13. I hate to bring in an off topic but what about the current status for getting GC/EAD? Are they stopped and can't get anything from it for now? What about the renewal, not working?
  14. I'm assuming I may have to go to Nashville for the interview. But had not got any mail since. It's all a waiting game. Last I looked it seem to be a lot of progress between Sept and Oct so hopefully we'll see. By Sept/Oct, I mean those was possibly the most interview (AOS/Greencard) date was given according to what I kind of saw from VJ's timeline at the Nashville office. Or it could be pushed until April.
  15. I have yet to receive the interview date in the mail.
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