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  1. Contact your work (human resource?) about the situation and ask for options. If that didn't turn out well, you can always find another type of insurance if it is much better than your work offer.
  2. I appreciate the app recommendation. Apparently, I did take a look at making another account online and see it still shows the same result just as the old site does but yeah. Looks like as you mentioned, it'll be on the lack of update after NOA2 arrives. I'll happily look in my mailbox every day to find it! Thanks all, I appreciate your help.
  3. yeah... but I'm hoping to gain some ways to resolve this issue and wonder if it's too common on this issue?
  4. I tried contacting them and mentioned the issue several times, but got no reply. I do not have the device (TDD or TYY or whatever it is)... but when I did get someone to help call on the phone line, the dude never bothered to help with the account online and he just hung up. Maybe I should record it and share how pity that turned out to be due to misuse of service by workers? Or is it a thing that they never want to fix accounts?
  5. I'm afraid the new account might be my only option, but I already submitted the issue to my state Gov to look into this too because it's really bad and hard. Well, after getting the response back I'll be waiting to see if I'll keep my account or have to make a new one.
  6. I can't log in to the account, and when I try to recover it the tech guy ask me for alien number or green card info and I am a USC and idk why that was asked so I told him I'm just wanting to recover for the account. He mumbled "Why do you need an account?" and hung up on me. Never gave me his name. Took me 25 mins to make this one call with someone assisting me on this issue. Been having this issue for like 6 months though, I can't ever get in.
  7. I tried to do the reset password option and answering security questions but got no luck. I submitted the help form but all I get was a reply saying they tried to call me and also mentioned that I closed my case like I have no issue - which is wrong on so many levels. I can't hear on the phone. Any idea what I need to do? It's sad as discriminatory they are on this (Not trying to help resolve this with no phone method, I tried to ask for help months ago and got nothing)... it's not easy for me.
  8. Ahhh ok, thank you! I'll keep looking forward to watch my mailbox for NOA2!
  9. Hi all. As some August K1 filers are already getting their NOA2, I am wondering if possible delivery issue may occur while my mail did not reach to my Fiancé in Uruguay. Because of possible strike and other Uruguayans were expecting packages from USA since October and never got them yet but that is only what they got sending from the US, so I am not aware of the NOA packages or how they were sent. Curious.
  10. Some get behind and I guess they got caught up in the trouble for being behind? It's a nice piece of homework.
  11. Keep trying. There will be a lot of people who do not know what to do about this situation. Go to the branch in person and talk to someone higher up who can manage it, not someone who can't get something done for you. If they can't, go to another bank who would. Some bank asks for specific information, some don't.
  12. Alright so I guess I can't get anything other than a regular manual bike.
  13. Only if it have certain higher speed and power/cc... https://www.dmv.org/tn-tennessee/other-types.php https://www.tn.gov/safety/driver-services/classm.html