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  1. I remember coming across a post from USA.gov about field agents from USCIS, maybe this is related about the job. Interesting.
  2. It's good! Less way of losing such important papers that were lost and getting RFE again. If they really require certain stuff that include original feel/embossed or seals, they'll ask to have it sent in. That's 1 way of verifying.
  3. So our RFIE was made on Sept 28 and we got it in the mail on Oct 3rd. For original birth certificate and translation included with parent names and all that. For AOS part. Mailed Oct 16 Today and should be there by Oct 17 Tomorrow at MO office. I'll have to send the other mail requesting the lost birth certificate during sending AOS package part here when completing getting the state issued ID, due to lack of fulfilling requirement to send in matching ID form.
  4. Ok, I'll try my best! Will follow up after submitting after getting the State issued ID as possible.
  5. Apparently we only have 1 thing that we can send in as form of identification right now that is the foreign passport. Might try to get state ID soon, do I also send in something of mine related?
  6. Ok, I'll do that but I guess I'll mention I send in that file in a writing.
  7. Do I add this to the document that I'll be sending back or do I send this separately?
  8. Yes, sent the whole original including the English translation that included parents name and such. How could I talk to them over the phone about this?
  9. Ok quick question. For RFIE Since we did sent in my Husband's original Birth Certificate, and we possibly don't have another one, can we send in a copy or do we need to take the long process of sending in the Original?
  10. So the mail came Today and here is the Request for main evidence... well I sure did sent in the stuff, I guess original's and they lost it? How difficult it'll be trying to get another from Uruguay? https://i.gyazo.com/bad9b36b82d1a9047354d5e133a4a23c.jpg https://i.gyazo.com/aef65dccfeab3adae14241a5c5edeba2.jpg
  11. Just got this... So... anyone else had this? I thought I submitted everything or they just missed some stuff as usual? I'm guessing something went wrong with the I-864.
  12. Yep. My husband got his! OP, By other means, if it fail to process within under the 2 weeks part and you're already helping to file out the AOS or whoever is, while filing for EAD it does have the option of getting a SSN, which will likely to be easier to get than waiting through and driving to SSA Offices.
  13. Ah so since mine says received on Sept 6, that mean I'll start looking around Oct 4 through the 18th maybe?
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