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  1. This is our AOS interview checklist. Some may not apply as I emigrated with a child. ORIGINALS: My interview notice Son’s interview notice My passport Son’s passport Husband’s passport My birth certificate Son’s birth certificate Husband’s birth certificate Certified marriage certificate Son’s court order to permanently remove him from the UK Husband's divorce decree from previous marriage Supporting evidence - photos (8 photos of us together since marriage, including 2 wedding photos) Supporting evidence - correspondence (wedding cards from friends & family, Christmas cards from friends & family, cards to each other-Christmas & birthday cards, birthday cards from family to each of us) COPIES: My birth certificate My biographical passport page My visa page in passport My I-94 Husband’s birth certificate Husband’s biographical passport page Certified marriage certificate Husband's divorce decree from previous marriage Son’s birth certificate Son’s biographical passport page Son’s visa page in passport Son’s I-94 Son’s court order to permanently remove him from the UK Supporting evidence - bank statement in joint names Supporting evidence - print out of joint filed taxes Supporting evidence - photos (as above, copied and pasted to fit on one sheet of paper) Supporting evidence - correspondence (as above, copied and pasted to fit on 4 sheets of paper)
  2. Once you have filed for AOS & have NOA1 from USCIS that is your proof of legal presence in Michigan. They then verify through SAVE. The Secretary of State Office cover themselves by saying it could take up to however many months (I think they quoted 3 months to me). In actuality it took 10 days. Documents I took to SOS Office - passport, birth certificate, social security number card, NOA1 letter from USCIS, marriage certificate, spouse's ID.
  3. My child doesn’t need a handicapped placard because he is not handicapped. He is fully mobile, fully comprehends, is able to behave in an appropriate and safe manner when out and about, and has an above average IQ. I believe, although I haven’t checked because it is irrelevant for us, that a person qualifies for this, not because they have a diagnosis of autism, but if they have significant developmental disabilities or severe limited ability to walk due to a neurological condition. Having a learning or developmental disability is distinct from autism. It does have a bearing, ALFKAD. VJ is a community. 1 in 100 people have a diagnosis of autism. It is not as rare as you may realize. It is more difficult for an autistic person to obtain a visa for America due to the labelling of the condition as a disability, a handicap and a mental “disorder” in American society. As I mentioned before I regularly receive personal messages from people about emigrating as an autistic person, or with an autistic person. I found it very difficult to find information when we began our journey and I wrote up our experience so that others may find what worked for us. A community should be inclusive for all its members. People mocking others for what they are is not inclusive - posting attacks on a high-profile young person that is known to be on the autistic spectrum is immature and irresponsible and sends out a message that people that are like her are not welcome in this community. Part of what you are noticing about Greta’s situation is the difference in cultural attitudes about parenting and education. Nordic parents are less authoritarian than American parents in their parenting styles. Learning is viewed not only as something that happens in a classroom with a teacher teaching while a student listens, “receiving” an education. Also it is not uncommon for young people in Europe to take a gap year from their studies - to travel, to experience a working environment, to explore a field they are interested in. Nordic nations are also connected to and have a relationship with their natural environment - if you are interested you may like to look up the Scandinavian concepts of friluftsliv and allmansrätten. I'm mentioning all these factors as elements you may not be aware of in context of Greta's background. I didn’t say you called her a snowflake. I was pointing out that that there is a tendency on the CEHST forum for calling anyone that points out offensive comments to be called over-sensitive. See my above comments about VJ being a community that should be inclusive. Would you like to explain how exactly I dumping “venom” on you? I was pointing out that a diagnosis of autism does not mean that someone is disabled. I'm not posting offensive and mocking memes, or making unsubstantiated claims of disability abuse. I was using my experience as the parent of an autistic child to let people on here know that their comments could cause offence and alienate members of our community.
  4. Why are you asking? My child wasn't diagnosed in the US. Autism is viewed differently in the country we emigrated from.
  5. Yet you have decided she is disabled and therefore is being exploited, because she couldn't possibly be on the autism spectrum and be able to form an opinion of her own? There is continuing armchair analysis on here of someone's condition. People that view neurodivergence as a disability or handicap show their own ignorance and prejudice about a condition that can be a vast spectrum of challenges and strengths. Many of the great innovators have shown "autistic" traits - people like Einstein and Tesla. I guess it's easy to take a pop at someone, anonymously, without thinking through the consequences of the message you are sending out. There are members on here that are autistic, or have a family member on the spectrum. Well noted that you failed to address my comments about how it creates an environment of intolerance and bullying. Cue the "snowflake" name calling.... 🙄
  6. As the parent of a neurodivergent teenager I have been paying particular attention to the continued attacks and the weaponization of Greta's diagnoses (or in more correctly pseudo-diagnoses) on here. There is a misconception that individuals on the autistic spectrum cannot function in situations where neurotypical individuals may succeed or thrive. Using words like "handicapped" and "disabled" show a deep misunderstanding of the condition. While you may justify this as a bit of "fun" or freedom of speech it is offensive. I regularly receive personal messages from members on here seeking advice - either they themselves are on the autistic spectrum or their child is. Greta may well never read what is on here but there is a very high possibility that they may. It creates an environment of intolerance and bullying, even if you justify it as "deserved" because it is directed at a high-profile individual.
  7. I registered as an overseas voter earlier this year. Now I'm concerned that the time frame will not accommodate overseas voters for this next general election, and maybe I should have registered for vote by proxy. Do any of you experienced expats have advice?
  8. Safe travels for tomorrow, Zoe! Wishing you both all the best for the future. ❤️
  9. Under section IV of the following guide are some examples of evidence as a widow of a USC: https://www.visajourney.com/content/immigrate-to-america-widow-er-of-us-citizen/ Good luck, Merny!
  10. Wrong again. Shucks! Saw Hole 1993. We're ok, thanks. Bumbling along. Going to sleep soon. Last attempt for tonight is Pulp.
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