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  1. Mr Fip still pines for my clothes smelling of the detergent back home (Sainsbury's own brand). We use Arm and Hammer now. We use way less than they recommend. I must say that washing machines are far more effective here and everything smells and feels just fine using the minimum. No allergy or reaction. My son can be eczema prone but so far there's been no adverse reaction. We get the detergent from Aldi. Lasts many weeks. (2+2+2+2+2+1). We use half a cup for a full load.
  2. I had my first interview last week and today I received the job offer. I thought the interview hadn't gone that well because my self confidence has been very badly knocked during the AOS stage. It was my first interview in 19 years and things have changed a lot during that time. I can do this job standing on my head and the pay is half of what I could earn if I wasn't starting out all over again, but it's a start and I can get out in the community and start building a life here. It will feel really good to not feel dependent on my spouse and start mixing with other people. I got my green card in March and passed my driving test last month. I risked not getting my qualifications transcribed and it has worked for me. They accepted my work history and references as proof enough. I want to thank this community for the support, advice, guidance and encouragement throughout this all. I've hit rock bottom at times so I can honestly say that I don't think I would have made it this far without this forum. You may think your input has no impact but it does, even if it goes unacknowledged. Thank you for connecting and passing down what you've learnt. ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Cousins can marry in the UK too. Darwin married his first cousin. 🙈 Omar has a "complicated" romantic history, that's for sure.
  4. Sincere condolences, Zoe. For the medical I made a checklist and kept a copy in each of our document wallets to check we had everything before we left Knightsbridge. Good luck for Friday.
  5. Did you follow the guides and get confirmation that USCIS received the package? Attach "E-Notification" Form (Optional) Clip a completed G-1145, E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance, to the first page of your application (on top of the cover page). By completing this form and attaching it, USCIS will send you an email and/or text message to alert you when your application was received. Where to File Everything: Applicants are required to mail applications to a national mailbox (Chicago) as stated on the form (not your local USCIS office). Be sure to mail the package with return receipt requested / delivery confirmation. Send via USPS.
  6. From the guide here: https://www.visajourney.com/content/k2-visa-adjustment-of-status-tips/ That quote is taken out of context: " If the US citizen and K1 marry after the child turns 18 then the K1 can petition for the child after the K1 gets their green card, as long as the child is not married. If the child is under 21 then the K1/LPR can petition for an FB2A visa.." Here is the full quote from the guide: Follow To Join A qualifying child has a window of one year after the K1 visa is issued to obtain a K2 visa at a US consulate. If they don't obtain a K2 visa within that time then they are no longer eligible for a K2 visa. However, they may be eligible for an immediate relative or family based visa based on their relationship to the US citizen or the K1 parent. If the US citizen and K1 marry before the child turns 18 then the US citizen can petition for the child. If the child is not married and under 21 years old then the US citizen can petition for an IR2 visa. If the child is not married and 21 or over then the US citizen can petition for an FB1 visa. If the child is married then the US citizen can petition for an FB3 visa. If the US citizen and K1 marry after the child turns 18 then the K1 can petition for the child after the K1 gets their green card, as long as the child is not married. the child is under 21 then the K1/LPR can petition for an FB2A visa. If the child is 21 or over then the K1/LPR can petition for an FB2B visa. This is talking about children being petitioned if they are not included in the original K1 petition and are not K2 visa holders. In that case the K1 would need a green card before they can file for a FB2A visa for their over 18 and under 21 year old unmarried child. If USCIS haven't cashed the check for your K2 son it means they aren't processing his case. That's the first thing they do after checking through the application to see it is all in order. So to answer your original question - you can try calling USCIS to ask what is happening. Your son will still have the same A number as your wife (until USCIS assign him his own A number in his NOA1 for AOS).
  7. Which state are you thinking of moving to, Robin? I'm in Michigan. I found support groups & services before we moved by doing a quick internet search. We have quite good services in our area, largely down to some fantastic older parents that have campaigned tirelessly. You need to think of getting yourself support too because you'll burn out otherwise. Having other parents that understand is essential so that you can continue to support your son, but also so you can have a bit of your own life. Autism Speaks may be a good place for you to start researching what could be available in the US.
  8. Hi Robin, We emigrated last July. My son is autistic. I don't have answers for your specific questions but I do have some thoughts for you to consider. Instead of pinning all your hopes on your case being expedited and this contributing to your anxiety, I would suggest that you plan for your son to be separated from either parent as a part of this process. How do you communicate with your son? Do you use social stories or Makaton? I would start right now with introducing him to the emigration process in whatever way you feel will work with him. My son was also non-verbal so I understand the frustration and difficulties this causes. I was a single parent for 7 years, caring for my son solely, so you may conclude that I understand how scared you may feel right now. Look for charitable organisations that can help you tide over and give you essential support during this time. First of all I would reiterate what others have said - get every document you can as evidence. Second, think of how you will prove that emigrating is in your son's best interest. Unfortunately you have to be a fighter to get anything for your autistic child and I know how that can grate if that's not your personality. Your love for him will pull you through. There is no one correct way. Be flexible and proactive and know that, even though it may not seem so at times, you have a community that will try their best to help you. Message me if you need. Sending you hugs and empathy.
  9. You're welcome. Have you spent time in London before?
  10. There are cheaper places to stay in the outskirts. At least you'd be closer and have more time. Do a quick search to see what's available. It's a lot cheaper than if you mess this part up, that's how I'd look at it.
  11. It's probable you'll make it on time if the trains run on time. I presume that's the earliest train you can get on the day? If you're more than 30 minutes late they can cancel your interview. Have you thought of staying in London the night before if you're concerned you'll be late?
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