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photos and friends' affidavit for Green Card interview
1:57 am today



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We are preparing for my wife's Green Card interview next month and I have two questions:

1. Is it necessary to bring affidavits from friends who know us as a married couple? I saw somewhere that's it's only required in lieu of primary evidence (which we have plenty of, including our 1 year old son)

2. Do we need to print out photos or can we show them on the smartphone? I hardly know anyone who prints out photos in real life anymore and we have a couple of them at most

Thanks in advance!

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Getting I-551 stamp at the Green Card Interview (NYC office)
5:04 pm October 14, 2019



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We finally have the interview scheduled for my wife's Green Card application. I read that sometimes it's possible to get the I-551 stamp in the passport right then and there if the application is approved. Is that standard practice (we'll be at the New York city office)? Do we need to bring evidence of a need to travel or any other documentation? Her Advance Parole has expired, renewal request is still outstanding after 120 days and we are planning to travel 2 weeks after the interview.

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When can we file for Citizenship
2:41 am October 11, 2019


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We are married since 03/2015. We got 2-year Green card on 2/22/2017. Our 2-year card expired on 2/22/2019. We received our permanent green card today. We are married for over 4 years. When can we file for citizenship? Do we have to wait like an year before we can file citizenship? Please suggest.

P.S. - If we had not received our perm green card, we were planning to file for Citizenship in November 2019 (90-days before our 3 yrs anniversary of getting Conditional Green Card)

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time between AOS from K1 NOA1 and biometrics notice
6:07 pm October 7, 2019



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Hello Everyone.

We received NOA1 for the AOS from K1 on September 30 (receipt notice September 10, notice mailed September 26th). Now days, how long does it take between NOA1 and biometrics appointment notice? I just want to know if it is sent immediately or not and if I have to contact USCIS or not.

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Moscow Embassy Calendar
10:14 pm October 5, 2019



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Hi Everyone!

Do we know how long does it take for embassy to open calendar after you submit request with visa receipt number?

2019-10-04 18_09_42-Window.png

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