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US Immigration from Russia

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Hopeless for Russian fiancé
11:25 am June 25, 2022


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Russian K visa could take more than 2 years I am thinking, becoming hopeless, even they can t get a Mexican E visa now, feel so frustrated

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Any way for Russian to get US tourist visa (B2)?
4:38 am June 23, 2022



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I know it is very difficult for a Russian to get a US tourist visa (B2) right now, but does anyone have any recommendations on a way that it may be possible, even if it will take a long time?

Any (recent) success stories?

I am aware that the US Embassy and Consulates in Russia pretty much stopped processing any visa applications, so it has to be done through a US Embassy/Consulate in another country.

How about Kazakhstan? Georgia? Turkey? Armenia or Tajikistan perhaps?

From what I am reading it seems allowed to apply for a US tourist visa simultaneously at multiple embassies (as long as you pay the $160 for each), is this right?

Any advice, or experience, or suggestion is much appreciated.

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Calculating 90 days for N400 (merged)
2:22 am June 20, 2022



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I am trying to figure out when to apply for Citizenship. I understand taking 3 years from the date of gc issue. However, do you take to the account foreign trips and subtract them from 90 days? GC says 03/12/20. Applying to Nader 3 year rule. If 90 days subtracted, can apply starting December 12. However, over these 3 years we traveled abroad for a total of 31 days. Do you subtract only 59 days from 03/12, which takes to the account period that I was out of the country or subtract 90 days and do not take to the account 4 vacation trips out of IS for a total of 31 days?

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Concerns: Filing AOS very late.
5:49 pm June 19, 2022


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My wife and step daughter arrived just over 3 years ago with K1/3 visas. We had all of the paperwork and fees ready to go to file for AOS, but had a very costly medical emergency which had me paying medical bills for some time and exhausted what I had saved to file for AOS. Obviously my family is now well outside the 90 day window, but we were married within that time and have also had a child together since our marriage. I'm wondering if we can still file for AOS as per the guide, or if we need to also file I-130?

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US will end Covid-19 testing requirement for air travelers entering the country
3:51 pm June 10, 2022


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Interesting development that is supposed to take effect Sunday June 12th.

US will end Covid-19 testing requirement for air travelers entering the country

The Biden administration is expected to announce Friday that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will lift its requirement for travelers to test negative for Covid-19 before entering the US, according to a senior administration official.

The move, which CNN was first to report, will go into effect for US-bound air travelers at midnight on Sunday.

The CDC is lifting the restriction that the travel industry had lobbied against for months after determining it was no longer necessary based on the science and data, the official said. The CDC will reassess its decision in 90 days and if officials decide they need to reinstate it, because of a concerning new variant, for example, will do so. The measure has been in place since January 2021.

The official said the Biden administration plans to work with airlines to ensure a smooth transition with the change, but it will likely be a welcome move for most in the industry.


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