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Medicaid for pregnant woman with 864 affidavit
6:57 pm yesterday

Marta Proniagina

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Hello everyone. I'm looking for some help regarding my situation. My situation might be a little confusing but maybe someone dealt with anything like this.
I am a green card holder, got married to my husband (USC) under k1 visa earlier this year.

I am currently pregnant and uninsured.

On november 1st we applied for Marketplace insurance and stated only my husband's income (I have started a part time job with unstable hours the same day and as I haven't received any paycheck yet) and the marketplace said I might be eligible for medicaid. I called the medicaid and they said i should apply and see the results. So, I did that and a week later we calculated that my husbands' income is going to be higher than we stated in both marketplace and medicaid applications plus I have found out more about my job's hours so I could predicts some income). I called both of the agencies, and they changed our income info which made me eligible for a marketplace insurance. However, yesterday I found out that I got eligible for the medicaid as well (even though our income is slightly higher than their guidelines and I have written a comment about the affidavit of support). So, now I am very confused on what to do. Because marketplace says as soon as I am eligible for medicaid, i lose eligibility for marketplace premiums. And medicaid might be bad for me and my husband because of the affidavit and future ROC and citizenship process.

Any ideas on what to do now? All the contact centers are closed due to the holiday and I am just being super nervous about this situation. Wish I just never sent the medicaid application but I also was rather positive that I'll be denied because of the income.

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What address is the interview?
4:58 pm yesterday


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We got an interview for tomorrow, but unfortunately with the holiday today here in the US, the Moscow embassy is closed. On the email they sent us for the interview is one address. On the website it says they moved to a new address. Recent interviewers for K1, could you please tell us what address did you go to your interview? Thank you so much !

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Affidavit of support question
8:16 pm yesterday

Ayna and Chris

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Hi everyone. We are currentlt working our way through to my getting a K1 visa and I was wondering where do we file the Affidavit of support i-134 form? Is it filed anywhere? Or do we fill it out and brinf it to the embassy? Im a little confused

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Moscow Embassy Questions
8:58 pm yesterday


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How often does the Moscow Embassy release appointment times? We've looked many times and they say they're full but open dates and times perodically.

Also now because we've looked many times TravelDocs is saying we must complete our transaction but we can't because there are no interviews available.

What's up with that?


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Re: Pony Express visa delivery in Russia
5:14 am yesterday


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My fiancee passed her interview last week and could have the visa issued any day now according to the current status on the CEAC website. We are wondering if she will be contacted by the courier or anyone else to tell her it is on the way? She is worried she may be at work and miss it.

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