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Does it matter who's name on cashier's check?
2:15 am today


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Hello! I am an I-751 petitioner, me and my husband have a joint checking account, cashier filled out his name as a payer on the check for my petition? Is it ok?

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U.S. Doubles 3-Year Visa Fees for Russians in 'Reciprocal' Move
3:59 am yesterday


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The U.S. Embassy in Moscow said in an update on its website Thursday that applicants seeking a multiple-entry visa valid for up to three years will now have to pay an additional reciprocity fee of $143.

The embassy said that the fee, which will nearly double three-year visa costs to $303 as of Jan. 1, 2019, mirrors the fee that Russia charges U.S. citizens for a similar type of visa.

New rules will also make it mandatory for Russian nationals to appear at a U.S. embassy or consulate for interviews to renew the three-year multiple-entry visas. The embassy notes: If your interview is waived, you will automatically receive a single-entry visa valid for up to one year.

The $303 fee is based on the State Department s review that found discrepancies between the Russian and U.S. visa regimes, the embassy explained.

Given that the Russian Federation was unable to change its visa regime, the United States is required by law to reduce the validity of B-1/B-2 visitor visas and/or increase fees to match the Russian Federation s practices, it said.

via The Moscow Times

Not sure if others heard about this. More "good" news about US-Russia relations.... :ranting:

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Issues ignoring some user signatures?
7:32 pm January 22, 2019


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Hello VJ'ers,

I'm having issues ignoring some user signatures. I don't want to ignore all signatures because many are fun and interesting, but others are huge and take up a lot of space. I'm running into an issue where, when I try to ignore certain signatures, I get an error message saying " There was a problem ignoring this member's signature."

I tried to solve this by going direct to the Account Settings, and typing in the username under Ignored Users, but when I enter that user's name I get another error message: "You are not allowed to ignore that member."

I'm confused and can't figure out why this is happening. If anyone has a solution, please let me know. It would be nice if people with hugely long and overly enthusiastic signatures used the spoiler hider thing, but we don't live in an ideal world.. :content:

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Filing I-751 with new address
5:39 am January 20, 2019


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Hello! I just have a couple simple questions! ?

I don't know how I got confused with such a simple form lol.

Shortly after I got my green card in 2017 we moved to another address and updated our address on the USCIS website within a month. Anyways, for some reason USCIS sent out 120-days reminder notice to our old address (we know that because we have a friend living in there right now so he was nice enough to give me that notice although there wasn't any sensitive information besides alien number and my name). Now, when I file I-751 I assume I fill out my current (new) address and provide my old and new address in the additional information section, am I right? I just start to worry if USCIS never updated my address within their system, will I get in trouble? I have a confirmation number that I got after I changed my address, do I need to create attachment page and include that number?

Also for the item "Place of marriage", I assume I have to fill it out exactly as it appears in our marriage certificate?

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Question about vaccinations at DS-160, K-1 visa
5:18 pm January 19, 2019


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Hi) currently we are filling the form DS-160 during our K-1 visa process. I've met a question there "Do you have documentation to establish that you have received caccinations in accordance with U.S. law?". I had my stamped vaccination list, that i got from local clinic in Russia ? And i have there almost all list of required vaccinations performed. But i have doubts, should i answer to question in form Yes or No). Can i ask for any advice?

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