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N-400 Interview cancelled by USCIS, should I still go?
4:45 pm August 7, 2020


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Hello. So I filed my N-400 application in February 2020, got my biometrics done in March. July 28 USCIS scheduled my interview for August 12 , July 29 they cancelled it and they also use term "de-scheduled". I use online account so I could see all the notices before they arrived in the mail. So I have 2 notices arrived in the mail one is for my "interview" the other one is the cancellation one. I called USCIS to confirm if it's really cancelled and not a glitch in their system, the lady on the phone looked at my account and said it is cancelled but she did not provide a reason why it's cancelled. My "case status" on the USCIS website is "Interview is cancelled".

From my research online some people say it's better to go to the interview just in case but it is a long trip for me just to be told it's cancelled.

Am I overthinking or should I take a trip and hope I can get an interview?

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Guys, please help!!
6:18 pm August 4, 2020

Daria Parkinson

Daria Parkinson

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Which type of medical insurance is required to provide for interview?? Would a simple tourist insurance work?

thanks in advance.

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Civil Rights Coalition Files Motion for Preliminary Injunction to Halt Immigration Ban [edited title]
1:29 am August 4, 2020


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Great Job AILA

WASHINGTON D.C. Late on Friday, July 31, litigators from the American Immigration Lawyers Association
(AILA), Justice Action Center (JAC) and Innovation Law Lab, with pro bono support from Mayer Brown LLP, filed a motion in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia for a preliminary injunction to halt implementation of the Trump Administration s immigration ban. If granted, the injunction would prohibit the Administration from denying immigrant and nonimmigrant visas and suspending entry into the United States to people who are otherwise eligible under federal law. ..


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Odd question asked by prospective employer?
6:26 pm August 3, 2020


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So my husband was applying for jobs recently and he got an odd question during the interviewing process. One prospective employer emailed him "Can you confirm you have lived in the US for at least 7 consecutive years?"

Why 7 years? This just seems so random to me. The job did not require any security clearance that we were aware of. Thankfully my husband got offers elsewhere so he doesn't need to pursue this one anymore, but I wanted to bring it up here just to see if this is common. The field in question is IT/Software for those wondering.

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Updating status with SSA office.
6:57 am August 3, 2020


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Hey everyone, I'm just curious about how people are supposed to update their immigration status with SSA office during this pandemic? All the SSA offices are temporarily closed until further notice. From what I read there is an option to schedule an appointment but this is specifically for those who would like to apply for SSA benefits.

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