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US Immigration from Russia

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Hundreds Of US Citizens Stranded In Russia As Their Flight Is Cancelled At The Last Minute
9:36 pm April 3, 2020


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Temporary unemployed, green card, and affidavit of support
11:37 pm April 2, 2020


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I d be very thankful if somebody could share info.

I moved to the US on fianc visa, got my first green card in January 2019, and was working part time, then full time. All official, paid all the taxes. Now I m laid off for 12 weeks, everyone know why.

So I m not sure if I can file for benefits because of my temporary unemployment. My wife signed affidavit of support for me, so I can t figure out if in this particular weird world mess I m allowed to do so.

Thank you in advance!

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Which would be the faster route to take?
5:39 am April 2, 2020


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Hi everyone! I'd like some advice on which process would be faster and less riskier for us. Time is the major concern, not ability to work or filing fees.

I'm currently a permanent resident of the US and going to file N-400 sometime this week; he is a citizen of Russia currently residing there. Estimated processing time for my district office is 7.5 - 11 months.

1. Marry this July abroad -> apply for F2A immediately -> gain citizenship (will be before NVC) -> upgrade into CR-1 (8-9 months after upgrading to get visa according to the forums?)

2. Wait until citizenship -> apply for K-1 (10 months for visa)

I understand visa processing times can be quite unpredictable but still would like to hear some advice or insight from the forum :)

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N-400 April 2020 Filers
9:31 pm April 1, 2020


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Hello fellow April N-400 filers,

Here is a thread for all of us.

COVID-19 or not, we're still applying for citizenship! :dance:

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I-130 questions naturalization and A number
6:06 pm March 28, 2020



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Hi all!

I am a US citizen filing I-130 online for my sibling. I have questions regarding filing the form.

1. I am naturalized citizen, but I have lost my Certificate of Naturalization. The guide on VJ says I can provide my US passport, but on I-130 there is no such option.

2. I don't remember my A number. Is it important if I am a citizen now. Can I just skip this question?

3. My mother's last name is now different from that on my and my sister's birth certificate. In fact, she changed it twice. But there is no such question in I-130. So I just have to put in her current last name which differs from the name on birth certificates. It doesn't make sence. Do I need to provide her marriage and divorce certificates in "Additional Information"?

Thank you!

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