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US Immigration from Russia

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Green card petition for parents
6:30 pm yesterday



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I'm a naturalized US citizen and I'm thinking of filing for GC for my parents who are Russian citizens residing in Russia. I have a few questions:

  • Is there a guide that outlines key steps in the process and required documents at a high level (I reviewed the information on USCIS website and it's rather confusing, sends you between multiple pages, etc.)?
  • What are the current fees for this?
  • What is the current approximate processing time for this, from filing for I-130 through receipt of the visa?
  • Is it possible to do the embassy portion of the process in a third country (Russian embassy currently doesn't process any visas and there is no reopening date in the near future)?
  • What are the physical presence requirements to maintain the GC?


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Too Good to be True??
5:33 pm yesterday


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Just saw this posted online, and in a Telegram group:


Pay close attention to last sentence. Anyone have any more information?

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K1 Affidavit of Support using a Co-Sponsor. Not enough Income?
7:07 pm June 15, 2021



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Hey guys, so we transferred our case to Warsaw, Poland from Russia and I'm preparing the documents that we need for the interview. We don't have a date yet, but I am already getting started. I have a few questions about the Affidavit of Support since it seems we will use my dad as a Co-Sponsor. As things stand, my dad will have 3 dependents with my fiancee included, but there are 4 people currently living here not including my fiancee. On his taxes he only has 2 dependents and files "Married Filing Jointly." So, I'm assuming he will have 3 dependents with my fiancee included is that correct or is it 4 with my mom and dad, I'm confused here? ?

2. If it's 3 dependents, he should be making a minimum of $27,450. If he doesn't make that much, he owns several cars and his own house. How can we show proof of this? ? What documents do we need then?

3. As far as I know, we should take this i-134 form( both mine and my Dads-The Co-Sponsor), copy of his tax returns and any assets to make up for the amount needed to the interview? I started working for him this year, but he pays me in cash. So. I don't have checks to show proof of income. That's why I'm nervous about this, but he does have assets to show. I myself became a Real Estate Agent, but haven't made any income from this.

Thanks for reading and for your help.

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Transferring K1 cases from Russia to Poland
6:53 am June 13, 2021



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Hello, I would like to start a thread where people who filed in Moscow, Russia transferred their case to Warsaw, Poland due to the US Embassy in Moscow being closed and the US-Russia relationship being a little iffy at the moment. We could all share how our process is going to help others out.

I do have a question. If we want to use our parents as Sponsors, will they be Co-Sponsors or Household Member? I read somewhere that there are two ways to go about this. For example, if I'm living with my parents at the moment and would like to use my dad to help me out financially; which steps should I take?


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Receiving advance parole and permit to work
4:45 pm June 9, 2021


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Hello, can you please tell me how you get an advance parole and work permit after ASC has collected our biometric data? Do they come in the mail? Usually at the same time or separately? What comes faster? Our documents are processed by the National benefit Center. They received our documents on April 2 (forms 485, 131, 765), NOA dated April 28, June 8 were on biometrics.

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