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Vaccination requirements for GC I-693, elderly applicant
4:09 am May 8, 2024



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Has anyone managed to refuse from covid vaccination due to underlying health conditions (contraindications)? My mom is 72 yo and has autoimmune conditions. Her doctor in her home country does not recommend getting a covid vaccine because of her conditions.

The doctor wrote a letter stating those contraindication, but the office of a civil surgeon we contacted about her medical exam for a GC does not accept her doctor 's letter.

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Things You Wish You Knew During 221g?
11:53 am May 6, 2024


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Hi, I wanted to start a thread where people can share things they wish they knew about 221g.

Some things I've heard/learned:
1. Writ of Mandamus is no longer advised as of now, because the judge is throwing out cases, even in cases of 16 months of 221g.

2. If I had known my case would be at risk of a 8+ month 221g, I would've done CR-1 so I could legally be married to my spouse, and his company/work could also get me a way to stay with him legally. K-1 was not the right choice for me. I don't even think it is faster than CR-1 anymore. I believe CR-1 cases are also more likely to be accepted for transfers, which are in high demand for Russians. (It's hard for them to get to Warsaw, their default embassy).

Some things I would like to know:
1. Is the Ombudsman an entity that I could contact regarding 221g? I haven't seen anything about it so far.
2. There was a thread here saying their 221g case expired. Should I be proactively emailing the embassy to prevent expiration? Is it possible my case just expires anyways?
3. Does the visa, when approved, need to be picked up in person, or can I mail it?
4. When the visa is approved, can I have it sent to another embassy to be picked up?

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Credit card
1:56 am May 4, 2024



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my parent got green card in March 2024, had a bank account in us since 2016, had debit card, used it. ~200k on bank account.
We applied for secured credit card with limit of 200$ got denied.

so question is, how to get first credit card for new immigrant.
I thought it was good option since we are customers of that bank for 8 years, but got denied

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How AI is revolutionizing Internet fraud and romance scams
11:32 am April 26, 2024


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Seems like this could be related to international relationships and immigration.

How AI is revolutionizing Internet fraud and romance scams

Federal investigators warn that a new wave of romance scammers is using artificial intelligence to generate fake photos, audio, and even videos. This technological advancement makes it easier to pull off a romance scam and harder to spot one.

Rao said, "It's chilling and it makes it hard for law enforcement to intervene."

Prosecuting romance scammers can be challenging, in large part because many of them operate overseas. However, federal prosecutors have shown they will pursue cases aggressively when they have the opportunity. In 2021, 35 people in North Texas were indicted on federal charges related to romance scams that stole $17 million from more than 100 victims nationwide. In March, one of the women involved in the scheme received a 10-year prison sentence and was ordered to pay $2 million in restitution.

If you have become a victim, experts say to contact your bank right away and tell them what happened. Also, report the crime to the Federal Trade Commission.


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I got my my n-400. My child is abroad. How to get a passport for him?
9:31 pm April 24, 2024


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My son came here with me on k-1 visa. He is a permanent resident and lived with me here for 7 years (he is 15 now). Half a year ago my dad got sick and my son went there (abroad )to spend this time with my dad. I stayed here, because of the circumstances.

My dad, sadly, passed away and my mom is heartbroken. She asked if he can stay longer to keep her spirits up. Also, my son really likes it there. I allowed.

I just passed my citizenship interview. I'm waiting for the Oath date.

Now question. Is there any way for him to obtain a US passport abroad with our circumstances? With my naturalization certificate? Or somehow else

Or the only option is flying asap and bringing him back for passport purposes? I have a one year old and I can hardly see this trip now. Thank you

P.d. I know I have to be personally present. But I was planning to go in August (when my bf has vacation and can stay in Us with the baby)

My n-400 took 2 weeks from applying to the interview date. Otherwise my plan would work

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