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  1. Schengen countries that are supposedly being friendlier to Russians: Italy and Hungary. Could be worth looking into these.
  2. Poland was chosen long before the invasion happened. There was no malicious intent in the US DoS choosing Poland. Warsaw has a large embassy and has always traditionally processed Belarussians (who also speak Russian) so it was a logical choice at the time. It's difficult to find an Embassy with the proper staff and that is also large enough to accommodate the number of applicants from Russia. Unless they can find another one besides Warsaw, I don't see it changing anytime soon.
  3. "End of an Era"?? The insane overly dramatic reporting on this, lol. There are still lots of other global chains operating in Russia. This is not "the end of an era" but moreso McDonalds choosing to no longer operate there and nothing more.
  4. People in the comments of that article are insane. If this is a reflection of how most Americans think about this, we're doomed and Biden even looks quasi-restrained compared to what some of them are saying.
  5. As a US citizen, you can go to any Embassy in the world to do the CRBA. Look into other options near where you are and contact them. I have never heard of anyone doing it remotely.
  6. I saw this study. It's extremely questionable because one of the twins had 3 major concussions whereas the other did not.
  7. Even if you are bringing under $10k, bring all the paperwork you can to show that it's your money.
  8. Which are you talking about? I was just on Turkish Air yesterday and they had tons of flights and option to pay in RUB.
  9. Air Serbia. They fly to NYC from Belgrade. My MIL is coming soon hopefully and we just decided to go with Turkish Airlines. You can even buy in RUB on their website so that is great.
  10. @GreyGergei Can you please fill in your profile to show what nationality your husband is? It's not clear if he's Russian or Armenian (or both.) It will help you get better answers on this site.
  11. This is insanely uncommon. I'm glad for your situation that you were approved but it's extremely out of the ordinary. In the situation of OP, given the extremely long wait times now to even get a tourist visa interview, I don't think it makes sense for OP to wait to file the I-130. If there is an eventual plan to immigrate to the US, then it's better to start that sooner than later.
  12. The odds are very much stacked against him getting an approval for a US tourist visa. USC spouse, from Russia and therefore has to go via Poland or some other consulate thus wait times will be absurdly long, plus he has family in Florida. All of this makes his ties in the US very strong compared to ties in Russia. Since you are married, they will be wondering why you live apart. Obviously most spouses want to live together. If you intend to file the CR-1, expect an automatic rejection. They will assume immigrant intent 100% and they wouldn't be wrong for doing so. I think your best bet is: file the I-130 and consider an expedite since you are taking care of a sick family member. If you can prove your husband being in the US is essential to you as the USC financially, they may expedite the case. You just need to make a strong case for why it's a hardship to you (USC) and how your husband solves that problem.
  13. Unfortunately no J&J in Turkey. Bulgaria is offering J&J but you have to take a bus there from Turkey and my MIL decided she'd rather go to Turkey twice than deal with Bulgaria. 🤣 She's getting Pfizer but I think they offer other multi-shot vaccines in Turkey as well. There are a couple EU countries offering the vaccine to Russians but at astronomical prices, around 1000 EUR. Again for my MIL, she'd rather take that money and vacation in Turkey, so that's why she went with that. I wonder if people are just getting sick of being Covid police. Thanks for sharing that! Good to know. I hope the vaccine will not be a huge barriers for Russians travelling between Schengen countries then. I assume the only place really enforcing it is airports?
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