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  1. Oh huh, that seems odd to me. I know some Russians with temporary(?) residence and Serbia and they got tourist visa interviews as residents no problem. Would imagine the same rules apply for immigrant visas?
  2. If you live there, it should be fine. My original comment was for non-residents trying to go via Serbia.
  3. Even the article you posted says "unreliable source: Panorama" so unless it turns up somewhere that looks official I would disregard it.
  4. @djwilson0972 apparently this is a joke. The original source is Panorama which is a satire/parody source like the Onion. So.....just disregard it. https://twitter.com/ia_panorama
  5. I don't really get how they plan to enforce this for people who marry abroad? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Really recommend working with a recruiter. You can try to message them yourself on LinkedIn, there are so many out there. There might also be recruiters/staffing agencies in your city you can contact.
  7. I would assume it is since it's an official residence but probably good to check in with the embassy.
  8. Last I heard, Serbia is not accepting non-resident Russians. They mean legally, i.e. has actual residency. Doing visa runs on a temp stay status does not count as "living" in a place legally. This is in line with my previous statement. They don't seem to be taking non-residents. Having legal residency in Serbia would indicate she can interview there. K-1's are treated the same as immigrant visas in terms of the interview.
  9. That sounds about right. I hope the ones with families especially will find a way, sounds like quite a hellish journey. A loss for Russia for sure.
  10. I'm really glad to hear your case got moving. How strange that some people can schedule themselves while others cannot. Best of luck getting the visa!
  11. Ah, got it! Interesting that you can send stuff out but not in. I think if books can go out, pretty much anything can. Weird. Do you know if her book shipment went via USPS once it got to the States?
  12. @mendeleev said that there's a service that will ship books to Russia. I think there is some small private company that will ship US to Russia but I don't know any details or have personal experience with it.
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