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K1 interview 18JUL24 -Approved sharing my experience :) UK Embassy
1:52 pm yesterday



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I'm excited to share that my visa was approved this morning! :) Here s my experience:

I drove to the Sainsbury car park, which is about a 10-minute walk from the US Embassy perfect if you plan to drive and need parking. I arrived at 08:15 and waited in the car until 08:30 before heading to the embassy.

Upon arrival, I reached a small reception area outside the building where I was asked to present my passport and DS-160 form.

The staff there noted a number and signed my DS-160, then returned both documents to me.

Since I was early for my 09:30 appointment, I was instructed to wait on one of the benches outside until 09:00.

At 09:00, I returned and was kindly allowed inside, where I encountered the security area. The process was similar to airport security: they checked my passport, DS-160, my unlocked phone, and my open bag. They asked me to remove my watch and belt too. Once through security, I entered the building, where there were two queues leading to a reception desk. Only 2-3 people were ahead of me, so I didn t need to skip the queue as I had been told to skip it by the woman in the reception outside area.

At the inside reception, a gentleman scanned my DS-160 and passport, then printed out a number starting with "I" (mine was I908). He directed me to the elevators, an to go to first-floor, instructing me to turn left after the elevators and then left again at the end of the corridor. I waited for about three minutes before my number appeared on the screen, directing me to desk 20.

There, a sweet American gentleman asked if my fianc or I had ever been married, and about the countries I d lived in for more than six months since the age of 16 (the UK, Spain, and Portugal). He then requested my original birth certificate, criminal records from Portugal and Spain, the ACRO certificate for the UK, my passport, DS-160, I-134 form, and a 2x2 US-sized photograph.

After collecting these documents, he asked me to read a leaflet on abuse rights while I waited for my number to be called again.

After approximately 20 minutes, I was called to desk 23. A very nice American lady asked me to confirm my fianc s name and to swear an oath to tell the truth. She then asked five questions:

  1. How did you meet your fianc ?
  2. How did your fianc /you propose?
  3. Where does your fianc live?
  4. How many times have you seen your fianc , and has your fianc ever lived in the UK?
  5. Have your fianc and your parents met each other?

After answering, she smiled and informed me that my visa was approved. She asked if I had any questions and confirmed the address where my passport would be sent once the visa was issued.

The process was quicker than I expected, taking about an hour from start to finish, even in the early morning. Everyone was very nice and kind. The questions can vary; I overheard others being interviewed, and while their questions were different, they were also asked only five. I initially thought the interview would be conducted in a private room, but it took place in the same area where you wait for your number to be called.

They returned my birth certificate, DS-160, and criminal records but kept my passport, I-134 form, and supporting evidence like the employer letter, W-2, tax return, and savings statements.

I also want to point out that when the lady says your visa is approved, you can check the status by entering your case number (LND...) at CEAC Status Tracker. However, bear in mind that even after the lady says "Approved," the visa could still be rejected after a final screening. If they find something odd, they will send your passport back with a rejection letter and instructions on what to do. So, my recommendation is not to give notice to your work or landlord until your visa status on CEAC says "Issued." I had my interview yesterday, it was updated to "Approved," and only an hour or so ago, it changed to "Issued," which means the visa has definitely been given.

I hope this helps, and feel free to ask if you have any questions!


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Ds-160 question about pamphlet
2:36 am July 5, 2024



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We haven t received anything from the London Embassy and our case has been ready since June 24th. From what I ve heard it s ok to start filling out the ds-160 so we did that today, but it s asking me to certify that I ve received an IMBRA pamphlet which I have not gotten. Am I supposed to wait for this? I know we can t book the interview yet without instructions from the embassy which we haven t received, we just wanted to go ahead and get this form out the way

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Question with booking interview
1:14 am July 4, 2024



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Hello, im getting very mixed information about this online. Do I have to wait for an instruction packet from the London Embassy before booking medical, interview, and filling out the ds-160? Our case has been ready since the 24th of June but I m not even sure what to do because some people say it s fine to book but then I read others say don t. I m starting to get a bit stressed since our NOA2 expires in early September. Thank you

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UK State Pension & IRS
7:56 pm July 2, 2024


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If this is the wrong section of the forms please move. :)

Quick question for anyone who has already passed this milestone. My Mister reached retirement age and filed for us UK State Pension and received his first monthly pay this week. I'm trying to research to see if we should be setting aside $$ for year end US tax purposes, OR, will this not be taxed? I was hoping to see how this is working for others before paying a CPA to answer me. ;)

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K1 Visa Medical - Covid19 booster
5:46 pm June 26, 2024



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Good afternoon,

I wanted to give you a quick update. This morning, I attended my medical examination where they conducted a chest X-ray and checked my vision, ears, mouth, chest, skin, lungs, heart, and blood pressure. They also took a blood test and reviewed my vaccination records.

At the time, I went completely blank and didn t ask the questions I now have. When the nurse reviewed my vaccination records, she mentioned that I needed a booster for Td/IPV (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio) since my last one was over 10 years ago. I have since received the booster elsewhere and sent them the certification. Now, I'm waiting for the nurse to confirm that everything is in order.

However, she also stated that I need a Covid-19 booster. I currently have had two doses and one booster, but since the booster was over 12 months ago, I require another. I m reluctant to get the Covid-19 booster. What would happen if I decide not to get it, considering I am already fully vaccinated with one booster? If it is absolutely essential, will I need to get it done before my interview on the 18th of July?

If I choose not to get the Covid-19 booster, will they refuse to send my medical results to the embassy? Currently, in the UK, Covid-19 vaccinations are only issued to those aged 75+ or to individuals with compromised immune systems. If I were to go private, it would cost me over 100 for a booster, whereas a few months ago, it was free.

Any thoughts?

Kind regards,

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