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11:02 pm October 9, 2019


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This proposed rule would result in reduced opportunity costs to the Federal Government. Since Rosario compelled USCIS to comply with the 30-day provision in FY 2018, USCIS has redistributed its adjudication resources to work up to full compliance. If the 30-day timeframe is removed, these redistributed resources could be reallocated, potentially reducing delays in processing of other applications

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Medical Appointment Tomorrow!
4:18 pm October 9, 2019


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My fiancee is having her medical at Knightsbridge tomorrow! She called right now and they had next day appointment available all the way from morning to evening! Any tips or words of advice for her? Much appreciated!

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Chickenpox shot missing
7:43 pm October 8, 2019


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I am now in the US with my fiance after entering with K1 visa.

I did my medical in London but I am missing a chickenpox shot.

When would you recommend to have it done? Before or after the wedding?

I read that two shots are needing for the chicken pox. Could I still apply for the adjustment of status with one shot?

Thank you,


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Question on HOW LONG a green card holder can be out of host country
2:05 pm October 8, 2019


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My husband, the resident green card holder needs to go back to the UK for awhile. He misses his family terribly. Hw long can he stay away? Is this allowed? We don't want to jeopardize his status here.

We are very happily married since May 2012. 2 weeks visits a year just aren't enough. He has an aging mother and growing children.

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I-134 AOS questions
2:59 am October 4, 2019


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Hi, I am filling out the I-134 for my fiancees interview in London. I am not going to be the one who meets the income requirements as we have a co-sponsor lined up who does, but I have some money in savings and I want to complete an I-134 to show that in case they want to see it. I have some questions.

1. I am unemployed, so how do I fill out the "Employment Information" section? Should I tick the box that says "Employed as a/an" and just type "UNEMPLOYED" into the field next to it?

2. Under "value of my other personal property", what should I count? I don't have any cars or property, but I have expensive laptops and other electronics that are worth around $3,500. Do I state that, and do I need anything to back that up?


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