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Applying for an ESTA while at NVC stage/processing
3:26 pm July 9, 2023



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Me and my spouse have recently received our I130 approval and have started on getting NVC stage started.

I want to visit the states in a few months before my interview so I can pick up some documents and see my wife and in-laws before what might be the Big Move not long after.

However, my ESTA is about to expire right before those dates. Can I apply for a new ESTA while at this late stage? Thanks!

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Booking Medical (split)
12:52 pm February 1, 2023

Jack Tops

Jack Tops

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Hi all, extremely useful thread thanks. When people have recently contacted the Visa Medical company has there been any suggestion of wait time to book the medical date? I am abroad at the moment (open ended) and want to organise my flight back to U.K. to tie in with the medical, interview etc.

I was DQ d on 9th Jan so waiting on the IL any day and expect to be hopping on a flight fairly soon after! Thanks.

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Children F2A interview
4:01 pm January 11, 2023



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We have two children and do they need to go to the interview with the parent who is the main beneficiary?

They are both listed on the I-130 and we have submitted al their docs to NVC which have been accepted.

They are both under the age of 11.

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Sending in I-751! Organization tips?!
11:59 pm January 4, 2023



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Hi everyone, my husband (green card holder) and I are preparing/gathering documents to send in his ROC paperwork. As you all know, it s a STACK of documents we end up sending into USCIS.

It made me curious, how are you all organizing your application? Binder with dividers? Clear inserts with tabs? Paper clips? Staples? In the past, we have used paper clips but I wonder if that annoys officials. Anyone have any insight as to how the officials like the documents prepared?

I m still in the process of printing all important evidence and preparing to ship out the application on January 27th.

Thanks and good luck to everyone in the process!

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Green Card stolen, international travel plans today
11:45 pm December 8, 2022


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someone broke into my car last night and stole my green card. i was supposed to travel back home to england this morning. i am crushed that i had to cancel everything. i was planning on traveling to my home country england with my wife for over a month to celebrate the holidays with my family after being away for three years. i already filled out form i 90 online so my new green card is in the works, but i heard that takes at least 6 months. what are my options to get me back to england as soon as possible to visit my family for a month? i also called the USCIS and requested an appointment to get an ADIT stamp but they said it could take up to 30 business days to get a call back to even schedule an appointment. thank you guys

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