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Obtaining appointment for passport for travel within 72 hours
8:17 pm June 10, 2021



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Hello everyone!!

I became a US citizen last Friday and have been trying to obtain an appointment at the dallas passport agency for a passport to be able to travel on Monday. I have been trying since last Friday and have been calling their passport hotline and checking on appointment portal and have had no luck. Does anyone know if they allow walk ins and any words of advice. I have to travel on Monday.

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Question for those still in UK: Work situation?
4:08 pm June 4, 2021


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If you or your partner are still in the UK, what is your current (June 2021) work status? Is it go into work, work from home, furloughed with some pay? I see the official government sources still say work from home if possible. I don t really have a grasp of what is going on except for my grown kids...one working from home and the other unemployed because it was in the hospitality/catering sector that had no need for all their staff during lockdowns. Someone has recently asked her to assistant manage their posh shop in Oxford which will be onsite work.

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Joint Sponsor question (What would you do)
10:53 pm May 14, 2021



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Hi all

Recently we ran into a problem with income and we wanted to ask what you would do in our situation.

The USC earns enough to sponsor the visa but only started the job last week and doesn t have any current payslips. They have also had 3 jobs in the previous 12 month period due to covid.

The last three years (including 2020) they didn t earn near enough the poverty threshold, which is fine. But we want to know if you would get a joint sponsor just in case.

as mentioned, the USC would be set to earn enough with their current job but they only started last week.

And finally, if we chose the joint sponsor route, will they receive phone calls about the whole application etc. We know technically any USC can be a sponsor and we were thinking of asking a family friend who probably doesn t know all the details surrounding the relationship. Such as the exact day we met, or the exact location/date we were engaged etc., it s perfectly fine and we can tell them but we don t want them to receive calls and be grilled about all the information because what if we don t tell them everything down to the last detail and it harms us if they are contacted.

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I-485 interview - scheduled, cancelled, re-scheduled, cancelled again - scheduled again - running out of time re 60 days on medical
9:09 pm May 9, 2021



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When given date of first scheduled interview ( 29th April 2021 ) I got medical done.

At last moment this interview was cancelled for "unforseen circumstances".

It was reschedulled to 11th June. Then within days of schedulling, cancelled again !

Now been schedulled again a few days ago - expecting letter with date in next few days.

My 60 days from medical runs out 27th May. So unless by a miracle, the have set a new interview date before that date - my medical was a waste of money !

My question - once submitted it is valid for 2 years. So, is there anything stopping me submitting it to the field office (Boise ID ) before the 60 days runs out ? Via Fedex or similar with proof of delivery etc

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Affidavit of support, i-134, i-864 and i-864a questions...
1:45 am April 30, 2021



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Hi everyone

I have a couple questions about the affidavit of support...

Due to covid-19 my income is way below the required amount. I only worked a few weeks in 2020 (i'm immunocompromised so I locked myself down early) My total 2020 income is less than $2,500 and I only have around $4,000 left in savings + $3,000 in stocks. I'll be returning to work full time after I receive my second vaccine dose, but I don't think I'll have enough paystubs by his interview date to put me over the minimum on my own.

My mother is willing to co-sponsor and makes around 70k per year and my fiance has around 40k in savings. (I've heard that he can self sponsor in London??) So I'm hoping between the 3 of us it will be enough.

Anyway, my question is; which forms do I need to fill out for them? I've filled out my i-134 and have started the i-864, but do I need to fill out an additional i-864 for each of them? Or do I just fill out my i-864 and then the i-864a for my mother & fiance? And for my fiance, what proof will they accept for his savings? Does it need to be a letter from his bank stating the balance or will a bank statement be enough?

Sorry for all the questions and thank you in advance for the help!

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