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Biometrics Question, COVID-19
6:57 am yesterday


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Hey everybody, so we are about to send off the AOS packet now, I have a question about biometrics. We re living in Coachella Valley, I believe our local office is San Bernardino if anyone has experiences from this specific area. (If not, I d still love to hear your thoughts too). I don t believe our office is closed so I m sure she will have to attend the biometrics appointment during COVID (probably very soon). She plans to wear a mask to her appointment. During her appointment, will she be asked to remove the mask for any reason? If this has happened to you, could you tell me the exact points in which they may require her to remove her mask, if any, and how long that lasts? She is very scared of catching COVID and I don t want her to worry about that on top of immigration stress. Thanks for all input!

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Landlord slow on adding my wife to lease... what to do next?
2:19 am August 2, 2020


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Hey guys, so since December I have been trying to get my wife added to our lease. Our lease was up in July, so our HOA management said that the landlord told them to tell me to wait until July when we resign our lease to add my wife. I wasn t ecstatic, but I accepted that. It s been ~a month of me calling my apartments HOA management off the hook and them stating that they re working on it . I m really fed up to be honest. I don t think they are going to add her before her medical expires.

My question to all of you wonderful people is, do we really need to provide the tenancy agreement with my wife s name on it in the AOS packet? I am aware that it helps, because the more you can prove the better, but we reaaaally need to get this sent off, it s been way too long for comfort. So, exactly how important is this? We have many pics of us, scans of wedding and birthday cards from her family, social media posts to each other and our families, our phone bill that shows her married name billed to our address, that s about it. (We live with my brother who pays the utility bills, would it be kosher to add her to those? I don t think 3 people can be added to the bill, and if not it would look weird if only he and her were on there. Also at this point, wouldn t it take a while to receive the bill with her name on it? We really want this package sent off ASAP).

But, we never got around to opening her a US bank account, or adding her to mine. COVID lockdown hit as soon as we were about to take care of that. Also, I m on Medi-Cal so I cannot add her to my insurance. And I don t file taxes, so no joint filing.

Does our case look weak? I m very worried. Should we wait for the landlord or just send it off without the tenancy agreement? Any further advice on how to strengthen our proof of relationship? Thanks a ton!

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TransUnion Misspelled name... TWICE.
2:01 am August 2, 2020


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Hello everyone, I write this post with much frustration. Weeks ago my wife contacted TransUnion and they agreed to send her a letter stating she doesn t have a credit score (for I-944). 10 days later, the letter misspells her first name. At this point, we are upset but we try calling again to have this fixed and resent. The woman understands our issue and claims to have fixed it. 10 days later, the new letter has her first name misspelled yet again in the same way it was misspelled originally (it s one of the most common names in the US so this was particularly frustrating). We are at a loss. We can t keep waiting to send our AOS packet off, it s making us both go gray! : ( Any advice would be much appreciated. My wife came on a K1 and has a social security number already and has had one for over 6 months. Thanks so soooo much!

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K-1 interview
1:12 am July 23, 2020

FM Beauty Bar

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I have posted before about my fiance's aug. 10 interview being canecled. Anyone know when we can reschedule? Or maybe where I can find info to stay on top of it, so i dont keep asking. lol

thank you

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Interview and Oath Ceremonies at the same time
9:31 pm July 17, 2020



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I've heard that they used to do interview and oath ceremonies at the same time - if all boxes were ticked and there was an oath ceremony on that day.

My question is - with COVID impacts, furloughs, and other such nonsense currently happening, are there any occasions of the oath ceremony happening on the same day as the interview nowadays? Has anybody had this happen to them?

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