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K1 Police Certificates England Expiration?
11:52 am yesterday


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We got my fiances police certificate in June a month after we filed our k1 application. I believed it was valid for 1 year per the ARCO website, but I just read on the UK Embassy page that it's only valid for 6 months. Can someone confirm which it is? We will order another if we have to, thank you!

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SSN Denied on K-1 Visa
5:56 pm yesterday


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We are quite exasperated and outraged this morning. My then-fiance entered the US on August 22 using his K-1 Visa. We applied for his SSN on September 10th and were told to wait four weeks. We waited and waited. We went back to the SSA in mid-October and were told that there had been a hang-up in the system somewhere and that we could expect his SSN in two weeks. On November 9th we received a letter dated November 1st saying it was an acknowledgement that he'd applied on September 10th and that he would have his SSN in two weeks. Then yesterday we received a letter dated November 7th saying that his SSN was being denied because his K-1 Visa was going to expire on the 19th!

We married on October 20th and sent in his I-485 to adjust status telling them that we'd already applied for an SSN but that we hadn't received a number yet.

We are at a loss for what to do. Are we really stuck waiting for an SSN until he gets his conditional green card in 6+ months?

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Petitioners Divorce Decree needed for consulate?
11:27 pm yesterday


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Curious if I need to send a certified copy of my divorce certificate to my fiance in England, we are hoping for our NOA2 within the next month and with Christmas coming up, I'm getting ready to be sending gifts and documents lol Wondering if he will need my divorce decree from a previous marriage at the consulate?

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i have lost my birth certificate
3:29 pm yesterday


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hey guys quick question for the embassy interview for the CR1 i lost my birth certificate do they need my birth certificate for the interview at the embassy?

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Health Insurance
10:30 pm yesterday


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Open Entollment begins early next month at my company. I m curious if I can add my husband to my health insurance if his permanent residence hasn t come through yet? He spend a fair amount of time here in the US and I m always worried he ll get sick or hurt while here. As my spouse he is entitled to my benefits but without a social security number or alien ID I m not sure how to get around this.

Does anyone know? Has anyone tried to put their immigrant spouse on their health insurance?

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