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Timeframe from Interview to VIH?
1:37 am January 15, 2019


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Curious because of all the Administrative Processing delays what the typical timeframe is between the interview and VIH. My fiance has his interview on the 24 which is two weeks after medical. Curious if anyone recently has or hasn't been subjected to Admin Processing *Recent as in the last month* Thanks everyone :)

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Transferring Money to US Fiance before Moving
10:40 pm January 10, 2019


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My fiance received a gift of savings from his grandad to bring with him to the US. It's over $10k. I'm curious if it is okay to send this amount over? Our plan is to have him wire it from his bank to my bank a few weeks before he leaves, then he will close his account before he leaves. Is there going to be an issue later on with taxes or IRS or Brittish government? It's hard to find any information online regarding this. We are going to have the account joint once he arrives and he is coming on a k1 visa if that helps. Thank you!

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Scheduling Medical and Interview days apart
2:44 am December 16, 2018


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I know that it takes a week for medical results to reach the embassy, but is it okay to just have the medical and interview just a day apart? My fiance lives in Northern England, and going down to London twice a week apart isn't ideal. Has anyone had issues scheduling the interview the day after the medical? Is there any specific reason to not do it this way?

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Passport Style Photos For London
1:09 pm December 11, 2018


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My fiance is going to get his passport style photos today for the Medical and Embassy. I'm confused I read on the London K1 Guide on here it was only 1 US and 2 UK, then I read it's 4 UK for Medical 2 US for Embassy. Can anyone clarify that has been through London Medical and Embassy phase recently what exact photos you brought? Thank you!

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601 Waiver timeline 2018
12:57 am December 10, 2018


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Hello, have just recently joined. My lawyer has just completed my 601 waiver for filing and I would love to keep in contact with people with similar timeframe. I have been deported from the USA for nearly 7 years have taken a while to get this far ?. Can anybody let me know if they have filed their 601 waiver in the last 6 months and have heard anything yet? Wishful thinking I know. PLEASE ONLY PEOPLE FILING 601 WAIVERS AND NOT 601A REPLY. ?

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