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“Updated reaffirmation letter”
1:52 am June 17, 2022


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Our K1 visa was approval in December 2021. And In February 2022 we received direction from the London embassy to create an account to schedule an interview. We've been checking this site every day since and have not seen a single interview date listed.His medical exam has been completed since March and all of our forms are in order, we just need an interview and there's been nothing. I've emailed, called, and
submitted multiple contact forms at the embassy and NVC and I keep either not getting a response or getting the same link to directions to apply for the K1 visa..Today we received a letter from the london embassy stating that they have "received no response" from him and asked for us to confirm within 60 days that we intend to proceed with the application. (I completely
don't understand this- we've been struggling to get any insight in our application in MONTHS and they're acting like they're waiting on us??)

They then state that if we wish to proceed with the k1 application, I will need to submit an "updated reaffirmation letter..to update the I-129F petition." He will need to bring the reaffirmation letter to the appointment.
If anyone has any insight as to why this is being
handled this way, or information is needed for the reaffirmation letter and where would I submit that, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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Is there a site like VisaJourney for moving to the UK?
9:28 pm May 26, 2022


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Is there a site like VisaJourney for moving to the UK?

This site was great when I moved to the US, wondering if there is something similar to help along with the process of my USC Wife going the other direction back to the UK.

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NJ MVC expired out of state license transfer success
6:27 pm May 13, 2022



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Hi all, just wanted to post that even if your driver license is expired. They will accept it as long as it has not expired more than 3 years. Figured I'd post here since a lot of us have extension letters etc. And sometimes these things happen. No questions were asked and they knew exactly what to do.

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New tax return needed for interview? I-864
1:18 pm April 30, 2022


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This question is often asked when interviews fall in April or May, right after a new tax filing season deadline. The guidance for interviewing officers is found in the Foreign Affairs Manual. It indicates that the most recent tax return is the one filed prior to signing the I-864. It does not indicate a newer return must be supplied at the interview if a new tax season has closed before they got around to interviewing you.

Here is the whole document for reference:

9 FAM 601.14 AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT https://fam.state.gov/search/viewer?format=html&query=I-864&links=864&url=/FAM/09FAM/09FAM060114.html#M601_14_13

Selected excerpts include:


b. Required Documentation: The sponsor(s) must provide the following documentation to satisfactorily complete Form I-864:

(1) Sponsor's Federal income tax returns for the most recent tax year:

(a) Each sponsor must submit with Form I-864 a photocopy or Internal Revenue Service (IRS)-generated transcript of the most recent income tax return that the sponsor had filed prior to the time of the AOS signing.


d. Documents for the Principal Immigrant and Accompanying Dependents:

(1) Principal Applicant:

(a) Original or copy of Form I-864 and Form I-864A, Contract Between Sponsor and Household Member (if needed); must be signed (not required to be notarized).

(b) The sponsor's most recent Federal income tax return filed prior to the time of Form I-864 signing is needed for each principal immigrant.

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CR1 - will our case be sent to a different processing centre?
11:24 am March 7, 2022



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Hi all. Me and my partner have decided to go the CR1 route.

We are worried about processing times. We will be filing from Texas, the times are not too bad there, but we are worried it will be transferred to California or something. Is there any reason why our case would be transferred if Texas is processing those forms? Surely there is no reason for it to be transferred, but we don't want to start the process expecting a 12 month wait only for it to be 24 instead.

Any help is much appreciated.

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