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I-864. How often is it enforced?
3:42 am


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I know VJ is generally meant to be a happy place for those who are all in on their marriage. But what if something goes wrong? I have been doing a little reading on I-864 and I find it to be troubling if not terrifying. By signing this binding document, which is essentially a contract between you and the federal government, you agree to support the beneficiary for life at 125% of the poverty level. Yes you read that right. There are a few specific things which can absolve you of this responsibility, most notably the beneficiary decides to abandon residency status or the beneficiary works for 10 years. However, the beneficiary is obligated to do neither. It is not like normal alimony where you can have imputed income or other court ordered motivation to have the person work.

I have read reports that say this is not enforced very often but further reading seems to suggest that enforcement is on the rise. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge of this? I read a recent VJ thread where a sponsor was very worried that it was going to be enforced on him. Have you been on either end of an enforced I-864? If so, can you detail what happened? I appreciate other comments but firsthand knowledge is so valuable. Please avoid replies that are not directly relevated to the question.

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Going back to Home Country - Cancelling Application
7:26 pm


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My husband arrived in the US last year on a K-1 visa. We filed for adjustment of status after I got married, and we still have not had the interview. Unrelated to this, we have decided to move back to his home country (Ukraine). I haven't been able to find out how I should cancel the I-485, or even whether I should. But I want to make sure to go about this legally in case we choose to come back to America in the far-off future. I'm assuming I can't get a refund for the application, but is there a way that I can let them know that we're quitting the process without just getting on a plane and leaving? Thanks for all your help.

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Received Green Card Interview Before Work Permit
12:48 pm


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Hello! We received the notice for scheduled interview for Green Card (I-485) BEFORE work permit. Why is it in reverse? Weren t we supposed to receive a work permit (I-765) first and then an interview for Green Card (I-485)? It s been almost six months since we sent the application for request for work permit along with Adjustment of Status/Green Card.

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New Infopass implementation
3:50 pm


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Any inputs how this may or not help? From what i read, it says they will forgo the self scheduling of Infopass for a online system that does not work anyways to further keep you out of the loop and make you wait IMO.

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Can you submit DS-160 and Payment Before an email From Kiev Embassy?
2:00 pm


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I had couple of questions regarding the process.


NVC sent me an email on Oct 30th that the case was sent to Kiev, then ceac tracking website showed the case was ready on Nov 1st. However, when I emailed Kiev consulate today they said they haven't received our case yet and they'll email us when it's ready for an interview.

Anyway, my questions:

1. Approximately how long did it take you guys to get an email from Kiev consulate?

2. Do we need to wait for their email before submitting the DS-160 and the payment?

She already got her medical done and all the other documents are almost complete.

Thanks in advance!

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