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US Immigration from Ukraine

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How to inquire about CA Tourist visa application
12:43 pm September 16, 2023



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My nephew is Ukrainian and my wife and I want to take him to Montreal, and possibly Toronto and Niagara Falls (CA side). We helped him apply for a visitor visa in mid July, and he went to his biometrics in the beginning of August. The Visit Canada website stated that it takes about 34 days for processing. It has been 2 months and I'm wondering what is the best method to ask about how much longer it would take. Basically, if there is a phone number or email, or even an office near Boston (we can travel to New York, if needed) for us to call/email/visit.

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Green card expires after 2 years for K1 visa holder, need to renew?
6:36 pm September 15, 2023



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Is it necessary to re-new the green card of a K1 visa holder (still married)? It expires after 2 years and can only apply for naturalization after 3 years.

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U4U Status Change? (Merged)
9:41 pm September 5, 2023



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Prior to filing we want to make sure about a few things down the road. One main issue is change of status. It's unclear how this process will proceed from U4U residence?

Our intent will be the spousal process. Is it permitted to file for this while she's here as U4U, filing from the US? (Her in US)? It would be very helpful to use her income also as part of process. We're just unclear if that's possible while she's here as a refugee?

I understand this can be 2yrs down the road but probably preferred sooner. Apologies if I misunderstood but it's unclear to me

Thank You Very Much!!

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Sponsor Background Check?
11:23 am August 24, 2023



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Hello All,

I'm putting together everything to sponsor my wife/child. We're still unsure of Spousal or U4U, although probably U4U.

I'm wondering about my background check. My understanding is the only real disqualifiers are those involving others(kidnapping, human trafficking, sex crimes). Unfortunately, I do have a spotted record. I have 2 crimes on my record. First is false statement on firearms application and the other is a drug possession with intent(anxiety meds I had without script). The first was <12 years ago and the other nearly 5.

Do these rise to the level of disqualification? I'm a good person, well educated, good home and family, just made mistakes.

I understand it's a case by case basis? However if I need a Co-sponser better I know now.

Thank you.

PS: Please don't think less of me or that I'm a criminal type. Just a good person made bad decisions during times of mental health crisis(Documented health issue)

Thank You All Very Much

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Joint/Co- Sponsor; Affidavit/Declaration?? (Merged)
10:49 pm August 20, 2023



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Hello All,

I am hoping to support my Ukrainian wife via the U4U program but have some questions/concerns with the Declaration of Support. The simple declaration doesn't capture my ability or dollar amounts.

I collect a monthly benefit which falls below the stated requirement, however, I live in a family owned house without any cost to me.

She works in Portugal currently(displaced by the war) where we are legally married and I also have residency. (With goal of relocating to the US(my permanent address). If deposits into a joint account, can we use any of that income?

I'm not sure if I could get a Co-sponser, but if so, would they only commit to the amount I am short or also to the complete requirement?

Lastly, what is the level of proof required, what I mean is, can I provide a document stating the value of my housing arrangement and add this to the monthly income?

Many Thanks. Apologies for the lengthy question.

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