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US Immigration from Ukraine

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Administrative closure and reopen
6:41 am yesterday


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I have naturalization case, which was administrative closed on June 30, 2021. I can reopen it within 1 year. So I assume 1 year will be June 30, 2022.

And the day when I can apply for my naturalization is June 30, 2022.

So looks like last day, when I can reopen my naturalization case, and day, when I can apply for naturalization, should meet each other.

I just need someone else opinion ?

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Citizenship through Military Service
4:11 pm July 19, 2021



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Hello everyone.

My son just got his citizenship (applied based on Military service) and I wanted to share his experience.

His timeline:

1. June 2014 - entered the US as a K-2 (was 19 years old )

2. Sept. 2015 - got his conditional GC

3. Sept. 2018 - got his 10-years GC

4. April 2020 - went to bootcamp (NAVY)

5. June 2020 - eligible to apply for N-400.

Now, knowing, he would be "balancing" between so many different locations (bootcamp in Chicago, then A-school in Pensacola , then C-school in California) he decided to wait with his N-400 submission and applied once he was at his permanent base/station.

It took NAVY almost 30 days to provide him with the certified N-426. But long story short - he submitted his on-line N-400 in March, 2021.

There was a question in the application if he had an upcoming deployment. But since his deployment WAS NOT within the next 3 months, the answer was "No".

Once he reached that "3 months until deployment" window (the end of May or so), he contacted the USCIS Military help line by email, WITH the statement of upcoming deployment attached.

He also sent a message via account, but there was no answer ever since... No surprise though;)

In a week or so he received an email from the USCIS Military help line that they sent a request to expedite his N-400 due to his deployment.

A week after the status of his N-400 changed to "Interview scheduled".

He had his Interview last Friday, July 16. And they did the Ceremony right after that.

It took him about 3 months to get his Citizenship.

It was Seattle USCIS Office.

Military help line:

P.S. From son's observation it seems like a lot of non-US cit. Service members are not aware of the process and/OR what can be done to expedite. And sadly - not always a qualified help possible at your Unit as well.

So I've thought I'd share his experience so it may be helpful to someone :)

Good luck to everyone who is still in this incredible journey!

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Embassy in Ukraine recently changed language on visa page about tourist visas
1:13 am July 18, 2021


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It went from saying that they currently aren't processing B1/B2, but it's possible to schedule appointments for them although they reserve the right to cancel those appointments. Has anyone had any luck here?

It'd be nice to get tourist visas for my wife's parents or her friends so they could visit us. From what I'm hearing, it may be a while before we get Advanced Parole for my wife and step-daughter.

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Beneficiary moved. Who to contact about address change?
10:47 pm July 17, 2021


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My wife applied and was approved for her daughter's green card. Problem is her daughter, because of Covid, moved back to Ukraine from Czech Republic, where she was going to school. We've sent letters and submitted correspondence online, but have not heard back from anyone about the address change. Any ideas?

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Procrastination by USCIS
10:10 am July 17, 2021

Rusk Marcotte

Rusk Marcotte

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Hi have question ?

As the year roles around again do I have to reapply for the EAD card . Are is their a new rule out that the card is good for 2 years ?????


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