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US Immigration from Ukraine

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I-751 transferred to National Benefits Center without filing N-400, what to expect?
1:16 pm January 15, 2019


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Anyone had their I-751 transferred to National Benefits Center in Lee Summit, MO without filing N-400? The letter says the case was transferred for a standard processing. No RFE or interview mentioned. Can anyone tell me what to expect?! Totally losing sleep here. ?

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3:13 pm January 12, 2019


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Is there a good template for an affidavit for friends somewhere ? to submit with ROC


We have plenty of financials, family pictures from holidays, insurance et al. Are the affidavits helpful ?

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Police certificates and Birth certificates
12:04 am January 12, 2019


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Just wanted to know if anyone knows of the fastest way to get these from Ukraine and Transnistria, specifically Tiraspol. I have given her links to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but for some reason the one from Moldova does not let us switch the language to Russian or English from Romanian. I gave her the numbers for both Ministries and she also needs to get her birth certificate too, but she is freaking out about getting them because she doesnt know how to get them from Tiraspol or whether she can get them from Chisnau.

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Any recent sucessful biometric walk-in at Tampa?
6:47 pm January 11, 2019


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Recently applied for Removal of Conditions and received a biometric appointment for January 22.

Unfortunately, we are leaving for a month on an international trip on January 19.

Has anyone recently have a successful walk-in biometric in Tampa?

We want to try a walk-in but noticed that on the ASC Tampa website that they allow entrance by appointment only. It's about a 2 hour drive for us.

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AOS Interview after EAD+AP was approved
1:21 pm January 10, 2019


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Hi Community,

Hope you are doing well.
I got a question after analyzing Tampa, FL timeline for AOS Interviews.

So, most of the K1 AOSing people in Tampa getting the interview in 3-4 month after NOA1 (note: these people didn't expedite EAD+AP).
Other people who expedited EAD+AP and got it in 2-3 month after NOA1 are having their AOS Interview in 8-15 month.
Do you guys think it is random or is it how USCIS process cases? Potentially they do all checks and perform all required action to issue an EAD, so potentially everything is done from NBC side but as soon as people already can work and travel, they put such cases on hold for a longer period of time?
Just want to understand when to expect our interview :)

Will be thankful for your advice!

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