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US Immigration from Ukraine

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Time to get Social Security Card (SSN) after entry
12:23 am today



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My wife and daughter entered at IAH (Houston) on 7/22/2022 and their social security cards were issued on 7/26/2022. They were received sometime between 8/1/2022 and 8/6/2022. We were out of town during this week.

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Transferring case from Kyiv to another embassy
5:21 pm August 6, 2022



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My Ukrainian fiancee has been trapped in Russian-occupied territory since the invasion began in February. She has the possibility to escape the "Lugansk Peoples Republic", travel across southern Russia to Georgia. She was nearly ready for her interview at the Kyiv embassy in December. She was only missing her birth certificate and police report. She was waiting at her mother's house in Russian-occupied Lugansk while waiting for her new birth certificate, which would be produced in nearby Severodonetsk. She was ready to pick it up, when the borders closed and the invasion began. If she can go to Tbilisi, we will have the option of transferring her case to the Tbilisi embassy or to the Frankfurt Germany embassy. Apparently, the Kyiv visa responsibilities were transferred to Frankfurt because the Kyiv embassy is not processing any visas. Now she does not have any of her documents except her passport. I am sure that, wherever we transfer case, we will have to pay a new fee for the DS-160 and she will need a new doctor's report. The Frankfurt embassy responded to an inquiry from my senator saying that we can choose to transfer the case to the embassy of our choice. I called the Tbilisi interview scheduler and they did not seem very friendly or helpful. Does anyone know if one of these embassies is a better choice than the other? Is one more accepting of the special circumstances of the war? (Not having a birth certificate or police report)

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Administrative processing
12:23 am August 5, 2022



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Hi a litter confused here today my stepson had his interview,he said the consul said that his visa is approved and he needs to wait for email when visa is ready.

I checked now and said Administrative processing.

Anyone knows what's that's mean?

He do not get any paper.

Thank you

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"Your Visa is Nearly Approved"
11:23 am July 28, 2022


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Hi all,

Just need to find out some info since my fiance is panicking a bit after her interview. She is Ukrainian and just finished up her interview in Frankfurt, but they gave her a packet that says "Your Visa is Nearly Approved". What does this exactly mean? She said for the most part that her interview went smoothly but they grilled her on one question about her B1 tourist visa that she received back in 2019. She wanted to come see me but thought she would be denied by border patrol if she said that she was going to see her boyfriend, so she instead lied then and said she was going to New York City. They asked her this exact question during the interview and she told the truth that she was actually seeing me.

I was expecting things to go fairly smoothly, but she said she was caught off guard during this question and is super nervous now since they packet doesn't just say "Approved". At the end of the interview they told her that everything looks fine and that she can go now, and provided her this packet. Any advice is very helpful.

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Question on N400 with pending I-751
2:37 am July 27, 2022


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I have been told you can apply for naturalization when you have held a Green Card for 2 years, 9 months assuming you have not moved within the past year.

Emphasis on the text in bold.

Is there truth to this? Has someone seen this anywhere on the USCIS website? I am not sure why moving within the past year would make a difference.

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