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  1. Oh yeah they can contact you back, for sure---I'm suggesting the OP also be proactive on their part instead of just keep on waiting for a RFE that may or may not show up (or may have been sent out and lost in transit), but ultimately their decision whether to do that or not of course.
  2. You say the test is going to be done on Thursday....and then you say the embassy will call to let you know your date? Which one is it?
  3. Considering you haven't received the RFE yet in the mail, and it's been 3 weeks since your interview---I would call USCIS and speak to a L2 to see if one was sent out (and perhaps it was never delivered to you by the post man). The last twist you want is a denial due to RFE non-response....especially if you never even received it.
  4. Welcome to the forums! I've requested a Mod split your post into it's own thread (so you can get advice) instead of this poster's thread being hijacked/confusion since you're case is entirely different circumstances.
  5. Lawyer is unlikely to make a lab move any quicker. What date is on the denial letter you received? (Not the date you got it in the mail---the date on the letter itself)
  6. Close your account here: http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/account-management.php
  7. Hopefully you can get DNA results back that quickly from an accredited lab.
  8. You mean send it within 20 days after the initial 30 days has already passed?
  9. Looks like 30 days is the deadline for appealing WITH sending documentation supporting your appeal (this is clearly mentioned in the letter you uploaded): "you must send form EOIR-29, supporting documentation, and filing fee to..."
  10. The G1145 is text/email notification that it was received (ie. picked up) by USCIS---that's why the member above asked if you had sent that form as well, incase it's a matter of USPS not updating their own tracking...not a big difference Another way to check if they received the package...look at your bank account and see if the check has been cashed. It's possible the weekend/holiday slowed things down, however USPS is now generating a request on your behalf that it be sent back because you went in and inquired with them about it...so you will have to wait for that request to generate and the package sent back to you now. If/when the package gets sent back, check it over to make sure of completeness, and then re-mail it.
  11. Can you go through gender changes? Absolutely---your body, your choice at any time. Is USCIS involved in the legalities around you making a legal gender change? No. Can you request USCIS to simply change your gender as listed on certain USCIS documents? Yes, with evidence submitted. https://www.uscis.gov/ilink/docView/AFM/HTML/AFM/0-0-0-1/0-0-0-1067/Chapter10-22.html Likely much easier to get it all sorted out in your home country before applying for the K1 visa.
  12. Naturalization is the process where you become a United States Citizen. You can also use the N400 (Naturalization) to legally change your name at no cost. Naturalization is still several years away at this point (considering you have yet to enter the country on the K1 visa). You can legally change your last name at the time of your marriage, beforehand. You cannot change your gender along with that, though---that's a separate issue.
  13. You can't go by the estimated time in the online case status ---- you have to go by the date of the interview. USCIS legally has 120 days to render a decision from THAT date, not the date of estimated completion time you posted above. Calling an attorney (if there is no decision within the next 22 days) is useless in that matter---there's no further action you can take until the 120 days have passed. In the interim, you are able to call USCIS and request to speak to a L2 officer regarding any case status update info they may have.
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