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  1. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed my time in this group, wish those whose threads I became involved in the best of luck in their own visa journey---and will miss a lot of members here whom I very much respect and enjoyed interacting with like @geowrian @TBoneTX @mindthegap @Boiler @Jorgedig @Villanelle @NikLR and so many others whose usernames are slipping from my memory now. Being a member here also filled a "social hole" for me, and while it's difficult to leave it's something I need to do. I hope I have helped others along the way where needed. There's no way for me to leave any sort of "contact info" without it being (rightfully) edited out by Admin for posting personal info---or else I would just to be able to keep in touch with anyone who wished to. Ah well...off to figure out how to close my account now (I know that button is around here somewhere lol) Take care all.
  2. That didn't specifically answer the question though asked by another member----to word it a different way, was your wife ever a CR-1 beneficiary before you came along? Has she ever tried to immigrate to the US before through an ex spouse? (if the spouse was a USC living in Pakistan)
  3. Don't think it's a "trick to put on AP" since all CR-1s go through AP no matter what embassy or country of origin---AP may be faster or slower for some though depending of various factors... But I have heard that Islamabad can be one of the tougher embassies to go through, unfortunately. Best of luck to the OP!
  4. Are you sure they were asking for photos from your previous marriage....or photos from your current marriage when the wedding took place? Seems strange they would want wedding photos with ex spouses... I'm wondering if it was a misunderstanding since she was using an interpreter? Perhaps her family members would have held on to some of those old photos?
  5. Many USCs who live apart from their spouse file taxes as Married Filing Separately...they didn't need the original foreign passport to do so...who's telling you that she needs your entire original passport to amend her taxes??
  6. Your wife is going to want to get her taxes amended if she's been filing "single" all these years. Tax returns are also used as proof of a bonafide marriage.
  7. 1) No one can "get" a tourist visa for someone else---or have any say in the process itself/sponsor someone for a tourist visa. Each person applies and is approved/denied based on their own merits. 2) One cannot enter the US on a tourist visa with the intention of adjusting status. This is clear immigration fraud. 3) There's a reason why many of us here call them the "MISinformation line"....they led you wrong, my friend.
  8. We did not forget about all of you---you're kind of like Canada's side-chick, where we need to keep the relationship more discreet.
  9. Court certified (raised seal) documents regarding any disposition (final judgement) of the arraignment hearing/case. Contact the court that has jurisdiction over the city where the charges were filed to obtain them. You'll want to talk to the Court Clerk/records department.
  10. All of this over a pizza? 😕 I agree that there's nothing to worry about since the charges were dismissed at the arraignment. Just make sure you get court-certified documents regarding that.
  11. It appears as though their notices crossed each other. Kind of like when you pay your gas bill right before the due date, but then another bill is sent out requesting payment---it happens. If your most current status is being inline for the oath ceremony---then I would go with that one.
  12. Let us know how your appeal goes---remember you have a limited amount of time to file for it.
  13. Every IO is different---if your travel history before submitting the N400 wasn't anywhere near to the maximum number then he likely didn't see it as a huge deal regarding your travel since applying. With the OP, slightly different situation since his number of days outside the country were already close to the maximum days allotted, and the question of fulfilling the continuous/physical presence requirements would be of interest to the IO.
  14. I'm not sure physical presence was the entire issue during your interview---I'm thinking the question of continuous residence was also in the IO's mind, given the frequency of your absences (even frequent multiple trips of less than 6 months can be brought into question in determining continuous residence according to USCIS's policy manual). The longer trips, of course, didn't necessarily help in that matter either.
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