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  1. Going through

    Nasty divorce (split)

    I was about to say this---probably to "protect her privacy" as the reason. I would be surprised if they released anything at all in regards to her claims against you, other than they "received documentation/sworn statement" or something to that effect... I would file the FOIA anyhow...I've been thinking about filing one myself, only out of curiosity as to notes that were written along the way in regards to certain things about my case.
  2. Do you still have the rejection notice from when you sent the first application? I would include a copy of that with a brief written explanation that it was returned due to the illegible check, showing the original date of submission being before the deadline, and mention the date you received the 2nd notice ....and a copy of the new receipt notice to compare with the date you received this letter.
  3. Ah--- I see....I obviously meant the OP in saying that earlier in this thread, quoted from a quoted post section---sorry. I thought you were referring to the post I wrote above, since that was the one you just quoted.
  4. Huh? Where did I quote you in this thread?
  5. I suggested if you can post the photo of the letter, as it would be helpful to read the entire thing in context, as well as any action USCIS is planning on taking now in regards to your case. This way members can help you discern what is IN the letter, as you asked "what should I do" now, and give you proper advice. Normally these types of letters not only mention the error in first approving the case, but also what steps USCIS plans on doing now (if any). If you don't want to post the photo, up to you of course.
  6. Post a photo of the letter you just received, so we can read what it actually says.
  7. Post a photo of the letter----there is still some confusion over what you were actually sent---perhaps due to the language barrier.
  8. Going through

    US tourist visa for nephew.

    More info is needed----your other thread here didn't give much info either, unfortunately...
  9. Going through

    K1 Visa Question regarding Roommate

    I think your roommate just wants you to move out in time for the fiancee to move in, honestly...
  10. Going through

    Surprise question on N400

    Scratch my answer----missed in the original post where this was for adult children. Birth certificates for children are another piece of evidence if you want to show more documentation of a relationship between you and your spouse (I assume the wife is filing under the 3-year rule)....if they are not also YOUR children, you don't need to include that. The reason the online application is suggesting the birth certificates is likely because you listed her children on the N400 application. So it automatically prompted you to upload their birth certificates. If you both share children, then yes, upload those birth certificates for children born during your marriage. Apologies for the confusion.
  11. Going through

    Surprise question on N400

    Two possible outcomes by not providing them when you submit the application, if the application is listing them as required: 1) Your wife gets RFE'd for it later...and if you don't have the birth certificates in hand to upload/submit by the limited response time, then the N400 can be denied altogether for not properly responding to the RFE. 2) You wife doesn't receive an RFE for them, and they are requested at her interview. 1 or 2 happening is dependent on how stringent the person adjudicating the case wants to be.
  12. I should clarify---the paperwork is basically the same for the CR-1, but she would be I believe in F2A, until (or unless) you became a citizen---you would then upgrade your petition to CR-1.
  13. Yes. I can't take all the credit----several people said the same thing in this thread.
  14. Believe us, if there were some magical "other" solution, we'd tell you. You do have a few factors against you---being truthful about them is not being necessarily "negative". The advice you got in this thread was something you might want to reread to get the full-rounded view. Here are your options, in a nutshell: You get married and move to her country. No dealing with USCIS this way. You get married and the two of you move to a third country. No dealing with USCIS this way. You wait out the time until the appropriate age to apply for Naturalization, where the Selective Service issue won't be a factor. Once you are a citizen, you file either the K1 fiancee visa and she enters the US to marry and live with you, or you marry (whether in the US or elsewhere) and file the CR-1 visa while she remains in her home country, where she can attempt to visit you during the process.