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US Immigration from Moldova

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AOS: no acknowledgement of receipt
9:35 pm April 13, 2021


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Hello all ..I m slightly concerned as my wife entered the U.S. on a K-1 visa in January and our 90 timeline is up on April 28th (2 weeks). We submitted our AOS package to the Chicago location by certified mail and it was delivered on April 4th. In the form we included form G-1145 for e-mail notification as well as our check payment made out to the Dept. of Homeland Security. 10 days after delivery, we have yet to receive any notification of receipt (by e-mail or mail) and the check included has not been cashed.

I ve read that there seem to be delays in the Chicago Lockbox processing center but do we have any reason for concern if the application is not acknowledged before our 90 day timeline expires?

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Affidavit of Support Parent of US Citizen I-864EZ
12:45 am April 6, 2021


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Hello everyone,

since NVC was not helpful in my question on Affidavit of Support (and I waited 3 weeks for a response), did anyone file I-864EZ for parent and used their own W-2 information as petitioner as proof of individual income, but tax returns show household's income as general as it was filed as married filed jointly? How to proceed in this case? Would it qualify for I-864EZ?

Also, anyone has trouble filling in the non-active fields of AOS, current occupation and name of employer cannot be filled in (form downloaded from https://www.uscis.gov/i-864ez)




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What is my K1 wife's status?
10:46 pm April 4, 2021


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Hello all.

My wife entered the country earlier this year on a K1 visa; we have since wed, received a SSN and submitted our AOS application last week. While we are awaiting her green card, what exactly is her legal status while in the U.S. during this time (or potentially if she left the U.S. and returned on an advanced parole document)?

I'm only asking because we are having some trouble doing basic things like opening a bank account for her. Many of the CSRs don't seem very knowledgeable in this area and the most consistent response is that only resident aliens are allowed to have accounts. Since the K1 is a non-immigrant visa, did her status change once we got married (or when the 90 days on her visa is up)?

Thank you in advance.

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Form I-765 Questions
7:23 pm March 12, 2021


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Hello all,

My wife is a K1 visa holder recently married........we have a couple of questions related to my wife's I-765 form:

Question 12: have you ever filed a form I-765?

-My wife has no recollection of every filing a prior I -765, however she was in the U.S. for about 2 months in 2013 for some sort of student/work exchange program. She held two jobs during that time (one at Wendy's and one at a local grocery store) and was issued a social security card. Would she or someone else have had to file an I-765 on her behalf?

Question 14-15: Do you want the SSA to issue you a social security card?

-I assume the answer to this would be "NO" since 1) she already has a card and 2) we have already applied for a replacement card after our wedding and her name change. Would the NO answer be correct in this case?

Thank you

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Form i_131 Advanced Parole: CNMI
7:10 pm March 12, 2021


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Hi All,

We are just trying to complete our final form I-131 Advanced Parole form as part of our AOS application. I noticed that the form only allows for a physical address and you are required to select this address, a U.S. embassy/consolate or a DHS office to have your AP sent. This differs from other forms we completed that allow entry of both a physical and mailing address.

Our problem is that we live in CNMI and they really don't have physical addresses here. There are street names but the homes/apartments are not numbered; no mailboxes in any homes, everyone uses a PO box or rents a private mailbox. I believe there is a DHS office on the island but I'd prefer not to have to go that route. Any issue if we complete the form using our PO box rather than our physical address?

Thank you

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