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US Immigration from Moldova

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Refugee returning back to home contry
11:34 pm February 19, 2020



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My father in law would like to apply for a travel document to be able to go back to his home country. His mother is 80 years old she had a stroke and is paralyzed. She might die anytime. It is that true that he can not got back to his home country if he has a refugee status?

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NVC question
7:28 pm February 13, 2020


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Hi everyone! i need some advice with understanding of the NVC stage from those who was or still is bringing their children to USA.

I am US citizen, the case of my daughter was created at NVC, we were given the instructions what documents to submit . We submitted (my husband is a joint sponsor) everything using https://ceac.state.gov/IV.

NOW what we are doing next? and the most important thing HOW will we know that her interview is scheduled?

She has already made the appointment got her medical exam.

any advice is highly appreciated

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6 years of waiting F11 visa
3:05 pm December 17, 2019


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Hi VJ family!

Haven't been here for a while....

My question concerns my daughter's F11 visa. After exactly 6 years of waiting we got yesterday a Notice of Immigrant Visa Case Creation for my daughter who is 27. I paid immediately the required fees (both of them).

So, i assume i need to gather supportive documents plus affidavit.

Anyone who is going through the same process or has the experience,please share your experience. Any advice is more than welcome!

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Abroad Married couple starting the process soon...help plz?!
10:04 am November 24, 2019



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Hi all! I'm new here. Also, a newlywed. A little background about us: My husband and I met in the Republic of Moldova when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in October 2017. We continued to date for 22 months and decided to get married. After I finished my Peace Corps service, we got married that next week: July 31, 2019, on Aero Island, Denmark. Now that we re married, we are currently saving up money for the immigration process. Him and I are both abroad, but long distance from each other. He s in Moldova until next year and he ll be working in the UK or Ireland. He does have a Romanian ID and is currently getting his Romanian Passport. I am working in different African countries for the next 2 years. We ll see each-other this December and then every 3-4 months afterwards. The problem(s) is/are, I'm not sure if I should get a lawyer or not. I received mix information from people who have gone through this process. I have found a lawyer, but have yet to pay for her service as I am waiting. The second issue is that I'm not sure how to time this process. My job is a 2 year term(Aug 2021) and if I am wanting to stay on with the organization, something can be arranged. My higher ups expressed that positions will available by the time I finish my term. However, my main goal is to attend graduate school once my term is done, but I want my husband's immigration process to be approved in order to come back with me. I've heard the process can range from a year to 15 months or even longer. To summarize my questions/concerns; Is it better to hire a lawyer or go with out? And when should I start the process in order to bring my husband over after my completed work term/ Graduate school start date?

Thank you in advance,

Very Respectfully,


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Citizenship Application
7:39 pm August 6, 2019



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Does anyone know what one should do if you have lost your Grrencard after you submitted your application for citizenship to America? Do they make you pay a replacement fee even after you have submitted your payment for Citizenship application and testing?

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