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Citizenship Application
7:39 pm August 6, 2019



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Does anyone know what one should do if you have lost your Grrencard after you submitted your application for citizenship to America? Do they make you pay a replacement fee even after you have submitted your payment for Citizenship application and testing?

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petitioning for unmarried child
1:16 am July 7, 2019


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Hi everyone! i filed the petition for my unmarried daughter in November 2013. the petition has been retained at NVC due to the numerical number of immigrants. My daughter was granted tourist visa in 2016 so she spends summers with us which is great. But we are still waiting for the day when they start to process her visa. I became a citizen 2 years ago and provided NVC with my naturalization certificate. I contacted them a few times (made online inquires as they are not really willing to answer your questions by phone) but got this standard reply saying that her visa is not eligible for the further processing and of course they refer me to Visa Bulletin. I am wondering whether there are people here who are in the same boat ? does anyone have more experience in getting more information about cases from NVC? who has the same experience? it will be 6 years of waiting soon .....

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Traveling while on a 10 year Green Card
1:44 pm June 24, 2019



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Hello all.

My husband is a citizen of his home country where he was born, therefore he holds that country's passport. However he had lived and worked in another country before immigrating to the US.He is married to me, a US Citizen and lives in the US now. He wants to travel back to the country where he lived before migrating to the US. His NONhome country. Will he have issues traveling back to the US. Where he holds his Green Card?

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hi guys
10:00 pm May 19, 2018



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yesterday I received the letter with the interview date wich is in June19 ...PD 05/17/17 NYC

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Leave US territory after application N400
1:21 pm April 30, 2018



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Can I leave the US territory after applying for naturalization, after I'll send the N400 form and biometrics?


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