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US Immigration from Moldova

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Interview waiting time in Moldova
8:45 am April 18, 2023

Irina Sirbu

Irina Sirbu

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Good morning everyone. Please help. How long did you wait for an interview for a CR-1 visa after Documentarily Qualified in NVC. Maybe someone from Moldova? We have been waiting for 6 weeks.

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Ssn how to apply
3:03 pm February 20, 2022


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Good morning everyone! Can you guys share your experiences with getting SSN number. I am asking about my daughter's matter who successfully arrived 2 days ago. She was told that her permanent resident card will arrive within 120 days. But how to deal with SSN?

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National Benefits Center DELAYS
4:56 pm February 18, 2022

Mihaela & Jason

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I am completely disappointed about the lack of responsiveness and extremely long processing times of my I-751 that was filed in January 2020. My assigned case starts with an MSC, meaning it is sitting at the Missouri Service Center (aka National Benefits Center) for over 25 months sitting on a shelf collecting dust in a state that is different than the one that i live in! My case was supposed to be transferred to my home state in Wisconsin a LONG TIME AGO.

Why do other service centers process cases three times faster that NBC? I wrote complaint letters to Biden, Kamala, White House, my local Senator and nobody seems to care about this.

What is wrong with the National Benefits Center? Do workers at NBC actually work?

I have opened inquiries on the USCIS website multiple times and no one seems to get back to me! I check my email every day and nothing!

NBC is horrible! People if you were assigned an MSC case: FILE FOR CITIZENSHIP RIGHT AWAY! Don't wait like I did in hopes that they will probably process yours faster... They DON'T! They are lazy

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Travel to US
2:20 pm February 13, 2022


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Good day everyone ! I have a question which I would love to get your input about.

My parents are going to visit us this year. They have valid visas but the passports are expired.

They ordered new passports.

And keep the old with valid visas.

Are they allowed to come with both passports?

Who had the same situation. It would very helpful to know your opinion and experience.

Thank you!

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I-751 taking over 25 months
2:30 pm February 10, 2022

Mihaela & Jason

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I have applied on January 10th 2020 for an I-751. Today is 25 months since i have applied and no Interview yet. My case is stuck in Missouri at some lazy center who won't transfer my case to my home state which is Wisconsin.

Anyone else in that position? I have contacted my senator for a congressional inquiry, the White House via letters and complaints. No one can enforce these people to do their job! I don't get it what kind of work ethics do they have?

Me and my husband are looking to move to Florida and are stuck because of their crazy processing timelines. USCIS in Missouri: (removed)

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