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Case Refused due to outdated Cenomar
3:57 am today



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We just had our interview. The CEMAR we submitted was from 2018. Now our case is refused until we send a new CEMAR. They didnt even keep the passports. It's a real bummer.

If you have a spousal interview in Manila make sure to have a recent CEMAR even though the website gives no timeframe on when its valid.

The online site says 3 weeks due to covid to issue the CEMAR. Then time to send it and time for processing. This probably set us back at least 6 weeks.

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I-751/N400 application advice/help
9:58 pm yesterday



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Hello guys, I hope everyone is doing well.

I would like to share my current situation.

I have a pending I-751, filed last Feb 2019. Then I applied N-400 Feb 2020. I thought my application would speed things up but based on what's happening, I think it is the other way around.

Anyway, my current situation is my husband and I are expecting our second baby. We are so happy about it! What worries me is about my paperworks - extension letter expiring in 3 months, and I also think I might need my 10 yr green card for me and my baby's insurance. Also for hospital, WIC application, and any other paperworks that asks about my legal status here in the US.

I tried contacting the USCIS customer service - telling me the generic reply/ also hearing about them not giving passport stamp appointment because it is not considered 'emergency'.

Also the CIS Ombudsman - telling me that my case is not qualified for expedite.

My only hope is the senator's assistant that I contacted last week.. but based on my experience, she will also just rely the USCIS generic message to me as a response.

I hope someone can enlighten me about my situation. I also hope I will be finished before I give birth.

Thank you.. stay safe!

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POE CR1 to IR1 Question
6:35 pm yesterday



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Hello VJ Members,

Good day, I just have a question regarding on CR1 to IR1 conversion. Our second anniversary is on October 2020 and she will have visa interview on end week of August 2020. My wife planning to go the States on November. I was wondering if she get 10 year GC since she entered the States after our 2 year wedding anniversary or they still give her the conditional GC because the visa was issued before our 2nd year mark of our wedding date. She is willing to wait to enter the States for a month or two because It would be beneficial for us specially submitting another paperwork and fees just to for ROC. Thank you


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K1 visa interview
6:08 am yesterday

Robert EE

Robert EE

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Is the Philippines scheduling K1 interviews? We received a letter to schedule an interview back in February. I am now lost with the process.

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I-864 needs to be updated? and bring recent tax return in Interview?
4:55 am yesterday


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We're preparing for my wife's Embassy Interview.

And I just recently filed my tax return for 2019. I submitted my I-864 to CEAC(NVC) on January 2020.
But there I only entered my 2018, 2017, 2016 Tax return. (2018 as my most recent at that time)

Should we only bring those tax returns to the interview or should we also bring the 2019 tax return and update the I-864?

We also have a joint sponsor, should we bug them about sending us the 2019 tax return and update I-864?

Thank you in advance!

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