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Flu Shot? I-693? for AOS interview
2:11 pm today


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Good day to all,

I posted yesterday whether if I need to have an I-693 form completed by a Civil Surgeon where I have filed my AOS from K1 within a year where I submitted a DS3025 Completed Vaccination Requirements and I got replies from VJ'ers that I don't need a I-693

But, I just got to realize....

I have read that the Flu Season starts October 1 and ends March 31. I had my medical examination in the Philippines (St. Luke's) on February 2018 (Flu Season) and the doctor told me that there's no need for a Flu Vaccine then I told the doctor that I had a severe allergic reaction to Flu shots, but since I have to undergo Sputum exam which results came after 2 months, so my medical were cleared and my Vaccinations were given on April 2018, the doctor in SLEC told me again that there's no need for Flu vaccine because it's not Flu Season. My DS 3025 shows Completed Vaccination Requirements with a Blanket Waiver indicated on Flu Vaccine (F)- Flu Vaccine not available.

I filed my AOS on June 2018 (not Flu Season), and now my interview is scheduled this December 2018 (Flu Season). So, do I need to go to a Civil Surgeon to have a I-693 form completed and to update regarding the flu shot-- that I have to let him indicate that I have severe allergies to Flu Shots (for documentation purposes).

Thanks for the replies

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Schedule interview
10:55 am today


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Here we are i am so excited this morning to pay in bpi they said i need to wait 4 hour and i can do sched my interview but..when i submit the applicatiin no valid record xan be found for the entered num and validate your reciept num...who have experience like this...delays makes me have a big headache

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For interview..
9:46 am today


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At the visa interview, Are they gonna ask all about your information even the past? Like for example the father of your kids, what happened etc. and about your previous employers or all the listed below information in your visa? Thanks

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cooking for the future in-laws.
9:15 am today


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I've been here a few times now and cooked for them a few times. The first thing I cooked was BBQ ribs. Great reactions all the way around, with the plate being empty before anything else. Then some asking where it came from. I had one hold out that said they didn't want to try, but the plate was empty anyway.

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credit card company/spam
6:01 am today


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so here is my biggest wonder lol 2 weeks ago i received a mail from a credit card company i was so curious about how did they know my name and my address and sending me a mail offering me a credit card? and also there was weird person who called me and talk about student loan haha..so my question is..is anyone here in vj had encountered this "spam call/mail"? or is it just normal here to spread my personal info to others? ? me and my husband think about where we went to filled out a form with my name and we never give my info to anyone other than my daughter school and k1 visa journey..just weird to me ?

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