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US Embassies giving preferential expedites to Military?
6:10 pm today


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I can only speak for the USEM in Manila, It's hard not to notice the posts on social media, where petitioners and beneficiaries share their expedite and visa approvals, where the majority are almost always Military or Ex-Military, I'm very pro US Military, don't get me wrong, but when I read the reasons they provide in their expedite requests, it's on the weakest of grounds, far weaker than the grounds I used and yet my requests have been denied, But considering that many employees at our embassies are military personnel, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it's just infuriating to see them cut in front of line, in front of filers who've been waiting nearly 2 years or more while they've been waiting only 7 months. :ranting:

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Travel exemption no longer needed for 9a visa holders
5:21 pm today



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It seems official. No travel exemption needed for entry by 9a visa holders starting Aug 1. That is kind of big news.

The requirement for the notation on the 9a visa would seem to invalidate existing 9a visas though.


Page 6, Section C


C. Upon the recommendation of the IATF Technical Working Group, foreign spouses, parent/s, and/or children of Filipino citizens with valid 9(a) visas may be allowed entry to the Philippines without the need of an entry exemption document beginning 01 August 2021. For this purpose, the visas of the foregoing shall contain the following notation: "EED not required per IATF Resolution No. 128 (s.2021)"

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Married to US Citizen
7:25 am today

Marily Jarolim

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I am a permanent resident and been living here in the US for 3 years. Just this week, I married a US citizen and decided to change my first name and last name. Do I need to update my green card as well or its okay not to. I will be filing my citizenship anyway after 2 more years. Another question, am I eligible to file us citizenship because I ve been living here in the US for 3 years and now married to a US citizen? Or i still need to wait until my 5 years of residency? Thank you

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4:19 am today


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Wife just did 5 hrs worth of stuff at usem manila had pre-interview for 5 minutes had to re-upload paperwork that was already uploaded to NVC but did not get transferred to embassy they gave her 30 minutes to do that and was charged 3000 pesos out at security where people are now scanning and uploading for the clients then after that she had do other stuff in the building there was only 2 people doing interviews. The final interview was 5 questions and took 2 minutes to complete for final approval

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Hotels near Embassy
2:21 am today


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I am reading a lot of confusing information. Is my fiancee required to present a negative covid test upon check in at a hotel near the embassy. We are looking at Red Planet-Manila Bay. Thanks.

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