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Best possible visa for my wife to visit
2:56 am today


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My wife from the Philippines came to the US on a k-1 visa and we got married here. We started filing the paperwork for AOS and everything related to that. I have not been enjoying my work lately so my wife encouraged me to reach out to my previous job in Japan and see about returning there to work long term, most likely for many years even possibly to retire from that position.

In my research, I saw that if she were to stay outside of the US for more than 6 months, she would abandon the permanent residence status and would not be allowed to return.

The problem for us is that if we both want to come back to visit my family for holidays or for her to come with me to a funeral, she would not be allowed to because of abandoning the permanent residence status. Would it be possible to get another visa for her that would be multi entry that would allow her to come back to the US with me to visit when I need to?

Thanks in advance.

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Passport renewal & Report of Marriage
5:23 pm yesterday


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Hi All!

My wife is looking to renew her passport. She is not using my surname. My wife is still using her original last name. Will she still require a Report of Marriage authenticated by PSA?

If we require a ROM, we were married in the United States (South Carolina). Would we be able process the ROM at the San Francisco consulate, even if South carolina is outside of SF jurisdiction?

How long does it take to process the ROM and passport? We're hoping to have a renewed passport by Holy week next year (April 2019). Thanks!

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I-175 application anxiety
3:11 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone,

I am really nervous about my application to remove my condition this coming December 25 2018. I am anxious because I don't know if we will have enough documents to show as proof of marriage.

These are the legal documents that we have so far : 2016 and 2017 tax returns, joint health insurance for 2017, 2018 ,also one for 2019. I am on one of my husband's credit card, but we don't have a joint bank account. We don't have apartment lease that we have on both of our names but our apartment management office can give us a letter to say that we live together in the apartment. I will also ask for our super to write an affidavit to prove that we are living in the apartment together since 2016. As for affidavits, we have few friends we can ask for it and my mother and father in law.

We have tons of pictures together, travel documents, flights and hotel itinerary. We also joined some activities that show on tickets that we have our names on like NYC Bike Tour, Keto Fest 2018, F1 race in Mexico. Some events doesn't have our names on like some concert and Broadway shows we attended. We also have costco and BJs membership together.

My worries are we don't have joint savings and checking account. I regret I didn't do it, I thought my name riding on his credit card should be enough, and the apartment lease wasn't on joint as well but apartment management would give us letters. Will my evidence be enough to show that our marriage is bonafide?

Thanks in advance for your replies. I am just very anxious.


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Just received case number from nvc
2:22 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone,

I just received the case number and invoice number from the nvc. I called so i don't yet have the letter they sent out. Just wondering what the next steps are and how to go about them. Making the appointments for medical and interview and all that. Thank you in advance.

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Question about Affidavit of support....
1:15 am yesterday


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Hi all. I have a concern regarding my Affidavit of support....The time is getting near where my i129-f may be adjudicated and I would be beginning the next steps of the K1 process. I have an opportunity that has opened up to me to take a position at another company doing the same line of work that I do now. My question is: Would switching jobs so near to the time where I would have to submit my AOS have potential to negatively affect my perceived financial reliability? Do they look at the amount of time you have been with a company as a factor in determining my ability to support my Fiance? My Timeline estimate is somewhere between January 4th-10th. My guess is that with the holidays I wouldn't start until January and if I took the Job I might be there just a few months possibly before having to have the AOS prepared for the interview....If anyone can answer my questions and put my mind at ease I would be thankful.

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