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  1. Well, it didnt actually arrive. USPS either "forgot" to deliver it, or misdelivered it. I am so over USPS and their lack of care with everything. Since we started keeping track in mid-April, this is the fourth important item they've messed up (we still have three international packages we've sent at the end of April and May allegedly sitting in the Kansas City distribution center). Imagine if there was actually an appointment being scheduled for biometrics. They would have potentially screwed us.
  2. Biometrics waiver is arriving in the mail today. Just saw it on informed delivery and the address window is too big so we can see the text "USCIS is able to reuse your previously captured fingerprints and other...." then it cuts off. So our timeline so far: Mailed: May 9th Delivered: May 12th NOA dated: May 24 Check cashed: May 26th Text received: May 27th NOA received: June 1st (Assigned to Texas) Biometrics letter: June 21st
  3. Yeah, where they send the cases are not dependent on geographical location in the least. I live about 20 minutes from the NBC where MSC cases are processed (I used to drive by it on the way to work before I started working from home) and our file got routed to Texas.
  4. We got the electronic notification the day after the check was cashed, so you might get yours tomorrow or Monday.
  5. Yeah, but it might have arrived sooner if not for Monday being a holiday. Sent: May 9th Arrived: May 13th NOA dated: May 24th Check cashed: May 26th NOA arrived: June 1st
  6. We're super excited about being assigned there! My husband and I were talking about it this afternoon and he realized that if everything works out perfectly, he could have his 10yr green card by September/October, which is when we'd ideally like to go visit his parents (assuming vaccinated people are still allowed to travel in the fall) and have our daughter meet her grandparents for the first time.
  7. Husband just got the receipt text! We got assigned to the Texas Service Center (SRC)
  8. Check was cashed today! Package sent: May 9th Package received: May 13th Check cashed: May 26th
  9. Yeah, I ended up printing off additional information from the last two and a half years. We're mailing tomorrow.
  10. We haven't sent it off yet. Window opens tomorrow and we're gonna send it Sunday so we have a day as a buffer. I'll probably print a few more off then. We do have other older evidence printed off too. Life, health, and car insurances, car titles, etc. Also hi right back at you! 😁 Hope you're doing well!
  11. We're sending the two most recent (March and April). Same with our mortgage statements.
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