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  1. We didnt have to get an ITIN for Matt. He got his social the day after we got married and we used that on our 1040.
  2. At least we're not alone. After two hours, I finally got connected to an actual person who then transferred me and then I got the same message as before "Sorry. Due to high call volume we are unable to take your call at this time." Click. Back to bothering my congressman I guess.
  3. Just a general question for everyone since it was a hot-ish topic a few months ago. Of those of you who were expecting tax refunds, how many of you have received them? Matt and I were expected almost 2k, sent our taxes at the beginning of March, and still haven't gotten anything. We knew it was going to take a little longer because we had to mail it (as did all of ya'll), but even the IRS website says 4-6 weeks for mailed with DD. I also tried calling their tax question hotline, and it hung up on me after saying that all of their agents were busy rather than putting me on hold. We're literally having no luck with any government agency ☹️
  4. USCIS makes me want to bang my head against a wall. They acknowledged we sent "an English translation of a foreign BC" and basically said they needed an photocopy of the original language from the correct authority. But there is only one place in the UK that does BC. And again... original language. So its not like they could even be like "oops! we lost it!" because they stated they knew we sent it!
  5. We got a pitiful response from our inquiry through our congressman asking about why we were issued our idiotic RFIE. All USCIS said was "we can confirm the case is pending". Okay fine USCIS, but not what we asked about. We literally only wanted to know why and English BC in the English language was not satisfactory for our case but I guess since that isn't a yes or no question you don't know how to answer it. Next time I'll write a multiple choice question so they can practically be spoon feed the answer 🙄 On the October board, someone who got an RFIE for their AOS called USCIS tier 2 who informed them that because their is an RFIE on that they wont look at EAD/AP until the evidence has been reviewed. Doubly foul up by USCIS in my opinion. Just puts me in a terrible mood 24/7. Tomorrow is happy hour after work so I'm going to get sufficiently drunk. My mom is trying to get involved by poking our congress man even more (tweeting at him at 10:30pm) and sending us information about who our local government reps are. I had to explain to her last night that we're still 17 days out before being considered out of normal processing time so no one is going to pay attention to us. I do appreciate her zeal and wish I had it, but she still isn't aware that its a waiting game no matter what. Seriously considering a letter writing campaign to my Senators to create and sponsor a bill that should guarantee a decision on EAD and AP within 90 days of filing. The NBC is in their state so they should be aware and care how bad it is. I doubt it come to fruition, but I like complaining to as many people as possible.
  6. rrobin0609

    USA Phone Providers

    We have the same plan. I was on the $50/mo for 8GB data and unlimited talk and text (discounted to $45 for autopay) prior to adding my husband. I also have the occasional issue with texts but usually when the weather has been bad and there is potentially a tower out of commission. I bought my phone on eBay so I didn't have to get one through them. I think my husband wishes the data speed was a little faster, but its fine for me. You do have to pay $10 per sim card when you sign up, but thats the only other expense I can remember. My mom and younger sister share 3 or 4GB on version and I know its way more expensive than my mom would like it to be. She's asked me about Cricket and I think has been close to switching a few times. My older sister was on T-Mobile before she moved to Spain and she loved it. My dad has Sprint but his phone and phone bill is paid for by the company he works for. Both the AFS students my parents have hosted have used AT&T BYOD which is $50 for unlimited talk and text and 3GB with rollover for one line. My parents haven't gone on vacation with my Spanish sister so I don't know how the data would be in the rural areas near the Black Hills and Yellowstone, but my Italian sister was easily frustrated with the lack of service when they went to the Grand Canyon and Yosemite.
  7. Too long ☹️ (although im still lolling at how the I-129F never updated even one year later)
  8. Dang, Baltimore office seems to be chewing people up and spitting them back out ☹️ Hope you all that have interviewed there hear good news soon!
  9. I really doubt all petitions before October 21 have been dealt with. Thats probably just their internal "out of processing" date. Give the public a week of wiggle room though.
  10. Matt finally got through to USCIS today asking them about our idiotic RFIE. Apparently the tier 2 person he talked to thought the request was "a little ridiculous and amusing". Good thing I was not on the phone because I would have ripped them a new one for thinking it was amusing. But Matt also knows how to stay calm because he was able to get more information in doing so where as I would have been kicked off the line. Anywho... according to her they are processing EAD/AP for October 21st which is a week ahead of what their website says. She thinks we should have it by the end of the month. Granted, a month and a half ago when complaining about previously mentioned many-times-over-RFIE to the LFO via an info pass, they had predicted a green card interview by mid-May, which is clearly not happening. She also said that based on what Matt told her about his parents health conditions, he should be able to get one-time emergency AP. Not ideal, but definitely a last minute option (although I think it still costs an extra $350). Forever feeling like 🤷‍♀️
  11. Case status should update to "Response to USCIS' Request for Evidence Was Received". However thats not always going to be the case. Last year my now-husband and I got an RFE for the I-129F and it never updated to "Response to USCIS' Request for Evidence Was Received". It took 46 days to change to "Case was Approved". Its been nearly a year since we got an RFE and Case Tracker still has it sitting in the "RFE Mailed" status. But he is here. We are married. It went smoothly. You'll be okay. Everything will work out how its suppose to. Good luck!
  12. rrobin0609


    You'll get the letter with interview date once the status changes to "Interview has been scheduled".
  13. Casetracker pushed a notification about updates this morning. Real bummer case I had been awake for all of a minute before my heart skipped a beat in excitement only to be followed up with soul crushing disappointment.
  14. We're still waiting ☹️ They've had the response for 25 days now. Fingers are still crossed! I've been trying to stay distracted with other stuff so I'm not constantly thinking about it. Friday we went to Bass Pro and walked around looking at camping stuff and talking about our planned trip to South Dakota next month before getting Coldstone. Matt doesn't believe in running, but I have a 5k mud run next weekend. And I have our after hours software support pager this week (but hopefully that wont keep me distracted 😊). My mom suggested we contact our congressman about it. Since we're still within normal processing times we filled it out to inquire on why we got such a bogus RFIE. Maybe it will bring some visibility to some other idiotic ones people have gotten (doubtful). We haven't heard from him.
  15. rrobin0609


    My I-129F never updated to RFE received. Its been nearly a year and the Case Tracker still shows "RFE was mailed". But they got it. We got married. Relax. Deep Breath. You'll be okay.