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  1. I've lost count, but I think I'm on day nine of being at home. My manager texted me while I was at a doctors appointment telling me to work from home until further notice. A few days later it was announced that someone in my building (apparently the floor below me) had tested positive. My MIL is sick, might be infected, and has been told to isolate but my in-laws live in the second poorest county in England (poorest if you don't count the Isle of Wight) so we have no idea if or when they'll be able to test her. We're both in the mindset that London has the majority of tests and if they're on full lock down they won't be sending any out. My doctors office is no longer allowing visitors into appointments so my husband doesn't get to come in anymore and hear baby's heart beat. The hospital I'll be delivering at has created a no-visitor policy except in certain situations, labor and delivery being one of them for now. If this is still going on in June, I hope that my husband will be able to be there.@DaveAndAnastasia I hope you'll be allowed in for the birth of mini-Dave in a few weeks. My mom said we might end up doing a virtual baby shower. I'd of course like to have a baby shower in anyway possible, but I'm prepared for it to be a failure. I didn't have a wedding shower. 90% of my birthday parties growing up were complete busts (partly because I was not cool and partly because I was born in the summer while everyone was on vacation). I'm mostly pissed at getting a maternity parking pass for work, using it for three weeks, and then being told to work from home until May, and my maternity parking pass expires at the end of May. And I'm not due until almost mid-June. I am finally able to do a few things I wouldn't normally be able to do. I've taken a few midday runs to help break up the monotony of work. I was able to do laundry on a non-weekend too! Work does feel a little more urgent than usual as I work in Healthcare IT. If a ticket is logged and it's a question or functionality thing in regards to the virus we have special tags to put on it and then the ticket displays a biohazard icon which is pretty nifty. A lot of the time it doesn't feel as if my job is really making a difference, but I guess now it really kind of is. I usually get a lot of grief from doctors and nurses, or hospital IT staff that the software they are using is terrible and how much they all hate it, and I have to be a nice IT person and grit my teeth and somehow not say "I didn't make it so stop complaining to me". But I guess all these people finally have something else to focus on to where when I work through an issue with them and the problem is fixed, or explain how something works they are just grateful to know so they can do their jobs more effectively. Edit: now I see this actually posted, it looks pretty damn long like an actual rant.
  2. My older sister in Madrid, her roommates have a dog. They are all on lock down (with a hefty fine I mentioned above if they don't follow) but she made an Instagram video the other day her walking the dog. I guess as long as you're minding your own business its allowed.
  3. Thursday during my 28w OB appointment, my manager texted me and told me to work from home until further notice. So today is day three of WFH and day five of be at home. Thursday wasn't so bad because I left my house. Friday I got a little antsy, but my mom stopped by twice to check measurements for the nursery's curtains. Saturday I had planned on running, but it was storming a part of the day. I instead ran to a craft store and got supplies to make homemade bookends for the nursery. Sunday I had planned on running, but it was snowing. Usually I would run still but being in my last trimester I don't want to be outside running by myself if its going to be potentially icy to where I could fall and slip. So I watch Netflix and my husband and I Skyped with his parents for about an hour and a half, maybe two hours. I'm hoping the day goes by quickly today. If it stops raining maybe I'll finally get that run in. While Skyping with my inlaws, we were talking about the difference in how countries are dealing with this. In the UK, the government isn't really advising anything besides "stock up on medication and wash your hands often". My MIL is an LTC Nurse and she was told by her boss that if she tested positive at work she would have to stay rather than go home and isolate. I have an older sister living in Madrid, and a Spanish sister (hosted by my parents through an exchange program) in Barcelona both of which are in lock down in their apartments. My older sister said one of her friends was out for a run the other day and she got stopped by police who asked what she was doing. If you're caught outside your living quarters without good reason there is a fine up to 1200€. My Italian sister (also hosted by my parents through an exchange program) was going to school in Turin, but was sent home to Sardinia to do online classes. She's been in lock down for more than a few weeks now. I guess school work is keeping her busy.
  4. My company is doing an network infrastructure stress test with a quarter of the workforce being at home. My manager decided to implement his own Titanic rules of "women and children first", and since I technically qualify in both categories I am one of the 'lucky' ones who gets to work from home until further notice. I abhor working from home. The day goes by so much slower.
  5. My parents hosted an exchange student from Spain last year. At the end of January she told me she had flights for spring break and wanted me to help her surprise them. She called me this morning, not upset but frustrated, saying that she can't come now.
  6. My now husband came and saw me for a month the first time. He had a friend that lived about 100 miles away that he could stay with if things had not worked out between us, so make sure you have a backup plan. Meeting some person from the internet in person for the first time is terrifying and exciting, but you should always make sure to protect yourself first. Also, to reiterate a lot of other people, be honest! The second time my now husband came to see me he was staying just a few days shy of the 90 that his ESTA would allow. When the border officer asked him why he was staying so long he said something along the lines of us wanting a long term future together, but since we had previously only spent a month together in person we wanted to test out "living" together as best we could before we applied for any visas. I know he did get pulled into secondary after that, but repeated the same thing and that officer noted that it was actually pretty smart of us to do.
  7. That was my original thought. Going to the UK for the first time as a family of three in December 2021 so we could be there for Christmas (UK winter being more mild than a Russian winter) and she'd be a year and a half and have somewhat better communication than the just crying as infants do. I really don't want to stop any potential trips to the UK, with or without me, just because I feel uneasy about the circumstances of the trip in question. I really do want all our kids to see themselves as British as much as they see themselves as American and part of that is exposing them as much as possible.
  8. Out of curiosity, how many of you all have traveled with your kids when they were infants to go see family? My husband mentioned a while ago that he wanted to go see his parents before the end of the year (like, October/November). When he first said it I told him I'd probably stay here to help cut down on costs and make my move toward a career change that I already pushed off a year due to pregnancy, but I wasn't going to tell him he can't go as it would be pretty hypocritical of me since we live 4 miles from my parents and see them all the time. And then he mentioned he'd want to take our daughter with him so she can meet her grandparents and he'd be okay with going just the two of them. Every cell in my brain is screaming no, but I know its more complicated than that. If the tables were turned and I wanted to travel alone with her no one would bat an eyelash since I'm the mom. I'd love to go with them if I could, but it may not be possible. Just want to put some feelers out and see what the wise sages of VJ think.
  9. Breaking news: Maternity clothes make you look pregnant and not just fat. Which means that today is the first time I've gone to work and looked the least bit pregnant and not like I gained 10lbs of fat all in my stomach. I'm actually feeling cute about it too! I walked on the elevator this morning and was touching the top of my stomach and someone looked at my stomach and then smiled at me and thats the type of thing I've been waiting for and it finally happened! Oh, also my due date got moved back 5 days so now our baby girl is due on on birthday in mid-June rather than early June.
  10. It doesn't matter as long as you marry before the 90 days is up. Obviously sooner is better, but they can't complain as long as you've gotten married in the 90 day window. Keep in mind though that every day you have not filed for AOS after that window is a risk. There was a story from someone, oh between 6 months and a year ago who had gotten married but not yet filed for AOS. She was a passenger in a car that was pulled over and ended up being detained for a few weeks if I remember correctly. Just to give you a sense of how we scheduled things: My now husband entered the US on October 2nd. We got married on October 21st. We mailed his AOS on November 10th. His 90 days were up on December 31st. My husband and I were in NYC on a trip when his 90 days were up. I made him take his NOA1 for AOS. A few months later we did a road trip to South Dakota and he didn't yet have his green card, so I made him take his NOA1 for AOS.
  11. While filing the AOS paperwork, we did not submit any pictures. When we went to our interview we had a photo album in case the interviewer wanted to see it. It had less than 10 wedding photos in it, but many more of us going placing and enjoying events together. He didn't even notice it until we were about to leave his office, but he asked if he could flip through it (and mentioned seeing pictures at interviews are one of the best parts of his day). Other couples have done the same thing as you are planning to do. Keep your plan simple. Don't over think it.
  12. Our weekends have been warm enough to enjoy, I think Sunday it got up to the mid 60s, but as soon as Monday rolls around its freezing until Friday. Last night we had light flurries.
  13. It might help us determine exactly what you need if you post word for word what the RFE says; however, If I were you, I'd send a copy of your long form BC again with a certified translation, not one you did yourself. When I filed the I-129F for my now husband they lost my BC and requested a second copy. A year and a half later during his AOS, they acknowledged they had received my husband's BC but said they needed the original, non-English version of it. For the record, my husband was born in England. He ended up sending a second copy of his BC and a note stating that there is no other language that it comes in. Not to get your hopes up, but we were able to expedite based on USCIS error because of this.
  14. Missouri's two largest cities border other states, so for a chunk of Missourians it wouldn't event matter that much. More annoying if you're in Springfield or Columbia though. I would think the majority of visa recipients moving to Missouri are going to fly in through KC or St. Louis and then drive to their respective city or town. There isn't much information on HB2173, but its currently in the in committee phase and would still have a long way to go before it would be signed by the governor, if it were to pass the house and senate. It seems like many Missouri representatives, both Republicans and Democrats, are opposed to this bill in its current form. A news station did interview the Representative who proposed the bill- [1] "I do not believe marriage is the role of government,” Schnelting said. The bill would eliminate the legal requirement for pastors or judges to officiate at wedding ceremonies. “You can still have one, it’s just not a legal requirement,” Schnelting added. Another article says- [2] According to Schnelting, the proposal would not attack government benefits for couples with a marriage license or a civil union contract. If so, he says he would change the bill to ensure those benefits would work the same way as they do now. As a Missourian, and it looks like the only one on this thread so far, I don't see any reason to worry about this. [1] https://www.kmov.com/news/missouri-lawmaker-wants-to-replace-marriage-licenses-with-domestic-union/article_6f806e06-51fe-11ea-8c8b-d3de5d90a8be.html [2] https://www.missourinet.com/2020/02/17/domestic-union-instead-of-marriage-missouri-bill-would-reduce-the-nuptial-definition/
  15. Its snowing yet again here. I'm so over snow. After the first big snow of the season it loses its novelty.
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