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Requesting Mother after adjustment via different visa was denied
6:07 am March 10, 2022


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My mother had a U-Visa and applied for adjustment of status about 3 years ago. My brother, who at the time was 16, was on the application with her.

She had a pro-bono immigration lawyer helping her and waived all her fees since she was under poverty guidelines when she applied. She missed an RFE on her case due to her lawyer not communicating in time and her case was denied recently. However, my brother who was also on the application was approved and he has his green card now. It's been over 10 months of sending letters to USCIS for appeal, sending RFE requested docs and requesting reopening the case to no avail. They do not respond at all. The lawyer told her to reapply but she will now have to pay all fees including lawyer fees since she has a better job now. (earning 25k a year ?). I did all my own paperwork for my adjustment of status and citizenship and never needed a lawyer. Since she had a special visa, she had to do it with a lawyer. However, my question is, since her case was denied, can't I just file paperwork to adjust her as a parent of a U.S Citizen over the age of 21? Would the denial of adjustment due to a missed RFE impact her applying though a family member instead? By the way, the RFE was something trivial like a copy of her passport page, I say trivial because she sent it in the initial application so maybe they just lost it. I could save all the lawyer fees, do the paperwork myself and just pay the filing fees. The lawyer is quoting her about $5,000.

Thank you in advance.

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Looking to know what are my options [Going for Divorce, TN]
12:34 am January 10, 2022


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Hi all. Long story short, things went downhill pretty quick and my Husband isn't doing enough to support (leach) nor try to act like a real Husband PM me if you want to help me talk about it. So less detail of the drama in case he see this (he'll end up making his own account anyway).

So I'm looking into getting divorce when I can. We're still in the same apartment, but using a different primary address. It's been like this since day 1 when he came here.

While I'm already getting myself a manufactured home set up (all in my name, not his) and to be away from him, I know there seem to be some limitation at the moment that I can't just freely divorce my Husband in Tennessee. He don't want to move back home due to vaccination requirements. & I'm pretty sure even if I get the divorce papers ready for a easy sign to agree and divorce, he won't sign it.

So here where it get more difficult for me: I'm on the hook to support him because I filled the affidavit of support for him. So while I'm planning to be separated hopefully at least a year or will have to do more in order to get a divorce, I feel like I have to keep him on my health insurance and auto insurance(?? Because I'll assume he won't pay for his own and then cause a big debt liability that I'll end up having to pay more than what's covered if I had him covered??). I'm thinking about sending a mail to the Department of Human Service in my county to be sure he doesn't try to file for food stamp and other things because that's where I'll end up having to pay for if he gets it and such like that. If I can withdraw that affidavit of support and no longer be responsible for him I'd like to know how/when I can do that.

I've been contacting lawyers but I got no response. No phone call answered. No phone calls returned. I left voicemails. I called/emailed within 50 miles radius of me. I had not walked in to talk to someone yet but I'm planning to when I get time. Mostly I work a lot, sometimes double jobs. My Husband only works part time and he will not go for a full time job. I think he is planning to aim for unemployment but I don't know if that is also a public assistance that I'll end up having to pay back, which I think I do.

So I'm trying my best to do what's better for me and protect me because things had been getting pretty close to domestic violence. I'm all about learning all I need to know (give me links I'll appreciate it, threads, whatever it takes) and to be sure that I don't get screwed over by lawyer as well if something was missed. If I'm going to be separated from my Husband for 1 year, I think something else may come up and things get more complicated. I don't know what it'll be. Another marriage, or seeking public funds, idk. I just can't leave now because I don't have a place to stay at the moment. My home is going to be anytime between April or later.

Notice to mods: If I'm posting in the wrong section of the forum, I'd appreciate it if you could relocate it for me.

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Elder parents Aos overstayed tourist visa
2:46 am January 6, 2022


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Hello Everyone:

Im a green card holder and Im going to apply to naturalization on March of 2021.

I have my elder parent +80 that I need to bring to the states because I dont have nobody to take care of them in my home country.

They are travelling with a tourist visa in March 2021, so actually when I get the chance to AOS they have to overstay.

Is this risky? They wont work or anything like that.

Any advice??

Thanks a lot!

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Minor passport renewal - submit old, expired with application ?
3:18 am October 14, 2021



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I have two kids, both are natural born citizens. For one of them, we already applied for his passport twice before (applied, got it, it expired). Then when that one expired, we applied again for his passport (got it, it also expired). For the other kid, we have so far applied only once (applied, got it, it expired).

When I renewed my oldest one's passport ("renewal" here not being correct, I know - "when I applied again, due to his old one being expired") I submitted his birth certificate, copy of mine and my wife's driver licenses, the works. AND (and here's the question), I also submitted his PREVIOUS passport, which was returned to me later cancelled (holes through the machine readable region).

Both when I first applied for this kid, and also when we renewed/applied again, we filled the DS-11 manually. AND on the renewal, I checked then the box "submitting with application". Everything peachy.

I am now applying for both kids AGAIN, and using this time the Dept of State online form filler. When I get to the question "have you ever been issued a US passport" ? I chose YES, filled all of the required information. Finish the form, print it out.

But - here's the deal. On the printed DS-11, under question 21 ("Have you ever applied or been issued an US passport or Passport Card"), and after the name/number, you have to check an option for "Status of your most recent passport book", and there are four options: "Submitting with application", "Stolen", "Lost", "In my possession (if expired)". And the Form Filler selected "In my possesion (if expired)".

Does that mean that:

a) the rules changed and now there's no need/no formal requirement to send the previous child passport, if it is expired, with a new application ?, or

b) I should still send the expired passport, for it to be cancelled and returned to me, EVEN if the form got the "In my possession (if expired)" checkbox checked ?

I know we cannot edit the form generated by the Form Filler - but I wonder if there would be any issues with sending the passport book along, even with that checkbox checked ?

Thanks in advance,

Ido (very confused)

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Looking to double check on a couple of things
8:26 pm July 25, 2021


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Hi all, been a while. Just wanted to double check and make sure I'm looking at these actions with my Husband to be sure we're submitting it on date/correct time.

My Husband's conditional green card expire on 8/19/22.
If I'm reading this right, to submit the I-751 form within 90 days from expiration date as on May 21, 2022. If so, I'll hop on the I-751 May 2022 train topic.

Additionally, to submit the N-400 will be on July 15, 2022. We got married in July 15, 2019 Thru K-1 Visa. I don't know if there is a N-400 train topic or not, didn't look yet lol.

If not correct, please update me on how it wasn't and how could I look for more accurate timing and structures to take. Thank you very much VJ.

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