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Waiver for inadmisability 9 months or 15 Months ??
12:24 am January 11, 2019


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When I apply for the waiver for my fianc due to his criminal record back in his country . The lawyer told me it was going to take around 8-9 months for uscis to make a decision , but today he is telling me it s taking 12 months or 15 months . Did the new administration had an impact in the time frame that immigration applications are being processed ?? Also for those who have submitted a waiver , I called uscis today and they told me that they are working on waivers that were sent on October of 2017 , so if you sent in a waiver in October of 2017 you should be hearing about the decision really soon .

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Traffic citation - where to find proof of payment
4:42 pm January 3, 2019


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Hello all, my husband is applying for citizenship. We answered "yes" to the question about if he's every been cited (speeding tickets). However, I contacted the clerk of court at our county's courthouse and she said they only keep records of tickets given within the city the courthouse is located in, NOT the whole county. He can't remember if it was a sheriff, state patrol or town police that gave him the ticket. How do we know where to ask for proof of payment of ticket? Thank you

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port of entry
5:03 pm December 30, 2018


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hello everyone, after my spouse immigrant visa is issued, can i entry for the first time in U.S thru any airport or must be one specific??

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proof of domicile living abroad
12:02 am December 15, 2018


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Hello, i need some help over here, my husband is a U>S citizen , but we live abroad he has been living abroad for over 13 years, so now we upload all the documents thru CEAC, including a letter explaining his intentions to reestablish domicile in the U.S, NVC ask back for more documents about proof of domicile, the thing is he dont have properties in U.S.

He just open a bank account online on capital one. I have been reading that as a proof of intend to live in u.s you can add things like school kids enrollment, or sale your house ina foreign country, but for other hand in all the NVC website, they suggest you dont make arrangement to sale anything before you get your visa, so we stock and dont know how to maneuver around this road block.thanks

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affidavit of support joint sponsor for 2 people
4:43 pm November 11, 2018


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Ii everyone, Im here again, we are filling out the affidavit of support for me and my child, like my husband (u.s citizen) lives abroad and have no income from u.s , his brother is going to be the joint sponsor.

We filled out two separated affidavit of support one for me , one for my child, from my husband, and one for me and one for my child from joint sponsor, my question is :

in the image attached how i supposed to count the household? the joint sponsor is single but he claim as a dependant a child 24 year old so that right there is 2, plus me 3.

but i dont understand where my child should be if he have his own affidavit of support, so i should count it in mine too?

I hope Im being clear with my explanation. thank you in advance for the help.

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