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affidavit of support joint sponsor for 2 people
4:43 pm


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Ii everyone, Im here again, we are filling out the affidavit of support for me and my child, like my husband (u.s citizen) lives abroad and have no income from u.s , his brother is going to be the joint sponsor.

We filled out two separated affidavit of support one for me , one for my child, from my husband, and one for me and one for my child from joint sponsor, my question is :

in the image attached how i supposed to count the household? the joint sponsor is single but he claim as a dependant a child 24 year old so that right there is 2, plus me 3.

but i dont understand where my child should be if he have his own affidavit of support, so i should count it in mine too?

I hope Im being clear with my explanation. thank you in advance for the help.

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January 2018 I-130 fillers, Nebraska, case inquiry?
5:49 pm


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Hello Everyone!!

We still waiting for I-130 get approved from USCIS, Nebraska Service Center.

Im thinking about to ask for a case inquiry, anyone here are in the same situation?

What happen after you fill the form for case inquiry, they answer you back?

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Waiver for inadmissability received in may
8:37 pm


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the waiver I processed with an immigration lawyer for grounds of inadmissability for my fianc was recived in may of this year , Igor a letter and everything saying they got it . After that how long does it take for them to make a decision ??? Amd what are the aproval chances now for waivers of grounds of inadmissability .

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Green card holder sponsor wife and child
4:21 am


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Can a green card holder sponser his wife and baby and if he can how long does it take ?

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divorce date (split topic)
4:15 pm


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hello, what they meant buy you divorce wasnt finished?? cause im in a similar situation my husband got the divorce sentence 3 days before we got married, but the papers was signed like 6 months later... in this case what date they would considerer the end of the divorce, do you know?? thank you

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