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Unblock ad blocker - (Is already unblocked)
7:09 pm February 4, 2024


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I'm coming across some weird issue, not sure if it's my end or the site's end. It says I am running an ad-blocker, yes it is on my browser but it is turned off for this website.

Am I missing something?

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Business account?
3:58 am July 26, 2023


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Just curious if business accounts are allowed? I may not be interpreting what I saw but I can provide a link.


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Employer requiring Husband's I-9 Document Verification
7:19 pm July 21, 2023


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Howdy all. We're located in TN and my Husband work from home as their HQ is from FL.

I want to make sure I'm not overthinking or overlooking something but my Husband brought it up to me saying that I need to take care of it... I'm not sure why I need to if he not understanding? Or I may be confusing myself. I'm not a notary, but I'm a USC while my Husband came here to the states thru K-1 Visa and got his 2 year green card, but no updated physical green card yet as they just keep sending him renewal letters saying his green card has been extended. So I do fill this out?

I'll share the email of what was sent to him:

So when I checked the attachment in the email, it displayed page 2 (instead of 1 and 2 - is this an error on their part?) of the form I-9, and on another page it mentions this:

In List A I think we could do #2 (in form of ID request on Form I-9): Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form 1-551) using his green card and extension letters?

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F2B approved but how long of a wait at NVC?
3:22 pm March 23, 2023


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Hello everyone I have a bit of a pickle here and need help figuring it out.

In October 2017 my father applied for me through an I-130 for Unmarried son over 21. We made a case inquiry about it in 2021 and my father just received a letter stating our case would be expedited since it is now outside of normal processing time (been abou 66 months). I called USCIS and they indeed confirmed this and that we would have news within a week.

Fast foward to 2022 and my fiance and I decied to apply for a I-129F (K1) in August.

If my case were to get approved for the I-130 would I still have to wait a very very, very long time at NVC to get processed? or does getting expedited at USCIS for an I-130 also expedite you at NVC?

I want to know because if that's the case it would be best to stick with the K1 for speed in processing rather than have to wait another 1-2 years more for NVC for my I-130.

My second question is, if my father were to change his status from PR to Citizen would that speed up the process at NVC in any way? He's been studying for it and might take the exam soon.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

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E2 VIsa Clarity
8:20 am October 30, 2022


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Hey guys,

I've been researching online about the requirements for an E-2 Visa for investment.

For some strange reason there's absolutely nothing regarding having an American Spouse. The law for said visa states that the applicant must either be from a treaty country or have a spouse that's a citizen from any of the countries on the treaty list. However there is 0 information as to if having a United States Citizen as a spouse counts.

Can someone share some insight on this?

Thank you!

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