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Will my son be able to re-enter the USA from Uruguay?
6:38 pm November 17, 2020


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My step son has a valid PR status. In Oct 2019 he went to uruguay with the intention of returning to the USA within 6 months. Due to fears of travel during covid, he has been delaying travel and now its been a year and a month. He has a ticket for this weekend to return, will they deny him entry to the USA? Normally after a year you would need to get a new visa but are they being at all flexible due to the covid pandemic? If they do refuse him entry, what happens?

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Pay stub - Paying Social Security
1:58 pm November 2, 2020


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Since I'm aware you have to have 40 Credit to Earn the Social Security pay when you retire, but how would that applies to Immigrant that doesn't have 40 earned credits? Do they need to submit any at all?

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Moving to the US - underacknowledged?
5:51 am September 12, 2020


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How often does it occur when people think they can get married in one month and then move to the US on the next?

Or how often does people think they can move to the US within a week?

It's like I'm starting to question the education system of poorly implementing the info of these proper procedure of moving to the US - even the same to the other country of their system? I've heard in the past that a lot of people close by did spoke about just moving to one country or back and so every one of them did not mention the visa system or such as. Are we misleading people by not mentioning it from the past? In my High School they did not mention that we have an immigration and visa in place here in the USA.

Just a thought. It boggles my mind, and I hope to hear back from a lot of you and share the story so maybe we can do something to help for the better in the future.

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When to renew EAD/AP combo card?
10:14 pm June 26, 2020


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My husband got it on Feb 20th and was wondering when it the best time and how to file for a renewal for the combo card since all of the process being slowed down?

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B2 to visit girlfriend
8:26 pm June 21, 2020



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Hey guys. I'm just kind of overwhelmed right now after reading so many stories about B2's being rejected for non-engaged couples and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I'm planning on visiting my girlfriend for the first time around December so we can spend Christmas together. We've been in a long distance relationship for a few months now. My country (Uruguay) has a low refusal rate (around ~3% I believe?) but I know that mentioning a girlfriend while applying for a tourist visa might be considered a red flag (which is funny, because I don't think it's logical to apply for a K1 without meeting in person first), and they might want to be completely certain about my ties here so I don't overstay. Being an 18 year old student I don't have a stable career, I'll enroll in college here soon and I'm going to visit before classes start, so maybe that could be interpreted as an obligation to come back? My family owns property here which, I think I'll inherit some eventually, so maybe that can also be considered a strong tie?

She's financially stable (she's 21) and lives by herself, but my family is also doing fine (my grandparents are paying for the trip and expenses) so I don't have any logical reasons to overstay given the fact that we might pursue a K1/CR-1 in the near future (once I return) and my quality of life here is good. I'd appreciate any advice or tips

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