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  1. Good you know them all. Reading DQ, only thing I would have thought is Dairy Queen.
  2. I guess you have separate accounts. No need to make a joint one, but you can name each other beneficiary in case of death. It would be useful for the RFE and also a very important thing to do for the future.
  3. From all I've read around the forum, it sounds pretty hostile to me. Not every interviewing officer is friendly, but the one that interviewed you both, sounds pretty aggressive based on what you just shared. Being interviewed separately means he might have some serious suspicions. Now, on another note, you say finances between you and your wife are private. Unfortunately, for immigration purposes, they're not. I understand it is very uncomfortable, but in this case, it is what they value the most: how you both handle money as a couple. For the RFE, you can include information from any shared membership, joint credit card, joint bank account; you could also include documents on you being the beneficiary for your wife's 401k.
  4. Wow! That's awesome! Massive congratulations. 🙌 Your interview might be scheduled for October 1st., maybe before. It tends to be 6 weeks after the status update. It was about time. Congratulations again. Time to celebrate!
  5. Why would you give up on one of the greatest pleasures in life? Now, this ^^^ is the "I'm God" syndrome. The CREATOR of this thread. 😉 *Thanks creator for this thread.* 😄
  6. What are you talking about? Correcting people on a public forum is empowering and makes you feel almighty.
  7. Yes, sounds plausible. Lately people have been posting questions based on wrong information, maybe gotten from FB groups.
  8. Almost nailed it! Good luck for tomorrow. Hope everything goes as expected. 🙌
  9. Any sponsor and joint sponsor must: Be U.S. citizen or national or a permanent resident Be at least 18 years of age Be domiciled (live) in the United States Meet all of the financial requirements of a sponsor pursuant to INA 213A.
  10. Yeah, well, this process is an extreme sport that unfortunately has no spot in the Olympics. 😂 The forum would be full of Olympians. Try not overthinking, it is tiring, stressful and ages you. No one wants to look older than their age. Recently there was a post from someone, concerned about traveling with AP after overstaying for 10 years. Entry to any country is not guaranteed unless you're a citizen, so it is more a matter of weighing what's stronger: the need to travel abroad or the fear of being denied entry.
  11. Marry and file for AOS a soon as possible. There is no rule stating you have to wait; on the contrary, you just have 90 days from the date of entry to marry and file for adjustment of status.
  12. Overstay is forgiven when a USC petitions a spouse whithin the US. Some people adjust status after overstaying tourist visas FOR YEARS! So you have nothing to worry about, you have authorized presence based on your AOS NOA1.
  13. I am curious: your NOA2 expired before the interview or after? Regarding the next petition, you should definitely go for a spousal. You'd be utterly discouraged going through AOS after waiting for so long for new K1.
  14. More accurately, 00:00 of the next day printed on the I-94. The visa becomes invalid as soon as you enter.
  15. Is it me or the forum has been "slow" lately? There used to be juicy stories and lively conversations, but all I stumble upon now, are threads with questions that could be easily solved by using Google or actually reading the instructions of forms.
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