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  1. Guys, it was probably addressed already on one of the 119 pages of this thread, but are you able to visit the US while you're waiting?
  2. Ours is completely different. It is mostly about pets and coyote sightings with some Karen-like complaints here and there and of course, a few political responses unrelated to the actual subject.
  3. Try meetup.com. Search for groups in your area. There are so many with varied interests; I bet more than one will appeal to you. Some groups that don't meet in person currently, do so online. Something else you can do is organizing a virtual reunion with your whole class from university or high school. It's so fun catching up online with everyone talking at once. You might reconnect with someone and become virtual bff's! And if you're into working out, there must be groups near you that gather outdoors to exercise together. If there's none, you can organize yours -there's an app called Nextdoor where you can talk to people from your neighborhood-.
  4. Could very well be someone charging for immigration advice and coming here to get some ideas for free.
  5. Our printed notification says it was transferred to schedule an interview. Why they transferred it to NBC rather than our local office, we don't know. Just adding unnecessary steps and delay to our case. Our main concern is that it will remain at NBC for ages and then one day it will finally be transferred to the local office where it will stay untouched for another few years. Truth is it should have been approved a month ago, but here we are, doing some cathartic posts instead.
  6. Ours was transferred a mere seven days after RFE was received, so I doubt they actually reviewed our evidence. Our status still reads transferred to another office, so who knows when will it be ready to schedule an interview. Our local office takes 1-2 years to schedule interviews for AOS and citizenship, so it is very likely that we'll wait around that time to get scheduled when we should have been approved by now, like the rest of ROC filers around us. I think we'd be approved earlier if we filed again now. Not anymore. Maybe they've read all my complaints and that's why they are punishing us now. 😢
  7. Copa Airlines with layover in Panama City.
  8. I know. Everyone's journey is so smooth, even joyful, thanks to the very well-oiled immigration system. Now I think of it, we should have saved our snarky remarks for when our process was over. Oh well.
  9. Sad to think it might have been a random dude who didn't pay attention and just typed NBC. The whole thing has been a series of very disheartening oddities.
  10. Is that real? OMG! And what does your status say? For us is was totally unexpected as we went through AOS interview already, we're filing jointly, sent evidence twice and still we got transferred for interview rather than approved.
  11. Read the following: Eligibility Criteria for Adjustment as Derivative Applicant In order to be eligible for a Green Card as a derivative applicant in a family-based preference category, you must meet the following requirements: You properly file your Form I-485: Together with the principal applicant’s Form I-485 (and the principal applicant’s Form I-485 is ultimately approved); While the principal applicant’s Form I-485 is still pending with USCIS (and we ultimately approve their Form I-485); After we approve the principal applicant’s Form I-485, if: They are still a lawful permanent resident, and You were their spouse or child at the time we approved their Form I-485; or After the principal applicant obtained an immigrant visa and was admitted into the United States as a lawful permanent resident, as long as: They are still a lawful permanent resident, and You were their spouse or child at the time they were admitted into the United States Source: https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/green-card-eligibility/green-card-for-family-preference-immigrants
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