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  1. It will definitely help, especially the life insurance document. I don't think calling the attorney will help, unless it makes you feel less stressed. Does your RFE list everything you already sent? Sometimes documents are lost during the process, so it would be advisable to send some documents again.
  2. Once a document arrives to a field office, it still takes a while for it to get to the actual interviewing officer. And once there, another while for the officer to actually review it. You can call customer service and ask for a tier 2 agent to inquire about your RFE.
  3. https://eohhs.ehs.state.ma.us/DTA/PolicyOnline/!SSL!/WebHelp/X_Prog/SAVE/SAVE_Snip_It_Images.htm
  4. If you definitely do not have more documents from what you've sent already, the only thing I can think you could send are: -affidavits that state you have shared a residence with your spouse since you moved and, -a letter explaining why you cannot provide the documents they are asking for. And a note: you're filing for removal of conditions (ROC). You can ask the mods to move your thread to the right subforum, in order to get more answers.
  5. Just 16 days after it was received. That's great! And you were assigned to the "good" service center. Congratulations!
  6. Notifications are taking 4 to 6 weeks on average, some even more. A unequivocal sign of your packet being accepted and processed will be the check being cashed. Did you include a G-1145 form in your packet?
  7. Correct. He must carry it when going through those check points -and obviously, when traveling abroad-. The CBP agents will certainly know about the extension.
  8. On a quick Google search I found a few very recent cases like yours: some people waiting for the GC right after entering on a CR1 and some applying for citizenship. My guess is that it is a random glitch in their system. You should check in the following days and see if it the message changes.
  9. If an immigrant does not appear in the initial verification on the SAVE system, the SSN employee should request an additional verification submitting photocopies of the applicant’s relevant immigration documents. A status verifier will conduct a manual search of immigration databases, including databases not automatically searched during the initial verification. So, if you are sending all the required documents, it doesn't matter if your wife does not appear initially in the system, her SSN should be processed.
  10. Some send each and every statement, some others, every other month. Recently I read about someone who sent 3 or 4 for each year. There is no actual rule. In my view, it is more about a holistic approach: sending a wide assortment of documents. As a member of the forum says: it is about quality, not quantity.
  11. Depends on how you obtained the conditional GC. If you were interviewed in a field office within the US, it is very likely it will be waived -unless your case is "difficult" or it is chosen at random- If you were interviewed at an embassy of consulate, you will be interviewed at your local field office.
  12. The brochure issued by the USCIS regarding extension that many posters have used as source, clearly states that if the visa holder left after the I-94 expired and the extension was denied, the visa is void. I searched further and found an old case -from 15 years ago- about someone who successfully reentered the US even though they left after the I-94 expiration date, but, the extension request was still pending. Point is that, we could cite as many sources as possible, have opinions and state facts, but the only way to know if she is allowed entry is trying, as, to my knowledge, there is no customer service or online tool that allows you to check if a visa is still valid. P.S.: Even if the visa was valid, she could still be denied entry. The possibility is always there.
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