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  1. You should of went to Social Security office on Monday April 1st or 2nd and took care of the SSN
  2. Falcon Cara

    31 Day in Philippines - Where to get extension?

    Cool, I just check I have plenty of Peso from last trip
  3. Falcon Cara

    31 Day in Philippines - Where to get extension?

    Make you pay in Peso?
  4. I leave this week for Philippines, and looks like I screwed up and booked for 31 day instead of 30 days. I am arriving at Terminal 3, Can I do the extension to 59 days there when I enter?
  5. This lady is a true snake in the US society. Trump has warned us about people like her already. She needs to be ran out of office, she is nothing but a cancer to America.
  6. Falcon Cara

    Cebu Pacific Airlines - Travel Insurance

    My exact thoughts as well, they will find some BS excuse why not to pay if there is an issue
  7. When booking for domestic flights they add it on the ticket. Seems to run about 350 peso per flight. Do you get it or delete it? I have been getting it last few trips when flying inside Philippines, but seems kinda to be a rip off. Any pros or cons on it ?
  8. Falcon Cara


  9. Falcon Cara

    Emergency Passport renewal

    Good to know. Yea I have talked to someone on that phone as well one day the Embassy was closed for some PI Holiday, I was able to talk to an American thankfully. They did a good job of taking care of me.
  10. Falcon Cara

    Travel outside US

    There are a few country that offer visa waivers for having a greencard. Obtaining a visa waiver to any country depends on your nationality (i.e. your country of citizenship). Having a US green card only makes you a legal permanent resident in the US and not a citizen. So if natives of your country of citizenship (which passport you hold) require visa to enter then you will also need to do same.
  11. Falcon Cara

    Emergency Passport renewal

    A few years ago one of my buddies got his US Passport stole from his back pocket in Cebu, he went to Consular Office in Cebu and they made him another one, they were pretty quick about it. He did a walk in
  12. Western Union is a $1000 is max money oreder Go to another place like a post office or grocery store and get a money order for the exact amount
  13. Falcon Cara

    Notre Dame Is Burning

    Any word on Hunchback?
  14. Falcon Cara

    Aunt Becky

    I will take the one on the left please
  15. Falcon Cara

    What's done, is done

    Wish you the best