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  1. Ole Kankles herself, Look at her homely daughther Chelsey, I ain't seen a President daughter that ugly since Amy Carter. Poor Joe Biden looks like a human Frankenstein, he looks like the got beat with an ugly stick the day he was born
  2. Looks play a part in getting elected, for sure. Look at the weird looking people the democrats are front running: Biden, Sanders and Warren. Trump is like 6" 3" and dates and marries Super models. Look at Sanders wife, she is ugly enough to stop a 3 day clock, Never seen Bidens wife, and Warren is just plain weird looking with that little boys haircut.
  3. US doesn't keep have a national marriage roll or register
  4. Just one of many reason here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1016113/Briton-locked-adultery-pleads-bring-baby-home.html
  5. Elizabeth Warren is an odd looking person, almost looks like a little boy. She reminds me of Darcy from Married with Children
  6. I booked in March thru American Airlines. Got a direct flight from Dallas to Hong Kong to Manila, and then coming back from Manila to Haneda (Japan) onto Dallas, no change of airport in Japan for $931. Any time I can fly with one stop for less than $1000 I consider that a good deal.
  7. Falcon Cara


    Install a landline for CFO
  8. I would never registered a ROM in the Philippines if you can help it. It can be used against you in the future
  9. I like the Red Planet Manila Bay. It is about 100 yards directly across from the USEM. Prices vary on occupancy and run from 1000 to 2200 peso, It is newly renovated and has American features like : Split type air con, Fridge, hair dryer, safe, kettle for coffee, large CR with American style toilet and shower with overhead rain head and free soap and shampoo and conditioner. There is a sari sari store as soon as you exit building on the right side which has ice cold water and soft drinks, etc. Don't use the sari sari store on the left they will charge you long nose prices. There are dozens and dozen other hotels in all prices ranges all around the USEM, No need to book a hotel if you don't want to, you can walk to and check them out and find what you like and suits your price range.
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