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  1. Thread is moved from Off Topic to General Immigration Discussion -- topic applies to various visa processes.
  2. Looks rather frightening, actually. Leaves no doubt when she opens her mouth and advertises her Occasional Cortex.
  3. Many reviewers typically don't read deeply, if at all. They accept things for publication because they like the topic or the paper's title.
  4. Oh, agreed. Lousy publication practices need to be exposed.
  5. TBoneTX

    The Glass MenageRant

    Blessedly, G2 finally went on sale at a supermarket, got ourself Many (2x2x2x2) half-of-half-gallons man. We will go back and get more later, can't risk future shortages man. The Big Lots Many%-off sale is this weekend, can't come soon enough man. We will first beeline to the disgusting wet glop that Cat T-B. eats, ingest gross glop miu man.
  6. TBoneTX

    The Glass MenageRant

    Got Mini-B. a connect-the-dots book and a thick Knock-Knock Jokes book, wrapped up man. Problem #1 is that Mrs. T-B. must leave at o'dark:Many in the morning, empresaria she man. Problem #2 is that Mrs. T-B. has night skool when we will be coming casa-ward, stoodious she man. Problem #Many is that we can't think of a Problem #Many, so no P-math is needed man. We will either give Mini-B. his presents ourself, let Mrs. T-B. do it, or let him find/rip into it himself, solution man. He is having a party with his little amigos at the trampoline place on Sat., boon man. And he's (technically, we're) bringing cupcakes to skool in the morning, fatten his little classmates man.
  7. TBoneTX

    The Glass MenageRant

    This is because your first budgetary priority should be full-casa replacement POTSs, obviously Nola-B. ma'am. This can be remedied by your far-too-long-overdue pregnancy, get with it D ma'am! Invite the MIL too, si T ma'am. Gussy up the place by ordering all-new POTSs, think of ambiance ma'am.
  8. TBoneTX

    The Glass MenageRant

    Your BD, huh Nola-B. ma'am? Mr. Nola-B. should buy you a pre-owned toilet seat, perfect gift man. Your BD, huh DA man? PRG should buy you a pre-owned toilet seat, perfect gift man. Gracias, D ma'am. Gracias, T ma'am. By our P-algebra, Mini-B. is Many (2x2x2) years old, si wee man. By our P-calculus, he is Many years old for the Many'th (2+2+2th) time, confirm it yourself men/ma'ams.
  9. Thread is moved from Off Topic to the Removing Conditions forum -- subject pertains to that.
  10. TBoneTX

    Advance Parole

    Thread is moved from General Immigration Discussion to the Working & Traveling forum.
  11. TBoneTX

    The Glass MenageRant

    Cat is waiting patiently by two fuzzy balls that she dropped here, expectant miu man. Must play with the older child, miu man. Younger child (Mini-B.) turning Many years old on Thurs., they grow up so fast man. Would give a lot to be able to hold him as a chubby little baby again, even briefly man...
  12. The above reminded me to mention how curious it is that so many in the traditional media are calling it "his" wall. Isn't it the country's wall?
  13. He looks contemplative, perhaps weighing the comparative benefits of Big Macs versus Whoppers.