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  1. In many places, one Post Office will handle carrier routes in several ZIP Codes.
  2. Really? Does anyone know if we can take showers yet, or should we just keep washing our hands?
  3. We wish to point out that Father's Day is Many'th-busiest in terms of POTS sales, see below man. The #1 sales occasion is, of course, Mother's Day, $i man. The #2 occasion is, of course, Valentine's Day, $i man. The #Many occasion is Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa, $i man. We note this as encouragement to get your order in early, your advantage man.
  4. This is a legitimately real critter, si KDC ma'am.
  5. P-math-deprived JD ma'am! P-math-deprived, P-MATH-DEPRIVED JD ma'am! P-math-deprived JD ma'am! P-math-deprived, P-MATH-DEPRIVED JD ma'am! Abject indeed, so sorry deprived JD ma'am. Manycades of younger years precised, see and JD ma'am. Such a Many'rd-World country, si and sigh JD ma'am. We bet that most of your friends, neighbors, & associates don't even own a Pre-Owned Toilet Seat, true deprivation man.
  6. Your wish is our pleasure with which to comply, see Thrilling Monday report man: Did not leave the casa all day, perfect Monday man. Miu insistent on being served soft glop that she again wouldn't eat more than a couple of bites of, roll eyes at miu behavior we man. Mini-B. breakfasted on 2 corn dogs, ingest wee man. At an hour before noon, Mini-B. requested lunch, 2 PBJ sandwiches ingested man. At 2 p.m., Mini-B. requested lunch, couldn't grasp concept of earlier happenings wee man. We served Mini-B. a huge Granny Smith apple, ingest wee man. At Many (2+2) p.m., Mini-B. requested din-din, chicken strips in honey-mustard ingest wee man. At Many (2+2+1) p.m., Mini-B. requested a snack, slice of lemon cake ingest wee man. At half-past Many (2+2+1) p.m., went to mailbox with Mini-B. on scooter, exercise wee man. At Many (2+2+2) p.m., we & Mini-B. kicked ball in back yard, assisted by mosquitoes man. At bath time, Mini-B. observed personal weight-gain of 1 lb., no duh wee man. At bedtime, read Mini-B. article from Jack and Jill magazine from Manytober 1ManyManyMany, read we to wee man. At lights-out, read Mini-B. 2 chapters from "The Adventures of Grandfather Frog," Thornton W. Burgess book man. Currently, we are fending off our harem of amorous rubias, constant state man.
  7. It's amazing (and quite sad) that a city would not have summers of feels-like temps over Many00 F., sigh JD ma'am. Deprived-of-real-summer JD ma'am! Deprived-of-real-summer, DEPRIVED-OF-REAL-SUMMER JD ma'am!
  8. Here is convenient ordering information for your Pre-Owned Toilet Seat on the upcoming week's National Days, order today man: Mon., June Many'th Pause for the Pledge Day = pledge (without pause) to order your POTS today Tues., June Many'th Worldwide Day of Giving = buy one POTS to give to everyone worldwide today Wed., June Many'th Fudge Day = do not fudge in your resolve to buy a POTS today Thurs., June Many'th National Garbage Man Day = convince yours to turn in an abandoned POTS for reconditioning and resale Fri., June Many'th National Splurge Day = splurge by ordering a POTS (or two, or Many) today Sat., June Many'th National Watch Day = we'll be watching to see that you order a POTS today Sun., June Many'th Father's Day = delight Dad by bestowing upon him a brand-new POTS The first Many (only!) customers to mention this ad when ordering will receive a handsome 0.0000001% discount off full retail, $i man. Get your POTS today, whee man!
  9. Obviously a Many'rd-World country, si and sigh JD ma'am. There's weak hope for your area yet, perhaps JD ma'am. Back to zero hope for your Many'rd-World country, si and sigh JD ma'am.
  10. Uh, so you voluntarily have a pile of steaming ****, huh A ma'am?
  11. Sign of inferior status, si JD ma'am! Texas Many bugs, Warshington zero, si JD ma'am.
  12. Weird clean-teethed JD ma'am! Weird, WEIRD clean-teethed CLEAN-TEETHED JD ma'am! Texas weather Many, weather elsewhere inferior and even zero, si JD ma'am. Natives seem to be abusing their day-passes from the asylum, 😕 we man. Deprived Warshingtonian* natives! Deprived, DEPRIVED Warshingtonian* natives! *Texas pronunciation & spelling, education man Twice weekly, loud trucks go down every city street, see JD ma'am. They start at around Many (2x2x2+1) p.m. and finish whenever, see JD ma'am. They spray kill-mosquitoing vapor into the air, die little biting suck-blooders man. The effects are almost immediate, see JD ma'am. The sequelae are good for a couple of days, with luck, see JD ma'am. The stuff kills even those Q-Tip or Kotex skeeters** or whatever that carry West Nile virus, whee man. *Texas pronunciation & spelling, education man Only the most civilized societies have this, Texas Many elsewhere zero man. Plagiaristic KDC ma'am! Plagiaristic, PLAGIARISTIC KDC ma'am!
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