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  1. TBoneTX

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Another small-to-medium-sized country has placed its national order for pre-owned toilet seats, escape the Many'rd World in this way man. Must proce$$ $aid order, $i man. Afternoon/evenin', absent Commie- and all other babes with eminently allocatable reputation-point inventories!
  2. There's bound to be something. When the already-unhinged are encouraged multiple times to be assaultive, the genuinely deranged among them will take action. See www.nationalreview.com for a recent article about the two Republican candidates in Minnesota who were attacked, one sustaining severe injuries.
  3. Let her be the face and mouthpiece of the Democrat party for as long as she wishes!
  4. In the spirit of Actions Have Consequences, I conclude that no mercy is due Her Hillaryness at all.
  5. One of the major political parties is encouraging noncitizens to vote, apparently without considering the consequences should the noncitizen wish to naturalize later: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/oct/18/texas-democrats-ask-noncitizens-register-vote/
  6. TBoneTX

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Thanks to the positive contributory action of many right-thinking folk, we have continued to blaze new territory in volume of reputation points*, gracias man. *specific volume = Many, precise we man
  7. TBoneTX

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    LPoP and unread, no see man. However, hypothetically, anyone seeking to swap Nueva York for Nueva Hersey is going "out of the bedpan into the..."
  8. TBoneTX

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Momentarily maximally impactful SM ma'am! Momentarily, MOMENTARILY maximally MAXIMALLY impactful IMPACTFUL SM ma'am! P.S. Fotos of dresses now regardless, see SM ma'am.
  9. TBoneTX

    Wil I get deported?

    A TOS-violating post has been removed, along with a quote thereof. The OP has received valid answers and has apparently decided what to do. Therefore, this thread is closed and is not to be reopened or referred to.
  10. TBoneTX

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Mornin', absent Commie- and other babes with highly allocatable reputation-point inventories! (Note that we are just Many away from the threshold of Many, put us over the top man.)
  11. TBoneTX

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Mrs. T-B. was going to take Thursday off, off she man. Instead, she decided at the last minute to attend some Spanish-businesschicas' caucus, attend she man. As usual, she found a boatload more clients (precisely, Many) and made Many more business contacts, gregarious she man. This re-inspires this classic haiku, re-see man: Empresaria; a pesar no rubia, hace dinero. (Businesschica; although not a blonde, makes money.)
  12. TBoneTX

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    She's not a rubia, what's the big idea Nola-B. ma'am.
  13. They won't need to choose; they can protest between their physical attacks on Republican voters who show up. Plenty of time for both.
  14. The caravan of Hondureños/Guatemaltecos/Salvadoreños/Mexicanos/OTMs should be across the border just in time to register and turn Texas blue. Maybe by 10:30!
  15. The Texas Democrats are colluding with foreigners to meddle in our elections.