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  1. Sunday means time for our Official Weekly VAWA-Thread Joke: =============================================== WRITING TO BABY JESUS A child from a poor family wanted a bike for Christmas, so he asked his mother. His mother replied, "Well, we can't afford one, so you'll just have to go ask the baby Jesus." The boy went to his room, got a stack of paper and a pen, and began writing. "Dear Baby Jesus: I've been good all year. Can you please give me a bike for Christmas?" He looked at it and thought that maybe his claim wasn't entirely true, so he tried again. "Dear Baby Jesus: I've been good for the past week. Can you please give me a bike for Christmas?" He looked at it again and still wasn't sure if his claim was true, so he tried yet again. "Dear Baby Jesus: If you give me a bike, I'll be good all year." But even that seemed too hard, so he took a walk outside to think about it. As he was walking, he saw his neighbor's statue of Mother Mary. The boy hopped over the fence, tucked it under his shoulder, and ran home to hide it. Then he wrote his letter again. "Dear Baby Jesus: If you ever want to see your mother again, give me a bike!"
  2. Customs & Border Protection. They were probably observing your bridge marriage.
  3. In addition, exceptional effort has been expended in trying to wring the facts and happenings from the OP, and in trying to make sense of what has been learned.
  4. Another post has been removed, and its author is warned that unpleasant administrative action is next if there's one more such instance. VJ Moderation
  5. Mama T-B. thinks that she may have a concussion, bonkus of the conkus senior she man. She wants to see Mini-B. for just an hour on Sunday, hedge bets senior she man.
  6. Look across aisle or in next aisle, typical man. We can't readily handle those monster-sized jugs, get ours elsewhere man. Uninhibited carnivorous Hillbilly! Uninhibited, UNINHIBITED carnivorous CARNIVOROUS Hillbilly!
  7. Saturday ES report, see man: More than half of the Many (2+2+2+1) ESs yielded the take, see man: -- matted photo of desert scene = $Many ($2x2x2 +2), deal man -- carpenter's level = $Many ($2+2+1), OK man -- bandage variety pack, NIP unexpired Vitamin C, picture-hangers, painter's trowel, Many-pack ([2+2]-pack) Schick razors, Many-outlet ([2+2+2]-outlet) anti-surge tap = $Many ($2x2x2 +2), steal man -- set of dominoes, NIP Pert shampoo/conditioner, 2 large packs cocktail napkins = $Many ($2+2+2), deal man Total = $Many ($2x2x2x2x2 -1)
  8. Wait until their monthly ad flyer comes out with the sales, is what we do D ma'am. We typically get the Many-pack ([2+1]-pack) of lactose-free milk, decent deal man. We like the big boxes of nuke popcorn, Major Food Group man. Some of the breakfast products (muffin-shaped egg, breakfast burritos) aren't bad man. The big bottles of vitamins are magnificent, especially when on sale which they often are man. The shampoos, etc. are great when on sale, consider them man. The paper towels are the highest-quality anywhere, prefer them we man. We typically stay away from the canned goods, cheaper at Aldi and other stores man. We also stay away from their toilet paper, too clothlike and plug up pipes man. Their produce is far more expensive than elsewhere, avoid it we man. Costco was described to us as "somewhere for large middle-class families that are too busy to shop," accurate man. We are impressed with the very high quality of everything there, albeit expensive man. Most definitely get the Costco Visa card and use it for everything, si D ma'am. We end up with a $Many00 credit every February, either cash it out as many do or go bananas in the store like we do man.
  9. An unrelated post was split into its own thread in the Waivers forum.
  10. The Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics is the state's very worst agency. Try to get an affidavit from the minister, and call the CBP port to see if they can help you.
  11. Friday culinary, etc. report, see man: Today's drop-off & retrieval of Mini-B. as a Many'th-grader was the last time we will do so, up-growing wee man. During the course of run-erranding, we visited Arby's, 2+2 gut-bombs* man. *bought WUOC, financially savvy we man Friday is Movie Night with Costco hamburgers for din-din, Two Guys tradition man. However, we were full from lunch, overeat we man. Two patties remained in hamburger box, gave both to Mini-B. man. We ingested onecan of Costco chunk chicken, right amount for we man. Movie night was Journey to the Center of the Earth, unrealistic but not bad man. A mere Many (2+2) bowls of Costco popcorn were ingested, overstuffed Two Guys man. Mama T-B. is "better than yesterday" and proved it by thoroughly lecturing us about multiple topics, all is nearly well man. We have Many (2+2+2+1) ESs and no GSs itineraried for Saturday, stack the odds man.
  12. TBoneTX

    Savage Beauty

    That's really nice of you to support your friend.
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