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  1. Reconsidering the topic of this thread: The real scandal behind AOC's haircut is the scandal beneath her haircut -- to wit, her Occasional-Cortex.
  2. Buddy of mine married an Ecuatoriana right before I got Mrs. T-B.-to-be here. His had about an 18-hour set of flights on 4 airlines to get to his casa. When she arrived, she barely greeted him, made a beeline for his closet, and began throwing all his clothes out. The next day, she threw out his moose head and other things in his man-cave. Had Mrs. T-B.-to-be done one speck of the same, her shapely hindquarters would've immediately been placed on the first available one-way conveyance back to Ecu.
  3. Yes, she should try the "direct-male" approach rather than swim uphill against CNN, the NYT, etc. The above merits enshrinement in the pantheon of All-Time Greatest VJ Posts.
  4. Yet again, I hear no conservatives saying "I'm glad he's dead" or "I hope he suffered" or "Good riddance" or similar. Compare this to what leftists wish on the President and everyone else. Agree or disagree with Rep. Cummings, he was a human being with a family and people who loved him.
  5. Many wives crab at their husbands all the time. Nag, nag, nag... "Waiter! Do you serve crabs here?" "Why, yes, sir -- we serve anyone."
  6. The POTS accountants are furiously working to close the books for Thursday's receipts, hasten they man. Amidst their assiduousness, they have provided us a preliminary report, report they man. Even without orders from any of you slackers, we are setting yet another weekly sales record, $i man. Too bad that everybody here* (with one exception) is left out of this tsunami, sorry man. *and Asia is hereby informed that the Lower Silesian Economic Development Council is not automatically providing new-apartment residents with free POTSs, oj nie; they're expected to purchase their own, oj tak. Wrongfully expectant Asia! Wrongfully expectant, WRONGFULY EXPECTANT Asia!
  7. The plaintive wish of forlorn residents of pathetic places, headshake we and everyone else man. This is not a desire ever expressed in civilized places such as Texas, no man. [T-B. ducks to avoid angrily lobbed, frozen-rock-hard sugar beet]
  8. In other words, you've got no self-control and you don't WANT any, no DA man! Party-animal DA man! Party-animal, PARTY-ANIMAL DA man!
  9. Our philosophy is that nothing expensive is worth THAT many pennies, put Decartes before de horse man.
  10. All Many parts of Nowhere moved to Nuevo Mexico long ago, keep up with the times and man.
  11. Thread is moved from the K-3 Process forum to the CR-1 Process forum.
  12. Everyone: It's against the terms of service to tell someone that he cannot post. It's against the TOS to conclude that someone is an abuser without evidence. It's against the TOS to make light of another poster's concerns. Any further posts of the above nature will result in administrative action against your account. Approximately 10 such posts have been removed.
  13. Thread is moved from General Immigration Discussion to the US Citizenship main forum.
  14. Thread is moved from the US Immigration News forum to the Removing Conditions forum.
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