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  1. Thrilling Tuesday report, see man: Where's the stupid hurricane, huh man? Went to Costco to gas the thirsty T-B.-mobile, such a gas man. Lunched on the Costco hot dog + Pepsi, ingest financially savvy we man. Went to favorite large thrift shop on our discount day, shop we man. Found 2 pants (in desperately needed colors) & a shirt for Mini-B., find we man. Found pants for us, serendipity man. We spent $Many and saved $Many ($2x2x2 - half a buck), financially savvy we man. Returned to casa and siesta'd for more than a glorious hour, zzz we man. Din-din was onebag of nuke-in-bag corn, ingest we man. Have brushed miu only twice so far today, not-too-needy-miu-so-far man. Confirmed pick-up time with Uncle T-B. for doc caucus on Wednesday, confirm we man. Party with the rubias imminently, cavort we man. And that was/is our thrilling Tuesday, si man.
  2. Neighbor's miu has a soft voice and, at most, scratches at their front door, miu technique man. Once, then-Mrs.-T-B. & we heard miuing that sounded like Miu T-B. #2 and outside, hear we man. We searched our back yard and even sneaked into the neighbor's back yard, no miu man. Back inside, we kept hearing the miuing, not hallucinating man. Finally, we opened our linen closet, and out came Miu #2, relieved miu man. Duration of non-petting precised, see and si and mam ma'am. A Batpoop-crazy miu, you have an honest face so we trust you mam ma'am. If dogs were civilized like all mius except the cheetah, they'd be able to retract their claws, si man. English-only outside the regional forums, si mam ma'am!!!!!
  3. And Fauci's been getting his butt handed to him during the hearings. We can only hope for charges of lying to Congress. What a boon if he were somehow charged with "accessory to mass murder" or similar.
  4. There's no substitute for personal observation and knowledge, which is why you can believe her. And, thanks for your assiduous research and compilation in regard to your chart!
  5. ^^ This. A call or visit to the school district's administrative office, or simply to the school-to-be, will yield the information that you need to know and provide.
  6. Obama Panics As His Biden Remote Control Loses Connection LOS ANGELES, CA — The most powerful man in America was forced to deal with an unexpected emergency last night, with former President Barack Obama suffering a moment of panic due to his Biden remote control suddenly losing connection. The incident occurred during a ritzy fundraiser where Obama was once again using his state-of-the-art remote control to guide President Joe Biden through [...] https://babylonbee.com/news/obama-panics-as-his-biden-remote-control-loses-connection
  7. "It's Just Basketball," Shrugs Decapitated Caitlin Clark INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Following Angel Reese's recent flagrant foul in the second grudge matchup between the Chicago Sky and the Indiana Fever, a decapitated Caitlin Clark addressed the recent spate of aggression against her by saying that "it's just basketball." [...] https://babylonbee.com/news/its-just-basketball-shrugs-decapitated-caitlin-clark
  8. The Palestinians Are Worse Than the Germans in WWII Immediately after the burnings, rapes, mutilations and murders of Jews on Oct. 7, I was not alone in noting the one moral difference between Hamas and the Nazis: The Nazis tried to hide their crimes against the Jews from the German people (and the world) while Hamas proudly publicized their crimes against the Jews to the Palestinian people (and didn't mind that the world would inevitably see them bragging about killing Jews). In addition to videoing their atrocities, Hamas paraded captured Jews -- dead and alive, clothed and naked -- in front of cheering Palestinian crowds in Gaza. This leads to a sobering realization. Hamas boasting to their fellow Palestinians about what they did to Jews while the Nazis tried to hide what they did from fellow Germans means there is not only a moral difference between Hamas and the Nazis but a moral difference between the German people during the Nazi era and the Palestinian people today -- and for nearly the last hundred years. Morally speaking, it would be difficult to name a less impressive people than the Palestinians over the past century. For those who do not understand that a generalization means, by definition, that there are exceptions, I should note that there are and have always been noble Palestinian individuals. But the cumulative Palestinian record of evil over the last century has few peers. Let's begin in the 1940s. [...] https://hotair.com/dennis-prager/2024/06/18/the-palestinians-are-worse-than-the-germans-n3790490
  9. Joe Biden's America: Secret Service Agent Robbed During President's California Visit How do you know crime is really bad under Joe Biden? It even affects his Secret Service agents. One of the agents who was in California while Joe Biden attended his Los Angeles fundraiser was robbed at gunpoint. [...] https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2024/06/17/secret-service-agent-robbed-n2175607
  10. Such amazing ability to prioritize! Including black-on-black murders, unprosecuted crimes leading to dangerous streets, etc.?
  11. Thrilling Monday report, see man: Went to bank on behalf of Uncle T-B., $i man. They did not immediately recognize us as the POTS magnate, no man. They shouted a question about it at us just as the door closed behind us, escape adulation we man. We will sell POTSs to their entire chain soon enough, he who laughs last laughs loudest man. Considered Costco for gasoline and lunch, but it began sprinkling rain, abandon that man. Thoroughly brushed every inch of bored miu twice and she still wanted more, bored miu man. Lunch was Many (2x2x2 +2) vegetable spring rolls, ingest we man. A nice siesta followed, zzz we man. Din-din was 2 ham sandwiches, indict them and ingest we man. Got breezy outside before sundown, Mexican hurricane man. Interested to see how much hurricane-band rain we will get, various predictions man. Party with the rubias later, cavort we man. And that was/is our thrilling Monday, report we man.
  12. John Kirby Attributes Failure of Biden’s Humanitarian Aid Pier to 'Severe Weather' [...] As we said, though, the pier proved one thing: the Biden administration could get right on an infrastructure project if it wanted to badly enough. This whole thing came together (and then apart) in just two months. On Monday, NSC spokesman John Kirby seemed to take issue with the idea that the pier had been moved or broken, citing that there is severe weather in that area in the summertime … again, something no one could have predicted. [...] https://twitchy.com/brettt/2024/06/17/john-kirby-attributes-problems-with-bidens-pier-to-bad-weather-i-guess-n2397369
  13. Case numbers have been edited out from a post and a quoting post. Folks, if someone makes an error like this, please remember not to quote the post, which delays crucial corrections of it because of double work. Thanks.
  14. Dig this, just from today. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dealers Who Forked Out for Ford's 'Exclusive' EV 'Certification' Feel Like They Got ShEVved [...] EV progress at Ford has come at a steep price for everyone involved, not just corporate mucky-mucks and the poor sods who were excited to be assigned to the Lightning line before they shut it down a couple of months later. Dealers who'd paid over half to a million plus dollars to be Ford EV "certified" to be able to sell the all-electric things in what was billed as an exclusive "or else not at all" arrangement were kind of blown away at a surprise announcement out of corporate HQ last week. Ford yanked the football. [...] https://hotair.com/tree-hugging-sister/2024/06/17/dealers-who-forked-out-for-fords-exclusive-ev-certification-feel-like-they-got-sheved-n3790428
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