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  1. Depending on your skills, Canada is actively recruiting qualified immigrants; look up the Express Entry program.
  2. Contact the consulate in Chicago, you might be able to send them your forms by mail.
  3. Let's say you're right, how many years are you ready to wait for them to agree with you? (I don't know if it falls or not under AWA, but what I know is if they think it does, you're in for a long and expensive journey...)
  4. That's why proper legal assistance might help you.
  5. They might see it as an additional risk.
  6. Lemonslice

    Wet Passport

  7. How old are you? Are you planning to have children?
  8. You'll find all the codes here: https://www.dhs.gov/immigration-statistics/lawful-permanent-residents/ImmigrantCOA It doesn't matter though, a permanent resident is a permanent resident.
  9. Vawa/ self petition would get code IB-1 or IB-6. I don't understand the rest of your question, a little too cryptic. I'm sure you'd get more answers on the Vawa thread.
  10. IB-1 / IB-6 would be the codes for Self-petition spouse of a US citizen
  11. Would your husband be allowed to move to your country? If so, please do some research and work on an alternative way to live together. If there's no AWA then you'll be ok, otherwise you'll be ready to bring him to you...
  12. Still have a while to save for the extra costs then, for the six months or so that he'll be unable to work.
  13. Could he pay some of the bills until he is authorized to work/ finds a job? Could you get a second job?
  14. Lemonslice

    Determining if crime is petty

    Was it worth 300 pounds, or did he pay a reduced price because it was stolen?