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  1. You will have to quarantine yourself for 14 days after entering Canada, so hopefully nothing is too urgent. Also, make sure your health insurance will cover you outside of the USA.
  2. Some countries let their citizens travel back to that country with expired passports, or national identity cards. First step would be to contact the consulate, or embassy, closest to you and see how to renew her passport, or how to travel otherwise.
  3. If you are to believe China COVID-19 numbers, sure. But, no need to worry, US COVID-19 deaths will insure a COVID-19 victory.
  4. Awesome. Lot of business for funeral directors and lawyers in a couple months. Seriously, great idea. Time to invest in drive-in cemeteries and I hope that Amazon, like Costco, starts selling coffins. DIY mask tutorials are so yesterday, time for diy tombstones (sculpting the stone is a bit hard, so I suggest Martha Stewart's reusable stencils). Dead is dead 8daystilEaster
  5. Basic homemade masks are better at protecting others, than yourself. By keeping some of my cooties in my mask, others have less chances to catch them. At least, it's what I understand.
  6. Many friends working for airlines took leave without pay until the end of May, so I doubt it will be normal before June. I really, really, hope that it will be better by then though.
  7. Ideally, children should stay home, that's why they closed schools, but bandana or scarf is better than nothing. Smaller masks exist, but probably easier to make your own now. Plenty of tutorials on how to sew your own masks - even some no-sew, and 3D printed options. Etsy sellers are busy. CDC recommendation: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover.html Good pattern here: https://www.snhhealth.org/getattachment/Emergency-Services/COVID-19/Sewing-Masks-for-Donations/SIMPLE-Directions-for-Craftpassion-com-Face-Mask-with-Pocket-(2).pdf.aspx?lang=en-US I have some left from my trip to Japan, and my husband is using construction ones. Third week at home, I've been out (of my home and yard) once, to pick up meds at the vet. Otherwise, we've been ok with deliveries, and weekly trip to the grocery. It must be regional, because I've been seeing people with masks since January around here - but, there's always a few older Asian ladies wearing them in my neighborhood. More and more, every week. More recently, protection glasses. I know New Balance is sewing and testing masks and protective clothes now, but they're intending to make gear for hospitals. Nice ideas in Gainesville also: https://www.gainesville.com/news/20200326/more-coronavirus-diy-uf-upcycles-for-masks%3ftemplate=ampart Hopefully, no one on the forum will be affected too badly, but the numbers are not too good.
  8. Soon enough we'll hear it's a worldwide conspiracy to suppress (kill) their voters in an election year. Just an hoax. Just the flu. Nothing to worry about, they said...
  9. Are you planning to drive? If so, definitely call the ports of entry (CBP and CBSA) to see if you can enter, and turn around. You might have to quarantine.
  10. Major negative factors, from what I read, are hypertension, diabetes, being overweight. A lot of Americans of all ages are already at a higher risk. Oh well. Just the flu, eh.
  11. https://www.wcvb.com/article/couple-gets-married-in-somerville-massachusetts-during-coronavirus-state-of-emergency/31946863 --- If you get married after the 90 days because you're stuck with the virus, you can still adjust status with your fiancé. Just more forms and more $$$
  12. There's been quite an increase in hospitalizations and deaths this week, so hard to know what it looks like now. I think I read most people stay ten days on ventilators, so I guess it's slowly jamming the hospitals, and then some workers get sick there too, so less of them to care. Feeling safe at home now, canceled many work trips until September (and vacations). Husband in full protective mode, and I am grateful we are getting to spend that much time together. Things seem to be okay-ish in Boston, so far. More worried for good friend in the Keys and family in AL, not as many hospitals beds right by them, and they just started to stay home.
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