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  1. Lemonslice

    medical emergency

    There's no expedite for AP... No medical emergency for sure... So as we said, best to seek treatment elsewhere.
  2. Lemonslice

    medical emergency

    ... It appears that the beneficiary didn't see a doctor yet, so it would be impossible to support OP's claims. Without proper diagnosis, who knows how urgent it really is...
  3. Petition =\= visa Two different things. Please ask your wife to join VJ so she can discuss what was filed...
  4. Lemonslice

    medical emergency

    While you're trying to expedite his AP, please work on a plan B to get treatment in another country with high quality medical care. Do not delay treatment by limiting your options to American hospitals - urgent is urgent...
  5. Lemonslice


    Please reach out to your friends and family, they will most probably be happy to support you and show their love.
  6. You see this as "the American government purposely making it difficult for Syrian applicants" - what I am saying is that it is not done to persecute YOU. Again, you CAN have your file transferred. Also, you have no idea where I am from and which hurdles I had to go through, so no need to judge.
  7. Maybe the problem is... Syria now, and not the American policies on where the interview will take place? Again, you CAN request the case to be transferred to Beirut - if you know Syrians who have done it... that's exactly how they did. Nothing to debate really.
  8. Sorry, I thought you had interviewed at a consulate. I am not sure about the security at the field offices, never had to visit one of them.
  9. Cameras and microphones are all over the consulate in Montreal... so while not recording your interview specifically, pretty much everything in the public zone is recorded.
  10. Lemonslice

    HELP!! Fiancé in Algeria Work Visa or K1 faster

    The news story states that some plasma was sold to finance your trip. If this is true and not made up information, please read in details the financial requirements of the visa, who should be counted in the household, how to document income of you're an employee or self-employed, etc.
  11. You might want to read some threads to see if cosponsors are now accepted in Bangkok. https://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/620503-embassy-asking-100125/?do=findComment&comment=8419729
  12. Lemonslice

    HELP!! Fiancé in Algeria Work Visa or K1 faster

    Here is the guide for spousal visa - good read while preparing your legal marriage:, to see what will be needed later https://www.visajourney.com/cr1-ir1-spousal-visa/
  13. What do you think a lawyer would do for you that you can't do yourselves? From the outside, I do not see why you would need the assistance of a lawyer since your application seems to be processed normally so far, but maybe you know your situation requires legal help.
  14. Lemonslice

    i need help and advice

    Child abuse, was it sexual child abuse?