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  1. In all (most?) states, Uber drivers are self employed, income is shown on your tax return. What is your lawyer advising you to do?
  2. Could your wife work a second job/work more hours until you are able to adjust status?
  3. I think it depends a lot on the school location/state.
  4. Kids spread the virus to parents and family. Parents can't go to work / employers don't have enough personel to be efficient. Back to square one (and we have a new holiday to celebrate 250k deaths). https://outline.com/t4gERy - what happened in Israel. Don Quixote, tilting at windmills, something like that.
  5. How many hours approximately did you spend together? The way you're describinging it, it sounds like you only met briefly a few times during your trip, but I might not be understanding correctly.
  6. While waiting for an answer in your expedite request, you can both start looking at health insurance options as there's usually a short period where you are not eligible to your fiancée's insurance, nor to coverage in most provinces. Best of luck.
  7. If you do marry in the US (or anywhere outside or France/DOM TOM), with the intent of emigrating to France, reaching out to the consulate to do the "Publication des bans" before the wedding makes it easier to get your Livret de Famille.
  8. You can provide advice all you want, however, I do not feel it's the appropriate forum to discuss politics.
  9. At this time, I don't see how she'll be able to visit. France might change who's allowed in at any time though, that would be your chance.
  10. Should you become a citizen, you will also have to file US taxes (not necessarily pay, but file every year). Might or might not be significant in your situation/income, but something to consider.
  11. She'll have to look into it, but I'm pretty sure the baby will also need a Russian passport.
  12. The only cases I've read about on VJ were from the Philippines - I can't say it's frequent, but it happens, and luckily these people get treated. I hear you about the cost, most expensive medical exam I ever had - having to use a private clinic. I wish clinics were available to screen and treat people all over the USA, citizens and immigrants, no matter how they came to the USA. That's a whole other story, and for now, I'm happy to know that they screen when they can. Political opinions are probably better suited for another forum though. Best of luck to you and your family.
  13. I have a different opinion. The screening is actually an important process. Many people are found to have tuberculosis and need treatment. It's not as prevalent in the US and a good idea to limit the new cases. Pandemic and all.
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