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  1. Marriage maybe. "Free union", lawyer might be sufficient in DR - I know it is in other countries. For example, in Canada, you can be common law simply by living together for a set amount of time, no lawyer, no judge, nothing. You move out, you are out - it is however NOT a marriage, and I would never have declared myself married when in such situation.
  2. Keep us updated, I'll be interested to hear how long it will take them to make a decision.
  3. Were you both home this morning? So your husband got his visa after his interview, or was he already in the USA? In most countries, it's impossible to prove you were never married (anywhere). How was he able to do it?
  4. Because, if you mail it on a properly calculated day 90, then you're fine. You're following the instructions. This does not mean there won't be human error on the other end. Complete package are mailed back by mistake. Payments in the correct amount are refused... Errors do happen, that's all. I haven't seen anyone trying to scare you, but no one can say with certainty what will happen to your case. Best of luck, wishing you a smooth filling.
  5. If you plan to send it 90 days before and do not want to wait, then don't. If the person opening your package at the other end is not as good as you are using that calculator, then they'll send it back to you... You'll get it back a few weeks later, and can resend it to them around 60 days before expiration. Doesn't really matter, there's no prize for filling early - the extension letter can be forwarded by mail/courier, unlike the Advance Parole.
  6. Yes. You/someone have to remove anything attached to the pages though. A minute or two, times thousands of applications... It does add up. Wasteful too. If anything, it's much better to simply add pages of different colours between the forms - no extra dividers are necessary though.
  7. Some already posted about it, but you should also consider the steps needed to move to Canada. Compare and see what's better for you two...
  8. See what is acceptable, or not, here: https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-1-part-b-chapter-2 A simple mark (for example, X), or a fingerprint, can be a substitute to a written name.
  9. Doesn't she have a bank account? What about a will? Living will? You should be on each other's accounts (bank, pension, etc.) as beneficiaries. Please put her on your car insurance also - even if she does not drive often, she should be covered.
  10. Your husband might not pay taxes, but unless he has a very, very, minimal pension, he has to file and declare his income to the IRS. If his income is $51K, he probably has to pay some taxes.
  11. So they adjusted status in 2019, and now you are removing conditions? If so, this is the guide you want to follow: Instructions from USCIS are also good and easy to follow.
  12. When did your wife and daughter get their first green card/permanent residence? No one should have to file to remove conditions twice, if approved the first time.
  13. She should also reach out to her elected official(s) for support.
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