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  1. Lemonslice

    K1 was refused

    Will her family attend your wedding?
  2. If you don't want to use "Clarke", then just leave it as is. Many people do not change their name when they get married. I didn't and it was never questioned by immigration.
  3. Employer has to read the very very easy to understand i-9 Guide for employers. You'll/they'll realize you're missing a document. https://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/handbook-employers-m-274
  4. Lemonslice

    Social Security Number, Pennsylvania

    Different visas, different processes. K1 are eligible to get their SSN on arrival.
  5. Longest stay abroad? % of time out of the country? Any chance they think you've abandoned your residency?
  6. Waiting to get married in person would simplify your life 1000 times. Just a few months until he's out, use that time to study and get your documents in order so you can apply right after the wedding.
  7. Lemonslice


    If you've lived together while he was in the US, you might not need to get married. Canada recognizes other kinds of relationships. Look at Canada.ca for the details. Don't forget to check with the province also (this is a must of you plan to live in Quebec, but useful for other provinces too since some offer other programs.)
  8. I guess "... while waiting for adjustment of status" can be read both ways [while waiting to file/while waiting for it to be processed]. Yes, pretty expensive and useless to request EAD prior to filing for AOS.
  9. Thousands of Canadians with immigrant intent are visiting each year. Abandonning her AOS and applying for a spousal visa should not preven her from visiting once she is settled back in Canada. @D and T - Before applying for a spousal visa, I think you should consider having your spouse move to you. If the experience of moving to the USA was... not great... maybe your spouse would find it easier to come to you. Food for thoughts before you file again. Best of luck.
  10. No fee for people adjusting status - Just a 3-6 months wait.
  11. Did he admit he was planning to work (general), or to work with cannabis harvest? Outcome and what to do next might be VERY different Read: https://www.newsweek.com/legal-canadian-marijuana-workers-face-lifetime-us-ban-1120694
  12. Or divorce papers... that is what the embassy might be thinking (unfortunately for them). If legal processes and local institutions are weak/corrupted, it becomes very hard for a foreign government to trust documents they issue, no?
  13. When you open a bank account, you have to designate a beneficiary, who is yours? who is your husbands? Print those, or ask your bank to print them. Otherwise, wills are important to get - not just for ROC, but in life.
  14. You should show that you are the beneficiaries on each other's accounts. That's free and easy to show. Do you have wills, living wills? It's not unusual to have separate finances, we merged a few things to facilitate ROC, but it's not efficient for us.
  15. Realistically, options are to: - find a direct flight - transit through another country - change you holiday destination