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    Met July 2010 while I served in the communications department for Castillo del Rey in Nicaragua (my fav country in the world). This was my 6th trip to this country. Officially dating as of Sept 15 of 2010. Left to go back to US October 1, 2010. It's been long and hard but also rewarding to have to get to know someone without the distraction of just being "physical". We continued to chat through facebook, emails. Back then he would walk to a cyber café to video chat at least 3 times a week until we were able to go apple and then do facetime. We facetime almost every day. He asked my parents THE QUESTION Nov of 2015. K1 went super fast and he was on ND soil Feb 5. We married in the courthouse the same day.

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  1. For sure need to show that you’ve met in person within two years of filing. many send just that and are just fine. totally optional to also add 5 year relationship proof. If you have it all organized and ready, why not? Certainly don’t loose sleep and time by chasing it all down since you can always have your fiancé bring it when it’s time for the interview my testimony is that I considered it beneficial to front load our packet by including proof of our 5 year relationship since there’s been a lot of fraud in my husband’s country in the last and I wanted to leave No doubt or question In the consulate officer’s mind. I went through 10k pages of exchanged Facebook and Skype messages and picked out conversations spanning over the 5 years. Took about 4 days to do but thankfully my job involves a lot of sitting around and waiting for customers. I like to think it helped in the end because the “interview” at the embassy was a 45-second, 4 question interview. Was so anti-climactic after a 5 hour wait hehe There is so much helpful information and people on this website! Good luck on your process!
  2. pffffffffffffffffft you are right about manager being wrong lol! It's literally in the title of "Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act ". No need to argue but with the right "touch" (in the words of my husband) you wouldn't be in the wrong to insist that her (or someone) shows you in the bank manual/policy where it states that a SSN is required in order to add a person to an account. But that's only if you think it's worth it tho. I'm from a town of less than 1200 so dealing with small town mentalities sucks especially if you only have the one bank. Well good luck. I hope you find a way. Maybe by the time you guys get the greencard interview you will have the SSN. If not, I am sure a short explanation as to why your spouse isn't on the account would be ok too.
  3. just wanted to echo what was mentioned that you should be able to add your spouse without an SSN as a "non-permanent resident alien". If not at your bank, for whatever reason, another bank. Been in banking for 10 years. Maybe your banker doesn't have experience dealing with immigration/green card stuff? Is there a policy he/she cited that says the SSN is required to add an authorized signor/owner to the account? You need, for sure, an unexpired, government issued ID that has a photo which would be the passport. The SSN can be added later when you obtain it. We risked it and mailed husband's naturalization cert after citizenship to update his status. Mailed it on a Friday and got those two thing back in our mailbox 3 days later on Tuesday. I called and voiced my concerns about mailing a very important doc It seems dumb that those offices remain closed. We were told "only in emergency cases". HUH? Emergency case for the SSN office? Well what would that be, I'm dying let me in to your office?
  4. oh for sure. Just being blonde and white (like me) or dressing/acting like a tourist in Nicaragua means you are a obvious a walking, talking dollar machine and have to deal with gouged prices all the time. Most of the time I don't mind since the economy is in the pits and most people really need the $. Sometimes people have asked where I am from because my spanish has the Nicaraguan accent so I could potentially be from the mountains. 😁
  5. I don't know if I understand it correctly or fully but I wonder if the oath is a way of acknowledging that "while I'm in the US, I am an American citizen and subject to all it's laws blah blah blah". So if I go and do something illegal and stupid I can't run away to the nearest embassy and hide to avoid consequences. For example, if my we decide to live in Nicaragua in the future and I apply for Nicaraguan citizenship when the time comes they have a very similar process where you "renounce" any other citizenships. However, to actually do that you must present a notarized statement to the US embassy and do some kind of oath thing. Granted, that's just based on my research in that one country and won't apply to every country. My husband just became a US citizen last Oct. It's a huge relief to be able to leave all things US immigrations behind us!
  6. This! Counter checks vs ordered checks vs cashiers checks are no different in terms of being a negotiable item as long as "the man" gets paid. As mentioned above it comes down to funds availability; make sure the money is there so it doesn't bounce. What's nice about using a personal check is that you can easily see when your check is cashed/account is debited.
  7. you could always call your local office and ask. When we updated my husband's they sent the certificate back to us the day after it was received. So Sent on a Monday and back in our mailbox on Weds. I called them first and asked about going in since I was leery about sending such an important (and costly if lost) doc via mail. The person I spoke to said they try to get it back to the sender's asap for that reason. Made me less nervous to do so. My local office wouldn't accept anything but the original doc.
  8. applying based on 5 year residence requires less evidence as opposed to applying based on marriage for 3 years in which you have to send evidence of the marriage. I'd say apply based on the 5 year residence.
  9. You don't need to submit proof of citizenship of your fiancé when you file initially. You need to submit proof of your US citizenship with is either a birth cert or passport, the intention to marry letter from both of you, and evidence that you've met in person within 2 years of filing. I personally front loaded our application and included the evidence of relationship stuff right away. It would be at the embassy when it comes time for the interview that your fiancé would need to make sure to have birth cert, police cert etc. They won't need to be translated unless they are in any other language other than Spanish (like if it was in German or something). Applying for the greencard is when you would have to translate anything not in English. As others have commented anyone who is proficient in both languages can translate those docs and sign the certification themselves. In my case, I translated my husband's birth cert with no problems. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/i-129finstr.pdf This has listed what they expect with the fiancé-visa application. Good luck!
  10. Did you figure out a solution? If he has a few days he can hop on taca or tica bus or send him some $$ for someone to drive him to CR. The border isn't closed anymore I think you probably still need negative covid tests. A bit more complicated to cross borders but not impossible. I Certainly hope you figure something out!
  11. Big pro: (as previously mentioned) freedom to travel / live in another country without worrying about maintaining the greencard. That's the primary reason why my husband went all the way with US citizenship. We want to live in Nicaragua one day. Being able to come and go to the US without having to apply for a tourist visa AND ever having to deal with US immigrations and their ever increasing wait times and fees is freeing!
  12. My “crazy experience” was back in 2005. 2nd trip to Nicaragua (missions trip). I didn’t realize that there was a live 22/250 rifle round in my backpack. I had a little line of bullets collected on my windowsill and it must have fallen in there. I’m going through the Minneapolis security line I was confused as a 15/16 year old why they kept putting my backpack through the scanner. Did I have a huge, suspicious amount of starbursts (to give to kids of course)? They finally pulled me aside and were digging through my backpack and they pull up this giant bullet, lol. gulp! My my dad comes over to get a better look at it and maybe help explain while my younger sister is in tears thinking I was going to go to prison. In any case the tsa guys didn’t make a huge deal or anything, thank goodness, and I was eventually allowed to go on my way. Later, while waiting at the gate, a team member on our missions team overheard somebody talking about how a girl had one of her bullets left over from a safari that she came back from or something like that. Thankfully that wasn’t in an airport like Houston or coming back from Nicaragua! Or after 9/11 😳😬☠️ Kids: Make sure you don’t have any bullet rounds in your carryon! about 10 years later I got a letter from the department of homeland security basically stating I was no longer on the watchlist hehehe im excited to read about other peoples stories etc. This will be a great thread to distract me at work!
  13. I've worked in banking for 10 years. You may be surprised on how many younger (not that I'm "old" in any sense of the word) people have never written a check in their lives; especially as there are more and more places that do not accept personal checks. Thus there has never been a need for a checkbook for them. I still have one I and I write one maybe once a year and that's only because there isn't a way to pay electronically....yet! As banking continues to go electronic the writing of checks will be even rarer to see or do in my opinion. Point being as long as the funds are available, whether a cashier's check, money order, or personal check from Mickey Mouse, USCIS will happily collect the fees.
  14. This. The longest we went without seeing each other face to face was 2 years, also pre-covid. Don't put your life on pause. Use the physical separation as time to dig deep and really get to know each other and hone your communication skills! We video chatted and texted when we could but our lives went on. Worked through a lot of cultural differences and misunderstandings during our 6 year relationship before we actually were able to tie the knot
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