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    Met July 2010 while I served in the communications department for Castillo del Rey in Nicaragua (my fav country in the world). This was my 6th trip to this country. He asked me to be his novia Sept 15 of 2010. Left to go back to US October 1, 2010. It's been long and hard but also rewarding to have to get to know someone without the distraction of just being "physical" and building the relationship on shallow principles. We continued to chat through facebook, emails. Back then he would walk to a cyber café to video chat at least 3 times a week until we were able to go apple and then do facetime. We facetime almost every day. He asked my parents THE QUESTION Nov of 2015 and now we are in the fiancé visa process. He has an invitation from my church to be the pastor for Latino ministries and we have previously tried to get him here on a religious visa (there goes 3 years of my life that I won't be getting back). But the system worked out for us and now he is here. Yay!

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  1. for my then fiancé, I had to physically write it in because it would not fit. It's very similar in that it's more of a description of where the house is like: colonia primero del mayo, 25 varas al sur, lago blah blah blah. The embassy released the packet 4 electronically to me in the end and the passport was delivered to a courier center. Perhaps someone can verify for you if this is a possibility for the Cuban embassy.
  2. same thing happened to us except we've been eagerly waiting for the interview to be scheduled. Countdown went to 0 and then the next day there's nothing. I guess they don't want to get any of our hopes up, lol.
  3. does not matter. As long as the name on their ID/passport matches what is on the ticket. I bought my then-fiancé his plane ticket no problem.
  4. uscis says my husband's supposed wait time is 20 days (for what, I don't know) and estimated case complete April of this year. Will be pleasantly surprised if that's truly the case but I won't be disappointed if it doesn't happen like that. Are anyone else wait times on the uscis website similar to that?
  5. I don't think it has anything to do with being indifferent towards us ND folks though it may seem that way. I think it's a question of the amount of employees, the amount of applications in our area, and priority to the type of application. It might be background check stuff too and other unseen things. No one can say. Remember they aren't just doing citizenship apps but other ones too like green-card interviews. We file then we wait. and wait. and wait. That's it. That's how it has always been with every single step of this immigration process. Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Years!
  6. I filled out the ds160 app for my then fiancé back when we went through this process
  7. I sure hope that it wouldn't get worse. Waiting over a year for someone to dust off our electronic file is torture enough!
  8. wow what a long haul! I'm so happy that you finally got through with your fiancé! It took about 2 weeks from when they said we were approved until it was ready to be picked up at the courier place that my husband picked; I think he picked Casa blanca on carretera Masaya. He called them every day after the first week to confirm when they would be getting the "shipment" from the embassy. The day they confirmed it was coming was the day he picked it up! details are in my signature about the wait time to pick up the passport. Congratulations again!
  9. I'm sorry to hear that. It's so hard to get a tourist visa :-( Hopefully her circumstances will change one day ( a job, own a house, have a family etc even though those aren't guarantees) and the outcome can be different.
  10. I'm one of those millennial dudes that will certainly get out of the city as soon as it's possible. I grew up on a farm 15ish miles away from a town of 2000 so anything with a population of 5k or more for me is a city. So suburbs with still tens of thousands of people seems like a city to me given my background. I mean if you have a Walmart in your community you've got it made! We had a Supervalue...and that's it. There's not a single traffic light in that little speck of a town on the prairie. Being used to having the closest neighbor being 3 miles away in all 4 directions I love the elbow room, the ability to have a huge garden and just grow everything, and spend 2 hours mowing all the grass. Actually mowing all the grass on our farm took about 4 hours on a riding mower! I hope that one day we will be able live outside of town as soon as prices get back down to a reasonable level. Get away from people and traffic ah yis! The only downside to that is winter when a storm dumps a bunch of snow on you, the power fails, and the roads are impassable so your dad loads all 4 kids in the tractor and drives to town where there's power at grandma's house because the generator quit after day 4. Good times! Ref: the great blizzard of '97 and 2016
  11. Maybe she can sell phones in China
  12. it would be far suckier for Deaven to get married to a dude who owes 30,000 instead 500 or whatever he has left. He probably works his butt off to get that debt cleared and I think that's admirable. More like she didn't ask the right questions back when they met...or better yet don't jump in bed with someone that "you barely know" (as she repeatedly reminds us). That 'lil baby peanut they have sure is cute tho! Corey in Ecuador needs to wake up and smell the café. Not going to go the way he thinks, no way Jose! I would say that Granny Jenny should have left India on the first flight 'outta there after that whole cattywampus situation when everyone flooded the apartment but word on the interweb is that she knew about it? So... the academy award goes to... Either way. Go home where you at least will have people to support you. I guess the promise of a few 1000$ er-however much they make per episode is too good to pass up. I pretty much heard "but if there's another kid I won't get any money or attention". Man-child mama's boy in the making, folks! Him and Corey can have their own club. All this fake/set-up drama is getting old and I've already watched through the "Dark" series on Netflix. Ugh!
  13. BRUH the struggle is real! I've been working at the same place since 2011 and I have to wear sweaters/long sleeves every day. Thermostat opposite of me shows that its about 73-74 degrees but it feels like its 67-68 degrees. There are days in the summer when it's 90-ish degrees outside and I'm STILL wearing my Columbia fleece jacket. I wore it on the 4th of July. haha so sad! The flip side is when it's -30 in the winters I shamelessly wear long john pants under my work pants. I'd rather be cold and add on the layers than be hot and unable to cool off so at least I have SOME control over that.
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