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  1. AFAIK, filing for an EAD (even for a minor who can't normally get a work permit at their age) is the only way a K-2 child can get an SSN before GC. And you can read lots of threads here for why you want to have an SSN even if you're not working or collecting Social Security benefits.
  2. Just to clarify things a bit You fill out a petition (the I-129F) that lets your fiancé(e) apply for K-1 visa. If someone applying for a K-1 visa didn't have a job, it wouldn't matter, because K-1 fiancé(e)s can't work right away anyway; their US citizen fiancé(e) is supposed to be able to support them.
  3. First place I saw our NOA2 from the I-129F (May 2018 filer, NOA2 was Nov 2018) was in a USPS informed delivery email... but I saw it on the "new" web site before I got home from work and got the mail.
  4. A G-325A is not needed for a K-1. I think you may be referencing an out of date guide or instructional video.
  5. The Bio page is proof of citizenship. If you're using passport stamps as evidence of meeting, you'll want to include the relevant pages for those, too.
  6. … because the vast majority of cases an extension is asked for it's because there weren't any interview slots available in time. It's possibly the relevant embassy/consulate will grant an extension when the petitioner could have scheduled an interview within the four-month period, but we've definitely seen cases here where a request was denied.
  7. You can definitely visit the US while the petition is processing and/or before your K-1 is approved (presuming you're from a VWP country, Canada, or have an existing tourist visa); see the "Yes, You can visit" thread here: And in most countries you can set your interview date (check the regional subforum for your country of residence for more details). And it's at least possible in theory to extend the petition validity in 4-month increments beyond the initial four months (though some embassies and consulates won't do this unless the delay in you getting an interview is due to lack of available spots or other problems on the embassy/consulate side; a planned vacation on your part is probably not a good enough reason to delay). Having said that, I wouldn't make travel plans for a visit too far in advance because you're going to need to be in your country of residence to gather documents for the interview, do the medical, interview, and do whatever else you need to do to prepare to move.
  8. Also if coded properly, they should prevent any errors that can be checked on the form (and 'incorrect payment' rejections).
  9. It's just NOA1 to NOA2, but generally speaking your VJ estimate (assuming you fill in your timeline) will be more accurate. The official timelines for the I-129F are basically only useful for knowing when it's been long enough to make an outside normal processing time inquiry (which probably won't happen).
  10. Unknown, to be determined, or something like that. But it's definitely fine to not have a reason or plan to leave when filing for AP along with AOS from a K-1.
  11. It's not uncommon to get your EAD/AP combo card after your interview was scheduled (but before your interview) these days; that's what happened for my wife.
  12. There's some risk involved in buying tickets before your fiance(e) has his or her visa in hand and has verified that all the information printed on the visa is correct and the sealed envelope is sealed and undamaged. If there are any errors, or any delays shipping your fiance(e)'s visa, you could end up having to pay change fees or buy new tickets (it'll depend on the airline and the type of ticket you get). If you can get a good deal on a ticket with low or no change fees, though, it's not a terrible idea (I did this because refundable tickets for a one-way from Moscow to LA were surprisingly little more than non-refundable with a checked bag and an assigned seat, and prices kept going up on the day she wanted to travel, so I figured I should lock it in). Time to ship your fiance(e)'s passport (or to availability for pick-up, if that's an option) is going to vary by consulate. If you have a good idea for how long the shipper the consulate uses takes to send things from Guayaquil to where your fiance(e) would be picking it up, that will give you a good idea.
  13. Confirmation bias just means you had an idea of what the answer was going to be and paid more attention to to data that confirmed it. It doesn't mean you actually had a personal stake in the outcome or even cared much about what that outcome was. And suggesting it may have affected you is just saying you're human, it's not an insult.
  14. Nope. But we live almost in the 'burbs (I mean, our address says 'San Diego', but we're not in the San Diego school district and I can't vote on city of San Diego stuff), and this is the first time since I moved out here that I've even had decorations up (there were almost no trick or treaters last year when it was just me and no decorations were up, and I think PRG would like to see kids in costume, so we put some stuff on the door and some fake spiderwebs on the stairway leading up to our place. Also, though I've been out more since PRG arrived, we still don't get out a lot.
  15. I very much suspect that's just small sample size randomness or confirmation bias at play. We used USPS and did not have any unusual delays; NOA1 date was within a week of sending.
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