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  1. Probably best to ask that either in the What Visa Do I Need forum or the or Mexico & Latin America & South America forum, not here (this is the forum for removing conditions from a conditional green card, which you could get after a K-1, CR-1, or doing AOS by marriage from another visa)
  2. My understanding is that usually if you had an interview for AOS and don't have a pending naturalization by the time they get to your case then you don't get an interview for ROC. However, given timelines (we were not surprisingly given a WAC #), I'm pretty much taking it as a given that Anastasia will have filed her N-400 before she gets her 10-year green card.
  3. Sent on 7/12 arrived on 7/15 (USPS Priority mail) text message on 7/16 credit card charged on 7/17 Informed Delivery shows NOA1 in the mail for today (7/19)
  4. I don't think USCIS tests the fillable form PDFs in anything other than Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  5. Depends where you are in what process. If you actually intend to live together in his country, not the US (not presuming he's Italian; I met Anastasia in Italy once before we were married and she's Russian), then you'll need to look up the process for that country. If you haven't started any US immigration process yet, you're fine, but right now you are in a "too married for a K-1, not married enough for a CR-1" state if you weren't together in person when your online marriage happened. If you have already filed an I-129F (first step in the K-1 process), it will be denied as you're already married. If you have already filed an I-130 (first step in the CR-1/IR-1 process), it will be denied as you have not been together in person while married (regardless of anything you might have done before you were married). So presuming you do want to live together in the US and haven't been together in person since the online marriage happened, your next step is to meet in person, and then you can begin the CR-1 process. If you've already filed a petition, you won't get your money back.
  6. I've never had problems with paying by credit card (and having a pending charge from USCIS on my card right now) from the I-129F through AOS and now ROC. You know right away when they charge your card, you can get rewards from it, it's more secure than a check, and you can't accidentally address a credit card to the wrong person because you're just using their form.
  7. My wife (unsurprisingly) got a WAC case #; just got the text today.
  8. It doesn't seem like they've resumed regular processing of K-1s (or CR-1/IR-1s) in Moscow yet, so the small numbers of visas processed have been eligible for some sort of exception. But as far as I can tell there's no public info on the backlog status at any embassy/consulate, you just can go by word of mouth (aka are people here getting cases sent there by the NVC, and if they are, what's the scheduling looking like). K-1s are weird; they're technically non-immigrant visas, but since the expectation is that you'll adjust status once you get here they're processed by the immigrant visa unit.
  9. In early 2019, they required the I 134 for Anastasia's K-1. I doubt that's changed. You use the I 864 for Adjusting status (and if using a joint sponsor, the joint sponsor has to fill out an I-864 too, not an I-864A).
  10. We managed to get our AOS out the door pretty quickly (married three days after POE, and had the I-485 in the mail a few weeks later), and San Diego wasn't slow for a larger field office at the time, so Anastasia had her green card issued by the end of September 2019. Only reason we didn't get ROC in the mail before the end of June is that we were moving (with a one-year-old and me working from home a 2BR condo was a bit small) so we were a bit busy and also filing before then would mean a mid-process address change which I don't really trust USCIS with.
  11. You generally have three years to file an amended return, FWIW.
  12. You're still doing a CR-1/IR-1 (the US does not care where you got married, providing all previous marriages have been ended and the parties could marry legally in the US). The typical reason to get married in a third country (rather than the US or your fiancé(e)'s country of residence) is because your fiancé(e) can't easily get a US tourist visa and the process of legally marrying in their country is somewhat complicated (it was pre-pandemic, but the major reason we did a K-1 was because marrying in Russia was impractical -- I couldn't reasonably spend a long time in Russia -- and it seemed unlikely Anastasia would be able to get a tourist visa). Mexico is simply somewhere Russians and Americans can legally enter and two foreigners can marry quickly. In normal times, Denmark, Iceland, and various Caribbean countries are often suggested as good places for third-country weddings.
  13. Will be trying to finish up our paperwork and get it out the door this weekend (we were eligible as of June 27, but we were moving then).
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