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  1. DaveAndAnastasia

    May 2018 K1 Filers

    Found one that was approved yesterday going through Igor's list manually. Attempting to use the search for more wasn't working for me though.
  2. DaveAndAnastasia

    New I 134 form?

    That's the current edition. Always get USCIS forms from the USCIS web site; the version there will be the latest one.
  3. DaveAndAnastasia

    The Glass MenageRant

    Yup. Pretty good week so far. PRG gets interview scheduled, Orange beat Duke, Christmas presents finally get to PRG (Russian post office, man), birthday today.
  4. When I contacted the Riverside County Clerk's office (we're probably getting married in Riverside county), they said 2-3 weeks after marriage. And will take walk-ins for a civil ceremony at most locations (though you'll need to bring a witness). I didn't check in Orange, though the fees are lower there if that matters much too you. Orange County CA Clerk's office marriage services: http://www.ocrecorder.com/services/marriage Riverside County CA clerk's office marriage services: https://www.asrclkrec.com/marriage-license-ceremonies
  5. Possibly, but it's best to check https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-uscis-office/field-offices by zip code; the field office that covers your area may be in another state.
  6. DaveAndAnastasia

    The Glass MenageRant

    And eventually he will be Many years old, like some other dude with the same birthday will be tomorrow. 👋
  7. DaveAndAnastasia


    This should be in the AOS from K-1 forum, but to answer your question as well as anyone who hasn't been through there recently can say... The official estimate for family-based AOS at the Montgomery, AL field office is 11.5 to 18 months; you can check that here: https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ The average VJ users have reported there over the last year is about 11.5 months; you can check that here: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aosstats.php This looks a bit on the slow side to me, but it's not among the very worst ala Houston.
  8. DaveAndAnastasia

    May 2018 K1 Filers

    FWIW, there's now a greater percentage of May filer timelines with a NOA2 date filled in than April (and June's coming up on that level pretty fast). I kind of wonder if any of the earliest approvals from our group have had interviews yet, or even made it stateside already. We're at 245/343 timelines with an NOA2 (71.4%), and another 9 (2.6%) with an RFE that hasn't been acted on.
  9. DaveAndAnastasia

    The Glass MenageRant

    And that morning Anastasia told me she got an interview date. 😊🍊 Only saw the second half of the game; downside of being a west coast Orange fan, man.
  10. DaveAndAnastasia

    The Glass MenageRant

    I don't like spending holidays home alone, despite holiday airport craziness. Have never convinced my family to come to San Diego rather than me going somewhere else though. Maybe will be different with Pretty Russian Girl here.
  11. DaveAndAnastasia

    May 2018 K1 Filers

    The average reported by VJ posters going through Montreal is 57 days from arrival in Montreal to interview. You can check that here: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/stats.php The government shutdown will not affect visa processing; that's funded by all those fees you and/or your fiance(e) are paying. And USPS is self-funding too.
  12. DaveAndAnastasia

    The Glass MenageRant

    Shortly after my first meeting with the Pretty Russian Girl, I was looking at tickets to go to the extended family Thanksgiving (parents moved, disrupting my convenient short holiday flights to Denver, though they were back there this Christmas). San Diego to Cleveland over Thanksgiving cost about as much as my ticket to Hong Kong had. I stayed home for Thanksgiving .
  13. Anastasia's interview scheduled for Feb 14. Probably a good omen. 😊
  14. DaveAndAnastasia

    Confused about processing times

    As of some time in 2017, they started requiring an interview for all AOS from K-1 cases, I believe. Used to be that some people didn't have to have one.
  15. The only pictures that have to be on actual photo paper are the 2x2 passport-style pictures of each of you. Any other pictures can be put into Word doc; that's fine (and what we did; we put 3-6 pictures per page and added captions under each one).