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  1. once you finish mass effect, its all downhill from there. it is still my favorite game you can also try dragon age, Elden Ring for rpgs if i pvp i generally go overwatch, cod etc also playing things like ghost recon, wo long, hitman world of assasination wife only likes driving games like need for speed we mostly play on ps5/ps4
  2. wow, thats just more stress. i dont understand why its taking so long for you guys. i hope its resolved soon. we will see what happens in the next few weeks/months if anything gets resolved. fingers crossed.
  3. it seems that filing the n 400 speeds it up in some cases. we havent filed for it yet as we are waiting for other things that are distractions to conclude.
  4. just tell them the next correspondence will be from an attorney for their education and that since their HR department is unable to read simple documents and requirements you will be looking for employment elsewhere.
  5. honestly i check every so often but its not really something we think much about right now. we figure it will happen when it happens. she isnt even thinking about citizenship at the moment because it would add too much stress for her.
  6. She has lost a friend in Kherson, she has friends who were in Berdyansk and Vasylivka that she is worried about, and of course her daughter is still in Zaporizhzhia and refuses to leave because her boyfriend is still there all the best friend
  7. some people just get the lucky, just as some people have gotten horrendous luck. most of us fall somewhere in the mean. hope you and Mrs Tasty are doing ok
  8. wife never changed her surname on Ukrainian passport or documents. we havent really tested it yet but i dont anticipate any issues if we do travel anywhere. we also have the double i thing too and my wife thinks its funny now so no need to change it
  9. glad your fiance is safe with you. the good news is that you should now have time to decompress before making your next plans.
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