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  1. glad your fiance is safe with you. the good news is that you should now have time to decompress before making your next plans.
  2. well this was something i addressed in my heated letter to the white house on the website. i am surprised i didnt get a call from the secret service with some of the language i used.
  3. some people already are moving to things like Bitcoin. i dont think it will be too long until it becomes a sort of standard for a worldwide reserve currency, except for china because they seem to think people will want the digital yuan 🤣
  4. i was able to send money to my stepdaughter and she picked it up in Zaporizhzhia in USD. it also may depend on the region and how much foreign currency they have in stock as well. just passing it along in case it can help anyone.
  5. my stepdaugher refuses to evacuate her city also. she has a friend who finally reached her who evacuated from Kharkiv, so if/when it gets bad in her city they will travel together. wife is more angry than i have ever seen her.
  6. its a longshot, but are they able to take a train or something to anywhere else and then get a flight you can pay for from there?
  7. i am trying to get information on how to get my wife's daughter to be eligible for refugee. the last contact we had was about 12 hours ago, she was in a basement somewhere with air raid sirens going off
  8. my daughter in law did not want to leave Zaporozhye. fortunately the banks still were able to give her the money we sent to her. wife is heartbroken. hopefully her boyfriend will help keep her safe.
  9. oddly enough our center is supposedly one of the faster ones.... go figure.
  10. got the letter in the mail Jan 19th that biometrics waived. they are reusing them case status was updated about a week before
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