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  1. i am starting to think a lot of people have not updated timelines. i am looking at aug and it looks like only about 20% have the NOA2s but without everyone updating, its not really too accurate
  2. the timeline thing on the home page for me says it is now overdue. thats depressing
  3. i hope so. every day that goes by without the approval is torture
  4. Prizm123

    The Music Thread

  5. she moved to Ukraine when she was 17. she has a copy of her birth certificate, but not an original or certified one, which is what they would need. i do not know if the copy she has would be ok to use but she has never had any problems with it before apparently
  6. i am Aug 3, and still nothing, i am not sure if someone had pulled my case and is already in a bucket to be worked. it just drives me insane not knowing and seeing a lot of approvals already.
  7. That is what I was thinking. She just doesn't want to make any mistakes and I told her that this should be a much easier part and that we have time since we do not have an NOA2 yet. I am just trying to get everything in order for when it does happen, hopefully soon. She was born in the 70s, so i am thinking that maybe that is what she refers to when she said she could transfer her birth certificate. I am really not sure how all of that works from former SSR.
  8. she still needs the police report from where she lives now. so it helps
  9. i will send these to her. she said something about having her birth certificate sent from Tiraspol where she was born to Zaporzhye where she is at now, but I have no idea what she meant
  10. Just wanted to know if anyone knows of the fastest way to get these from Ukraine and Transnistria, specifically Tiraspol. I have given her links to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but for some reason the one from Moldova does not let us switch the language to Russian or English from Romanian. I gave her the numbers for both Ministries and she also needs to get her birth certificate too, but she is freaking out about getting them because she doesnt know how to get them from Tiraspol or whether she can get them from Chisnau.
  11. patience has never been something neither of us is known for lol
  12. if it makes you feel better i actually fully expect an RFE ☹️
  13. no i did not have an RFE, what i meant was that RapidVisa was looking over my documents and asked me to resend some things because they were not very clear so that they can send the package
  14. i have read other people's posts where they sent everything and the auditor doing the case still missed it. I also went through Rapid Visa and they had me redo and resend THEM some items that I had sent already, so, to me at least I know they rechecked everything. It sounds like an easy enough fix. I know my packet is much more complicated than normal, which is why i wanted to have the extra help in preparing everything.