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  1. dont care about what he said, just pointing out your idea of double standards is nonsense, especially given that you dont ever seem to think that the right has them
  2. the guy still under investigation? https://thehill.com/homenews/sunday-talk-shows/546384-hunter-biden-says-he-is-100-certain-he-will-be-cleared-of
  3. pretty much why i dont bother coming here as much anymore. i've moved on for precisely that reason 🤣
  4. wife has constant high bp and she got through it ok. she was wiped out for a day after dose 2 though. she takes bp med also. hope you wont have adverse reactions
  5. got my first dose finally of pfizer. i sort of feel a little wiped out and i have a bit of a headache already. wife wants me to lay down, but i need to learn more fatalities and brutalities in MK11!
  6. we did movie night and wife loved the movie. had to see it in IMAX too i think after the few episodes she watched, wife was pretty much done with those people lol
  7. my wife just watched youtube videos to learn english. i offered to have her go to a class for it, but she said the videos are fine. she was able to take the written test in english
  8. well it was one of the first things my wife mentioned to me this morning.... she is a huge fan of The Crown.
  9. i know, its a good thing i didnt list more of those types, like ponzi scheme white collar criminals, people who are fans of horrible music, anyone who doesn't like mustard on hot dogs, people who pee in swimming pools, people who dont pick up dog poo from the sidewalks etc.....
  10. in a case like this one where its caught on video, i think it should be pretty cut and dry. you can make the argument for the cases where the evidence is more circumstantial and i would listen.
  11. there will always be divisiveness. people are waaaay too polarized. this board is a perfect example of that they also need to get rid of the gerrymandering garbage too
  12. its why i believe the death penalty needs to be expanded. use it for rape, child molesters, spousal abusers.... its not a deterrent, its to keep scum from infesting the planet any further. some people are not worth the time or effort to try and save or rehabilitate.
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