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  1. thats kind of stalkerish creepy lol i would imagine something like that would be unnerving
  2. that is very weird, like they are just looking for trouble
  3. you wont get jack in TX without the EAD at the minimum for ID or TDL, i was told that even if we had gotten my wife's ID card previously, it would have expired on the date of the I 94 expiration. I think its stupid, but i have little regard for the powers that be in Austin
  4. what was the date on the bottom of the form? the current one is 4/29/19, so if you are using one with an earlier date, its probably already expired. this is the revision
  5. if the policies crumble, then i hope it means faster processing lol
  6. we went literally the next day after entry, they said it would take about 4 weeks, it arrived in the mail about 7 days later
  7. good list i am thinking of bringing HIPAA forms for my dentist as well as Release of Information forms for the insurance that shows that we are both authorized to get information about the other concerning anything related to our health and dental benefits and claims
  8. nope but realistically your spouse should be covered under your insurance asap anyway so its a moot point. it was literally the first thing i did after returning to work after the marriage was to add her to my insurance
  9. my wife is having the same issue when we tried to add her to my bank. basically she needs a state ID card which she cant get until she gets the EAD
  10. what we did was i logged on to her computer remotely and filled it out and right then and there she was able to sign it, if i can find it one of my long ago posts has the link to the program we used
  11. our biometrics letter was about 2 weeks after the NOA hardcopies and for 2 weeks after we got the letter, roughly 1 month between the received date at the NBC and the actual biometrics appt
  12. follow both since you might be a tweener, couldnt hurt and you might find some other people in that murky grey area of end of one month/beginning of another so they can give you a more accurate read on your potential processing
  13. the only reason i can see for trying to do biometrics early is if for some reason you are planning to request an expedite for your EaD or AoS since they cant process further without it
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