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  1. ~~Moved to AOS Family K1/K3, from K1 P&P - as this is now an AOS topic~~
  2. ~~Moved to Working and Traveling, from K1 P&P as this is a working in the US question.~~
  3. ~~Moved to Moving Here and YOur New Life, from General Immigration - as similar threads are discussed here.~~
  4. ~~Moved to Student and Exchange Visas, from K1 P&P - the Process of these two are not similar and the responses may vary.~~
  5. I wondered why cats didn't get tested or preventative.
  6. Ontarkie

    Rante Macabre

    Sounds like you have a plan in the making
  7. I'm going take my sweet old time. With this self quarantine going on nobody is going to be around to judge me
  8. I think with the tigers we will have to wait to see. They have said over and over that it's not the same strain as ppl. Who knows now.
  9. This👆 Be happy it happened at NVC. I remember one member on here that had it returned after it reached the consulate.
  10. I'm a homebody to begin with so nothing really changed for me. I already homeschool. The Hillbilly is working form home so that changed and trying to keep my monsters quiet is a challenge. I've been working slowly at my kitchen. I've repainted it. Peel, filled and sanded the top cabinet doors. Today I primed them and maybe if it's not raining I'll paint them. I had all the supplies before social distancing was a thing. I've got a Walmart order waiting for me to hit submit. Seems more are doing it now because I can't get today or tomorrow pick up. The kids do miss going to the Library for our homeschool group. I did have the Tornado add one of her friends on messenger kids so they can talk and play games on the switch together. That helps but man they are loud even then.
  11. It cannot be passed form animals to ppl. Animals have their own version it is not the same. Although if someone is coughing/sneezing all over your pet then you can get it that way.
  12. Before my move here we did similar. We play Everquest together, had team speak to talk. During the day we emailed and the odd phone call. Pretty much talk all night while playing. It's always good to talk. Good time to figure out what type of things you want to see when together. What type of wedding you want. I wanted to do an outdoor wedding at the Old Mill. Sure it is a popular place here because of the Historic parts and the Movie Gone with the Wind. We planned everything we could without anything needing to be booked. Figured out what food we would have, who would be invited, wedding flowers, I bought my dress prior to the move. We had a small party after the wedding at home with catered BBQ. It was really simple and perfect.
  13. Ontarkie

    Rante Macabre

    Big hugs, I know I'm a fighter and some times fight too long. Listen to your gut and your head not your heart.
  14. ~~One post removed as requested and two others removed that were related to the post.~~
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