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  1. ~~Thread locked to further replies. The OP stated they will be going down a different path.~~
  2. ~~15 hijacked posts removed. Please start your own thread for advice on your own case. This thread has derailed from with back and forth comments. As the OP has updated his thread it is now locked.~~
  3. ~~Moved to Tourist Visas, from K1 P&P - the OP is asking about ESTA~~
  4. ~~MOved to Bringing Family of USC to America, from Ir1/Cr1 P&P~~
  5. Oh and my friends brought me their old pool pumps. I have one connected already so that is good. The others if I want sand or salt I can get the stuff to make the switch over. SO happy to have great friends.
  6. I know I was trying to figure out what it would be too Oh do not cut the grass make friends with that farmer and let him do it. I'm still waiting to do the front living room. AKA our game room. It may be awhile Make sure you report back when the -----hits the fan. No but you may need one to get through Tbone's posts
  7. ~~Related thread merged. Please stop starting a new thread for updates or related questions. It is considered spamming and will put your account at risk.~~
  8. My pool pump died and my robot vacuum
  9. ~~Duplicate post in another members thread removed. PLease only post your question once.~~
  10. ~~Moved to General Immigration Discussion, from Tourist Visas - as the OP is asking about a visa overstay self petitioning.~~
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