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  1. Follow the instructions in this thread posted just above your comment. ~~Zombie thread locked to further replies~~
  2. ~~Moved to the Regional forum, from IR1/CR1 P&P - As it is English only in the main forums.~~ Mod Hat Off If you do not want to live in the US Tourist Visa is your only option.
  3. ~~Non conductive post removed. Stick to answering the OP's questions~~
  4. ~~Moved to Effects of Major Family Changes, from AOS FAmily K1/K3 - as similar topics are discussed here.~~
  5. ~~Duplicate threads merged. Please do not start more than one thread for the same or related topic~~
  6. When she can she will want to update them, but no rush.
  7. ~~Moved to SSN, from US Citizenship Discussion - as the Topic is the ss card.~~
  8. They did get the K1 but we cannot say it was successful until AOS is complete.
  9. Unless you are both going to go back and forth 6 months in the US and 6 months in Canada it will be difficult to be there together the entire pregnancy and birth. I would encourage you to go the CR1 process because your plans to have a baby asap. This way she can work in Canada and then take prenatal leave. Some companies offer up to two years paid leave. Most of the time it's just a year. Her maternity leave payments can be received in the US too they will continue as normal. Have baby in Canada (I'm partial to the way women are treated in Canada during delivery vs the US) if you can pass USC to the child. This way baby will become a dual citizen. As she is a PR of Canada if she delivers in the US baby will not be a Canadian at birth. If that is something you both are interested in too.
  10. ~~Moved to IR1/CR1P&P, from Brining Family of USC - As the OP is petitioning his wife and step kids~~
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