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  1. Maybe moving to the other side of the country could help. I'm sorry for this, I hope he thinks of you and your child as his family because with a statement like that I would be tempted to divorce too.
  2. ~~moved to Moving Here and Your New Life, from AOS Family K1/K3 - the OP is asking about compensation for blood donation.~~
  3. The rules still apply. He will be required to self quarantine when he arrives and they are taking it very seriously handing out pretty still fines if caught. It would be best for him to head back sooner rather than later as covid numbers are going to skyrocket soon enough and they are dropping much faster back in Canada. His Canadian Health insurance also will be void if he is gone more than 6 months and takes 3 months to get it back. The last thing he wants is to get covid with no health insurance in either country.
  4. Ontarkie

    Rante Macabre

    Our Demon cat older daughter would dump a whole bag a his favourite cat treats. He would growl every now and then but she could trim each nail fast enough while he ate.
  5. One cannot be a resident in the US and still expect to keep their Canadian health care. Once they meet the required time back in Canada (3-6 months depending on the province) they will be able to get it back no problems. Canada has no issues with dual citizenship so it will have no baring on health insurance either. I wouldn't worry about taxes to deter you about getting USC. Your USC spouse is moving with you so it's not like you won't be filling them anyway.
  6. You will have to wait to have items sent to you. Atm you do not have status in the US to allow those items to move on over. Once you do, you will fill out the forms with a copy of your (maybe the NOA 1, you will want to check what they will require) to send in with your filled out paperwork. Since you will not be with your items there are forms to fill out. Others will have better knowledge of those forms. As I traveled with my items.
  7. ~~Moved to the Canada Forum, from AOS from Work, Student and Tourist Visas - The topic is about moving belongings from Canada.~~
  8. ~~Moved to IR1/CR1 P&P, from AOS FAmily K1 P&P - The OP has changed their path.~~
  9. ~~MOved to Moving Here and Your New Life, form AOS FAmily - as the OP already has the GC and is asking about school.~~
  10. Dual citizenship is perfectly fine with Canada. Since you do plan at some point to return to the US I would definitely get USC.
  11. ~~Moved to Effects of Major Family Changes, from K1 P&P - as the more appropriate forum.~~
  12. ~~Hijack post and one reply removed. Please start your own thread for questions on your own case.~~
  13. ~~Thread locked as requested by the OP~~
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