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  1. Ontarkie


    ~~Two identical threads have been removed. Only start one thread for the same or any related topic.~~
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  5. There are many countries that do not do drug tests during the medical. Unless that person admits to drug use.
  6. I don't remember what country it was, but one member had to do hair tests. But this was long ago and I don't even remember what happened in the end.
  7. Ontarkie

    Crba denied

    Does the 2 yr for the father apply for this also? The OP said the father does not have the 2 yrs required.
  8. Ontarkie

    My k-1 wife's ex spouse.

    Exactly! I had sole custody, but my ex still had legal access and visitation to the kids. (I said had because they are now all adults) Even a court order to allow me to move the kids to the US permanently still left him with rights.
  9. Ontarkie

    My k-1 wife's ex spouse.

    ~~Moved to the Regional Forum, from K1 Progress Reports. As custody is country specific.~~ mod hat off Any custody issues MUST be dealt with in the country that the children were born. In this case Columbia. The US courts will not change, modify or anything else to a court order from another country. They will indeed back that court order. I say this, as I did my research, consulted multiple lawyers in the US and Canada as I was bringing my 4 kids on a K2. i do agree that the Step parent needs to allow the mother to handle this, but that does not mean he has no say in what is going on. Calling every night multiple times until someone answers is actually the father trying to control his ex and the kids. This is a negative and can be dealt in courts. Set up a time and day(s) that works for the kids to call him. Stick to that make a scheduled and do not skip calls. And as mentioned in many countries the father does not give up or lose his rights to the kids just because he consented to the move or if the mother has sole custody. Your wife needs to know the laws of her country to know if the kids visit can he stop it. This was something my lawyer worried about and she did not trust a letter of consent to be enough to move my kids or come and go after the move. She took that letter and had the judge turn it into a court order. This way if my ex tried anything he would first need to take me to court. Call a lawyer (your wife that is) in Columbia and find out what if anything he can do. You need to know the laws there not in the US.
  10. How long do they intend to live out of the US? If less than 2 yrs they can get a reentry permit.
  11. Ontarkie

    Crba denied

    ~~Moved to CRBA, from US Citizenship Discussion~~
  12. We have a 6k individual deductible, 13k for family. Most cases we would never meet our individual deductible. This year alone though I met mine back in Feb, plus another 80k worth of bills. That thankfully we will not have to pay. Which we would have had more then my deductible if I was on the Premium insurance. We actually chose the high deductible because it was cheaper than the premium in the long run. Sure you pay for DR's out of pocket, but the insurance still keeps them under check so they can't bill you their make believe prices. If anything serious happens the deductible is all you ever pay.
  13. ~~Op stated he considered his question answered. Thread is now locked to further replies.~~
  14. Ontarkie

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Better to be prepared
  15. Ontarkie

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    It is so so good. here's the recipe https://thekittchen.com/spaghetti-grilled-cheese/