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  1. ~~Related threads merged. Please keep all questions for this topic to this one thread.~~
  2. ~~Related threads merged. Please keep all related questions to one thread. It helps members when all your questions are together.~~
  3. ~~One post removed for violating the TOS by changing the content of a quote from another member. Do Not change what is inside a quote and do not post anything other than English in the main forums. if you need to post in another language do so in the proper regional forum.~~
  4. ~~Moved to the Canada Forum, from IR1/CR1 P&P - The OP is asking about passport turn around.~~
  5. ~~moved to Progress Reports, from Process and Procedures~~
  6. ~~Hijacked posts removed. Please start your own thread for question on your own case.~~ ~~Thread locked to further replies as requested by the OP.~~
  7. ~~Duplicate threads merged. Please do not start more than one thread for this topic. Please answer the questions asked for members to give you the best possible answers.~~
  8. ~~Moved to Moving Here and Your New Life, from AOS Family - As the topic is about DL.~~
  9. ~~Moved to General Immigration Discussion, from AOS Family - The AOS process is done the OP has his GC~~
  10. There is a form (can't remember what form) you can fill out to get them back. They gave me back my pictures but not the papers I was asking for. Said they do not return government property. Which would be fine and dandy but they weren't US government forms so they had no claim on them. Oh well water under the bridge now. For anyone reading this get several forms of anything from your home country. They do not give it back.
  11. I'm actually allergic to the cold and I come from Canada so Arkansas cold still gets to me even though I'm used to much colder. Unlike your husband I am allergic to everything here. His sinuses will get better, it just takes time as it's all new. Get some elderberry and vitamin c to help his immune system.
  12. ~~Moved to ROC, from K1 P&P - The OP is going through ROC not a K1 ~~
  13. ~~Moved to Moving Here and YOur New LIfe, form US Citizenship Discussion~~
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