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  1. Simply put you make the best of wherever you decide to live. Continuously comparing is not adapting and integrating which only brings misery in the end.
  2. Honestly you can say with a straight face they would wait 2years to hammer Trump for this? They can’t wait 30seconds to leak any old BS. Total hit piece!
  3. Never too early and we started once we got married. I had a box and kept adding things to it every month. Then when time to file just a matter of organizing and making copies.
  4. Always been the case not a new Trump tactic. Never ever leave any blanks - assumption is you forgot to add something. If you add N/A then you have no issues. BTW this applies to pretty much most govt forms.
  5. I doubt you will see much change til next year and that’s the best case scenario.
  6. Great speech compared to Sleepy Joe who had maybe 7 people at just last speech. This is President Trump at his best and the ramp comments were hilarious!!! 😀
  7. All Lives Matters is not offensive. It’s more like all black lives matter is offensive. 👍
  8. Well George Floyd incident wasn’t racism it was bad cop being indifferent and callous with a human life. Yet here is a recent case you can chew over... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dallasnews.com/news/investigations/2019/07/31/you-re-gonna-kill-me-dallas-police-body-cam-footage-reveals-the-final-minutes-of-tony-timpa-s-life/%3foutputType=amp
  9. Very disrespectful - you call out the troops when order needs to be restored. I don’t know if the general noticed, but this has been far from peaceful - the hypocrisy was Bush Sr does the same thing in the LA Riots and no one says anything.
  10. 1. yes u need to show your green card to get on a flight to USA. The airlines are responsible for making sure each passenger has a valid visa, green card or passport. 2. US doesn’t care about Philippines tax law, but all US residents must report worldwide income. Your friend will likely not owe anything, but you have to report it and that is done through US tax return. 3. US doesn’t care about long term maintenance care of her family members. At the end of the day we all have choices to make and she clearly abandoned her residency. She decided to take care of her family which is honorable but there are consequences. 4. R/T trip ticket is irrelevant as a 5yr old W2.
  11. Never had an issue with food in Vietnam whether it’s Asian, Vietnamese or Western. Great food!!! As for K1 being faster - not these days I’m afraid it’s almost the same as CR1.
  12. Original with a seal I would expect - doubt they will waive original BC for a copy.
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