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  1. I’d wait a few months for a new car - no doubt there will be some really good deals to be had. I’ll probably buy myself when this ####### is over in a few months. (10yr old civic)
  2. He was correct at the time with the information which was provided by China and WHO. I am sure all of us would have reacted differently if China hadn’t with held critical info with WHO complicity.
  3. 94k is most recent worse case scenario for US. https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections And if we want to be angry we should be pissed at China and WHO for downplaying Covid19.
  4. September would probably be a good guess.
  5. I doubt I would be moping too much - I am sure he could line up a date or two with a real person in the Ukraine not sit there and do nothing.
  6. Judging from Chinese lack of transparency I am going to wager you won’t see anyone going in/out for a very long time.
  7. Right now it’s a grant and the senate version has indicated that it will not be paid back or included as income for 2020 tax season. 👍
  8. Not a loan please ignore previous post.
  9. Not with direct deposit - most will see it in April or May.
  10. Well awkward convo for first meeting someone no doubt and that is what is at issue. in fairness if he wants her to have one then he should as well. In addition only proves a point in time that she is clean - she could go out for a few hrs sleep with another person and all is moot.
  11. Internal domestic flights will most likely be next on the chopping block. Sure US Greencard holders and citizens are allowed in, but if there are no flights coming then it’s a moot point.
  12. I’d expect no flights in or out of US at some point in the near future.
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