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  1. Married file separate then file Joint when ssn is required can be done. We did this.
  2. We received her 10yr Greencard today. 🎊 If we weren’t traveling back to SEA for a month I would have filed her N400 back in Aug. I was concerned about getting her interview while we were out of the country. Her online N400 application is ready I just keep extending the date so the data doesn’t clear. I’ll submit once we get back.
  3. cyclone27

    Chinese gifts

    Money in red envelope!!! ❤️
  4. All you need to do us look at case tracker and you will see RFEs for each and every day. 😜
  5. Finally the wife’s card is on its way New Card Is Being Produced On December 28, 2018, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number EAC1732xxxxxxx
  6. 6mo married and not his kid - doubt she will get anything.
  7. Well we are still waiting only a few more days left and prob no action til January because of Christmas break. ☹️
  8. cyclone27

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Street racing in Jakarta? Some of the worst traffic jams I’ve ever seen in the world happens to be there.
  9. cyclone27

    medical emergency

    Thailand would be the obvious location for medical treatment.
  10. cyclone27

    Vietnam B2 Visa

    Basically the interview will be less than 5min and they rarely look at any supplemental docs she might bring. The application doesn’t really cover any of the info you want to give the CO so it will be difficult. CO knows she can come get married and adjust. It sucks but past abuses of the tourist visa has limited people in SEA.
  11. USCIS is closed today so another day of no progress.
  12. cyclone27

    Vietnam B2 Visa

    Little chance of approval I’m afraid.
  13. Ok it’s time for approval enough waiting!!!! 😠
  14. Ok there goes my theory. ☹️