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US Immigration from Nicaragua

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8:26 pm April 19, 2022



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Can someone please tell me step by step the oath of alliance procedure. I have mine on 05/05 . Do you privately talk to an USCIS officer??

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My son has a Parole, I'm a US CITIZEN. How can I help him
8:42 pm April 13, 2022



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I am a US citizen, my son is 34 years old. He is a journalist and enter thru Mexico border and has a PAROLE.

He come to US seeking to apply for asylum.

As a US Citizen, what are my option to help him??

Thank for your advice.

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DACA recipient getting married to U.S. Citizen
3:23 pm February 10, 2022


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Hi ! I hope everyone finds themselves well. I am new to this Forum and was wondering if anyone could have any tips or suggestions regarding the adjustment of status process for a DACA recipient.

Some background:

I have been DACA since it's inception in 2016. I have not accumulated any illegal presence in the United states. Clean record, driving record, no criminal record, great school record. Not even a traffic ticket is under my name. I am a graduated college student (21 years of age). My fiance is a college student who is finishing up her Master's degree (22 years of age). She is an America Citizen (born in Tampa). We have been together for 2 years and a half.

I sort of understand the adjustment of status process, however, my Fiance's family situation is not the greatest. Her mom is sort of controlling of her finances and has been declaring her as a dependent since she was in college (my Fiance does not live with her, get money from her, is not even on her health insurance). We are planning on getting married this month or the next and we are worried that her mom claiming her as a dependent on her taxes for 2021 will look bad when we apply for my adjustment of status. I know USCIS is very attentive and can be suspicious of any tiny little thing. Should my Fiance file as an independent for 2021 and not be claimed as a dependent? Is that the safest route? Or would it not matter at all?

I would appreciate any tips or suggestions. We are trying to get a lawyer, but the office we were looking into and trust, does not have availability until March 1st for these types of cases.

Thank you once again.

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3:31 am October 10, 2021


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Recently got an RFE for my birth certificate. I submitted my birth certificate from the wrong authority and recently got my birth certificate from the right one, however it turns out that my counrty, Nicaragua, does not offer the long birth certificates. What can I do?


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Affidavit of Support related to change in Public Charge benefits
6:15 pm June 28, 2021



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I believe I understand correctly that a Lawful Permanent Resident who has been living in the US for more than five years and is eligible to receive SNAP (food stamps) benefits can now receive those benefits without the worry of having receipt of food stamps be an impediment to the approval of their application for Naturalization. Also, this individual also has a ten year old daughter who entered the US on a visa last month. I am the financial sponsor with an Affidavit of Support for both of them.

My question is: "If the mother begins receiving Food Stamps for herself and her daughter am I, as the financial sponsor who signed the Affidavit of Support for both of them, potentially liable to have to repay the government for those food stamp benefits? Not sure it is relevant in which state the mother will be receiving food stamps; the mother and daughter are currently living in CA but are likely to move to Oregon. Thanks in advance for assistance on this topic.

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