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Minor unmarried child of Lawful Permanent Resident exemption from June 22 Proclamation?22
7:59 pm July 27, 2020



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I am the joint sponsor for the visa petition for a nine year old child of a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR), the I-130 for this child was approved in February, 2016 however the petitioner chose (for various reasons) to delay moving forward with the visa process at that time, in late 2018 the mother (petitioner) received her Permanent Lawful Resident / green card status. This year the petitioner has decided it is important for her daughter to be with her in the US and has determined to proceed with the final steps in the visa process. The Petitioner is an unmarried LPR. I have paid the two required fees (Immigrant and AOS) and have received a receipt. The petitioner and I have recently submitted the AOS forms I-864.

I am confused as to whether the June 22 Proclamation of Trump "suspends the immigration" of the beneficiary in this case or if there is an exemption for minor unmarried children of LPR's. Also, it may not be relevant however the beneficiary is a citizen of Nicaragua. Also, I am confident that the petitioner has not received any "public charge" benefits which might affect the visa petition.

So, my question is whether this child beneficiary of this visa process as outlined above is not eligible for immigration at the present time (currently through the proclamation time of December, 2020 which can be extended) or is exempt from that proclamation. I apologize in advance if this question has already been asked and addressed on this forum.

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Petitioner with residence in another country
2:36 pm July 21, 2020



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Hi everyone,

We are still waiting on our DQ email, but we got a message saying my husband(petitioner) was not domiciled in the US. I was super upset with my lawyer because I sent him that information months prior. When he submitted the domicile documents, he submitted my husband's temporary Residency card from my home country Nicaragua (where we both live together until I get approved) We are more than capable of proving he will return to the US with me. We have a lease, US bank accounts, Us credit cards, taxes for the last 3 years with US address, and he already works for a US company - remotely for now. He visits the US at least once a year for a month.

Does anyone know if this is a problem as far as proving domicile? I haven't been able to get a straight answer from my lawyer and this worries me.

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Do USCIS phone agents have outdated info?
5:31 pm July 13, 2020


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I submitted my 3 cases (wife and stepdaughters) in mid April 2020 to USCIS Online. After seeing a few update date changes online I decided to call on July 2nd for status merely out of curiosity. The phone agent told me that everything was normal and my case remained in Nebraska. However when I looked online on July 6th, I saw I had RFE's from the California Service Center dated July 1st. The RFE's were for our marriage certificate and birth certificates, because the ones I sent were stamped and certified by the National Court office, however they weren't issued at the National Court office in the capital.

Which leads me to 2 questions:

1. Why are my RFE's from a center that my case doesn't supposedly reside?

2. Do the phone agents not have the most recent information? The RFE's were from the day before I called, why did she tell me that everything was fine when it wasn't?

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Online update dates are synchronized on all 3 cases
1:12 am June 15, 2020


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I filed (3) I-30 cases (wife and 2 stepdaughters) online in April about a week apart for each one. As I have been following the progress of all the cases, they always had different update dates. Now when I look, they all got updated on May 29th. Does this mean that they have linked the cases together in some way? Or could it be purely coincidental? Does anyone know if they transfer (internal to USCIS or to NVC) parent and child cases together? I'm looking for meaning in all this, but I know its a stretch to think that we may be close to the end of this step.

Thanks in advance!

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Birth certificate rejected
2:24 pm May 20, 2020

little immigrant

Little immigrant

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Two nights ago NVC rejected the birth certificate. It's the only one I have. Country is Nicaragua so what I did was scan the Spanish birth certificate with an English translation and made sure it was just 2 MB for the upload. But it was rejected. What could have been the reason? That's the only birth certificate I have. My husband said it expired and we need to get a new one. Anybody have this problem and can share insight? Thank you.

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