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Lost My Job Because of the Coronavirus Before AOS Interview
1:28 am April 2, 2020

Ninja Joe

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I had a good job as a computer engineer but my company laid off 90% of its workforce on March 27th. Sales had dropped to 10% because of COVID-19 and they had no choice. I was laid off, losing my company-provided medical coverage not only for myself, but for my wife and 5 month-old daughter as well.

In the adjustment of status interview, they require an employment verification letter. What are we going to do now? Clearly, the only reason I and thousands of others have lost employment was because of this pandemic. I'm currently on unemployment benefits and it's our only source of income.

Is the USCIS going to reject our AOS application in the interview because I lost my job due to the Coronavirus? That would be unfair, right? Otherwise, our application is air tight and crystal clean. If it wasn't because of this outbreak, I would still be employed.

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Permanent Residence Interview Delayed?
7:53 pm March 31, 2020

Ninja Joe

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Back in February, they sent my wife her Notice of Action for her initial permanent residence interview, which was to be on April 8, 2020 in Chatsworth, California.

Have the interviews been delayed because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak? We haven't received any follow up letter from the USCIS with a rescheduling of the appointment. Is there a way we can check online or by calling to find if the interview has been rescheduled and to when?

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K1 Visa- Joint Sponsor
8:15 am March 9, 2020

Harriett H

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Hello. I have started the K1 Visa process and am currently waiting on my NOA2. I'm a student and have no income yet since I'm finishing university. I knew when I started this process, I would definitely need a joint sponsor. My cousin is willing to do it and we've established that she meets the requirements for doing a joint sponsorship. My question now is, can someone please explain to me in normal, everyday words what it means to be a joint sponsor, like what responsibilities this person has and how that may effect them in the future. I've read about it through the USCIS website but they use a lot of verbiage that goes over my head, so a simple explanation would be greatly appreciated! I guess my biggest concern is if my fianc will somehow effect how my joint sponsor files her taxes in the future or something like that? That part is really unclear to me and would like more information from anyone that has dealt with this!! Also, will it negatively effect my case since on my side of the financial aspect, I am providing practically no income, since I'm a student and have been a student the past three years... (I am getting all the financial support to do this K1 Visa through my mother, but she can't file as my joint sponsor since she doesn't meet the minimum income requirement. Either way, I am graduating in June and will be working immediately.. this whole visa and financial thing just caught me at a weird time but I preferred to try to do it asap since I, obviously, would like to have my partner by my side :))

Thank you in advance for the help

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B2-for motherinlaw
11:03 am March 1, 2020


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Good morning,

Can i file all documents from the US for my mother-in-law interview for Tourism visa?

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K1 Visa Scheduling the interview
8:22 pm February 12, 2020

Aaron and Angie

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Hello everyone. Im trying to schedule my interview for my fianc in regards to getting her K1 visa. We got the part 1 (Packet 3) email and instructions last week and we completed that and turned in all the documents. Yesterday, we received part 2 (Packet 4) instructing my fianc to schedule her medical exam and schedule her visa interview. However on Ustraveldocs website i am unable to schedule the interview. Im hoping someone here can give me some advice on what to do on how i can schedule the interview. Thank you.

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