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US Immigration from Nicaragua

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transfer a visa k1 case from one embassy to another?
9:13 pm today


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Hi all! I am from Nicaragua and of due crisis in my country the US embassy in Nicaragua was not working, we decided to continue our visa K1 process at the US embassy in Guatemala, they already accepted to receive our case here in Guatemala, but they inform us that they have to wait that our case pack be sent from the US embassy in Nicaragua to the US embassy in Guatemala, how long can this process take?

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November Interviews??
3:10 am today


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Does anyone else have an interview this month, just wondering if anyone has already gone through the process in Nicaragua lately? Will be in the country at the end of the month for mine.

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Can't Take Shots at Medical Checkup
5:34 pm today

Ninja Joe

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My fiancee just went for her medical checkup ahead of her interview for her K-1 Visa. Prior to going, she had researched and discovered that several of the shots they make you take contain egg. She has an extreme allergy to eggs, I mean, the type where if she takes even a little bit, would land her in the emergency room for difficulty breathing and she could even faint (it's happened to her before). She explained to the nurse and doctor her allergic condition and they did not apply the shots.

My question is, will they deny her K-1 Visa just because of that? Otherwise, she's in great physical shape. She also told me she will be visiting an allergist to get a written and signed affidavit stating her allergic condition and stating that, medically, she can't take any shots with egg content. The affidavit will also list her allergies so that they don't think she just didn't wanna take the shots.

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HELP! No Affidavit of Support
10:00 pm today


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Help! I want to inform myself.

So I have filed for a K1 visa since Jan. 2018 and case approved and at NVC since Oct 17. My case by next week should leave to the Nicaragua U.S Embassy.

Was getting ready to getting supporting documents from joint sponsor but now joint sponsor doesn't want to help. I the petitioner was a college student in Nicaragua and have been living here since 2014. So I have no incomes or tax returns.

Now almost at the end of this whole process and after spending so much. MY fiance and I wanted to know if he can go to the interview proving his family here in Nicaragua has enough money to support him through the 3 months of the visa.

And I as a dental assistance from new jersey can prove I will make enough money to support him when we move back.

It's a big risk but I want to know if it's a possible risk!???

We really really want to move to New Jersey and wish to move back together and spend Christmas there.

Any thoughts anyone?

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Address Change, petition is already at embassy
5:46 pm today


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So I will try to make this as simple as possible, our petition is already at the embassy, ds 160 is already filed, the interview(the end of November) and the medical exam is already scheduled, I recently found out that I have to relocate to a different state for work, so everything has my current address on it, by the time the interview comes around I will have a different address, my question is what can I do? On the I-134 it asks for employer address, which will say California because that's where I'll be relocating, but the rest of the paperwork shows Texas, I was thinking I should just explain everything during the interview process because I have read somewhere that once the petition has been approved you can not make an address change, any help would be great thank you.

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