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Who is at NVC and waiting for an appointment?
3:01 am August 2, 2020



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Who else is waiting for their appointment in Vietnam? Other countries have thier own consulate-specific threads. I thought I would start one for Vietnam.

My wife and her daughter were DQ June 1. I have not applied for an expedite. I am actually hoping for an appointment no earlier than January since we plan to move in June 2021 after the school year ends.

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Nvc interview location change /Adj of stat?
3:44 pm July 30, 2020



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Just throwing this out there...

We are waiting for the NVC, everything is submitted(and one document was just resubmitted because of an error)

We really wanted to visit the USA again before my wife s tourist visa expires. We were going to visit family in the USA In September and return in January.

The concern is will the NVC really only take 3ish months till the appointment? Meaning is November really a possible date for the Ho Chi Minh Consulate?

Because currently Vietnam has closed its boarders to foreigners so my fear is she would need to return to HCM with our baby by herself(or worse yet without the US/VN-baby)

Can we request a new location or go through an adjustment of status if she gets approved for her appointment?

Thanks for the input.

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Question about brother/sister immigration
7:58 pm July 26, 2020



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So I apply I130 for my brother and sister. USCIS approve it and stated it will send to the NVC. Few days later I got a notice from NVC with Case number and Invoice number to go online and pay and start on the D260. My question is I though since it this is for brother and sister it will be a long wait like 10 yrs. How come the NVC already sending me the case number and invoice number for payment. Do I just pay and complete the D260 and wait for 10 yrs? Or is this the next step and once done they will have the interview?

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Expedited Appt ?
2:42 pm July 26, 2020


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I would like to request an expedited appointment for K1 so that our K2 can get enrolled in school here in the US next month. I think it would be better than her going to school part of the year in VN and then finishing the rest of the year here assuming she comes during this school year. We are not sure if the consulate would consider that an urgent need for travel. Can I please have your thoughts and opinions? I appreciate it

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Timeline estimate for ROC?
10:02 pm July 25, 2020


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We'll send my wife's ROC package on August 1. Does the VJ timeline provide estimates once you enter the NOA1 date like it did for K1 snd AOS? I looked at some members' timelines and the estimate is missing for ROC. Is it now private or just not available anymore? Thanks - Jason

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