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I-864 Independent Contractor Proof of Income Question
2:32 pm June 11, 2022



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Our situation: last year my spouse worked part time at her dad s business, made about 10k and filed tax returns with this amount. This year though, she didn t do that anymore and was unemployed until recently, she just started an independent contractor job last week. This job doesn t have a fixed schedule and she ll be paid by the minutes she works.

Our question: we ll have a joint sponsor but as for filling out her annual income this year in form i-864, can I just put a rough estimate for her income? If so, do we have to include supporting documents to prove this? Since she just started out, we only have an offer letter stating the pay rate by the minutes, no pay stub or anything similar. So is the offer letter good enough? We re also thinking of including a letter explaining our estimate and also explain because she just started out, that s why we didn t include her bank statements and paystub. Is this necessary or will we need something more?

Thanks everyone!

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Help Figuring Out What To File
4:41 pm June 10, 2022



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Hello everyone,

This is unrelated to my visajourney. Husband and I are doing great. Needed some advice for someone else.

What would be necessary to file an adjustment if the person overstayed since 2019 and married a USC? They came here on a valid visa but it expired after 90 days if I understand correctly.

Also, will they need their police report as well? I m unsure how difficult it will be to acquire due to their country s instability.

Thanks so much for your help.

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Wife's Parents bringing their children?
1:05 am June 10, 2022



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I just have a quick question. My wife is in the process of sponsoring her parents to come to America from Vietnam. Her mom's application has been approved in America and will be shipped to the embassy in Vietnam soon. We are waiting on her dad's. She has a 7 year old brother and an 11 year old sister. If her parent's visas get approved, will they be able to bring her brother and sister with them or will they have to file for them once they get here?

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Processing delays with NOA2
6:57 am June 7, 2022



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I filed the I-129F application K1 for my fiance in Vietnam back in April 2021, I received the NOA1 the end of that month. It is now June of 2022 and I still have yet to receive my NOA2. When I check my status on the USCIS website, it only reads "On April 19th 2021 we received your form I-129F...." it's frustrating because when you call the USCIS number, there is an automated system that will hang up on you and never connect you with a live person. As I have already checked the processing times on VisaJourney, the TSC is processing August applications already. I'm stumped on what to do, I'm considering getting an immigration lawyer to help me out, but that's a last resort. Anybody else in a similar situation? Thanks

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Question about uploading photo(tourist visa)
3:32 am June 3, 2022


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I'm trying to fill out application for my inlaws(Vietnamese) on ceac. When I uploaded my father in law's pic, I get a message that "head size or position relative to image dimensions may be incorrect". Has anyone ran across this issue and how did you fix it?

Also, am I suppose to do one application for my father in law and a separate for mother in law? It seems like this application asked mostly information about my father in law's education, work history, etc.

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