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Sibling husband and children
10:35 pm January 21, 2019


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Just a quick question if I file for my parent I 130 I need 2 separate form right? What if I file for my sibling who is married and have children do I need a separate i130 for her husband and children?

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What's the order for forms to be completed at NVC stage?
8:29 pm January 18, 2019


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Is it DS261, then AOS, then DS260?

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Driver license renewal with 2-yr Conditional Green Card
8:37 pm January 16, 2019


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Hi All

Just wanted to post my experience in renewing my foreign spouses driver license. Last year, my spouse got her driver license with her 1-yr EAD/AP combo card. She received a driver license expiration date matching her EAD/AP combo card expiration so the driver license would expire same time the 1-yr EAD/AP expires.. This would have given me a headache. In our state we can renewal the driver license 6 months prior it expires which for us is 7/10/19. We renewed it on 1/11/19 with her 2-yr conditional green card and she received a driver license with a 8 -yr expiration. :dancing: I was concerned that our DMV would give her a 2 -yr driver license. The 8-yr driver license is the maximum you can get in our state. I read in earlier posts that others are getting driver licenses with matching EAD/AP , GC expiration or the I-767 extension. Perhaps it depends on the state you are applying. Unsure if our DMV made an clerical error or this is the norm but at least I have one less thing to worry about during the ROC process. I hope it is same for rest of you.....:D?

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I94 First and Middle Names Switched
3:45 pm January 15, 2019


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My fianc just arrived this past Friday on her K1 visa. After checking for her I94 (with no results), we realized that her first name and middle name were switched when they were entered into the system.

So instead of having her name entered like First Middle Last , it is entered like Middle First Last . This is also how it was written on the K1 visa. I presume they did it that way because they just read her passport and/or she was instructed to enter exactly as it appears on her passport in the visa application, because in her country, the passport lists names as Middle First Last . The original K1 paperwork had it like First Middle Last as is done in the U.S., but It appears the embassy did not print it on the visa as it was written on the I129f (I am assuming she must have filled it out with First and Middle names switched on the DS-160 or something). She did not catch it because that is how her name is normally printed in her country on her passport, and I did not see the visa itself before it was used.

Note, the Travel History section for when I enter either her name as "Middle Last" or "First Last" on the website shows her recent January K1 POE correctly (I assume it tracks the passport number which is the same in both cases), but the recent I94 only shows up with the "Middle Last" version of her name

I worry that having an I94 under a different name ( Middle Last instead of First Last ) will cause issues such as RFEs when we apply for AOS, or issues applying for the SSN, as the names will not necessarily be matching if they check them. Should we go to the local CBP Deferred Inspection Site and get it fixed (and will they have a problem if we do it, because the visa was had the names switched as well), or will this not be an issue?

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ROC Interview waiver
8:30 pm January 10, 2019


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Since the new ROC interview waiver has been implemented. By any chance, I wonder if anyone filing ROC before Dec 10, 2018 got their interview waived?


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