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Cautionary tale Social Security Card name change
6:42 pm July 11, 2024


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A cautionary tale of incompetence. I took my spouse to the closest SSA office to get her name changed on her social security card. I had her I-94, Passport, SSA-5, our marriage certificate, her birth certificate, our 797 for AOS, my passport, and my birth certificate. We were 2nd in line that morning. There was only one lady working the desk. I noticed she was being pretty short and rude with the Filipina in front of us, who was there with her disabled husband in a wheelchair. She left in tears. We approached the window and as I tried to say good morning she cut me off and asked if I had an appointment or was a walk in. I told her we were a walk in. She rolled her eyes and mumbled something under her breath. Now for the record, I am a retired Senior Chief from the US Navy, so I perhaps don't suffer fools as well as I should, but it was an immediate bad start. She asked my spouse, who is Vietnamese, if she spoke English. She answered a little. The clerk rolled her eyes again and muttered something. She then asked me what we were there for. As I tried to tell her she again interrupted me and said Just give me your paperwork. She went through it saying Don't need this, don't need this, don't need this. She then asked me for our form I-766. I tried to explain to her we didn't have a 766 because we didn't file an I-765 with our adjustment of status. She then told me my spouse is out of status since we got married and there was nothing she could do, to take it up with DHS. I then tried to explain to her that that very office is where we got her initial Social Security card and we were just there to submit a name change. She told me not to raise my voice. On cue, the DHS security guard yelled at me and told me not to raise my voice. I again tried to tell her what we were doing with her cutting me off repeatedly. She told me to leave. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she told me no. Then the guard (I am not even joking), took 3 steps toward me with his hand on his weapon and told me to leave the building. So we left. I told him when I walked past him on the way out he should be ashamed of himself and a couple of other choice words. In the parking lot, I called the office number and asked to speak to a supervisor. They transferred me and the lady that threw us out answered the phone. So we left. My wife was terrified, both from being told she was out of status and that guard putting his hand on his pistol. I finally got her calmed down on the drive home. I called the 800 number for Social Security and after being on hold an hour, talked to a very nice young lady who assured me that we were not out of status, and that all I needed was the SSA-5, I-94, her passport, our Marriage Cert and my wife's birth cert to get the name change. She was very apologetic and recommended we go to the office in Indianapolis where the people know what they are doing. (Her words, verbatim). This incident was in the Bloomington, Indiana office. My advice is don't try to reason with someone like that. Don't argue your point, take your paperwork and go elsewhere. We are going to Indianapolis in the morning. I will update this post tomorrow afternoon.


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More than 1 Co-Sponsor/Joint Sponsor Allowed?
4:52 am July 3, 2024


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Asking for the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Consulate (but there doesn't seem to be much on the forums). Seems like the HCMC Vietnam Forum doesn't normally allow joint sponsors. Has anyone ever used 2 joint sponsors before (I will be using my 2 parents) as we all live in the same household and I am co-owner of the mortgage on the house in California.

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Past Estimated Dates for NOA2
9:03 pm June 22, 2024



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My timeline has the estimated 129f adjudication date by the end of May/early June 2024. It says it's past due and I should contact USCIS to inquire about status. When I go to USCIS, they have my processing time as June 2025 and will not let me submit my inquiry. Am I doing something wrong? The last update I got was NOA1 "case received" on March 6 2024. Thanks for any help I can get.

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I-129F Address History
6:02 am June 18, 2024



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Hello All,

This is my first post so hope that I word it right!

I am currently preparing to submit my I-129F as the petitioner. Under address history it is asking for past 5 years of physical addresses.

I have all of the information but I have been renting. I have 3 addresses is the last 5 years and there is some overlap if going by my lease details. For example my lease at address A ended 6/1/2020 and my lease at address B started 5/28/2020. I physically started living at address B at the start of the lease but did not officially move out of address A until 6/1/2020.

Should I go based off of the lease end date or when I physically physically stopped living there?

I can't find anything about overlap in addresses so I am not sure what to put on the application.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Interview Scheduling, but No Appointments?
1:34 am June 10, 2024


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I am trying to schedule an appointment for August/September for my Fiancee (K-1). Does anyone know if there's a specific time when slots open up? (for ex: I've heard 12 p.m. noon Ho Chi Minh City time), and will they even have slots open that far out (Aug/Sep). Or are slots usually only open up to 30 days ahead at most. Also, how often do new time slots usually open up?

I've also heard there are a group of ladies that sit around on their computers all day taking up slots.

Thank you so much!!

- Tony

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