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Is I-944 required since Courts issued injunction?
2:26 am yesterday



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We plan to send our I-485 AOS package in tomorrow, October 15. It would have been sent today except for the holiday. ( I m always a day late and a dollar short.) Since there is an injunction now against the changes to the self-sufficiency rule, should we go ahead and send in our package without this form? It seems like the I-944 has been removed from the USCIS website, at this point.

thanks for any help

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F4 children
5:29 pm October 14, 2019



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Just want to double check. So I am a US citizen petition my sibling. My sibling has kids. I know this will take 10 yrs or more. By the time, the priority date comes. The kids will be older than 21 yrs old. Under the new law (read somewhere online), If they are not marry they still can t be count as a derivative relative correct? So my sibling will have to petition their own children once they have a green card on a F2 visa?

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Should I send proof of marriage/relationship with Adjustment of Status?
9:49 pm October 10, 2019



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We are compiling our documents for AOS. Should we go ahead and include photos of our married life, bills together, etc. at this point? Or, is that something that should be presented at the interview?

We did that for our K1 Visa application, but we re not sure if we should go ahead and add proof of our marriage (beyond the marriage license) with the I-485?

Thank you

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How much evidence is needed? Help preparing I-751 & evidence
11:32 pm October 8, 2019



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Hi everyone, been a while since i visited the site but our 90 day window to file the I-751 for my wife has opened and we are trying to prepare all of our evidence. I had some questions that I would be really grateful if someone could help me with!

1. Currently we have leases from the first place we moved into together about 8 months after she had arrived in the US, since we lived in a place that I was already on a lease on until that time and the rental company didn't require us to get a new lease when she moved in. We also have bank statements, but they are not detailed and mostly just show that we have joint accounts together. My wife could not open her own bank account until about 9 months after arrival so the earliest date on the banking documents we have is around that time. We also have pictures from trips we've taken together, and a summary of our tax returns from an accountant for the last 3 years showing that we have filed jointly since 2017, she arrived in December of 2016. Is this enough evidence, or should we be getting more detailed bank statements, more official tax return documentation, or something from the place we lived together for the first 8 months?

2. Should we include the full tax returns for the last 2 years, or is just the summary page from our accountant enough? Are the W2s also helpful even if they each show our individual information?

3. I also saw on the USCIS I-751 page something saying not to submit the checklist of evidence with the initial filing, but they do want us to send the form and the evidence all at once right?

4. I did not see anywhere on the USCIS I-751 page about a cover letter, but I have read here in a few places that it is required. No problem to do that but was looking to clarify.

If anyone can help us out with these questions that would be amazing!

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Worst-case scenario and filing late fee(?) for AOS
8:47 pm October 6, 2019



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We are filing the AOS for my wife late. We got married within 90 days, but it's been almost 180 days since she arrived in the US and we are just now filing the AOS this week. We have to file without the help of a lawyer because we can't afford one at this point. So, here are my questions:

1) is there an additional fee or document that needs to be filed if we get the application in before 180 days after her arrival to the US?

2) If we are denied for some reason, what is the worst-case scenario at that point? Can we simply reapply? Or, is there a situation where they can immediately start deportation procedures?

We feel like we should apply now and hope we have everything in order and won't be denied rather than waiting another few months to be able to hire a lawyer.

Thank you for your help.

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