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Is the household book (So Ho Khau) required by NVC as a civil document?
10:35 am June 8, 2021

Bill Hamze

Bill Hamze

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Title asks it all. I know we are required to submit my intending immigrant spouse's police certificate, but are we also supposed to submit a translated copy of the "so ho khau" as one of the civil docs?

Thanks in advance!

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N400 eFile Cover letter with pending i751 examples?
10:07 pm June 5, 2021



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Hello Everyone!

My husband and I will be filing his N400 soon. We submitted his i751 back in May 2020 but are still waiting. I've seen suggestions to submit a cover letter explaining and requesting the two to be adjudicated together.

Does anyone have an example of a cover letter they sent for an online N-400 application with a pending i751 that they could share?

With the online filing, did you list all the documents you submitted in the cover letter? Did you include file names? (We are new to the online filing system)

Thanks so much!

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Sponsor missing birth certificate
11:52 am June 5, 2021


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Hello all,

I am sponsoring my fiance to the US. our packet finally made it to the US embassy in HCMC. I am required to provide a birth certificate for her to take during her interview. However, i do not have a copy of my birth certificate and have no way of obtaining one since I was born in VN. What can she take in place of a birth certificate?

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How important is it to have perfect replica copies of documents?
11:22 am June 4, 2021



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I submitted a I-129F petition for my fianc mid April of this year and made a copy of everything on the application before it was sent. The copy I had is lost, and while I can reprint most documents on my computer such as the application in my saved PDF, passport photo, letters, birth certificate. The good portion of the envelope were flight itineraries and hotel stay chosen at random from my travels to visit my fianc over the years. How important is it to have an exact replica copy of the application? Thanks

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221g process
3:58 am June 3, 2021


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My wife finally got her interview without me attending, she received a 221g, the VO, questioned her several times about my divorce, she new the date, but he misread my notarized divorce papers and said several times, no he was divorced on Sept 25, one month before your marriage. He was not divorced when he proposed to you in July.
My question is what happens when she goes to this new interview? Is it possible she will receive a visa, or will she need to wait, for them to do further review?

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