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DS-260 - Health Question
10:07 am yesterday



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Finishing the DS-260 and have a question.

The section Security and Background: Medical and Health Information has a question:

"Do you have documentation to establish that you have received vaccinations in accordance with US law?"

The answer is "NO" and it asks for an explanation.

We put:


Is this the correct way this should be answered? Isn't it pretty common at the DS-260 stage that the applicant wouldn't have the vaccinations?

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Can't enter addresses on CEAC
2:42 pm March 31, 2020



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Working on entering data in the DS-260 and on the third page trying to enter present and past addresses. I'll get two or three entered and then when I click the button to add another it will lock up and then it will kick me out with a "Application Error: You have encountered and application error. Please try again later." message.

I've tried many times. Generally get three addresses in and it bombs on the fourth. Sometimes bombs on the third address. Of course it doesn't save anything so I have to log back in again and click through to the address page and start entering everything again.

I'm using Google Chrome, I've turned off all adblockers, I've tried logging in through a VPN and without a VPN. Nothing seems to work. Any ideas, or is this just a "CEAC website sucks, gotta just keep trying" kind of thing?

Going to try to start my wife's daughter's application to see if it bombs at the same point.

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I-864 tax transcripts - send one year or three?
1:37 pm March 28, 2020



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If 2018 filed amount was $174,000 AGI should I send only that one or include prior years transcripts?

The reason I'm asking is if I do send prior years transcripts they would be higher than 2018 on my income as well as having my ex-wife's income so I think that I would have to send my W2 and and 1099's to show how much was my income and how much was ex-wife's income. Is this correct? My income would still be higher than 2018 for 2017, I think lower in 2016. I'm not able to access them from Vietnam and waiting for snail mail authentication code to order IRS transcripts.

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Does an SBA disaster relief loan count as “public charge”
2:07 pm March 27, 2020



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I have a small business and I m considering applying for an SBA disaster relief loan because of forced shutdowns in my area. I can t work because my business is considered non-essential during the coronavirus pandemic.

I m worried that an SBA loan could be seen as part of the new public charge rule. Could receiving a loan like this cause problems with immigration?

Thank you,


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Can't get tax transcripts from irs.gov
6:55 am March 26, 2020



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I have tried several times weeks apart to get my tax transcripts from irs.gov. Every time I go to the "get transcripts online" button I get the following message. Is there something wrong with the website, is it down for COVID-19 or will it not let me access this server from Vietnam?

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "http://sa.www4.irs.gov/icce-core/load/gettrans/pages/availableTranscripts.xhtml" on this server.

Reference #18.6ce93217.1585205602.35c79c20

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