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Translated marriage certificate
6:05 pm today


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When sending in it in with your i130, you send in copy of foreign marriage certificate. Does it need to be translated in English?

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Marriage in Vietnam
1:16 pm today


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Does anyone know the procedures for getting married in Vietnam now?

I know you get single certificate at the Embassy there. I am divorced so what other paperwork do I need?

Thanks in advance for any help


Please move if this is not in the right forum, thank you

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F2B Retention Request
7:28 pm today


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Hello everyone,

My sister is scheduled for AOS interview at the end of 11/2018. Her category is F2B but my dad became a US citizen before her interview date. She filed AOS based on "dates for filing" so her priority date is not current. Her PD is 12/2013. She needs to opt out of the automatic conversion from F2b to F1 or her AOS will be denied.

She mailed out the F2b retention request letter to the USCIS office that approved her form I-130. The office is located in Laguna, California. I checked the tracking number and received a message that they attempted to deliver the mail but it was failed due to "no access to delivery location". I wonder if it has anything to do with the wildfire there.

Is there an email address or where should she send her F2b retention letter? Thanks

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Do we need a statement by a US citizen?
9:41 am today


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I'm gathering some information for evidence of a bona-fide marriage. So far, I have:

- Flight tickets to Florida and 2 trips abroad, his trip to Vietnam, my trip to the US.

- Hotels/AirBNB receipts

- Pictures of us since freshman year college > graduation, post-graduation, now. (5 years in total)

- Statement showing he's the authorized user on my credit cards and vice versa.

- Statement of joint saving account.

We've never lived together. I'm wondering if I should ask my best friend (US citizen) to write a statement or not. He went to the same college as us. I don't mind doing it if it's necessary but I'm sort of uncomfortable asking him to do this.

What do you think?

Edit: Actually, I might not submit the joint saving account statement because we haven't been consistently putting money towards it. 1 deposit of thousands of dollar might not be a good supporting evidence.

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Help for I-485
6:08 pm today


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I had an interview on oct 25th 2018,and they gave me this letter


and I checked on USCIS web after 5days And i seen this notice


yesterday i got the mail and it was returned mail by Post office to USCIS coz i changed the address but it makes me confusing with red ink stamped ACTION completed,approved for filling see below



can someone tell me what that means?

thanks and best regards

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