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Expediting phrasing
7:13 pm yesterday



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I elected to expedite my I765 recently. Shortly after my phone call, my online egov portal said

"...your request to have your case expedited, referral number XXX, was completed."

I received an email saying

"The status of this service request is:
Your case is currently under review. You should receive a decision or notice of other action shortly."

Does this mean my expedition request "case" is under review? or does it mean my actual I765 case is under review?

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Quebec Birth Certificate Question
5:10 am yesterday


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For K1 visa interview, or I suppose anything needed after getting to the US,

Do I get the Long-form version or the 'Act of Birth' version from the L'etat Civil.

Only difference is 'Act of Birth' has signatures/address of time of birth along with the parents names and place of birth, which I feel will be irrelevant and blank for me, because when I was born we had 'Baptismal Records' or w.e. so those lines wouldn't be filled out.

I also know about the translation thing. I was lucky and birth was registered in English, so I got an English copy by default.

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Applied for L1b (Canadian ) to USA
3:14 am yesterday


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I have a K1 visa in the works (trying to get all the documentation together before scheduling the interview, so we are in one of the last stages).

Meanwhile, work said they will apply for an L1b Visa, so I packed up my life and went to the border, where they said my case was going to be sent to USIC for further adjudication.

Does anyone know where the case goes exactly? I asked, and every time they said a different answer (MT, CA, PN).... I am not sure the officer knew where it was going. I asked for a reference number to follow the case, and was told there was no such thing. I waited a week and called a USCIS office, and they said these cases don't come to them.

Has anyone experienced this before, and if so, how long does "further adjudication" take typically? Where does it actually go? I have not been able to find any information on this kind of circumstance.

Thanks for any input! Also, best wishes to everyone out there!

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coronavirus unemployment potential public charge?
1:05 am April 7, 2020

Derek Scheyer

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Hey! My fiance is in Canada and we're in the petition stage of a K1 visa. She works at a pharmacy/grocery store right by the hospital and it's a pretty risky environment. We're wondering if she goes on unemployment for a while would she be considered a potential public charge when the interview process comes?

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Travelling to Canada while holding conditional green card during the pendamic
10:44 pm April 6, 2020



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Hi, I have a conditional greencard through spouse sponsorship and will have to apply in February 2021 for removal of condition.


I realized that the Covid-19 pendamic is not sth that will go away anytime soon and I need to know if travel to Canada ( reasons: my kids are still there and I feel that more than ever, they need my support in this difficult time..plus, have a family rental house that need some attention and maintenance, taking care of some tenancy issues.. etc...) could create problem for me when coming back in a say, 3-4 months. I may be asked to be self-quarantined for two weeks at my arrival in Canadain airport as well as in my return at the US airport. That wouldn't be an issue. Do I need to have concern forcmyvretirn back in US now that the Canada- US boarder is closed?


I am not sure my Iranian origin could create any possible problem for my return back in US if it will still be during the pendamic in a 3-4 months period? We had a lot of Iranian green card holder cases that were not allowed back in US in January 2020 when the pendamic had just started. Do I need to be concerned about that?

Any feedback would be quite appreciated. ???

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