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US Immigration from Canada

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K1 Why Bother
1:00 am today


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Hi, just a question but for everyone just filling for the k1 what would be the point? The backlog is growing longer everyday and for those that filled since May many of these people are going to be lucky to get an interview this year. Just my two cents

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Proof of bona fide marriage
11:39 pm yesterday



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Is the beneficiary (canadian) allowed to be on my (the petitioner, US) lease agreement for apartment here in the US And can that be used as evidence? She is here 6 months out of the year and was put on the lease. Can this be used as evidence? Or does this show intent to immigrate?

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How long am I allowed in the US as a Canadian Citizen?
10:45 pm yesterday


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I have been Googling, but keep getting mixed answers. Some have said 182 days within 12 months. Others have said 6 consecutive months every time you enter the States. Does it all end up being dependent on the border agent?

I was in Texas visiting my fiance from February 25, 2020 to June 13, 2020. The I-94 that I was given stated that I must leave by August 24, 2020. I counted and that was exactly 182 days. However, I had been in the states for about 10 days in January 2020 and 3 days in September 2019. This is why I am confused. If we are only allowed 182 days, then wouldn't my date to leave by 182 minus however many days I was in the country in the past 12 months?

I am trying to plan another long trip like the one I had earlier this year, but I'm not quite sure how long I can actually stay. I will be flying down again in September for a week and a half. After that trip, I will have been in the USA for 122 days (if we start counting from Feb 25, 2020). Therefore, from my understanding, I will only be allowed another 60 days. I did the math and 60 days prior to February 24th 2021 (12 months after I arrived) is December 26, 2020. I am wondering if I enter the states in January, will I be able to be there for 60 days, and then another 182 after February 24th, 2021? Or will I still only be allowed 6 months?

I apologize if this post is all over the place. I'm just trying to spend as much time with my fiance as I am allowed to without jeopardizing my chances of living in the States legally. He lived here in Canada with me for about a year and a half but ended up getting a really great job opportunity back at home so he took it and we applied for the K1 visa (we got engaged before we knew he was moving back). We were in a long distance relationship before, but didn't realize how much harder it would be the second time around, especially considering the current conditions.

Hope someone can help! We are considering talking to a lawyer but I thought it may be helpful to see if we can get some information from people in the same situation first.

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i-131 Re-entry Permit Gotchas?
8:41 pm yesterday



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Hello all! I got my LPR last week and am planning to go to Canada for an extended period of time while I temporarily work remotely. I will retain a lease and my employment here in the USA. I have a few questions!

1) I got my i-551 in the mail last week but it says it could take up to 3 weeks to send me my PR card. Should I wait to get my PR card before I leave the country?

2) I need to file my i-131 as I may be gone from the country until next June. What kinds of reasons would be considered legitimate/unsuspicious for leaving? I intend to go abroad to temporarily work remotely while spending time with girlfriend and family.

3) Are there any gotchas on the i-131? I'm going to read the instructions 10 times through, but if you know of any things that cause problems, let me know.

My plan is to file the i-131, go to Canada, monitor my mail (my roommate will watch for my letter for biometrics appt ), return to the USA when I have to do my biometrics appt, complete it, go back to Canada, and have them send the re-entry permit to a consulate in Canada.

Does this plan sound solid? Thank you so much Visajourney folks.

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Your specific service center
7:15 pm yesterday



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(Currently waiting for AOS, got NOA for I-485 in early May.) Just in case anyone else might find this useful, I had a tough time finding out which Service Center is processing my application specifically. (It doesn't say the name of the Service Center anywhere on the NOA.) I had abundant links to pages with general lists of who's processing which types of forms, but nothing about how to find out which Service Center is handling our case specifically. This link tells you how to read your receipt number: https://citizenpath.com/uscis-receipt-number-explained/

So if you want to find out processing times for your application and which Service Center is handling your case, look at the receipt number you were given. The list below comes from the website linked just above:

Service Center (WAC 16 012 50960)
Every receipt number begins with three letters that represent the service center that received the case. There are several codes for USCIS service centers. They include:

CSC California Service Center
EAC Eastern Adjudication Center (now known as Vermont Service Center)
IOE ELIS (efile)
LIN Lincoln Service Center (now known as Nebraska Service Center)
MSC Missouri Service Center (now known as National Benefits Center)
NBC National Benefits Center
NSC Nebraska Service Center
SRC Southern Regional Center (now known as Texas Service Center)
TSC Texas Service Center
VSC Vermont Service Center
WAC Western Adjudication Center (now known as California Service Center)

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