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Received SSN before crossing on IR-1. Why?
1:53 am August 6, 2022

Family One

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I have never heard of this before. I just received a SSN in the mail, but I don't remember applying. I am still in Canada, and expect to be crossing in a few weeks. What actually triggers the SSN application? I thought it was something that was triggered when I got the IR-1 endorsed.

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Document Delivery Location
4:55 pm August 3, 2022



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Had my green card interview yesterday in Montreal. The officer told me he was going to approve my application, which was a huge relief.

I had previously listed Surrey as the document delivery location, but changed it to a Toronto before my interview since I now plan to wait for my passport there. I confirmed with the person who gathered all my paperwork that the delivery location should be Toronto. However, after the interview I checked the portal again and it still shows the Surrey location, and when I try to change it, it just goes back to showing the Surrey location again. At this point I don't know where my passport will be sent to.

Side question: The portal still shows my "Current Status" as "Interview". Does anyone know how long I should expect it to show that, rather than "Approved."

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Request for Evidence on i751, with pending N400
7:18 am August 2, 2022



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Hello All,
I just got a mail asking me to submit a Request for Evidence for I751 Application. I submitted the application Feb 2019 when I was going through my divorce. The i751 was was based on battery and/or extreme cruelty.
Meanwhile, I applied for N400 on the basis of VAWA at the 3 year mark of obtaining the G.C. and while i751 is still pending. Please note that I used the same battered/cruelty evidences that I used for my i751for my N400.
I was invited for interview in early July, and the USCIS asked me to talk about the abuse, I talked about it for a while, and I found my self shaking, and almost hugging my suitcase it seems I was relieving the episodes all over again. I apologized and told the officer that all the evidences are there in my file. She proceeded to do the N400 interview which actually brought me out of the relieving the trauma again. 3 weeks later I got the request for more evidence. I have given all the evidences that I have namely, 3 police reports(one for when I was locked out of the house, another for throwing an object at me inuring my eye and another for stealing my property) , the Radiologist picture of trauma to the back of my head, Urologist report showing scare tissue in my male anatomy, Psychologist Report that the radiologist sent me to seek counseling and Receipt of Cab that I took to work, on the day she seized my car keys thereby preventing me to go to work. The Psychologist advised me to move out of the house, that it was not safe for me to continue to live there. Upon learning that I was told to leave the house, she went and file for divorce.
My ask is can I resubmit the same evidences again, perhaps a lawyer's submission of the same evidences with Lawyer's explanation? Please let me know what additional evidence that I should submit.?
Thanks in advance for your inputs.


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Which panel doctors will do a missing vaccine?
8:34 pm August 1, 2022


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Hi everyone,

Which doctors will do any missing vaccines if needed? I heard there was a couple of them that don't.

I heard Teluls health in Montreal will?

Is there any in Toronto that will?

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Submitting extra info after FE and waiting for review
2:48 pm July 31, 2022


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Hi everyone,

Does submitting additional documents reset the clock after an FE? Im not talking about the documents that the FE asks for, but additional info.

For example, everything was accepted except one missing document.

My husband only submitted his 2019,2019,2020 tax info, and a signed letter stating 2021 wasn't available yet as he requested an extension as he lived out of country. It was all accepted.

However we do have a joint sponsor which submitted everything including 2021 which was accepted.

Im afraid that once they new the FE evidence I submitted 5 weeks ago, that they will now ask for my husbands 2021 tax info. Or should we be okay since our joint sponsor had there's?

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