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US Immigration from Canada

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What does the CEAC status mean?
4:27 pm yesterday


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Hello there,

I recently had my Interview and the officer told me I was approved. When I checked on CEAC it said "Issued", but under that it said, my visa was going through some administrative process and it could take a few weeks.

I checked my status not to long ago and it says "Issued", followed by " Your visa is in final processing. If you have not received it in more than five (5) working days, please go to http://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/us_courrier_information to track your courier waybill." I went to link that showed up and it said the page was not found.

What does it mean? Does it mean they have printed my visa and sent it out? If not will the message say that my passport has been shipped?

Also is there anyway to track my passport with Canada post? I was not given any tracking number or anything? A little concerned with the strike going on and everything.

Thank you!

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US citizen brining my parents who are Canadian citizens
1:40 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone,

I have several questions about bringing my parents from Canada to US. And doing it the right way. I understand there is a choice of doing it while they are in Canada or doing it from US, hopefully someone can help me with clarifying somethings.

1. If I would like to petition for them after they enter the US, can they go through the boarder normally (Canadians don't needs a visa) or would that be illigal? If so what's the best way to do it? Would it affect their adnace parole later to leave if needed?

2. I also have a minor sibling brother. If they do the process from Canada can he enter the US with them once they get their visa? What the best way to go?

If you know any info or have been through this, specifically Canadian because sometimes it's easier. please comments below!! Thank youu

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Surrendering Canadian Driver's License in California, Spousal Visa, Requirements?
5:13 am yesterday


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Hey there!

So my spouse and I are just wanting some answers cleared up as we wait for our CR1/IR1 spousal visa to be processed.

I am currently a Canadian Citizen and have a Canadian Driver's license. I was curious, if I were fully immigrated in California, what would the process look like with the DMV to surrender my Canadian driver's license for a California Driver's license?

Will I have to take a written, road, or eye test?

I haven't been able to find much information as it seems to be a state by state issue.

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Lifting Conditions on CR1 Visa
4:37 am yesterday


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My husband and I were married October 31st, 2017. I understand that if you are processed a spousal visa after your two year wedding anniversary, you are given a 10 year permanent residency green card /IR1 visa.

However, if you are issued a spousal visa before your two year anniversary, you are given a CR1 visa and must apply to remove the conditions within 90 days of our 2 year marriage anniversary. If you do not, you risk deportation.

We are planning to submit our I-130 packet to the USCIS next week. It is currently late November of 2018, and we are 1 year, 1 month married. Looking at the processing times for the spousal visa, we are afraid that we are going to be issued our spousal visa before our 2nd wedding anniversary, but giving us less than 90 days to prepare to remove the conditions.

Does the USCIS/ NVC/ Embassy look at how close you are to your marriage anniversary? Are there ways to delay the process (not filling out NVC forms or making payments right away), without causing huge delays? Is the NVC step time sensitive?

We really want to avoid being issued a CR1 visa, so we can avoid the extra stress of removing conditions, paying unnecessary filing fees, etc. We'd much rather wait a few months to be issued the IR1 immediately.

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Proof of Bona Fide Marriage
3:04 am yesterday


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Seeking advice on whether or not my list is sufficient for Adjustment of Status interview.

My husband and I decided not to have a wedding ceremony as his family is very big and myself being an introvert, I HATE weddings (sorry if I offend anyone here). We also don't have a lot of photos ever since I moved to the USA. We also live at home so there's no lease contract or utility bill. So basically I feel like I lack all the important evidence to show our relationship.

This is my list right now so please let me know what you think!

- My husband as my emergency contact for work

- His work insurance with me as a beneficiary & as a beneficiary for his vision and dental benefits

- A few photos that we have

- Flights for two trips we've taken and our annual disney passes

- Birth certificate for our son (feel like this is the only thing that can outweight wedding photos and joint leases/accounts)

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