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Unsealed Medical Envelope
3:59 pm today



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Hi there,

Since the COVID stuff they emailed my medical results to the consulate directly, but gave me an unsealed envelope with my vaccination record and xray CD, is that okay?

Also should I bring the envelope with me to the consulate for the interview?

Thank you.

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Lost 2-year green card and it's expiring soon
8:18 pm yesterday



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Hi everyone,

Here's the gist of my situation:

I recently had my whole purse stolen from my car and it contained my 2-year conditional green card. I filed a police report immediately. The green card was going to expire in February 2021. I also have a copy (front and back) of my green card.

I would like to leave the US to visit family in the next few months (once i receive my new Canadian passport), but i'm unsure whether I should apply for a new 2-year green card (i-90 form) or simply get a stamp in my passport once it arrives. I've read here that some folks have had success taking that route, but others have said that they will not accept an appointment to put the stamp in if you haven't already filed the i-90. I know that the replacement green card can take over 6 months to arrive, by which time I will need to apply to remove conditions and get my 10-year green card. I'm afraid that USCIS will reject my application because my card will be expired by the time they issue it.

Any advice on what I should do? Do I apply for the new card (i-90) anyways or can I get away with the stamp in my passport only?

Thank you for your time!

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Affidavit letters
7:23 pm yesterday


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Do I send in the originals with their signature or a scanned copy?

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RFE for Income help!
7:23 pm yesterday



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I recieved an RFE today stating that we need a joint sponsor, and its not a matter of pride but we don't know anyone that can be a joint sponsor currently. My spouse has recently recieved a raise that puts us over the poverty line so can we provide evidence of that and would that be sufficient?

Thank you for any input.

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Waiting 4 weeks for social security card on K1 pending AOS
6:34 pm yesterday



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My husband arrived here on a K1 on June 4th and we promptly got married and he called the local SSA office for an appointment after we sent our AOS papers. We waited until they had his records in their system and he received his social security appointment on June 24th. Ever since then, we ve been waiting for his social security card. It s been 4 weeks now and they told us it would only take 2-3 weeks. He called last week and they told him that they re still verifying his info with DHS and it should arrive this week. When it didnt arrive, he called again today and no one picked up so he left a voicemail.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is the SSA office just horribly backlogged because of Covid like everything else is?

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