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US Immigration from Canada

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Address & Employment History
5:51 am today


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Quick question, hoping for some answers.

Is it possible to put an attached sheet with the rest of our address and employment history for the five years instead of using Part 8 as long as we mention the whereabouts of it in our cover letter?

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Best place to get married in Los Angeles area(marriage Certificate wait times)
10:08 pm yesterday


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Does anyone know the best place to get married in the surrounding Los Angeles area? I've been doing research and hearing that it takes a while(up to 10 weeks) to get your marriage certificate if you get married in Los Angeles County. Does anyone know if getting married in Orange County or Riverside county have a faster process in obtaining your marriage certificate? I don't want to get married in LA county and then end up having to wait that long for the marriage certificate.

Thanks in advance.

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Moving back to Canada
6:50 pm yesterday


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Basically my husband came to the US on a k1 visa in May. We did our aos and got an rfe on December. Anyways, some personal things have happened and now we're seriously considering moving back to Canada. Should we wait until he gets his us citizenship in 3 years? What is the process for him to bring me across into Canada? What are some things to watch for? Any advice?

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Crossing over to USA from Pearson Airport
5:46 pm yesterday


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I arrived at Pearson at 3:00pm on Jan 3 2019. My original flight was at 7:40pm. I got their early because I thought that my clearance through Customs & Border Protection (CBP), might take a few hours and I also wanted to see if I can get on an earlier flight. Since I had an IR-1, I did not have to get a photo receipt at the Kiosk before approaching CBP. The line was a little long, not too bad, but slower than usual, perhaps the holidays may have affected that.

Anyways, as I approached, I gave my the officer the Visa side on my passport and he just started asking me normal stuff, that they ask b4 they let u enter. Before answering the first question I told him that this was my first time crossing with an IR-1. He was surprised and then asked me about the packet. I told him it was all electronic now. He then took me to the secondary inspection room.

In the room another officer asked me about the packet and I said the same thing. He asked if they gave me any documents and I showed him the Welcome to USA doc, he asked to borrow it and if I could write my intended address on the back. He was gone for quite a bit, but he didn't seem like he knew what to do, because he also mentioned to me, 'this electronic stuff is all new, I have to figure out what to do', and he asked his colleague and supervisor , "so what do we do exactly," I was amused. His colleague said that ur just gonna double check the info online and then admit her and then she's done. He then called me over to his booth, and said everything looks good, he explained how the visa is used in travel and how my green card might take 6-8 weeks to be delivered since they are experiencing backlog. After that he said congratulations, your good to go!

Also, I was able to get on an earlier flight :)

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U.S. Embassy/Consulate in Canada for K-1
5:24 am yesterday


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My fiance is an American Citizen filing a I-129F petition on Monday for me to move to the U.S. I just have one question regarding the form if anyone can help.

Under Part 2, Question 62 A. it reads : "Your beneficiary will apply for a visa abroad at the U.S. embassy or consulate at:

For my fellow Canadians, the only U.S. embassy in Canada that processes K-1 visa's is now Montreal, Quebec... right? And will I receive the visa form once my fiance and I receive the NOA2?

Any comments are greatly appreciated,

Thank you!

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