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US Citizenship and registering to vote in Canada
11:41 pm yesterday



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Hey all,

I have been looking around VJ and have not seen the question asked for Canadians. I just received US citizenship, so I am a dual US/Canadian citizen. Will I lose my US Citizenship if I register to vote in Canada?

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2:04 pm yesterday



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Hello everyone!

My fiance and I currently doing a K-1. She is from Van, BC and I am from Idaho. We got an email from the NVC saying our case was being forwarded to the Embassy in Montreal. She has been here visiting for a minute. We called after getting that email and asked what we should do next. We told them what our email said. We were then told by the embassy person to file a DS-160 which we did while on the phone and then she also told us to schedule an interview basically right after filling it out. This was September 18thish? We called a few days later to make a medical exam in Surrey, BC. So last night(a month later) we were at Fedex printing a bunch of stuff out to get ready for the interview which is on November 20th. Going through some pictures her mom had sent of the mail, we noticed we missed the 2 page packet 3. So here is the issue: We already have an interview which is what the embassy told us to do. But packet 3 or whatever the two page thing they sent us says not to set it up until you get packet 4 after submitting packet 3? We submitted packet 3 right away sending her passport photo copy, the checklist, and the DS-160 confirmation last night. I've been up all night freaking out because I feel like this seems obviously like a big mistake on my part. I called the embassy this morning explaining what happened, but they just said the interview is good to go but also they didn't really know anything other than that.


CEAC says NO Status under the AA case number check but Immigrant status when I put the MTL number in shows ready so Idk.

If anyone could help or give some insight that would be greatly appreciated. My anxiety is through the roof over this.

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Getting the Passport back during the Administrative Processing
9:34 pm October 17, 2019



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My husband and I had our EB2 visa interview mid July in Montreal. My husband is the main petitioner and his visa was approved right away and got the passport back, but my case was put on an administrative processing since then. It's been extremely frustrating to say the least since we just don't know what's happening and how much longer we need to wait. At the end of the interview, the interviewer said that my case may take 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks to check the record but we both got green slips, and they never asked for any additional documents either. We both got our master's degrees in US and worked and lived in US prior to the interview. I have not been able to return to work and my home for over 3 months now, and I also have a toddler son waiting back home too. I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experience at Montreal and have any advice for us. I'm also considering asking for my passport back to return to my home in US and wait there. Has anyone tried asking for their passports back in similar situations? What does the process look like? Do they continue the administrative processing even after they return the passport back to us? Also, can I cross the border with the current passport event if they do return it to me? I currently have a valid TN visa. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Did not receive form I-797 for F4 Visa
8:07 pm October 17, 2019



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Hello everyone,

I'm new here and was just wondering if it's possible to request a duplicate I-797 form as we never received one years ago and are confused about what our approval date is. Here's a bit of a timeline:

- Priority Date is May 16th, 2005

- Received a letter from US Department of State NVC which is dated September 22, 2009

  • This letter says "The enclosed information pertains to your interest in immigrating to the United States of America. The information concerning your registration is noted at the end of the letter. Unfortunately, visa numbers are not presently available for your use. You will be notified when further consideration can be given to processing your application for immigration. The reason for this delay is that there are more applicants for visas than there are immigrant visa numbers available under the limitation prescribed by law..."

- This form says nothing about "approval" and we did not receive the I-797 form before or any time after receiving that letter

- To date, we never received any other type of letter or information following that and we kind of just forgot about this whole process (my dad had wanted to move there before retirement but has since retired)

- Last month, I decided to go online and check our case status which said it was at NVC for processing and we could pay the fees and gather all the documents

- I'm a derivative and am 28 now but my name still showed up to pay the fees and to complete DS-260

- Since I don't know our approval date, I'm not sure I can properly calculate my CSPA age

- We've now submitted all documents and are awaiting an interview date

Does anyone know if I can request a duplicate I-797 form or if I'm missing the approval date somewhere here?

Thanks so much and appreciate any responses.

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Question re: pre-interview checklist for Montreal
6:28 pm October 17, 2019


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Hi everyone,

I received DQ at the NVC on October 16 for CR1 and am now in the process of collecting documents.

I have a couple of questions:

Question 1:

Reviewing the U.S. Consulate General Montreal website, I saw this:

  • Your original birth certificate and that of your petitioner if applicable, English translation, and a photocopy.

Does anyone know if I need to bring an original copy of my US spouse's birth certificate?

Question 2:

My original certified birth certificate came on paper size 8 x17. Should the photocopy be the same size or would it be okay to shrink it onto a standard piece of paper?


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