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US Immigration from Canada

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Finally moving my stuff from Canada to USA, What forms are needed?
3:26 am September 23, 2023



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I'm finally able to get my belongings and bring them back to the United States with me. What do forms do I need to fill out? I am only getting form 3299 showing up but this is for unaccompanied goods. I will be bringing my stuff with me. So what form is needed so I can list and declare my items!?

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Police certificates for DOS
10:39 pm September 18, 2023



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I know typically you need a police certificate from every country that you're a national or resident of for over 6 months; and over 12 months for past countries of residence.

I have lived in Canada my entire adult life. I left Hong Kong when I was a child. Would I still need a police certificate from Hong Kong, even if I left as a child? It's not very clear.

I was under the impression that they only care about countries in which I have lived since I was 16 and up.

Thanks in advance.

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“Original and copy” - Birth certificate of petitioner?
9:05 pm September 17, 2023



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Hello everyone,

I am trying to find specific information for my upcoming K1 fianc interview at the Montreal, Canada consulate.

In Packet 4 it states The day of your interview, please bring original and one copy of each of the following documents (as applicable) and one item states Birth Certificate (Petitioner and Beneficiary) . I have my original birth certificate (beneficiary) and a copy, but I only have a copy of my US fianc s birth certificate. If anyone has had an interview recently or knows if I need his original and not just a copy, I d really appreciate guidance! If he has to send me his in the mail it s possible but I thought a copy was sufficient for his.

Thank you!

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Approval of 485 (no interview) - will I get my social security number too?
12:36 pm September 17, 2023



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After 19 months (applied in Dec 2021 for 485 adjustment of status based on marriage), I just got my approval notice online:

On September 16, 2023, we approved your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status

For those still waiting, this is after multiple "case is being actively reviewed" which was so frustrating as it had zero actual updates. I did get my combo card back in April/May 2023.

Question: Will I get my SSN when I get my approval in the mail? I ask because I have been using ITIN in the meantime but it is limiting for certain things. I requested to get a SSN during the application process for 485.

Good luck all and I'm rooting for everyone! Drove me insane... I did the paperwork myself too so it would've been extra devastating if I did that and didn't get approved.

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What forms can be filed with i130
4:39 pm September 14, 2023



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Hopeful to clear the muddy waters a tad! Filed I130 for my husband , we live in Canada been married for 18 years, on Jan 2 2023.

Should / Can we file the affidavit of support prior to approval of I130? I am stunned that 18yrs of marriage this process isn t smoother/faster BUT! I digress! Lol.

Has anyone done this? Should we do this will it help?

Thanks to anyone who responds with advice!

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