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  1. But it’s an option. When life gives you lemons... at least you have the option there. I’m only telling you what USCIS is thinking on this. Why should they expedite your case if you have an alternative? The alternative might not be your preferred option but it is available to you. You might want to start researching jobs etc in Colombia so that you can move there. Because an expedite is almost certainly not going to happen. Should have applied sooner if your German student visa is close to expiration.
  2. Getting ICE involved is not appropriate or necessary. She wants to leave voluntarily. Despite what people may think, ICE doesn’t pick you up on a Monday and put you on a plane on Tuesday. First an immigration judge has to order your removal. You then spend a considerable time in custody before that. She is not trying to stay and doesn’t need to be forcibly removed. No need to waste taxpayers money on completely unnecessary action. Once she has a valid passport and a plane ticket she will be in an Uber to the airport.
  3. There are other people applying from Venezuela who have not been granted an expedite and they are waiting in Venezuela itself, not the safety of Europe. Prior to the travel ban, when Syrians were able to obtain visas, there was no expedite for them either, despite the civil war. I’m not saying your situation isn’t difficult. I’m saying it’s not unique. What is your status in Germany? Read your past posts. You’re a dual national - Venezuela and Colombia. There’s your answer.
  4. I agree. Imagine if there were children involved and he blocked her from taking them out of the country. Or property and assets to divide. Or she were from a country where divorce is taboo or even illegal. Compared to some cases we have seen here, this is “simple” although I do appreciate that for the OP it seems impossible. But by leaving him think of all the freedom you will get back. This too shall pass.
  5. I know you’re very upset right now and it does cause a feeling of bitterness, but not being to holiday in the US for some years and losing your freedom are very far apart. British people are some of the most free people in the planet. There are 190+ other countries to visit and at least we can travel freely. You don’t have a permanent ban, and it can be waived under certain conditions. Contact the embassy regarding your passport and how to get home. Once you are out of the environment it will help you to see things more clearly.
  6. Yes, even if the overstay was not your fault you are still barred from the VWP for life. People have lost VWP access by overstaying an hour due to a flight cancellation, for example, or due to being hospitalized. It is what it is. Can you start mailing items items home to a friend? Depends on how much you have, I suppose. It sounds like he won’t contest the divorce so that will be one less headache. I do think divorce here would be easier than the U.K. so you should at least start it here. UK divorce laws are very archaic in that you have to provide evidence that you have suitable grounds for a divorce. Mutual consent doesn’t exist in the U.K. as grounds for divorce.
  7. Here is how to get divorced in MD, assuming you are still there (I looked at your profile): https://www.peoples-law.org/grounds-absolute-divorce
  8. Divorce is a legal process so it will involve the courts in some way, even if you don’t have to actually attend court. It’s not as simple as just saying you want to divorce. If he doesn’t contest it then it will be easier for you. Only you can tell how likely that is to happen. Have you told him you want to divorce to gauge his reaction? It is possible to walk away without your stuff. I walked out of my first marriage with the clothes I was wearing and a small bag. Put my key through the mail box, took a bus to the train station and a train to my hometown. You say you gave up family and friends - assume they are still in your life? Or do you mean they stopped all contact with you because of your decision to move here? Your passport only expired recently so that’s good in terms of getting a new one. You can get an emergency one also https://www.gov.uk/emergency-travel-document
  9. First and foremost, get yourself to a safe place. Google the women’s shelters in your area and call them. You can sort out things like divorce and so on later. Safety is the most important thing right now. Mental abuse is just as serious as physical abuse and you need to leave as soon as possible. Contact the British embassy and request consular assistance. When did your passport expire? Can a friend of family member buy a plane ticket for you?
  10. In some state it's the same piece of paper. Every state is different. Here in WA the license is the certificate but only when it has been signed and dated by the officiant that the marriage took place and then had the county seal applied.
  11. Well this discussion is on the CR-1/IR-1 board and we are discussing in that context. For K-1 applicants it would kick in at AOS but, that said, a CO can refuse any visa (tourist/student/immigrant/fiancé) if he/she believes the applicant could become a public charge. Nothing new there.
  12. But not new for your husband. As as your petitioner and sponsor it is his responsibility to provide this. And as your husband it’s his moral obligation also.
  13. I wouldn’t worry about the new rules. Surely your husband is adding you to his healthcare anyway? He shouldn’t need a law in place to do that - it’s part of being married. Nothing has changed yet and in a spousal visa situation nothing should need to change. If he loves you surely he will ensure you have what you need here, and that includes healthcare. But if the new policy is enforced it will be determined at interview.
  14. Let’s see what happens with legal challenge on this. It’s currently on hold whilst it is determined if it can be legally enforced. Added - being on the HSA account is not insurance. You need to be added to his insurance plan. If he works for a company with more than 50 FTE employees he likely uses the insurance through his employer. In that case, he needs to speak to the HR department.
  15. But it won’t be valid. UK licenses are only valid whilst you are living in the U.K. Should you find yourself needing to drive in an emergency and for some reason you are stopped by the police (tail light out seems to be the number one thing these days), or you are hit by another car and they see your license isn’t valid you have a much bigger issue on your hands. Even if you are not planning on driving it’s useful to have a state ID or license for age verification when buying alcohol, etc. it’s just easier when it’s a form of ID they recognize. I used to love using my European passports as ID here but it soon becomes less of a novelty and more of an inconvenience when they didn’t know what to do with them or where to find the date of birth to enter into the register or something.
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