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  1. I’n also wondering about the practicalities of an AOS from tourist status during these times of social distancing and non-essential travel. Will the company equipment need to be returned? How will people return keys to landlords and vacate apartments? In the past, people used to mention friends or family who were happy to pack up their stuff for them, ship it, clean the apartment and return keys to the landlord. That can’t happen now. The same with retrieving a car parked at the overseas airport. OP would also need essential documents such as birth certificate, divorce decree, etc. How can these be obtained if government records offices are closed?
  2. If he needs you for financial help this may not be the best choice. You will not be able to work for around 6 months. Best you return to the UK and continue working there and send money if you need to. As has already been mentioned, working on the VWP is a no-no. Even remotely for an overseas company.
  3. There are bigger concerns for the authorities now than the spouse of a USC who may end ip overstaying by a few days. But kudos to you for doing things the right way and being aware that immigration is a serious matter. He won’t be deported for the overstay (if he even accrues any - the I-485 NOA1 might have been issued and dated already but just not received). He’s a long way from that.
  4. Can’t see how he would qualify for that as he is no longer undertaking royal duties. Not sure what kind of passport he has, diplomat or standard. But it’s typical of this pair. This whole “we are not public figures unless it works to our advantage” is ridiculous.
  5. And how did he get his CR-1 when the embassies are closed? After all, he wants to be “one of us” and we can “call him Harry”. But it’s still “rules for me, not for thee”. Of course they flew, too.
  6. The flights are still operating. USCs, LPRs and certain immediate family members are still able to enter the US. The ban is on visitors who have spent time in any of the European countries on the list in the 14 days prior to travel. Capacity has been reduced but there are still flights. The ban was not on aircraft, but on people. Freight, mail and cargo are still being transported.
  7. Who said that? I work for an airline and flights are not suspended. Capacity has been significantly reduced but we are still flying.
  8. My question was not “how on earth did you file taxes?” but “have you filed as married in either 2018 or 2019?” If you have filed since you got married then you will get the stimulus payment for both of you assuming you didn’t make a combined total of over $199,000. If you haven’t filed as married since you married then I have no idea how they could know that there are two of you.
  9. Still waiting here in Seattle. I’m not hopeful of becoming a citizen this year. There are Seattle filers from summer of 2018 still waiting and our field office was one of the first to close due to the virus.
  10. But your situation isn’t everyone’s situation, some people can still continue with the process.
  11. USCIS Service Centers (who don’t deal with the public face to face) do have a telecommute system do that employees can work from home. It is safe to assume that not all employees will be able to work from home due to their living situation but petitions will still be processed.
  12. Many of us endure separation during this process. It is possible. It’s not great but no one has yet died from being apart. I visited regularly on the VWP throughout the process. Shorter, frequent visits are certainly better. We have seen more than a few cases here where people tried to enter for 88 or 90 days and were denied because they could not convince CBP to their satisfaction that they were only here to visit and would not be working here and had ties to return home to. My advice on this aspect is always “don’t push your luck. Be thankful you have the option of visiting at all.”
  13. If he has a GC then the USA is his home country.
  14. *~*~*moved to Coronavirus section to be among similar topics*~*~*
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