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  1. That’s good that she has established a reliable pattern of leaving on time as a visitor. That puts her in good stead for future visits. If there is still no news of her interview date by Christmas then she absolutely can visit you then (subject to all other conditions of entry being met, such as COVID testing, etc) but it must be just that - a visit with plans to return to her county of residence at the end. Who knows? Maybe her interview will be scheduled before then anyway. Stay positive!
  2. They never suspected that of me in the 40+ times that I visited my husband.
  3. I do wish I knew the source of this regularly posted misinformation that you cannot enter the US as a visitor during the petition and visa application process.
  4. There are many, many people here illegally in this country for various reasons. Your situation does not even come close to theirs. You were technically at risk of deportation for the time between the expiration date of the I-94 and the receipt date of your AOS filing but that’s in the past now. Once your AOS application is receipted and a receipt number generated the clock stops and you are in “authorized stay” until a decision is made on your application. Unless you are planning on breaking the law in the meantime, you’re good. Even if you hadn’t filed the AOS paperwork yet it’s very unlikely that you would be deported purely for the overstay. ICE has limited resources and they have much more serious cases to deal with than a law-abiding spouse who filed late due to financial hardship.
  5. *~*~*country-specific question moved from “K-1 fiancé visa process and procedures” to “Australia and New Zealand”*~*~*
  6. It happened to someone who was there the same day I had my interview. She was told the same thing “wrong file received”. What does your online status show?
  7. May seem pedantic but you are talking about evidence, not proof. You cannot “prove” that the relationship is genuine as that would require someone to be able to read your mind. At best you can bring evidence of a genuine relationship to the embassy but for many places this is not required or expected. The K-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa so the bar is not set as high as it is for a spousal visa. Your real test of whether the relationship appears bona fide will be during the adjustment of status process. For that you will need a lot more evidence than you do for a K-1.
  8. Correct. But they need to know the new address to send the plastic card there. So you need to complete firm AR-11 to change your address on your file with USCIS. There is no charge for this form.
  9. *~*~*procedural question moved from “progress reports” to “general discussion”*~*~*
  10. *~*~*procedural question moved from “progress reports” to “process and procedures”*~*~*
  11. *~*~*moved from “bringing family members of USCs” to “working and traveling”*~*~*
  12. Your fraud case is very weak. At one point he was exactly what you wanted and you both jumped through hoops to demonstrate to USCIS and the embassy that your marriage was the Real Deal. Normally I would advise you to slow down and stop rushing into marriage with men you obviously don’t know very well. But that ship had sailed and husband number 3 is about to go through the immigration process and into your child’s life. Are all of them from the DR?
  13. So your two previous husbands were also not Americans? Were they all from the same country?
  14. With an ongoing lease obligation, less than $5k in the bank and no means to work here I’m not surprised he was denied. That $5k will be gone in no time just paying his bills back home. What will he live off here?
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