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    Not the typical way - Met in the Philippines, Married in Hong Kong, Emigrated from Mexico, Living in the US. Enjoyed a nice quick DCF. Filed ROC and N-400. Awaiting interview? She is working as a Licensed Nursing Assistant and is also certified ECG Tech. But someone wanted something more so legally separated for now.

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  1. Unless it is a fully refundable ticket I would wait until the visa is in hand.
  2. Online is typically faster. But not by much. My preference is to mail petitions in so I can make sure everything is there. Don't staple or tab anything as that does slow down processing by the contractor.
  3. We sent off massive Balikbayan Boxes and none of the chocolate melted . . . and leftover Halloween candy arrives in time for christmas!
  4. I'd find it hard to believe that he doesn't have at least enough interest or passive income that wouldn't trigger a tax return. But if he didn't need to file then at least a letter from him to explain that will be needed. Bank statements will be used to show the sponsorship ability.
  5. Doesn't mater where you marry. We met in the Philippines, Married in Hong Kong, Did our CR-1 in Mexico.
  6. You are fine. They would not have an A Number since a petition had never been filed for them before.
  7. There are no benefits of taxes in filing for a CR-1. The "advantage" may apply once you are married and you can file jointly. As previously mentioned the spouse would need a ITIN.
  8. Hopefully you get it before filing the I-130 . . . sounds like visa shopping to me.
  9. Sure - it will keep you busy for a while and off the streets.
  10. LOL it is literally taking the worst things about a K1 and Mixing it with a CR-1. It is free so go for it. You know how many have been issued in the last fiscal year?
  11. Interview location is based on where the beneficiary lives (has legal residency). We met in the Philippines, married in Hong Kong, filed while living in Mexico. Our interview was in Mexico.
  12. Ok she wants a better life? She could try the H2A or H2B programs. https://mx.usembassy.gov/h-2-visa-information/ If she wants to marry you then you file the I-129F for a fiancé visa and you wait. She won't be able to work for some time in the US, probably over a year. So you might consider getting married and fling a spousal visa. That is for a B2 visa. But if she has had one before is a few weeks. She can't enter the US with the intent to adjust nor can she work in the US. Not an option and could cause more of a delay. Glad you are here doing your research. Unless you are also a resident in Mexico and needing to return to the US for a job, there aren't any options do get this done quickly.
  13. Figure out how you can spend time together. If she doesn't have a job or already had a US Visa it will be hard for her to get one. But try asap and see if you want. Then look at your realistic options. You can file for a fiancé visa, or get married anywhere and go for a spousal. If you had already married and had a job offer to go back to in the US then doing a spousal at the consulate expedited could be an option. Chances are that there is going to be significant time apart. Pretty common in immigration and where there hasn't been any planning.
  14. You can't do (file) anything until you get married. Get married and file and see what happens. You will need the normal documents for the I-130/I130-A plus proof that you legally reside in France.
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