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  1. I was married to women with children, I never wanted to be DADY. I understood raising someone else child, was a thankless job. I was prepared for I AM GOING TO TELL MY DADY. You not my dady.
  2. Yes it is easy to loose you wallet, or have you phone stolen. Both never.
  3. My Mother visited me many times, She did not speak one word of English. Every time she had to change planes, no problem.
  4. we bring medication for the whole family, without prescription. We declare it at costumes every time. Problem comes in. when you not declare something.
  5. The only time I needed my birth certificate, was 60 years after immigrating to the US , when I applied for Social Security benefits.
  6. You will get a stamp, in your passport, this tells you how long you can stay. Overstay, no more visa. Seems some people never travelled.
  7. Remittance, never looks good, in anyone's eyes. How did she live, before she meet the rich american ?
  8. I guarantee you, if you apply for a firearms permit, spitting on the sidewalk will show up. So when it comes to immigration, you record will all of a suton show up.
  9. I know a case where the Guy is waiting 4 years. He does not want to inquire, because he has Immigration fraud, in his background. He thinks If he make a inquiry, they may just take his green card.
  10. The ones you get in jail are perfect. But you have to wear black socks with them.
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