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  1. I know a case, where the K-1 Husband/Immigrant left and lived with another women. When he found out, he could not adjust, he begged to come back to her, and adjust together. She took him back, and he adjusted. He promptly left, the first wife, and went back to the second one. The son of the K-1 first wife wrote a letter to USCIS about the fraud he committed. Several years later this fraudster went to get his citizenships. It has been 4 years since he applied, he has heard nothing from them, in 4 years. I believe he will not get citizenship, because of the letter the women's son send. It must be laying on file with the citizenship application, and no action is being taken. At this point it has been 5 years since he applied, to become citizen. He is scared to ask or inquire about his citizenship application, thinking he may get in trouble for the past fraud he committed. Here is the best part. He was with this second women, together in Colombia, where they lived together. She also did a K-1 with someone else. This was the plan, she and he, both committed visa fraud, to get and live together in the US.
  2. My Brother has not renewed his green card, for the last 20 years, when I asked him about it, he sayed he lost it, when he stopped working. He lived in the US for 55 Years, and still lives here, he is 78 now. He needs to renew his foreign passport. On the passport application, it states he must have a valid US green card. What can he do, he has the onset of Alzheimer's.
  3. Jack I am in Lago Calima.win64@aol.com

  4. I don't blame her, she is smart, she knows if she keeps up her retirement/health insurance payment, it will cost her next to nothing, to have a baby in Colombia. My wife went back several times to Colombia, to have hand surgery done in Colombia, when she was a green card holder. Everyone is covered in Colombia. the medical and and big farma have brainwashed the American public into believing the US has the best health care system. yes the best, but not affordable to everyone. The politicians making the laws, have the best private health care in the world. When are people going to wake up, they are just scamming us.
  5. This Rumor Just does not die, you cant sponsor for a visitors visa. Just because you live in the US does not mean, you can sponsor a visitors visa. Not with all the money in the world.
  6. Lawyers, take cases, knowing full well they can lose a case. They always get payed. Not like normal trades.
  7. These Lawyers that know the Immigration process, most likely used Visa Journey, as there Guide.
  8. I think Immigration only looks at the FBI arrest record. I had a Concealed carry permit for 2 years in Florida. Then when renewing, the permit was refused. After investigating, I found out. The database at the FBI only lists the arrest and reason for the arrest, nothing about the outcome, even if the court finds you not guilty. As we all know when you get arrested by the police, they throw every charge at you, this is what it the FBI database. It makes you look like the biggest criminal. Even if the judge has dismissed all the charges. I went to the expensive process, of having the FBI database expunshed. These databases at the FBI make you a criminal, even after the Judge said you are innocent. Many people are not aware, they are criminals forever according to the FBI.
  9. Pakistan Is a high fraud country. Just like Colombia, where there is a Visa Agent on every corner. No application needed, you will get A US green card, right from the agent in Colombia. He has issued many green cards For any country you desire. FOR A PRICE
  10. It depends how much you willing to pay the lawyer, you get what you pay for.
  11. I moved to Colombia 3 years ago. I had these great dreams of a 40 feet container, with everything in it.
  12. You married the Family. I moved to Colombia 3 years ago. We have a tiny little house. A few month ago we had 23 people here, sleeping on the floor. I feel they took me in as family, They have never taken advantage of me in any way. I always welcome them. I married the family, this is my family.
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