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  1. Lawyer success stories are every day, win the case get paid, lose the case get paid. Doctor success story, surgery was a success, patient died, still get paid. Working people success, Screw up the job, get fired. This is the way the lawyers, became politicians, set up this country, Lawyers never lose.
  2. Good reading, with a lot of twists and turns. ????? any tru answers.
  3. Past employers are not allowed to give bad reference, you need to find a good labor lawyer.
  4. People seem to forget, most of the civil employees working for the embassy, are local, they know the ins and outs of the country. They are the ones looking over documents, and making suggestions to the US embassy staff about the intending immigrant.
  5. I still do not understand why anyone would hire an attorney, to do simple filling out forms with information you provided. I guess smartphones, internet, and computers are for other things. Keep listening to your attorney, and you could say to your wife, see you back in your country, honey.
  6. At this time, i would not take a chance to adjust from a tourist or ESTA visa. They find out you had a boyfriend in the US for 3 years, your application is toast. ou may never get to the US anymore.
  7. No mortgage on house means nothing. You would not sell your house to support an immigrant, Immigration knows this.
  8. Of course a lawyer site would tell you, for $20000.00 we will make you an instant citizen. After you give them the money, they will tell you, sorry it did not work. Lawyers and Doctors are the only ones getting always payed. No matter the outcome. Go argue with Costumes, Immigration, or Border Patrol and see where it will get you.
  9. Whatever for do people have so called smart phones, or this other thing called INTERNET
  10. No friends, no relatives, no financial support in the US, no reason to stay. young single female, get married and stay. This is what I would think.
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