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  1. No way to do that. I vaguely remember a VJ member attempted to send their package to a service center instead of the Lockbox. It was promptly returned to them untouched a couple of weeks later. Unless you want your package delayed because it is held up being rerouted back to you, send it to the proper location.
  2. *** Locked for review. *** Update: Posts removed for derogatory remarks towards other member(s) VJ Moderation
  3. @myaumyau,, As mentioned, your biggest hurdle will be health insurance. You need to start doing research now because the prices can be sky high. There was another poster a few weeks ago who was looking to bring over their parents and reported to get quotes of $1200 per month for health insurance. The public charge rule is put into place so immigrants don't rely on public funds meant for US citizens. And they have been cracking down on following the public charge rule more and more. With your parent's age and pre-existing condition, you are looking at shelling out a lot of money to care for them here because they do not qualify for public assistance like medicaid. You say you want to weigh your options. What we have seen sometimes is the person decides not to bring over their parents because the cost was too high. Another option is for them to obtain a visitor visa and only stay here for a short while. But other than that, you are looking at high health care costs.
  4. You said it yourself that the relationship went south a few months ago. But you have been married for 2.5 years. That sounds like before a few months ago you had legitimate loving relationship. Which means it will be hard to make the argument as fraud. I am just giving you an example of how people on the outside (like a immigration agent) may see it. They may see it as you are simply a scorned ex.
  5. *** Zombie thread from 2017 locked. Unapproved external link removed. VJ Moderation
  6. You can request an expedite, for sure. Whether she gets one is another issue. She must have valid reasoning for the expedite and show proof of the reason. https://www.uscis.gov/forms/forms-information/how-make-expedite-request
  7. Facebook......😒 This is the same platform where the flat-earthers and anti-vaxxers were populated. Let that sink in for a second. @Wingnutfish, To answer your question, not only is what you heard on FB absolutely not true, it is insultingly absurd. At least the information you get on this site is backed up by official government laws, policies, and memos that can be found on official government sites. Ask the person to provide you with an official statement stating a lawyer is mandatory.
  8. You also get your fingerprints every time you enter the country even if you are a US citizen. It is a routine security feature. Being that fraud happens at a high rate it is something that is not going away.
  9. @handsofholes, Don't take offense but you are not seeing it rationally. A person over 21 is an adult, and just because they live with their parents does not mean they are no longer adults. They do not need the dependence of a parent like a 5 or 6 year old. But the main point is that you are frustrated over an immigrant benefit that most other countries don't offer. If you look around the world most countries don't even offer a person the ability to bring over parents and siblings... AT ALL. I tried to see if Lebanon offers it but could not find anything. Bringing parents and siblings is a huge benefit but immigrants should not rely heavily on it as there are many things that could happen. And as already mentioned, the US government does not have an obligation to keep extended families together. It was the decision of your wife to immigrate and her joining you as an American citizen was accomplished. Bringing over extended family has its limits. Think of it like this, bringing over extended family is a generous benefit of the US but there needs to be limitations. Age cut off is one and no derivative is another. It already takes too ling for a person to bring over a spouse and minor children (it was taking over a year in normal processing times) so imagine if there was no limit to family based petitions. The process would be so flooded that it would take several years for a man to bring over his wife, for example. The point is there can not be a, "come one, come all" solution that maintains fast reunification of families. Logistically it can't happen.
  10. *** Old thread closed for further comment as OP has completed the visa process successfully. VJ Moderation
  11. *** One post edited to remove foul language as per the site's TOS. A word about this site. VJ is the largest DIY immigration site for US immigration. The moderator team is small and heavily relies on the reporting system by other members. To speak for myself I, I help with moderating this forum while taking care of a household during this pandemic as well was working a fulll time job. There are days where I don't even have the capacity to check what is going on on this site. We do not sit in front of our computers 24/7 and read every message that gets posted. So there may be some content that is missed. We also have repeatedly made attempts to keep the interaction of this forum positive. We have the site's TOS as well as pinned threads telling people to post constructively. But that does not mean that everyone will obey those rules. We know that there will be times when inappropriate things will be posted and we hope that the member's of this site help us keep a postive environment. If there is content on here that is a violation of the site's TOS or is offensive, please use the report button. Below are examples of our efforts to maintain order and to keep the positive environment. And as you can see, even with these efforts there are STILL numerous cases of people bickering and bantering. It is a constant battle and we do not expect that everybody will act perfect every day. Hundreds of new members join this site every week and there may be a few that have bad attitudes. We manage it the best we can. TOS : https://www.visajourney.com/terms-of-service/ Pinned thread about attitudes on the forum: Thanks for understanding, VJ Moderation
  12. *** One post edited to remove image containing personal info VJ Moderation
  13. You can request for an expedite on many visas. Whether or not you get the expedite is something different. As you can see in what you posted above, most expedites require specific reasons that need to be supported by evidence. Some people do it anyway in hopes of getting approved. But we have seen that most times frivolous requests get denied.
  14. Because it is fraud. A visitor visa is not intended to immigrate. When entering the US, the customs officer interviews you and specifically asks what are you coming for. If you say you are coming to visit, you can enter. If you say you are coming to immigrate, you will be denied entry. But when someone says they are coming to visit, then stay for 90 days, then adjust status, that means they LIED to the officer. A visitor visa is simply for visiting. A family-based visa is for immigrating. The simple fact that the immigrant is not in the US yet means that you are planning on using the visitor visa to by-pass the immigration process. But say the immigrant was here already and something happens where they have to say (for example, a women gets pregnant by her husband while here), then they can adjust status legally.
  15. Two important questions that need answering.... Where is your mother now? Are you a US citizen? You can't plan on using a tourist visa to immigrate your mother. That is visa fraud. One other thing you should be aware of is health insurance for your mother. Be prepared to have sticker shock. Health insurance for elderly may be looked into in order for her to get a visa so she will not become a public charge. The problem is the prices. It is reported that health insurance for elderly can be $800 - 1,200 per month.
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