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  1. Then it must not have been a sibling visa. If it was, then it would be the only of tons of millions of siblings visas to get approved in a year.
  2. Understood. But you will also get a range anywhere in between "It was a breeze" to "I got denied x amount of times".
  3. The process for applying for a green card for a sister (sibling) is 15 - 20 years. This is not the solution she is looking for. She is looking to come over for short visits to see her niece while she is an infant.
  4. It depends on a lot. For example.... What is the country they are from? Is it a male or female? How old are they? Do they have a good job/stable income? Do they own property? How long are they planning on staying? Have they traveled to any other countries? Any combination of any answer to the questions above could play a role. You see how difficult it is to predict?
  5. Nope. You are wrong. Babysitting is considered work and people have been denied because of it. There was a news report about this a few years ago. See below. https://www.cleveland.com/travel/2015/08/babysitter_versus_the_border_p.html
  6. Like @SusieQQQ stated, Nothing is "expected" of you. The decision to immigrate is you and your family's. And with every decision there is a huge sacrifice. Your sister can not come prior to the parents immigrating. You can file for you sister now, but it will be many years before she receives a visa. A student visa does not seem feasible because she would have to show that she has the full tuition for schooling up front. But with all that said, you have to understand that as much as you want your sister here as quickly as possible, at least you still have options to do so. Most countries in the world don't even allow people to apply for extended family members like siblings to immigrate to their country (I am checking to see if even Malaysia has sibling visas). The US is one of the few that does. But it comes at a price, which is a long wait. And there are talks within the US government of removing the sibling category in the future. So, it is either wait a long time for sibling to immigrate or not be able to petition a sibling at all. Most people would chose the former.
  7. @Hope2020, Above are two stories of the same problem but different outcomes.So it can go either way. Your friend certainly did not make things easier for himself. What I do notice in the above stories is @Tybeau2 wife took responsibility and owned up to the lie. Now, it may not have been the reason she got approved, but I am sure the CO appreciated her honesty during the interview. The situation @queenofsheba71 is going through is tragic. And it seems her husband took the opposite approach and tried to keep it hidden. Now they are in a tough position. Again, their actions may not have been the exact reasons for their outcomes, but it does give you food for thought.
  8. OK. So child adoption is probably one of the most strict process of immigration. It is good that you are going through an agency because they will guide you through the process. For now, immigration will be on the back burner because the adoption must be completed before immigration. Word of warning, this may be an extremely long and tedious process. It may take several years for this to be completed. You can start by seeing the overall summary and requirements of the adoption process at the link that @designguy posted. It is good that you are getting a head start by learning of this process. And best of luck to you.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. But we still need a little more info. -Is the child orphaned? -If not, is your wife related to the parents? -How long has the USC's wife been with the child? Also, please keep in mind that adoption does NOT guarantee immigration benefits.
  10. I agree that more information is needed. If the child is not formally adopted, there is no way to immigrate the child. We see a lot of times where people in other countries informally "adopt" a child where the child was neglected by a family member or close friend. So they raise the child as their own. But if there was no legal adoption by their government, the US government will not recognize the child as being adopted and will not be eligible to immigrate.
  11. *** Topic split from other thread. Please do not hijack other member's thread. VJ Moderation
  12. SSN and EAD are separate things. SSN is for taxes and social benefits. EAD is authorization to work.
  13. And this is the biggest hurdle they are facing. Yes, he is not petitioning for his second spouse. But the perception will be that he is getting her a visa so he can practice polygamy "under the radar". The CO may think the other spouse will use the visitor visa to stay months at a time and play house together.
  14. All she can do is apply and see. Being married to a US citizen does not guarantee approval. >The only visa she is allowed in this situation is a visitor visa. >No, there is no sponsorship for visitor visas.
  15. Soooo.... I don't know if I ever mentioned it on this forum before but I am an active cruiser. And Royal Caribbean is my go to cruise line. My wife, before she met me, had never been on a cruise but is now absolutely crazy about cruising after she has been on a few. She was always afraid of being out in the water, but once we were on the ship, she was surprised on how safe she felt. With that being said, I am active on a couple of cruising forums and since the day this story broke, most active cruise said the grandfather's story simply did not pass the smell test. There were people who were even on the same cruise ship that this tragedy happened and took pictures of the very window where it happened. Even then you could tell that there was no way a person could not tell the difference of the window being open of closed. Now, here are some other things that came out since this accident. I will put an asterisk on those that are not officially confirmed. The grandfather initially told authorities he lost his grip with the toddler. But then the story changed. The area where the grandfather and child was, was the child area, but the window was in another area close to the child area. The grandfather has been charged with child negligence by PR authorities. The grandfather changed his story after obtaining a lawyer.* The family is requesting the surveillance video be removed as evidence.* The grandfather refused an alcohol test after the incident.* If anyone that sees the video (and it is difficult to watch), you will see the grdfthr lean out the window before lifting the child and placing her out of it. It is extremely damaging evidence. To @Steeleballz point, I think the family are struggling to grasp the concept of the grandfather doing something so idiotic and the grdfthr is effected mentally enough to where responsibility has been buried deep inside. And suing is a coping mechanism to place blame elsewhere.
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