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  1. *** One post edited to remove personal info. Please use the PM feature for communicating privately. VJ Moderation
  2. None of us do. But the point is it doesn't matter what the OP's main goal is. Whether to save the relationship or find a way to live in the USA, using a K1 tied to a relationship that is no longer existent, may have serious consequences. This is simply what we are trying to make the OP realize.
  3. *** Moved to "Effects of Major Family Changes on Immigration Benefits" VJ Moderation
  4. Most likely. And your assumptions may be correct. By the time you get a response it will have already passed. Sorry to hear about your situation. This is another reason why I say the K1 visa sucks. The immigrant ends up feeling trapped here.
  5. *** Moved to "Effects of Major Family Changes on Immigration Benefits" VJ Moderation
  6. 1. I would be very wary about this. I know it seems like the noble thing to do to fight for the person you love. But this isn't going to be a trip to the next neighborhood as you stop by the flower store on the way to her front door. You are talking about international immigration. You will be interviewed by a border agent who WILL ask you if you are planning to marry with the 90 days of your K1 visa. What are you going to say??? "I am working on it officer." That will get you a ticket back to your home country in no time. Also, do you even have the resources for the trip AND accommodations. There is no guarantee she will allow you near her much less stay at her place. You may not even get to use the K1 as she could very well notify immigration that you two are no longer a couple and have your K1 visa revoked. Lastly and more importantly, I don't know how it is in your country, but the US has very strict domestic laws. From what you described about how your visa is close to expiring there have been a significant amount of time that has passed (~6 months). If she has not changed her mind about you coming then the chances of it being change with you popping up at her front door unexpected are almost nonexistent. Not only that, if she is extremely adamant about not wanting to see you... all it takes is one call or trip to the police and you could have a no contact/ restraining order on you. And that, my friend, is a whole new can of worms you do NOT want to deal with. 2. No. It is not possible. Like others have said the K1 is very strict. A lawyer can't bypass it. If it is not with her then it can't be used to change your status. Furthermore, if you come to the US and attempt to gain status, then the fact that you and her were no longer in the relationship when you used the K1 can be used against you to either remove whatever status you have or deport you. This is because, again, the K1 is based on an ongoing relationship where the two parties agree to marry each other. 3. You may need to come to terms that your relationship may be over. Your K1 may already be flagged because she may have notified immigration. Point being is that you have limited options and you have to start looking out for yourself. See my reply above. Although fighting to save a relationship may sound like the right thing to do. It is not as easy as you think when in the situation of the poster.
  7. I always say.. "Just give them what they ask for". No point in trying to figure out why they need it. If they want your grandmothers chocolate chip cookie recipe... just send it. It may be a little confusing or annoying that they asked, but at least you have complied and are one step closer to getting approved. Which is the main goal.
  8. Hi, Her green card is not only expired but her permanent residency status is abandoned. Permanent residents are suppose to live in the US. If a person with a green card is out of the US for more than a year, then they may be deemed to have abandoned their status. If they are out for 2 years, they may be able to apply for a reentry permit under certain circumstance. But 6 years with an expired green card..... forget it. She is no longer a permanent resident. She won't even be able to apply for a new one. The only option is for her to have someone apply for her like the last time she got her green card. The problem is, if USCIS sees that she was not abiding by the rules of a permanent resident, they may not give her another permanent resident status.
  9. Unlockable


    *** Moved from K-1 Fiance(e) Visa Process & Procedures to "Effects of Major Family Changes on Immigration Benefits" as this is not K1 process related. VJ Moderation
  10. If she is able to do it then it would certainly be a change in the circumstances she has now. It still won't be a guarantee for a visa. There is never a magic formula to guarantee a visa. We have seen people that owns property and businesses get denied. If she capable of doing all that then she can try but I don't think do it for the sole purpose of the visa is a good idea.
  11. Her life circumstances would have to change. It is not about how a person applies or interviews for the visitor visa. It is the perception of them not having strong ties. It says so in the letter. If you apply again, how would your wife have overcome the perception of not having string ties to China or Myanmar? Technically, with you being a US citizen and fully supporting her, she can use a visitor visa to follow you here and stay here, which is not the proper way of doing it. Simply telling people "you don't won't to stay in the US" is not enough. The officers want to see substantial evidence to back up those words. She is free to try again but the result may be the same.
  12. Please provide links to the sources.
  13. *** Moved to Regional (Middle East North Africa) part of the forum. VJ Moderation
  14. This makes no sense. What does this mean? Where did you hear that? There is indication of any news of an embassy cancelling all visas. Is this a rumor going around?
  15. I noticed marriage was not mentioned between your stepdaughter and her bf. If it is not on the table right now, you need to prepare your stepdaughter to be separated from her bf for a while. The only way for him to properly immigrate is as her husband. That is not going to happen. It is almost a guarantee that he is not going to get a tourist visa. You, me, and everybody here knows that if he was to get a tourist visa, he will use it to migrate, which is illegal. If a bunch of strangers on an internet forum can suspect his plan for the tourist visa, an experienced officer will see it a mile away. Yes, you need to make a decision. Time is not on her side. She reaches 21 and it is another ball game. Listen, she is young. She was not thinking about long term plans when she wanted to stay behind to finish school. She was probably only thinking about her friends and social groups. Things have changed now, she has a baby to think about. The decisions she makes need to be well thought out and there should definitely be an understanding of the ramification of those decisions. Talk to her about the options. Make her realize this will not be an easy process and there are no short cuts. Sacrifices will have to be made.
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