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  1. *** Several judgmental and noncontributing posts removed. Stick to helping the OP and refrain from making rude comments. VJ Moderation
  2. Sorry for the loss. Is Ghana even taking interviews for visitor visas now? There are still embassies that are not doing certain visa interviews. You can certainly attempt by applying. This may be hard news, but you not being there for the funeral is a realization you and your wife may need to come to terms with.
  3. *** One post removed for veering into other topics outside of the core subject matter of the thread. There is no need to make comments about the effectiveness of a vaccine or whether or not people should take it. Stick to the Montreal DQ topic. VJ Moderation
  4. @kyra407 As you can see with the responses, it varies. While I personally have seen more B2 visas cancelled on approval of immigrant visas than not, I have also seen some past members still use their B2 after an IV approval. One option I have also seen is to ask the consular if you can keep your B2 because you may want to visit for other reasons prior to immigrating. You don't have a timeline and you only specified the Caribbean as the location of interest. There are many countries in the Caribbean which all have different experiences on this situation. If you clarify which country, hopefully someone who is from there will chime in and contribute.
  5. *** Topic moved to Bringing Family Members of US Citizens to America section of the forum. VJ Moderation
  6. *** Proper advice pertaining to the "scenario" has been given thus far. The thread is now closed for review. VJ Moderation
  7. Not an issues at all. In fact, if I had to guess, I would say that the vast majority of members on this site have met their partner online in one form of another. If you have evidence of time spent together and being in an established relationship, meeting online is not a problem.
  8. *** This is a reminder that the US of inappropriate language is not allowed. VJ Moderation
  9. *** Friendly reminder to keep the postings about updates to appointments for London. Please refrain from discussing topics outside of the subject matter of this on-going thread. Thank you from understanding, VJ Moderation
  10. *** Two threads of the same topic merged. Please only make one (1) thread per topic on the forum. VJ Moderation
  11. *** Several posts have been split from another members thread. It is not only against the rules of the forum to hijack another member's thread to talk about another case, but it is extremely rude and can cause confusion. Please do not ask questions about your case in another member's thread. VJ Moderation
  12. The plan is not confusing... it is simply very risky. She can attempt it, yes. But she needs to very, very prepared for the realization that she may lose her green card. There is no guaranteed method we, nor any immigrantion expert/attorney, can tell you that will 100% work. All you can do to help her is make her understand that her eventually losing her GC is a very real possibility, even with her elaborate plan. It is up to her to roll the dice.
  13. *** Several inappropriate comments and those quoting them removed. Contribute constructively or administrative action will be taken. VJ Moderation
  14. *** One inflammatory comment removed. Stick to contributing with helping others and not making disparaging remarks or administrative action will be taken. VJ Moderation
  15. This was a risky move. You realize that if she is denied the visitor visa then should would lose her ESTA as well. With everything that is going on, they are cracking down on people who are trying to stay longer than usual in the US. Caution her plan.
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