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  1. *** Friendly reminder not to use foul language on the forum. VJ Moderation
  2. *** One post removed for TOS violation. Suggesting a specific fraudulent option, then saying that option is a violation of the TOS does not make it OK. It is still putting that fraudulent option "out there", which someone can use to move forward with committing fraud. The OP has been informed of his actions and must come to terms with the consequences. Any further advice should remain from a legal and procedural standpoint. VJ Moderation
  3. ***Mod Warning. Please keep this topic civil. Keep in mind that each country will have a different experience than others. One country may experience tougher immigration scrutiny than others. Also, do not make any comments or generalization about other nationalities or administrative action will be taken. VJ Moderation
  4. *** Hijacking posts split from another thread. Please do not ask questions about your case in other member's thread. VJ Moderation
  5. *** Hijack post split from other thread. Please do not ask questions about your case in other people's thread. VJ Moderation
  6. ***Mod warning: Remember, it is against the site's TOS to use inappropriate language and use foul language. VJ Moderation
  7. Some excellent points being brought up in this thread. But one thing I want to point out. There is nothing wrong with having said emotions that are mentioned in this thread. Whether it is anger, frustration, or jealousy; emotions are a natural thing. There have even been studies that showed some animals displaying those emotions. Emotions are natural, but it is what we do with them that makes a difference. Some take emotions to the extreme by breaking laws or hurting others. Others use it as motivation for change. I'm quite sure everybody have had someone come to them simply to vent. Everybody should have an method to deal with their emotions. OP started to topic to vent which resulted in some good back and forth.
  8. I think the frustration comes more from it giving an advantage to a few and not the many. If you see those who are able to take advantage of being able to AOS from NIV, there aren't that many. But you have a ton of others who have to wait and be separated from their loved ones. I see the value in being able to AOS if there is a change of circumstances like a surprise pregnancy when visiting on a B1. But then there is the theory that if one did not have a B2 to begin with, the pregnancy may not have happened. Hence, no need for AOS.
  9. I agree to have him join this site or show how this thread. He is really putting himself at a disadvantage by not researching how this process happens. A job interview??? Seriously??? If you want you can have him PM directly if he wants to know what happens during the interview because I did the K1 for my now wife and I was standing right next to her during the entire interview. Also, being Canadian, you should look into the spousal visa as the K1 has huge disadvantages.
  10. *** Mod warning. This is a reminder to never use any foul or inappropriate words or phrases on this forum what so ever. VJ Moderation
  11. *** Thread moved to Bringing Family Members of US Citizens to America section of the forum. VJ Moderation
  12. *** One post containing inappropriate and disparaging comments removed. VisaJourney is a site where people come together help others go the legal process of immigration. VJ Moderation
  13. ***MOD WARNING*** **Stepping in now because I can see the possibility of this thread deteriorating. Let's keep the tone civil and stop venturing towards bickering and name calling or this thread will be shut down with the possibility of administrative action taken. VJ Moderation
  14. *** Numerous hijacking posts split from thread. Please do not ask questions about your case in another member's thread. You are free to start your won thread. Apologies to @FutureMrsDonald for the thread derailment. Moving forward, please stick to the subject matter pertaining to the OP's situation. VJ Moderation
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