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  1. 1. First try calling USCIS and get an Info pass appointment ( your MD Field Office ) 2. Type a Letter titled “ Service Motion to Re-Open I-751 due to Service Error “ .. state your facts and send it to Field Service Director ( NY Field Office that denied ) 3. Ask Congressman for help / email ombudsman BUT don’t miss the deadline to file the I-290 B , ( if nothing above works quickly) it will be reopened / granted and will be much faster than refilling.
  2. The link I sent you is from FAM ( Foreign Affairs Manual) and that is what you should refer to because you are dealing with DOS ( Department of State ) and Consulate, thus not USCIS. To simplify, UTAH allows marriage by proxy and therefore the zoom . Because you and your partner will be physically together at the time of zoom marriage , then you will have satisfied the “ consummated “ requirement. Consummated = sexual relation between married partners…but for Immigration purposes you only prove that you have been “ in the physical presence “ of each other, no sexy photos Lol!
  3. Welcome to another exciting episode of 90 Day Fiancé! Hope you get to smile and pat yourself on the back for going all out in the name of Love and Happily Ever-after! But please don’t leave me w a cliffhanger suspense ….what will you do? Please post, am on the edge of my seat..lol Personally , I like the idea of telling him he can come for the 90 day Trial Period and if after living together 24/7 , you still have doubts then you don’t marry and as @texastincup suggested , give him a return ticket. All of that discussed upfront and you stay strong , don’t feel pressured….and who knows??…he may turn out to be a keeper, like @crespo.
  4. I misspoke and @Pinkrlion is correct ( so is your attorney): the I-824 can only be filed for the derivative children once you have adjusted / got your green card, as they will” follow to join”.
  5. There comes a point where continuing to engage an abusive spouse is counterproductive…and a p**d off father-in-law ( or disgruntled spouse) may have/ or will send disparaging letters to immigration..no matter how you try to diffuse the situation. If you want to just get it over with, then you file for divorce on your terms, protect your address and let the process take its course. …( u can even ask the court to waive filing fees) or do nothing and stop engaging them, they will figure it out.
  6. https://www.sandiego.org/plan/visitors-information-services/border.aspx Get her on a plane to Tijuana now, and have her walk across …she can explain the delay due to pet import issues and inability to get boarded…before visa expiration deadline. She can also insist the embassy medical allows her to complete the COVID-19 shots at adjustment of status. It’s worth a shot , please post if you are going to try it , wishing you best of luck. ..
  7. Oops..I looked up travel from Manila and just realized your Fiancé is in Columbia, my flight estimates are incorrect.
  8. I don’t believe in putting salt on open wounds , nor coulda-woulda-shoulda scenarios but I doubt the embassy will extend visa, my good wishes notwithstanding. Sorry you are going through this. Unfortunately , I cannot see how you could arrive in Mexicali ( for example) in less than 51 hours according to Expedia. And Mexico land crossings are a POE ( port of entry) …but the pets won’t be boarded and it’s too late for that to be an option. To start over, do marry her , so you will have the opportunity to file for a waiver ( I-601 on grounds of moral convictions anti vax for COVID-19.. a bit uphill since she already had one shot, but things are changing and you may prevail).
  9. The holes on original will have no impact on your process….and remember after your Consular Interview, you come in approved for / w green card so no more adjustment of status. You will just pay the fee , enter the US and card will be mailed to you.
  10. Summary dissolution = Divorce . It makes no difference to VAWA if it’s regular or summary dissolution or even who filed for divorce. In either type of divorce, date of separation should match reality, not what abuser may be shooting for. It’s a cheap / fast way to divorce for those who qualify and are in agreement to terms of divorce…getting threats of ICE/ deport don’t make it sound like you are in agreement, rather coerced. .. The difference between summary dissolution and regular filling for dissolution in CA is explained quite well in this random internet link https://www.korolandvelen.com/blog/2014/september/difference-between-summary-dissolution-and-divor/
  11. https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-g-chapter-3 The 3 month prior to filing is strictly related to initial qualification of filing N-400. The moment you file AR-11 they automatically cancel your interview and transfer it to new Field Office for jurisdiction. Unless you want to wait ( again), for Colorado to get your file and reschedule, then I would hold off on address change til you take oath. Call USCIS and see if Chicago is doing same same day oath ( or be willing to fly back for oath ceremony)..I don’t see them allowing split jurisdiction between interview at x and oath at y. . Although they routinely conduct interviews based on Attorneys address ( different state than applicants), and they themselves can transfer cases to other Field Offices , including different states..( to manage backlogs), you may run into a “ by the book” tough Officer unwilling to excercise discretion and who will say” as an LPR you must do AR-11 within 10 days…
  12. As I see it , withdrawal/ canceling of I-129 F , does NOT eliminate the additional scrutiny of declared immigrant intent…But coming in to “ consummate marriage “ is new territory for POE, so I also think you are doing everything possible to research and plan for contingencies. Enjoy the new world without boundary marriage and keep posting your journey.
  13. Take the Coid vax and booster proof and don’t worry about the prior medical til the interview . If they have an issue, they will let you know and you can take care of it in a matter of days. You can look at the date of the Medical from embassy and check that it was within one year and that at bottom of DS-3025 is marked “ complete “ but I recommend you wait for interview and if you carry it w you, don’t bring it up unless Officer does.
  14. Good to hear you did not lose too much time waiting on K-1. It’s a perfectly sound decision to marry and switch to I-130 so no concerns there. .you don’t need to wait to marry or for a confirmation from USCIS that I-129 F is canceled ( they don’t actually send you anything) . Only fly in the ointment w online marriage is that you can’t file I-130 before he visits ( are together in person to consummate )… even if you married today. I would not withdraw the I-129 F at all until you are able to consummate ( meet in person) and file the I-130 . ..an unconsummated proxy marriage does invalidate an I-129 F … .Full speed ahead and Congratulations.
  15. Go to USCIS case status online and input the case # as they appeared on the RFE , does it show “ we have received a response to RFE on xyz and have resumed working on your case.” ? Or try calling USCIS and have them confirm receipt of response.
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