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  1. Ok, I see from another thread you went to state court to change your name. The part about you being married threw my off and is irrelevant: The name the court approved is your legal name. You should include a copy of your lawful change of name document with your N-400.
  2. I have never heard of a marriage certificate that changed a spouse’s personal name. When you changed your name, did you change your passport, state ID, and/or SS card?
  3. 18-year-old Eman Hussan of Syracuse, New York, and two minors, aged 16 and 17, all of whom are natives of Myanmar I have never encountered “native” Burmese with Arabic names. And that includes Muslim Burmese that I know. They tend to stick with Burmese naming conventions. An image search of Mr Hussan suggests to me that his origins might be from Bangladesh. Like UK and most other countries in Eurasia, Burma does not do the jus soli citizenship thing. So even if he was born inside the borders of Burma, I doubt he ever had a Burmese citizenship card or a Burmese passport. If he never had a Burmese citizenship card, he would not be a native of Burma.
  4. Better safe than sorry. So yes. Make a conservative guess.
  5. Even if the daughter, * became OP’s step daughter before age 18 and * is under age 21, there is no path for the grand daughter through OP (the U.S. citizen step dad), because immediate relatives of U.S. citizens cannot have derivatives. And AFAIK, DACA is not taking new members. The best thing is for the grand daughter is for daughter and grand daughter to return to Colombia. Otherwise the grand daughter faces the life of a Dreamer without DACA: no work authorization, no drivers license in at least a dozen states. A life in the shadows is awful.
  6. If it is paid, it is work. If it could be paid, it is work. Volunteering is work. Remote work is work. Household tasks done for your household is not work. Passive income is not work. Gambling is not work.
  7. For your protection, use the number in https://www.uscis.gov/contactcenter under live assistance. Say “info pass”
  8. Your conditional residence expires September 10, 2023. Do file before September 10, 2023, as your expiration date is too close to 9-11 for comfort.
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