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  1. Since she has a stamped immigration visa that serves as a temporary I-551, she doesn’t need a green card for another 315 days. USCIS knows that so she is low priority. Sign up for USPS Informed Delivery so that you get notice ahead of time that the green card is enroute. On the day it is due, set your camp, literally next to your mail box and wait for the carrier all day. If the carrier comes and goes without delivering the green card chase after the carrier. A misdelivered green card is like a missing child. The first 24 hours matter the most.
  2. FTA: “And how much does one need to earn annually to afford a Tesla? A buyer seeking to purchase a Tesla Model 3 for $47,690 would need to earn about $111,000 annually, or $6,562 take-home to cover the $652 monthly payment.” https://www.consumerreports.org/car-pricing-negotiation/average-new-car-price-all-time-high-a4060089312/ “ Average New-Car Price Tops $47,000, an All-Time High A Consumer Reports analysis helps car shoppers find the best deals amid record prices By Benjamin Preston, Jeff S. BartlettPublished October 15, 2021 | Updated January 21, 2022” Take a close look at the date of that article. So if you * are buying new * have a private garage * can provision a 240V/30A or 240V/50A circuit in that garage * aren’t filling that garage with stuff other than cars like most people in homes without basements do (I’ve lived in California a combined 15 years, never have parked my car anywhere but in a garage, never will), * aren’t using your car for primarily road trips, and * don’t live in the snow belt then it clearly a practical EV (I.e. a Tesla) is no less affordable than an ICE. And considering you won’t be paying for oil changes, brakes, transmission fluid changes, spark plugs, alternators, solenoids, radiators, piston rings, head gaskets, push rods, $4-$7 equivalent per gallon of gas, etc an EV is actually vastly cheaper. Granted it is a lot of IFs. But it fits my profile. So I have an EV. Bonus is it has life time super charging and unless another car totals it, I will probably die before it does. And so it gets used for road trips. For the cost of entry and maintenance reasons I’ve noted, a used EV likely costs more than used ICE from the same model year and same MSRP. So I will concede that used EVs are still too expensive. There just aren’t that many 2017 Teslas around compared to the number of new ones being made. And yes I am totally dismissing every other EV maker besides Tesla, because they have missed their market window and the greed of their dealers have ruined what little brand loyalty they had.
  3. I feel there is a trend in California politics where the dominant LA county population base is too lazy to produce intellectually sound leaders for state wide office. The result we get are Northern Californias who poster children for the fact that 50 percent of the population have IQs bellow 100. Newsom, Harris. Feinstein, Boxer, Garamendi all successful state wide politicians with no notable accomplishments in their privileges lives.
  4. By area most of California is Trump country, and people aren’t even coy about it. Forget about “let’s go Brandon” …. Pickup trucks are adorned with banners with the real profanity about Biden. Lots of people from west LA county and from the San Francisco Bay Area who move to less expensive zip codes of California have trouble coping with the overt disdain these Californians have for woke culture. Of course when they instead Modesto places like Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, or Florida, coping is harder. The only way to truly escape “Trumpian politics” (places whete people don’t fear cancellation for saying anything good about Trump) is to leave the country and even if then one needs to be careful. Portugal is safely anti Trump. Not sure one say the same about the Czech Republic.
  5. December 18 predates winter solstice, so definitely more like fall than winter but science is racism / sexism so who knows any more?
  6. Clearly. But I would try anyway because 3 years is a long wait. It’s possible USCIS won’t RFE for this.
  7. I’m surprised the Montreal consulate issued a visa. It had been my understanding that Montreal was hard nosed when it came to domicile.
  8. Yes. It is worth a try and worst case try again when the sub reaches age 18. If there is such intent then this potentially moots the entire issue: he and the ex-spouse sign an agreement granting him shared custody and they sign a child support. He petitions the son. Ideally before the son reaches age 18, the son arrives on an immigration before turning age 18 and the father naturalizes. Thus the son becomes a U.S. citizen and can stay in the USA, or after getting his passport and passport card, returns to France.
  9. The real problems for Portugal, will start when (as Coloradans, Texans, Arizonans, Tennesseans, etc can attest) transplanted Californians start to vote.
  10. I would provide the entire divorce decision and a letter from the ex spouse explaining that * she has sole responsibility for the child’s support and * he does not owe her or the child any money for spousal maintenance or child support. Does he have any intentions to petition his son’s green card before the son reaches age 18?
  11. Claims are it will tow 14,000 pounds. Presumably the trimotor version. If it brings GM to its knees it’s clearly not too ugly. It is debatable if it will ever ship. There is no need, today, for Tesla to make it a priority to bring into production as it is making plenty of cash with its current lineup of sedans (a category Ford and GM exited).
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