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  1. Welcome to this thing called the “internet”. Which isn’t worth getting upset over some pixels on a computer screen. good luck with your application.
  2. https://visaguide.world/visa-free-countries/green-card-holders/#where-can-green-card-holders-travel-without-a-visa 👆🏼worth a gander…
  3. Sigh. After reading your other posts, what else is so important that you are so bothered about waiting for the oath ceremony to start ?
  4. System countdowns like this are completely useless unless the process being measured is …err, systematic and is related to what is being tracked (your particular case file) . Where it is useful is in the likes of airport departure timetables, etc “only 16 more days until the plane that you booked 6 months ago departs with you on it for your vacation”. Yahooo. We all know that our cases are individual, rely upon many moving processes to be completed; security checks, the case that they are looking at before they get to yours is pushed on etc Honestly it would be best to just get rid of the count down. They just add tension and drama. If anything, since the files are are barcoded then just detail at what stage the file is at any particular time. step 1: medical. The officer scans the bar code when received and status changes from not completed to “Completed” step 2. Security checks … status “not completed” step 3: File review… and on and on. From there we will get a better idea of where we are in the entire process. And might save Tier 1’s and 2’s from the daily drama as Johnny calls the hotline every day about his case being 5 months over the fictional time line presented in his case status.
  5. Then plan to arrive at when ever time the letter told you to arrive. Don't be late. Personally, after waiting many years to be granted the privilege of attending my oath ceremony, I didn't care less about having to wait on the actual day. I even drove up the day before to get an idea of traffic, location, parking etc. Did the same for my interview. But that's me , if I am able to and the situation affords it, I enjoy being self sufficient and not to rely on others. Congratulations on reaching the final step of your immigration journey.
  6. As my old mentor used to say "It's not a problem until it is a problem". Mike has already shared precedent therefore other than the cost of an airfare that could be refunded or credited against another flight, what other loss is there in trying to do what @Mike E is suggesting? Genuinely asking. OP's mum may even know the answer whether they will get on a flight or not at the time of flight booking. Personally if I were in OP's shoes, and they're easy shoes to try on as I sit here keyboard warlording, I would exhaust all means based on set precedent before submitting I-407 and starting all over again.
  7. Between this and last years trip from Mexico, someone doesn’t want your husband to ever get his green card. I’m dreading how your husband’s N400 application goes. good luck
  8. Lots of resources out there..plenty of videos on YouTube also, for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DxKsNYfLGo I actually like the videos because I enjoy the class room feel to the lesson Good luck. You will be fine
  9. As a dad of a teenage girl with diagnosed OCD and anxiety, I see your reply as un-informed and unhelpful. But the TOS of this site allows to say what you like. This is the danger of the internet. Over 20 years of traveling to the United States on business and for pleasure before finally settling here, I can say I've have carried many red flags in my backpack that only increased as we got older, for example; turning up at the border with ESTA on a direct 17 hour flight from a third world country with my American wife and two young kids, with the plan to remain for 5 weeks within 20 minutes to the town where my wife grew up at our newly purchased lake front property. Never had any issues at any time after answering truthfully any question the office asked me. OP, not matter how you are feeling, your situation is not unique. Many 100's if not 1000's arrive in the United States every week with your exact situation and have not suffered any ill consequences. As others have suggested; tell the truth to the officer at the border. Do not add anything more to what he or she is asking you. "Why are you visiting the United States?" - "I'm here on vacation" and you're now finished with that question. Who cares how you are dressed. Dress in what makes you comfortable. It's natural to be nervous when being asked questions by a federal officer however the person before you in line and the person after you in line will have anxieties. It's natural and the officer knows that. Even as an American citizen I feel a little tense when approaching the officer. Enjoy your vacation. Halloween is a cool time here in the US and I hope you enjoy the experience and make some memories.
  10. I agree with @PaulaCJohnny that you are maybe overthinking it..."for a little while" could be for at least 5 years then after my wife has earned her citizenship I would like to experience living in her home country "for a little while"
  11. More than 20 years ago. $3000 for simple no contested case.
  12. In my case, we were married in the UK and moved to the US, residing in Houston. Spouse was served with papers while in Houston and then she moved back to the UK about a week later. I attended a final court date with my attorney without ex-spouse (as she was in the UK) and had no issues. I discussed all implications of our situation with the attorney before signing up and he stated our case would be no different from any other. Not understanding what is happening in your friend's case. I hope it is worked out.
  13. I sent in the entire decree as others have said (I submitted a paper copy during AOS and then again uploaded it online during N400 application). They actually looked through it prior to my N400 interview and asked me during the interview about the child maintenance payment.
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