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  1. Assuming the interview will be in Tokyo, K1 cases do actually have TKY numbers, as mentioned above. You need that TKY number for the rest of the K1 process. Did you or your fiancee not get a welcome email when the K1 case was transferred from NVC to the embassy? Maybe check your trash/spam folders.
  2. *** Moved from US Citizenship General Discussion to Passports, etc sub-forum, where topics about N-600 are discussed *** The N-600 form has an affidavit section that you must sign in the presence of a USCIS officer. USCIS will not issue the certificate if you don't attend that appointment. Did the letter say that your child's presence is not required at the appointment?
  3. Congratulations on the interview! I strongly recommend your fiancee order new certified copies of her PSA birth certificate before flying to the US.
  4. *** Removed related thread. Please post your related questions/updates in this thread to keep the discussion in one place. ***
  5. Contact the consulate through their public inquiry form -- https://ph.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visa-inquiry-form/ Ask if they will accept the I-360 through direct filing with the consulate, and if so, what is the procedure.
  6. *** Moved from General Immigration-Related Discussion to AOS from Work/Student/Tourist Visas forum ***
  7. *** Moved from General Immigration-Related Discussion to Effects of Major Family Changes forum, where topics related to I-360 filing are discussed *** If your niece is residing in the Philippines, she is not eligible to file I-485. File only form I-360. If her late husband already filed I-130 for her, no need for I-360, as mentioned above.
  8. *** Moved from Working & Traveling During US Immigration to Finding Work in America forum, where similar topics are discussed ***
  9. *** Moved from Moving to the US forum to the SSN sub-forum ***
  10. The field for national ID is optional. Just leave it blank.
  11. *** Post split off from a thread about another member's case. Please post related questions/updates about your situation in this thread. ***
  12. *** Merged related threads. Please post your questions/updates related to this topic in this thread to keep the discussion in one place. ***
  13. @OldUser is correct -- your wife will lose her Philippine citizenship the moment she takes her US oath. Her Philippine passport becomes void by PH law at that point. But she can reacquire her PH citizenship and apply for a new passport with a visit to the PH embassy in Washington DC.
  14. Forecast says it might snow tonight. If it does, it would be my first time to experience snowfall. MrChancy and I are excited for the 10 or so minutes it would take to get the commemorative photos/video. After that, back to whining about the cold.
  15. *** Moved from NVC forum to US Embassy & Consulate Discussion, as the topic is about interview scheduling at a specific consulate ***
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