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  1. Yes. Even if your N-400 is approved, you will remain an LPR until you take your US oath. After your oath, you must have a US passport to re-enter the US by air.
  2. *** Moved from AOS from K1 Visas Progress Reports to General Immigration-Related Discussion, where topics about GC replacement are discussed ***
  3. Why do you have an I-130? Did you not marry within 90 days of entry? AOS from K1 typically do not need to submit an I-130.
  4. Nothing in that response says that the B2 visa is still valid. If your MIL has any I-94 entry/exit record that shows she overstayed, her B2 visa is void, since she never filed I-539.
  5. If you have already submitted your DS-260, then that submission will not expire. If any info on the submitted DS-260 becomes outdated, provide the updated info at the consulate on the day of your visa interview. If you have not submitted your DS-260 yet, fill out the DS-260 form accessible from the CEAC portal. Whatever expiration date you see on the current form is irrelevant to you, as it is a date internal to the US federal government.
  6. *** Moved from AOS from Work/Student/Tourist Visas Progress Reports to Working & Traveling During US Immigration -- topic is about travel with AP ***
  7. *** Moved from K1 Process & Procedures to K1 Progress Reports *** Barring any miracles, the current estimate of 14 months would be more likely.
  8. *** Moved from K1 Progress Reports to K1 Process & Procedures *** You will likely be asked about any previous mental health issues. Answer truthfully, even if records have been removed. There is risk of permanent ban from the US if you are ever found to have misrepresented yourself on a critical point for your visa application. Medical conditions is one such critical area.
  9. Remember that I-129F is also used for K3 spouse. The USCIS report does not differentiate between I-129F for fiance and for spouse, so we can only speculate that many of those denials are for the K3 spouse petitions, which are almost always denied.
  10. *** Moved from IR1/CR1 Progress Reports to IR1/CR1 Process & Procedures *** Neither online or mail is better than the other. Each has its own pros/cons. Online filing -- Get almost-immediate receipt notice You have control over how your evidence is digitally recorded Web form could be confusing or have incomplete instructions Paper filing -- No need to deal with the quirks of the web form No file size limit for the evidence you want to submit Could get lost in the mail or some documents could get lost at USCIS
  11. It doesn't really matter much, as USCIS will send the case to the LFO that has jurisdiction over your physical address listed on the I-485.
  12. If he gets ITIN and later gets SSN, you should notify the IRS. IRS will void the ITIN then. Details here (under Q20) -- https://www.irs.gov/individuals/itin-expiration-faqs
  13. *** Moved from Bringing Family of USC forum to AOS from Work/Student/Tourist Visas forum ***
  14. No. Select the USCIS field office that is displayed when you enter your residential zipcode here (scroll to the bottom) -- https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-a-uscis-office/field-offices Regardless of your local FO, you still need to file your I-485 at the lockbox designated for your state, as specified in the link you posted.
  15. Agree with this. Key point for the OP's husband's case is whether he has been out of status at any point during his current stay in the US (say between getting J1 and H1), or if he ever engaged in work not allowed under his J1 or H1 visas. A competent lawyer would be able to determine that or if there are any other grounds for inadmissibility.
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