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  1. It's true that the CBP officer made a mistake in not collecting your K1 packet. For the benefit of other readers who might encounter this issue -- the proper thing to do in that case, and if you've already left the airport, is to call the nearest CBP deferred inspection site and notify them that you need to surrender your packet. Visit the CBP site ASAP. Do NOT hold onto the packet until the AOS interview. And yes, do NOT open the packet. List and contact info of CBP deferred inspection sites -- https://www.cbp.gov/contact/ports/deferred-inspection-sites
  2. *** Moved from IR1/CR1 Process & Procedures to IR1/CR1 Progress Reports ***
  3. Enter the new address on the DS-160 form that the beneficiary should submit after CEAC case status turns "Ready".
  4. The US domicile requirement is tied to the requirement for I-864 and financial sponsorship. Being domiciled in the US is a requirement for eligibility for financial sponsorship, not eligibility for petitioning. IR2 visa applicants who are exempted from having an I-864 from a sponsor, must submit an I-864W instead. There is no mention of any US domicile requirement in the I-864W form instructions.
  5. If the checklist from the embassy says to bring form I-864 to the interview, it would be best to follow their instructions.
  6. *** Moved from Bringing Family of USC forum to General Immigration-Related Discussion, where topics related to GC delivery are discussed ***
  7. I'm sure you meant K1 visa, but just to be clear -- EAD is not required for people who enter on a spouse visa (CR1/IR1).
  8. I got my letter for interview at USEM just 3 weeks after my case DQ. Then there's @top_secret whose wife and child completed their visa process in 7 months, from petition filing to visas-on-hand! They even had 1 RFE at NVC stage.
  9. I said OP doesn't need to provide evidence of US domicile for his son's visa process. As in, he won't be required to upload domicile evidence to NVC. As for getting his son's proof of citizenship, evidence of physical custody in the US will only count after his son enters with the visa anyway. No need for OP to travel to the US before his son gets a visa.
  10. That's not the only reason for the long wait time at NVC. More common reason is the long wait for an interview schedule. The "Step 3" chart that you referred to includes the time that a case spent at NVC from case creation up to the time it is "shipped" to the consulate. DQ cases stay at NVC until the embassy/consulate has interview slots available. That means NVC time = document collection time until submit + NVC review time until DQ + interview schedule wait time after DQ. So for consulates with huge backlogs like Montreal and Ciudad Juarez, it is common for the NVC time of cases to be 10 months or more. Worse for the cases intended for consulates that are not processing visas at all, like Moscow.
  11. I can confirm from experience that it does happen, but not in all cases. When I was taken to secondary, the guy who was in the waiting room before me was asked by a CBP officer to describe his luggage so the officer can collect and inspect it. When it was my turn to be interviewed, the CBP officer did not collect my luggage. They interviewed me, then stamped my passport for US entry. My luggage was still on the carousel and unopened when I picked it up.
  12. Young enough to have been conceived after you were already married? If so, then yes, it is possible that the consul officer may suspect that the child and mother is his "real" family and that he may just be using you to get a GC. Hopefully you have lots of strong evidence of bona fide relationship to overcome that suspicion. Sorry to hear about your loss. Unfortunately, your pregnancy may not be enough evidence.
  13. Sorry for the late edits. Please see my corrected comments above. After the I-130 is approved, you do not need to provide evidence of financial support and US domicile for your son's visa application. This is because your son will automatically become a US citizen after he enters the US with his IR2 visa, as per INA 320.
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