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  1. Online status means nothing. It's very common for it to be out of date' With n-600 in hand and US passport, there's nothing to be worried about as far as I know. I would think online status is not the same as internal USCIS database.
  2. You absolutely need to go with your husband. If he had I-751 approved and applied under 5 year rule - then you wouldn't need to go. But any of these: - Pending I-751 - N-400 under 3 year rule And especially when both are true, requires US citizen to go with immigrant to the interview.
  3. Thank you for trying it out and posting result here. Man, that makes me want to use the personal check again when I file the next form...
  4. Wife should be more active about her immigration and manage cases herself. You can offer help / oversee the process.
  5. Yes, I attended AOS interview. Before the pandemic, everybody was required to go through interview to get GC. Right now this can happen for multiple reasons: either your case is weaker, or you were randomly selected. It's just like security at an airport, sometimes you have to go through additional scanning. Good luck, make sure to prepare for the interview well, know your case, know your spouse and practice answering questions with the spouse. It's rather a good sign that your case is moving.
  6. Did you receive letter in the mail confirming new biometric appointment? If not, it's not much different to just walking in to ASC and asking to get biometrics done earlier. People on VJ do it all the time. Also, be very careful about any replies from online agents, they often give incorrect information.
  7. Use it as normal green card. No need for AP. Just valid GC and valid passport plus any visas / eTA paperwork if required by destination. Once you file I-751, you'll have to carry GC and extension letter.
  8. You can sue USCIS for decision 120 after the interview, as allowed by law. Either you can do it yourself or hire lawyer to file Writ Of Mandamus (lawsuit)
  9. Is he changing name? Which field office?
  10. Great news! So my 4-6 weeks estimate to get receipt is still pretty accurate
  11. In time for retirement? 😅 I never thought about sponsoring my siblings, firstly because they never expressed interest in living in the US. They have well established lives overseas. Secondly, I'm not eligible as LPR. If one of them ever asks I'd want to see their reaction to the 30+ years wait perspective 😃
  12. I guess they're trying to revoke it on a basis it was issued "in mistake" making OP reprove everything, which is more and more difficult as time passes. N-600 is always worth its filing fee IMHO.
  13. Yes, she can petition her sister. The sister will have to wait for 20+ years before she can come though.
  14. Opinion only / my speculation I agree this is silly. I think DOS is proactively trying to cut the US citizens who: - Do not live / never lived in the US for extended periods of time AND / OR - Do not pay taxes from overseas I can see how these people maybe perceived as "unnecessary burden" (sorry about the term used) by the government. Passport fees don't cover the cost of replacing their passports, providing consular support in various matters. Also, some of them may petition other people who'd live very small portion of their lives in the US and use US passport as a fancy travel document only e.g. cost US more $$$. I know there are requirements to be able to sponsor somebody (domicile) or transfer citizenship (living in the US 5+ years for CRBA etc). It's just pragmatic move by US to reduce the cost of such citizens. I do not agree with this approach, just stating my thoughts around it. Plus don't forget the security aspect of it all. If somebody never lived in the US, can they be a security threat? E.g. hired by foreign intelligence and come into the US freely as a citizen, since no need to go through process of obtaining visas etc. I'm sorry OP is caught in all of this. I hope this gets resolved soon for their kid. By no any means I blame OP, I think it's a somewhat rare and unfortunate situation. It's a reminder to always get certificate of citizenship. Disclaimer: All of the comments above is just my personal opinion, unsupported by any official documentation and may be utterly incorrect.
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