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  1. Yes, there's no other easy option for your wife to remain LPR and stay in the US. It will take however long it requires.
  2. @amour-et-foi you know you can always sue USCIS if you're tired of waiting and don't want to file N-400? It would cost you more than N-400, but you should get it moving.
  3. I also found this thread, looks like it had a happy end: So maybe it's not that bad.
  4. Doesn't look too promising, in my opinion. Are you married to somebody who was born in Azerbaijan? If not, the country of chargeability should have been Uzbekistan. What status are you currently on? Make sure you can maintain it throughout the process, otherwise if AOS is denied... Good luck!
  5. Was I-751 approved already? If so, its online status is irrelevant. I think this status just shows some technical issue on USCIS IT system.
  6. I don't believe she's accruing any unlawful presense. She's LPR until put in removal and judge rules out to take the status away. But I still suggest consulting with lawyer at this point and probably filing a fresh I-751.
  7. Today's update for WAC filers in 21xxx range as of 12:45 pm PST: 1 x new approval in upper range
  8. Today's update for WAC filers in 22xxx range as of 12:30 pm PST: 2 x new approvals in lower range 3 x new RFEs in lower range 5 x new approvals in upper range 3 x new RFEs in upper range
  9. Today's update for WAC filers in 23xxx range as of 11:40 am PT: 1 x new approval in lower range
  10. Another data point regarding this subject: "I am a dual citizen, and I regularly check in using the passport other than the one I provided at booking. This has never caused a problem; no check-in agent has ever even mentioned it. So just check in with the passport you plan to use on arrival. It doesn't matter whether you gave that passport information when you booked. If the airline asks about your other passport, just explain why you changed passports. There is nothing wrong with changing your citizenship." From: https://travel.stackexchange.com/questions/89186/can-i-change-my-citizenship-passport-country-after-booking-a-flight My 2 cents: don't provide passport info if you can at time of reservation. Or if you have to, you can usually change it later at the airport.
  11. Checked Delta, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines. They also don't require passport details when booking. Turkish has a check mark for Turkish citizen though.
  12. @annab864 thank you for checking. It sucks Expedia asks for country of citizenship when booking flights. I moved away from third party websites for booking flights, after the pandemic, so obviously didn't know some require this info. While they allow saving a bit of $ it's real pain if flight is delayed, cancelled or you have to change it. Good to know! Maybe community can create a list of websites asking or not asking for passport details.
  13. This is a once in a lifetime event. Hopefully your employer should understand its importance. Rescheduling is always a bit of a risk. Unless it's a health emergency, I wouldn't miss it.
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