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  1. So sorry it's not working out. Unfortunately a k-1 visa does not allow to change your status in another way. You have to marry within the 90 days, otherwise you'd be out of status. I don't think countries are denying entry to their own citizens.
  2. I am almost done with my package (I will send it on January 30th) I went to Office Max the other day to their self- service copy center to get the copy done. I swear I was this close to unfolding a beach chair and popping open a beer while the whole Godzilla got done!
  3. Hi there! I have been looking at your timeline and saw that you're an F2A. I am just asking these questions to make sure I understand the process. 1) Did you not have to file for ROC?
  4. I included the 24 statements since we opened the account and I can’t help but feeling so sorry for such a waste of paper!
  5. Just asking out of curiosity and not being judgmental. If the person remarried and went through with another AOS, wouldn’t that be red- flagged as a desperate intent to stay?
  6. Makes you wonder why even bothering in filing for a change of address if they’re going to send the notices to the last address on file!
  7. I think this would help you https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-9-part-b-chapter-5
  8. The more I read, the more I feel for you. It amazes me how an institution that decides on immigrants and their families can be so inefficient. Just to piggy back you on their lack of communication: I was approved for my marriage- based AOS in April 2020. My husband and I moved from WV to Ohio on August 3rd 2021, and the very next day I was filing form AR-11 for a change of address. I even got a NOA from USCIS stating that they had received my change of address and all was good. Fast forward to now, January 2022. I am about to file for ROC (my window opens January 30th), and I received a letter reminding me to file... IN MY OLD ADDRESS!!!! Thank God the same morning I filed for change of address I signed up for USPS delivery, but I have heard that there are some USCIS notices that the postal system cannot forward. Uuuurggggh! So I called USCIS and today I chatted with Emma. After doing about a 10 minute identity confirmation, the agent ended up telling me that USCIS cannot update addresses unless you have a pending application. So I wonder what's even the point of AR-11 as is. It should have a note that says that it will not take effect if you're between applications. So so frustrating! So I asked the agent if I should include the change of address NOA that USCIS sent me and he said "that would be at your own discretion". So back to square 1. I will file my ROC and on the same exhibit where my i-751 goes, I will include the change of address NOA with a short note so that the officer can connect the dots. I'm sorry for the long wall text, but I needed to rant. Carry on.
  9. Update about the change of address issue: I decided to chat with Emma today. They said that they can only update the address when you have a pending case, which I won't until the end of the month. Agent said to inform local office about my change of address (???????) I mean, the i-751 doesn't go straight to the local office!!!! He also said to "inform about my new address when I file i-751" I said that yes, I HAVE to put the new address in the form, but I asked him if I should include a screenshot of the email I got when I filed AR-11. He said "You might do so at your own discretion". So basically it was useless. I will include a screenshot with a note about my change of address on my ROC. That's about all I can do. I'm frustrated!
  10. Just asking/ giving an idea: Filing the I-824 is time consuming and can delay the process. Wouldn’t it be faster to close the case and start from scratch, now that OP knows what the mistakes were?
  11. Ok, then I would definitely include those, from most recent to oldest. Also, if you didn't keep the first ones, that's fine. I'd make a letter or a short timeline and even say that you didn't keep the boarding passes, but you visited on xxx date.
  12. With all the other evidence you have, I wouldn’t include money transfers between you and the spouse. That could hurt you more than help you (they could believe you’re getting a financial benefit in exchange for a gc) and it doesn’t really prove anything. I’m assuming you’re listing here financial evidence. Do you also have boarding passes, hotel receipts, etc?
  13. Either would work I think. But no, it’s not by default. You need to apply for it with forms I-131 and I-765
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