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  1. Hi, i just got a 3rd RFE ugh , any thoughts?


     i got an expedite approved in Jan 2020, then 2nd RFE request on April 2020 then expedite request on Aug 7, then now a 3rd RFE request on Aug 12 🙁 i feel like im just dying

  2. I would not buy Insurance specifically, but if one of you has it then you can name the other as a beneficiary. Term Insurance is dirt cheap.
  3. Why did they not believe it was a bona fide marriage?
  4. I have been to Dover, both of them, the US one has a very large Air Force base, seems a very unlikely location for a Field Office.
  5. Well to move to my Country is pretty quick so always worth considering the other option.
  6. I know Canada suggests it is immigrant friendly not sure the reality is quite the same.
  7. Sounds like you answered your own question.
  8. If I was a CO I would be wondering why elderly (one is retired) are so keen on travelling halfway around the world in these Pandemic times. Have them immigrate when you are able to sponsor them? Do they have no say? Have you any idea of the costs involved?
  9. OMG They must be having a laugh? Well at least we get a laugh, time for all the dirt on Kamala thread, even her Father does not like her politics.
  10. She has a very bad heart condition, flying for 20+ hrs could be very dangerous for her in the current condition - she can't wear a mask for that long either since she also has asthma She came to US without Travel Insurance? And you are financially responsible for her medical expenses.
  11. Did you submit details of her travel insurance? Otherwise the questions look pretty straightforward. Agree with waiting for a vaccination, that could be never.
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