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  1. TOURIST VISA REQUIRED: Not for stays less than 90 days in any 12-month period.
  2. Many people visit whilst the I 130 is in process. How much vacation does she get, probably the limiting factor.
  3. All Afghan applicants applying for U.S. immigrant, special immigrant, or other such visas must present a tazkera, regardless of whether they also choose to submit a kart tawalod. I think this is the issue
  4. So you do not have your Afghan passport, wonder if applying for that would help?
  5. Your card and your passport both will be checked before you leave.
  6. What documents were used when you immigrated to the UK? Do you have a passport?
  7. Your short term plan needs to be to reenter asap. Citizenship is some way away.
  8. If your mother naturalised and depending how old you were then you might be a USC You could file in the UK or he could in the US most court cases seems to be handled remotely What is your long term plan?
  9. It is going to take 18 months or so and this is a family reunification visa, Canada is particularly keen on you showing you are in the US
  10. It is very unusual to see an EB case where a lawyer is not involved, most of the questions I see is because the beneficiary is having difficulty getting answers from the lawyer and of course the lawyer is paid by the Employer NIWs seemed to very rare but I have noticed that in the last few years they have become very popular which normally means more scrutinized It does make me wonder why a lawyer is not being used, there are many who specialize in this sector I am sure the Consulate will have all the paperwork how else can they make a decision? The comment that comes to mind is assume they know everything you do not want them to know and nothing you do
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