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  1. I could not quite understand how we were supposed to believe Emma Thompson was 19.
  2. I know you lost your Netflix access but there is a good version of Sense and Sensibility on Amazon Prime. https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B07C1H2YXB/ref=atv_hm_hom_1_c_iEgOEZ_2_6
  3. I would have to think really hard to come up with any L renewal refusals, I have seen extended AP for renewals for those from dodgy countries but they usually get cleared. The most common scenario I have come across is where the employee wants to stay and the Employer is not willing. Or the time runs out and no GC sponsorship. Which is sort of the same thing.
  4. The main and most common issue would be if the Employer did not want to renew it, sounds like a normal renewal otherwise. Well not that common, but all other things being equal that would be the place to look.
  5. EAD's are taking 6 months or so, difficult to forecast this stuff so something to think about.
  6. I do not agree it is impossible, I would query the logic for a couple in their 90's to go through such a long and complicated process, time is not on their side. And then it may be for nought, an EB3 comes with a GC so no need for her to stay around.
  7. Ask them, my recollection was that they needed to a LPR for 5 years.
  8. Normal for it to be sent back to die, seems 6 months or so before the petitioner is notified.
  9. I was thinking of the bigger picture, there would be people who qualify under the Build America policy that do not now who think it would be wonderful. Very rare for any change not to involve winners and losers, short term gain often involves long term loss.
  10. It is very rare for Divorce Waivers not to be successful, I have seen a few with issues but seems they never really had a relationship in the first place.
  11. Well you make my point, I would add that Obama was king of the Executive orders, and he used them partly for the very reasons I mentioned. Yes the ACA was a disaster, missed the point and also a good example of how things do not work. The US system seems designed to stop things happening, so what does get done tends to be a mess.
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