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  1. CR1 would obviously have been better but sounds like you are too far in to switch Forget about a B
  2. Why was his sister deported? Obviously that does not help. Inability to show non immigrant intent No Very unusual for them to look at any papers, they have the DS160.
  3. Presumably this was before he got his Citizenship and not somewhere he would want to go now.
  4. Sort of intrigued how you cannot self sponsor but can afford the K1 process inability to work etc. Seems an odd option. Anyway hopefully you have the finances sorted out and the joint sponsor is OK for the I 864, the I 134 is meaningless and I doubt London will pay much attention.
  5. The bigger issue is the I 864 when it comes to adjust and of course assets can mean many things, are you talking about Cash in the bank?
  6. I would take her medical records showing the Doctors prescription. I do not know your Country but certainly in mine showing this was for medical purposes etc should hep.
  7. Presumably you will not be working in Spain in 2025
  8. London allows K1s to self sponsor The big one is the I 864
  9. For the Medical you just need what they ask for.
  10. I think there is a thread in CEHST, as an aside you do not need to be a USC to get benefits, LPR is fine.
  11. The end date of the visa does not impact the entry period allowed They could seek entry one day before the visas expire and be granted the normal 6 months. 4 to 5 months visits every year may raise eyebrows but that is a different issue.
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