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  1. The I 130 is pretty simple, you can help If it is easy to correct I might be tempted to do so but I do not think they would consider it material
  2. Maybe a couple of general questions, are you looking forward to moving etc.
  3. They need a B2 visa, you can always travel with them.
  4. All legal from your description
  5. I would document everything to avoid the RFE, hopefully. Presumably you have the paperwork from the conviction.
  6. Expungement is not a thing for Immigration hence the wording, best to avoid it if possible because it can be difficult getting the documentation.
  7. I know assets are allowed and I know they do not seem to like them. Why this discrepancy no idea.
  8. I doubt those Countries would be an issue, more so if they are T countries.
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