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  1. Medicare or Medicaid? They will be able to buy into Medicare after 5 years, $400 or so a month plus supplements plus the cost of what is not covered etc. That is the current situation, what will happen in the future is anybody's guess. Assuming you are expecting them to live for a while then the issue I see is that even if you can work out what the situation is now in your State, nobody can tell you what it might be in the future. Some State's are more generous than others, often if not always those States are the ones with the biggest deficits. What happens when we start getting multiple Detroit type situations? What will the Politicians do when they can no longer ignore the issue? I do not believe anybody who has a simple answer. If they have an acceptable situation where they are probably best to stay there, if the situation is bad and not likely to get any better then nothing to lose.
  2. Boiler

    Eb3 sponsor?

    Best bet is to network with your contacts within your industry.
  3. Boiler

    Cap exempt H-1B petition

    Let the Lawyer handle it, that is what they are paid to do.
  4. You can take what you want bit the information they nedis on the application.
  5. Sounds like you have more than enough to build a decent case for a waiver but have an incompetent lawyer.
  6. I am not so sure a F1 is unobtainable, schooling is not going to be cheap but if you can afford it certainly something to look into.
  7. Visa can only be obtained in Russia
  8. Boiler

    Emmigration travel/medical insurance

    There is NEw Immigrant insurance, limited is scope, best to get married and on your Husbands plan asap.
  9. This is not a new scenario, on VJ you will find plenty of similar cases, if there is some sort of alternate to the options been given well we will be breaking new ground.
  10. I went through the K1. I am not sure what information you are talking about, just so the situation is clear to anybody else going through this issue.
  11. You have lost me, you know what will happen so that will happen. And what does resources mean, Facebook?