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  1. Does someone have a link to the actual wording on this rule? I checked on uscis.gov/n-400 and I couldn't find anything specific. It was all about the continuous presence 3yrs/18 months, since we're married. She had the 18 months, 18 months after getting her GC.
  2. You can file online, right? We don't pay state income tax. We have DLs and plates from Alaska and spend a good bit of time in Texas. I'm retired and she stopped working when she got pregnant. We've been using a friend's address for some time and would like to use that.
  3. With the wife in the Philippines right now and will return to the US in September at the 5 month mark. Showing off the new baby to the family. The end of September she will satisfy the 3 year LPR rule so really we could file the N-400 in a couple weeks. The problem for us is the 90 rule. We travel a lot and full time in an RV. We have been receiving mail at a friend's house in Ohio for a year now. Are we ok to file in Ohio? What are they going to want as proof of this? Would a few credit card statements or bills suffice? Also, if we file early, I doubt anything would happen in the first 90 days but in the unlikely event an interview came up before we got back, would we be able to delay that due to being out of the country?
  4. So I looked for this list and found the 2008 version. Is this the latest? Not that a.lot would have changed but just trying to make sure my wife studies the right stuff.
  5. Skyman

    ROB time?

    Ok, so follow up. After receiving my Priority Mail, the SF PCG took about 5 days to process the ROB. Just back from the Houston PCG where we applied for junior's RP passport. So, he's now an official dual citizen and international man of mystery. And not yet 3 months old.
  6. It's a few months yet before I can file my wife's N-400 and at that time we may well be in the Philippines. About how long from the date we file would it be likely for her presents be required for something? Fingerprinting, interview, whatever. I know all cases are different but would a minimum 2, 3, 4 months be likely? Thanks
  7. Skyman

    ROB time?

    Original and 4 copies of the BC, 4 copies of this, 4 copies of that, 4 copies of the World Book Encyclopedia, yada yada yada. You know how kafkaesque the RP gets.
  8. Skyman

    ROB time?

    He was born in CO so the ROB needs to be done in SF or we could send/take it to Houston so they could send it to SF. Seed smarter to mail it to directly. I don't know if ROB and passport could be done simultaneously but didn't want to fly to SF.
  9. Skyman

    ROB time?

    Our son was born in October and he already has a US passport. The state department took all of 2 days to process and mail it. Maybe I wasted $60 on expedited service because what kind of background check can you do on a baby? Anyway, his mom is a Filipina so I sent in a ream of papers to the PCG in San Francisco for the ROB. Does anyone know how long that takes? Once we have that we can apply for his RP passport but the consulate website says that takes 6-8 weeks due to it being produced by the DFA in the RP and then mailed. I think we'll probably go to the RP DFA on his US passport and gets his RP passport there. If we can get an appointment. But just wondering how long the ROB takes if anyone has experience.
  10. Negative comments about open borders do not align with the official narrative.
  11. We won't be able to file the N-400 for about 6 months yet, and a good bit of that will be out of the country, but is there a domicile requirement for the N-400? And what would be acceptable as proof of that? We're full time RVers, so addresses are kind of difficult. My mail goes to a friend's house in Ohio so we have some financial docs that have that address but do they need more, like a lease?
  12. Okay, so here it is... The interviewer thought I had answered incorrectly but I explained and he said something like, that doesn't apply to US military. I said that the instructions need to reflect that. He changed my answers but didn't try to make me resign and then he approved her. Waiting for the next go round with the N-400.
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