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  1. Well, some are here for a Visa and others are on a different Journey.
  2. Yes, but it would be easy to correct the form or add a note to the instructions.
  3. I wasn't able to find anything that exempted a yes answer. If they only wanted foreign military replies they should have said so or exempted USCs from the questions or whatever. I'm sure I'm not the first to answer Yes. I really don't know why they are asking questions of the spouse anyway unless they want to know how much the beneficiary knows about their spouse.
  4. Regarding the yes answers? I intend to. In fact, I plan to ask if they have US military members answering no to those.
  5. My wife entered last September 1st and told the IO that she might want to stay longer than 6 months. He suggested she apply for an extension within 3 months as they were taking that long to process.
  6. My wife just traveled with both passports no problem.
  7. Yeah, ran into the same deal when renewing my wife's B-2 January 2020. She qualified for by mail but nothing says how to request that and it just takes you to the appointment schedule page. I don't know if it's actually possible but she just flew to Manila and home February 27th for the renewal. 2 days before lockdown.
  8. Thanks. Rec'd end of December so it didn't seem quick. Bio June 11
  9. So I've been on this site a while and I noticed the homepage only announces visa successes and not AOS which are also long processes and equally important. Perhaps there could be a honor role for AOS as well? And maybe N-400 too? ROC? Others?
  10. I know everyone wants one but for those that have received one, were there any specific requests on the form specific to you? Mine just looks like a form letter listing off basically 'bring everything.' Even says bring the I-693 if you haven't already sent it. Just wondering if anyone ever gets any specific requests related to their case?
  11. You'll want to send it in right away as the I-693 may have a problem if they receive it after the end of this month.
  12. But every case is different. But they should be more accurate in the statuses they post. Surely there must be something else going on rather than just waiting for an available interview slot for so many months.
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